2017-09-01: Wearing People

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  • Log: 2017-09-01: Wearing People
  • Cast: Sorey, Rose
  • Where: November City - Adventurer's Guildhall
  • Date: 2017-09-01
  • Summary: Sorey, Rose and Mikleo explore November City! Unfortunate clothing style choices are brought up.

===================<* November City - Adventurer's Guildhall *>===================

The Adventurer's Guildhall in November City is a newer construction, built on the bottom floor of one of November's skyscrapers. The lobby has glass windows looking out into the busy city, and sees a lot of foot traffic. The lobby is also not decorated the way adventurers may be used to; it looks more like a 1920's bar, with staff wearing collared shirts, red ties, and black vests throughout. It has a rougher atmosphere, too.

For one, the bar is serving more drinks than usual. An enterprising ex-Drifter has even set up a few poker tables, which the Guild operates for a profit for those so-inclined. Still, one can see things that are familiar, including the ever present board for job postings.

The upstairs holds offices and rooms that can be rented out by an enterprising Drifter, in need of some discrete meeting space. The man at the counter is happy rent them for a few gella.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ0Idh3dz3g
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

November City is... kind of a thing.

They had put a lot of miles of desert behind them in order to reach this oasis in the sand. But of all the places that Sorey had seen thus far, November was probably the most different from anything else he had seen. There was nothing like it on Lunar, and the cities back east had called back enough to home that he wasn't too lost in them. But November...

"I think if we had landed here, I'd have definitely known we were on an alien planet!" the Shepherd admits after a long moment, shielding his eyes for a moment against the sun. The exceptionally tall buildings were one thing, but the sights, smells, and sounds were all so different. And the fact that things glowed to boot! Sure they'd seen lights before, but generally that was more associated with ruins and the like. The extensive use of electricity in just about *everything* here was almost mind blowing.

Mikleo had been impressed, but after running into so many people in the crowded streets he'd ultimately retreated back inside of Sorey. There really weren't enough people who could see him, and dense crowds meant that a Seraph was more than likely to get jostled just trying to keep up with the Shepherd. It was going to take some getting used to.

"Well, this is probably the center of the Ruins expeditions in the area, and we need to try and figure out where some of those Guardian Statues are as well," Sorey muses at last, as they find a slightly less crowded side street. "Where do you think we should start, Rose?"

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"I know right?!" Rose replies to Sorey, being right alongside him - granted, she'd already made the rounds and gotten familiar with the city, not to mention might have visited once or twice briefly in the past, but certainly not for long. While the Sparrowfeathers get everything ready, Rose can afford to hang out with the Shepherd and possibly some ghosts, actually take a look at the Adventurer's Guild for a change, a task she'd actually not bothered with yet. Priorities, you know? Hiding and storing Gears until she can sell them, getting established, getting paperwork in order, pampering Alisha (crossed out) making friends in high places.
"You should see Bledavik and Nortune, they stand out too. Bledavik looks a bit more like something you might be able to find in Glenwood but only barely. Pendrago and Ladylake are big, sure, but they're not... how would you put it, crowded? Not this crowded. Not this hot, either!"
The desert heat was going to take time to get used to.
"Aren't you hot with that big cape and all? Or are you using Mikleo to cool you down? ... can -I- use Mikleo to cool me down? What about hatjerk, you think Wind Seraph powers are good for this?" Hey, these are important questions. A future Squire has to know what she can do!
"As for where to start, the Adventurer's Guild, obviously. We'd want to check for rumors, sightings, odd jobs involving statues. We're probably not the only ones to have thought of that though..."
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

Sorey occasionally wonders just how many lines on Rose's to-do list are related to Alisha.

Probably just the one, but he does occasionally wonder. It is rather cute seeing them get along so well, especially given the rocky start the two had to... well, everything that was related to each other.

"...wow, I wasn't aware you'd traveled that much before you showed up in Adlehyde," Sorey admits after a moment. He figured that Rose had appeared in the area. Of course... she might just have seen pictures that someone had taken, but he is curious if she had found the time to travel elsewhere before they had met up. Just roaming the world seeing new places would be interesting!

...of course, at the time Rose's view might have been 'travel the world, meet people who were doing bad things, and stab them'.

"One of the benefits of being linked with a water Seraph is that it does help keep you cool, although I'm not sure that Mikleo is actively trying to do anything. But even I can still feel this much heat!" Sorey isn't exactly dripping sweat, but he certainly seems more comfortable than Rose. "But also having a few layers of loose, comfortable clothing helps with these conditions. Light clothing helps too, since it reflects the sun and doesn't trap as much heat."

The Shepherd pauses, glances at Rose, and then adds, "Dezel seems like a breezy guy, maybe if you asked him nicely he might cool you off." He grins, because he's sure 'nice' is hard for Rose at this point. Especially when she's probably still spooked.

"The Guild should be just up ahead. Let's see what we can find and then-"

He stops as they come to the front door of the guild, and there are a number of new posters plastered around the entrance.





"...the picture of the guy on the posters looks familiar..."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
Don't worry, Sorey, it wasn't that. It was 'travel the world, ???, profit!!' because they were still kind of figuring things out. The stabbing only started when monetary concerns were handled! Really, what they learned is that Filgaia's mainland seems much larger than Glendwood, and it's much more varied too. And generally worse off in every way, especially around this part with the war.
"Huh, so even the Shepherd's mystical powers can't beat the desert sun. I'm starting to think the legends might have overhyped it a bit! Good to know, though. I guess it's one more reason to take up Lailah's pact! Really, most people would be thinking about the incredible applications of those powers, but think about all the day-to-day uses! Instant ice treats, cooler summer days, never have your drink go hot on you, shower anytime anywhere, never risk being out of water to drink, and that's just ONE Seraph!"
Rose pauses, before looking at Sorey. She seems to be trying to look... through him? In his eyes, but also past them. "Hey, is Mikleo in there still? You think he'd object to doing some parlor tricks to impress the crowds and make good publicity?" Rose.jpg, what else did you expect.
She doesn't talk about Dezel though. Go figure.
As Sorey brings the poster up, the merchant raises a brow, before suddenly lighting up. "Hey! It's that nice man who tried protecting me from ghosts that one time, and then we went out to eat a whole lot of kebabs! I wonder what he did to end up wanted, he seemed totally harmless!"
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

"At least we're not out in the desert, there is some shade in the city," Sorey replies with a good natured chuckle. It could be worse, after all. "I do wonder how people survive out here full time - it can't be easy moving around and doing stuff in this sort of heat." He ponders for a moment. "I wonder if they mainly do things at night? Might explain all the lights around here..."

It is amusing hearing Rose rattle off all of the ways that Seraphim could use their power to do various things. And as they are now in a more open area, there is a flash as Mikleo reappears next to the two humans. "A lot of Seraphim used to work with humans, according to Gramps," Mikleo states, although the fact that he has reappeared behind Rose might be part of his mischievous streak. "According to him, people and Seraphim used to work as partners, although it was generally for a bit more important things than providing snacks." Any potential freak out on Rose's part is countered by Mikleo producing a frozen bar of juice for Rose, followed by one for Sorey and one for himself. Because he's hot too. It's a damn desert after all.

"Anyways, I'm *not* doing parlor tricks. Last thing we need is for people to be following us around asking for me to make it snow on command or something," the Water Seraph grouses.

"Maybe if it were an emergency and people don't have food or water," Sorey adds - he's not heartless, but they don't need funds that badly. Yet at least. He looks at the poster for a moment, and snaps his fingers as he munches on the iced juice popsicle. "I think this is the guy with the forty billion gella bounty. But it's not on these posters - that's strange. And it's a *lot* better picture than what we saw in Adlehyde..."

Another pause, and Sorey shrugs. "Let's see what we can find inside the Guild hall," he continues, opening the door...

...and just stops.

There is a nice, cool breeze coming from inside. And Sorey and Mikleo look a little dumb-struck. "...what... it's... wow."

And thus the Shepherd meets air conditioning.

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"Oh, don't you know? If you wear robes a specific way, it actually keeps you cool! I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard that's one way people do it. Don't go out at night, though! Deserts get real cold at night. Pretty counterintuitive if you ask me. Heavy movements tend to happen around mornings and evenings when the temperature is just right, but you live out here long enough and you just get used to it."
Rose doesn't seem to believe that last part.
"Personally I think the heat just burned everyone's pain receptors and that's why they say they're used to it."
Predictably, she jumps back at the sudden appearance of Mikleo - yet, she is immediatly appeased by the frozen treat. She noms down on it immediatly, and after a brief brain freeze incident, nods to the Water Seraph. "The olden days must have been pretty different. Wouldn't that relationship be pretty one-sided though? You Seraphim can do all these incredible things that can make the world better for humans, or at least more convenient! You can help build and move heavy things, you can protect them from the elements and monsters, you can do things like create water, warm houses. What could humans do in return?"
It's not that surprising the merchant would question the one-sided trade there. No parlor tricks though, shame. She'll hold Sorey to EMERGENCY parlor tricks at least.
"Fourty bi - wait, you don't mean THE Stampede? The wandering calamity and all that? No way, you can't possibly be right. That guy was nice and a perfect gentleman to me! I think the heat's just messing with your memory," she rebukes.
Then air conditioning happens. It's also her first time.
"I have GOT to know how they do that."
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

Sorey can understand it getting cold at night, and he's read all about how to survive in deserts in the Celestial Record. Since it talks about just about everything. But as Rose talks about it getting chilly at night, he adds, "Well, it's a good thing we've got Lailah along. She can certainly help with that aspect. "And with the baked goods. The Seraphim all being good at cooking is a major help.

"I think it's called 'acclimation' or something like that. Either way, your ability to sense heat and cold melting or freezing might well be a good way to think about it," Mikleo muses. And then goes into full on teasing Rose mode. "Thankfully we don't need to worry about that, and having a contract with us helps protect the Shepherd. You, on the other hand, might be in danger of melting into a puddle."

On the other hand, Sorey just thinks about Rose's question. "The big thing is that Seraphim are very vulnerable to malevolence - without people to make vessels for them to dwell in, and to provide offerings and prayers, the Seraphim start becoming corrupted. A powerful Seraphim can create a domain, but they don't become powerful without the support of other people. Master said the records of the old days described things are being really terrible, and Gramps pretty much agreed with him on that."

The inside is just amazing. It's not *that* cool, and there are ceiling fans running and the like... but after being out in the heat it's an amazing difference. "Well, people don't put those large of bounties on other people without a reason, so who knows? I mean the Lord of Calamity has a pretty hefty bounty, and she's not exactly good for this world. Maybe Vash did something really bad?" It's hard to say, and Sorey wanders over to look at the local jobs board.

"Hmmm. I'd be surprised if someone mentioned the statues directly." A pause. "Unless it's Zed, I could see him posting a job asking if anyone had seen any Guardian Statues."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"See, you get it!" Rose says, getting all up in Sorey's personal space. "Seraphim powers are just too useful not to think about in that way! Gotta go somewhere cold? No problem! Somewhere hot? No problem! ... I don't know what Edna'd do for you in all this, places without solid ground to walk on, I guess?" Close enough.
Then she looks at Mikleo, grinning. "I'd be a way better-looking puddle than you! I mean, look at you, all... all..." She seems to be struggling? "Blue! ... who am I kidding, you look great. Hey, I was wondering, how come when you fuse with Sorey your hair gets blonde? You have white-blue hair, shouldn't that be what happens to his hair?" Also important questions.
Sorey ponders more serious matters, and Rose taps her chin. "So kind of like religion then. Seraphim were basically benevolent gods and all they wanted was belief and worship because it let them exist? ... how'd we end up not being able to see them? Did Seraphim and humans have a big argument over something?" Records of the past never seem to agree about that, and they're always so vague and unreliable too.
Sorey wanders over to the job board and Rose follows, peeking. "Zed? Oh, the quirky Metal Demon who showed up at that expo? He seemed pretty nice, too. Is everyone nice secretly a monster here?!" She pauses, looking at herself. "No, wait, don't answer."
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

"Didn't you know? When you're infused with awesome power, your hair always turns blonde and you glow. It's really great, although I'm not sure if you'd be able to pull it off," Mikleo comments to Rose with a grin. "Besides, I think that Dezel might be a bit jealous if I were to join with you using the Armatus. ...it's not exactly easy to do, though." There is a bit more of a serious moment there - Mikleo knew that Sorey had struggled with the Armatus at first. Heck, he had been laid out for several days after the first time. Plus the whole 'bonding with Lailah' thing.

"No one really knows for sure - at least no one that ever told me," Sorey replies to Rose, turning to look at her for a long moment. "All we know is that over time, people lost faith in the Seraphim, and began to focus more on Althena's worship, and as a result people lost the ability to speak with Seraphim or see Hellions. But before then it was supposed to be a beneficial relationship - people offered their belief, respect, and support to the Seraphim, and in return the Seraphim protected them from malevolence and other forces they couldn't see."

There's an edge to Sorey's voice when he speaks about Althena - given the behavior of the Guard and some of the things he had seen, he wonders if the strong belief that people had placed in the Goddess had somehow hurt the Seraphim. But at the same time... the Seraphim were, according to the Chosen, supposed to be divine representatives of the Goddess. Things didn't add up.

Not that Sorey mentioned that out loud.

"I think Zed isn't exactly a 'typical' Metal Demon. There seem to be some who want to coexist with humans on this planet, but the ones in charge... from what I've heard they carry a terrible animus towards humanity, and won't be satisfied until they wipe us all out."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"Please! I'd rock blonde hair better than either of you can!" Rose says, hands on her hips, looking quite proud. Until she suddenly pales. "Wait, hang on. You'd have to be... inside me to do that? How does that... work? I like my body being my own, you know!" She hadn't thought about that until now. "Oh, him? Yeah, maybe. He sure was quick to jump in when I said I'd do it. Honestly, he creeps me out, that whole... I've known you for like ten years thing." She shudders. "It's like I found out I've had a stalker for most of my life. I already couldn't stand ghosts, but that's just too much!" A huff.
Back to serious things, apparently. She looks at Sorey, shrugging. "Well, whatever happened, I bet you've already made it your mission to find out, right? So I guess there's no use worrying about it. I know you won't stop until you've found the truth."
Then Metal Demons! Rose hehs. "Turns out no matter what world you're from, people still can't agree with each other. People probably don't want to hear this, but I bet they're as human as any of us deep down. They just happen to have genocidal leaders. It's not like we don't have those too." Rose mutters something about Aveh and Kislev.
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

"It's not so much inside of you as... on you," Mikleo points out. And he drapes one arm over Sorey's shoulder and gives Rose a bit of a swave grin. "Skin tight as it were - the Seraphim manifests as our divine artifact, but we need to be supported and draw energy from the Shepherd, which is why their look changes."

"It's... quite an experience," Sorey states, looking to the side and seeming like he's a little embarrassed. "But I think that you and Dezel would probably work together quite well - you've been together for so long, and I think ultimately you both see the world in a very similar way. Being able to sympathize with your partner is important in making the Armatus work."

Yes. Rose sympathizing with Dezel. Clearly an easy thing to do.

Mikleo then adds, "Of course you could always ask Edna or Lailah if the idea of having a guy working so closely with you is a bit uncomfortable at first." The Seraph grins, and then adds, "I wonder how Alisha would feel about the idea of working that closely with a Seraphim? The Squires should be able to use Lailah's flame even without the Armatus, so there's no need to headlong into using it if you're... y'know."



Ignoring the teasing, Sorey crosses his arms and ponders. "To be honest, the tales of the Metal Demons reminded me a lot of the legends of the Vile Tribe from back home. I don't think they're the same, but from what I've been able to infer, both the first Metal Demon War and the Vile Tribe's attempt to overthrow the Goddess occurred around a millennia ago."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"I am NOT scared!" Rose barks back, quite predictably. Probably loud enough people are staring, too. At the crazy merchant screaming at thin air. "I'M just not sure if I'm ready to wear someone else as clothing, okay!" The stares undoubtedly intensify. "I mean that's... does... Sorey keep his underwear on under your... clothing... form?" The conversation was heading there pretty naturally, and Mikleo has no one to blame but himself. "I swear ever since I've met him I've been introduced to more weird things than at any other point in my life. And you're acting like it's basically normal!" She'll probably change her mind when she experiences the rush of power that comes with an Armatus. You tend to forget your worries when you suddenly feel like you could do anything.
In the meantime, though... "And don't you lump me in with him! I'M a professional, he's some kind of ghost hobo who's been following me for a decade and can't act nice to save his life!" They'll mend that relationship eventually. Probably.
Another huff. Rose crosses her arms, turning her head away from both of them. "Alisha'll probably turn red at the thought and then bumble about how honored she is and how she's worried she's not going to live up to your expectations. At a guess." Then to Sorey, still without facing him. "I don't know the first thing about the Vile Tribe. Let me guess, it's ancient history stuff no detailed records still document adequately?"
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

Yep, that pretty much confirms Mikleo's suspicions. Of course, he expected Rose to be a little bashful - especially when it came to supernatural things. And if she's going to have an argument with a ghost, she can deal with the consequences. But he does get a sly look on his face as Rose goes into more intimate details about the whole Armatus experience, and then he replies, "I guess you'll find out when it's time. Besides, Sorey and I have known each other since we were kids - it's not like we have any secrets from each other or anything."

Sorey just nods absently as he continues scanning the job board, not really noticing the byplay between the Seraphim and his merchant companion.

"Well, you had several chances to walk away - I guess you'll just have to accept that you're hip deep in the weirdness now." A dramatic shrug, and the silver-white haired Seraph adds, "It just keeps getting deeper from here, pretty soon you'll be up to your neck in weirdness - or Dezel, probably, he'd probably be a pretty snug Armatus - and then you'll never see the daylight of normalcy again!"

Sorey on the other hand is much more interested in the history questions, as he replies, "I actually don't know too much more about them myself - Master was the one who told me about them, and he didn't go into a lot of detail. He called them part of the forgotten history that only the Seraphim tended to remember, so I was hoping to find more records while we were traveling." He looks at Rose, adding, "But of course... we're not likely to find out much here. But you sound pretty familiar with some of the problems we have with documentation. Is that something the storyteller you mentioned told you?"

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
Rose is about to continue barking when Mikleo mentions not having any secrets with Sorey. She raises a finger, opens her mouth. Stops herself, closes her mouth, stares. There are SO MANY QUESTIONS she could suddenly ask.
She, wisely, asks none of them.
"YOU'RE stuck with ME, Meebo! Make no mistake!" Rose finally settles on, grinning, recalling Edna's lovely nickname for the younger Seraph. "I guess I'll just have to take this bull by the horns and steer it right myself if I have to! If Sorey could do it, how hard can it be?" Ha. Haha. Oh Rose, if you only knew.
She shakes her head, flushes her red cheeks back to standard color, and finally relaxes. "Oh, old man Mayvin? In part, yeah. He's... basically you but older, Sorey, now that I really think about it. He even hauls around a copy of that book at all times. It's full of bookmarks and papers and notes, he's probably explored all of Lunar. Always has a story to tell! ... but, like he once told me. 'Sometimes stories are only good because you don't know how they started.'" She takes a moment to think. "I don't know what he meant by that, but it's not uncommon he can't trace things further back than a century or two." Or maybe he just won't share? Not that Rose would know or suspect that. "Seems people didn't take good care of their records back then! Shame that, old books in good conditions are worth a fortune."
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

Mikleo just puffs his cheeks out at that nickname, and makes plans. Oh yes, he makes plans. Let Rose think that she has the last laugh, but she's asked for him to make water or other cold stuff in the past. Just wait until she gets her wish at the least opportune moment. Like snow down the back of her neck, or just a single strip at the foot of her bed soaked in ice cold water! Revenge will be ice cold, yes indeed.

"How hard indeed," Mikleo comments, and smirks. And with that, he turns to keep an eye on the people in the guild, who are all staring at Rose at this point given her tirade against empty air at this point.

But Sorey can't help but agree that this Mayvin sounds a lot like the person he'd like to be when he was older. "It sounds like he's really well traveled. I'd love to meet him at some point, it sounds like he has a lot of fascinating stories to tell." And Sorey is of course extremely sincere about that! Mayvin sounds like an amazing guy with a lot of interesting bits of information.

"One thing I've heard is that while a lot of places in Glenwood have a great deal of respect for ancient history, but the constant fighting between the nations has caused a lot of collateral damage to valuable history texts. Meribus has been much more peaceful, but..."

A pause, and Sorey closes his eyes. Should he? ...well...

"...Master mentioned that the Chosen have not been kind to older knowledge. Everything needs to meet with the Goddess' approval in Meribus. And Spira... no one has heard from that continent in centuries."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
Rose is far too absorbed in this back and forth to notice the stares. Perhaps it's for the best. Like she needs more spinning plates to juggle right now! At least Mikleo seems to have backed down. Surely that plate is done spinning and completely stabilized.
"He's always pretty vague about how far he's been and how much he's seen. 'It's not about where I've been, but where I've yet to go!' or something like that. I can't be too mad, he's taught me to fight bare-handed! ... not that I ever do it. I'm nowhere near as good at that as I am with my knives," she explains. "Come to think of it, I've never seen him fight. Doesn't seem to carry a weapon, either."
Oh well. Rose shrugs the matter off.
"War'll do that. Hundreds of years of it... it's no surprise so much of the past is burried. Not just on Lunar, here too. I didn't know the Goddess had that kind of power over knowledge, though. Doesn't that concern you? You seem like the type who'd say, 'No way! Knowledge should be shared and accessible!' right?"
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

Hmmm, it really did seem like this Mayvin was quite an interesting sort. With that sort of experience and so many stories to share, he had probably seen an incredible amount in his days wandering Lunar. Sorey really wants to speak with him now.

"Well, I can certainly respect someone who takes care of themselves, but doesn't need to carry a weapon to stay out of trouble." He rests his hand lightly on his own sword. The wooden blade was polished to a shine, the lacquer and inlaid carvings a beauty to behold... but it isn't a weapon meant for killing people. Which reflects Sorey's view of the world quite well.

"To be honest, Rose, I hadn't thought about it too much." He looks at her for a moment, and then speaks a bit more quietly. "I had actually only heard about the Goddess in passing before I came to Ladylake. I always wondered why people followed her, given what Gramps and Master had told me... and then from Alisha and others in Ladylake, I learned there was a considerable respect held for Althena. That she was worshiped as a savior.

"From my view from the outside... it didn't make any sense to me. I can't say it really does now, but I respect how Alisha feels about it. So I want to see for myself."

This coming from the Shepherd, who was viewed as the Goddess' other great champion, after the Dragonmaster.

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"Maybe his fists are his weapons? In which case, is it really that much better?" Rose's practical mind approaches this from a different direction entirely. What makes hurting people with your fists different than using a knife, a sword or a spear? If you temper your body to be a weapon, there's no difference. Her thoughts halt, at an amusing image. "... oh. Now I can't unsee him just... right hooking a bear into submission. Eheh."
Violence is funny, don't judge Rose.
On the matter of Goddesses and worldviews, she has little to contribute. "Still more thought than I've put into it. I was never really religious to begin with. All I know now is, I want to know what the deal with Lucia and her friends is about. I still don't buy the Lord of Calamity propaganda," she admits, though that's largely because she hasn't yet experienced the Malevolence around her in person. "That whole story about a being called Zophar pulling the strings one of her friends told me, it's always at the back of my mind. I think the only solution is to go meet Althena, if she's real. Then we'll see what she has to say about everything."
Sadly, she's on Lunar. Probably?
"Well, first things first, we gotta find a way back home. And before we do THAT, we gotta figure out this statue deal." Then a glance, at a job posting. She pulls it off the board to get a better look. "... hey, Sorey, there's a place called Krosse Kave. Think it's a coincidence it spells out K.K.?" The real answer is probably yes, but now Rose is curious.
<Pose Tracker> Sorey has posed.

"I trust Lailah that only something on the level of the Lord of Calamity can have as much malevolence as Lucia does," Sorey replies after a moment. "One way or another, we're going to have to purify her, or that malevolence will continue to poison Filgaia." They'd already seen a lot of the effects of the storm of malevolence Lucia carried, and with that darkness appearing elsewhere in a world that had never experienced it, Sorey was convinced that Lucia was the cause.

"She may not be evil, and she may think she is doing the right thing. But that doesn't change that her being here on Filgaia is making this world have many similar problems to Lunar." The Shepherd closes his eyes - it's not that he doesn't respect that people think Lucia is a good person, but... even if she had been cursed, that didn't change his duty to purify her. Unless there was some other way to lift the curse.

No other Lord of Calamity had been saved, however. At least not to Sorey's knowledge.

But he does chuckle at Rose's thought. "Well, I think that is a coincidence, but it's someplace we should probably investigate anyways. Look..." He points at a flyer mentioning Kross Cave as one of the areas the Adventurer's Guild is looking for more information from. "I think it's worth poking around just to see what we can find."

<Pose Tracker> Rose has posed.
"Apparently earthquakes opened up new pathways or something like that? Who knows, maybe we'll find something about the Guardians in there, if not the Trial Knight. Let's get the princess to come along, she's probably bored out of her mind right now. Oh! There's another friend I want you to meet. Fluffiest ears this side of Filgaia! ... still won't tell me if he's a cat or a dog though." Maybe Sorey can help settle that question!
Then Rose spins back to Lucia. She doesn't seem to feel strongly about what Sorey said, so that's probably a good sign. "I get you, don't worry! I still think we should find out what this Zophar guy wants before you do it, just in case this is all a ploy to make you use purification on Lucia and then something super bad happens. But if it can't be helped, I don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to telling you not to do what you believe is right." That, the assassin does not.
"Say, what about Zed? Why don't we find him and ask him about the statues? Maybe the Metal Demons know something and he'd be willing to talk for the sake of coexistence. Or maybe he'd try kicking our ass! Ahah, only one way to find out, right?" She has no idea how to find him, sadly. Kind of hoping Sorey or Mikleo do!