2017-09-14: Moon Day, Urbanization, And You

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<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

November City might be a bit of a change from the east side of Ignas, at least in Avril's experience, but in spite of this very noticable fact, it...

...felt oddly familiar, even when they first arrived. Is it possible she's set foot here once before?

Whoever she was before she awoke on Celestial Peak, that person was very well-traveled.

Today, out on her own -- since Rebecca is doing so much-needed surreptitious price-scouting in the open air market (so as to not tip their hand that they're in need of Certain Parts and a mechanic and accidentally drive up the prices) and had asked to do this by herself -- Avril has finally wound her way through the Downtown section to find herself in front of the under-construction building.

She has been watching in silence for several minutes, as if this is the most interesting thing she's seen in some time.

"A skyscraper..." she murmurs at last.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

It's Moon Day. That inspired Catenna into the kitchen earlier this morning.

"Yes... it is very impressive," says a quiet voice from just behind Avril. The accent probably gives away who it is. It's not just Ellurian, it's a particular kind of Ellurian.

Catenna comes walking slowly up to stand to Avril's right. She's not dressed for anything remotely like action; she picked out what passes for a peasant dress among her people, with the diagnostic pattern of sashes and rings that she seems to like. She's also carrying a covered tin of something, a metal box large enough for a couple of those tiffins she was selling during the CaraKin's recent rollout event.

With a delicate brush of long fingers, she chases an errant strand of hair away from her cheek as she turns a quiet gaze to Avril. She smiles, the expression small and reserved but polite enough. "I hope you have been well since we last crossed paths," she says.

She doesn't specify when, because she's pretty sure it was the beach fight. That was embarrassing.

Instead she lifts the lid of her tin. "Happy Moon Day," she says as she offers Avril one of the jelly-coated peach treats waiting inside.

<Pose Tracker> Kaguya has posed.

The last time Kaguya was around this part of town, she was setting it on fire. Only a little bit on fire, but still on fire. Maybe they haven't repaired the bench she smashed yet. They probably have. What did the wagon hit when it fell down?

Well, whatever, not important.

The small Veruni in snazzy clothes steps through the streets as brazen as can be, not dressed in black and not wearing a mask; instead she has a different suit on, and a green tie. She walks with a cane. She slows a she sees Catenna and Avril after rounding a corner though--she doesn't see Avril's face, just her striking hair.

"I don't think it's that impressive," she butts in with a shrug. She lived in the City of Skyscrapers, after all.

"Hey Batennie," Kaguya greets Catenna distractedly, looking up at the skyscraper in training anyway with a sigh.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

Matilda Whitehead is also hanging out at the under-construction skyscraper, as it happens. For her, though, it's really more about losing a little bit of notoriety after asking the wrong questions in the wrong places. It's easy to lose oneself in the area. ... though she really ought to get a less conspicuous coat.

She seems a little surprised to see Avril - and Catenna, who she notices a moment later -- and Kaguya, who she notices a moment after that. She seems to drop the inconspicuousness at this point, thus, and scootches over. "It's -- a little excessive, I'd say," Matilda says. "Not, er... I don't mean it's terribly excessive, but what is even the point...?"

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei Fong Wong accidentally just misses Dean Stark again.

But he doesn't miss Avril whom he sees while searching for gear parts (to look or buy if he finds something of quality). He also sees Kaguya, whom he last heard was ... in jail.

He has no idea she is secretly a hoodlum!

His eyes widen but he also is kind of not sure how to approach. The last time he seemed to upset her by asking her if he upset her so he should....act like everything is normal?

"Well they're buildings that are pretty tall for country yokels like me!" Fei quips, smiling bigly at Kaguya and Avril. "Glad to see you're both alright!"

More smiles. Nailed it, Fei thinks.

<Pose Tracker> Katyna Reidal has posed.

Katyna Reidal is unimpressed by the skyscraper.

She's from a large city, after all. By Ignan standard her home city is ludicriously big and well-developed. And yet she still feels like she doesn't fit in in November... especially in the richer areas around the downtown, because she looks poor, with her battered duster and worn, tattered-around-the-ankle pants. At least whatever she's wearing as a top is in fantastic shape. Anybody could look at her and go 'yep, Drifter'.

Some people did, which is why she's kind of skirting around the edge of the downtown region. She really needs to get out of here, but it's the best place to find information. So it goes.

Which is why when a gathering of obviously not-November citizens show up (well, plus Kaguya, who is wearing a suit and almost fits in), Katyna starts to edge that way. She recognizes zero of the people there, which is not stopping her from surreptiously listening in.

What? It's a valid way to find out information about or from other Drifters.

<Pose Tracker> Dean Stark has posed.

Don't worry, Fei; there are no accidents.

While Rebecca's out discreetly inquiring after Gears and Gear parts and so on, Dean is taking care of something just as important but much simpler: food shopping. The pickings are... not great, shall we say, over in Little Twister, whereas November City has a rainbow of goods ripe for the picking. That's a produce joke. There are no goods that can be picked off trees this close to the Gunsmoke Desert. Actually, so far he's gotten a great deal on these weird peach dumpling things, because it's apparently Moon Day today? That sounded nice, so he got a dozen of those, one each for himself and his friends, and then several more for the people who run the orphanage over in Little Twister for being so nice to them, and then more on top of that for the kids. Dean has forgotten there's a lot more kids than there are cakelets. He'll probably end up giving his up.

But there's other regular ingredients for the cooking, too. With two large bags of regular ingredients and then another one just full of peach cake thingies, he attempts to find Rebecca.

He gets horrendously lost and finds Avril instead. L-lucky?

"Avril!" he calls cheerfully, jogging over to join her and the group surrounding her at the foot of the skyscraper-in-building. "Hey! Glad I found you! I'm done with the shopping! ...oh, hey, Matilda!" he adds, stopping short and noticing the black-haired girl. He pauses, looks up at the skyscraper, and adds, "It looks pretty impressive to me? They're not even done yet here!" Whether it's excessive or not, that... well, he can't argue with Matilda there. "What *is* the point?" he wonders, with 100% sincerity.

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

Roused from her mild reverie, Avril turns as someone speaks to her and not far at hand at that. "...Catenna?" A glance -- up and down -- follows, as does, "I have been well. And as for yourself?"

At first, when the treat is offered, Avril stares into the tin as if somewhat nonplussed.

Happy Moon Day.

This is also the point when she fully turns, allowing Kaguya to see her face in more than just profile.

"...Ah," Avril murmurs at last, as if assembling the facts that have presented themselves to her. "I see, then today is a festival day. Thank you, Catenna. Then, this is customary?" Her hand hovers over the contents of the tin hesitantly.

Catenna isn't the only familiar face here. "Matilda? Fei? It has been some time. Ah..."

This slight pause comes when Fei explains what a skyscraper is. In his own terms. Avril lapses into thoughtful silence, glancing up at the building, over at Fei, then finally at Matilda. "...You are wondering what the purpose of a building like this is, then?" She points upwards. Helpfully. "By building upwards, it is possible to use space more efficiently. A city cannot expand outwards forever. ...However, there are other problems that arise... plumbing, for instance..." She pauses for a moment, and tilts her head.

"...Why do I remember that?"

Which is about when Dean comes running up with the groceries.

Rebecca may either kill him or bemoan why she let him do the shopping once she sees how many peach cakes there are. "Dean! There you are. I believe Rebecca is still--"

Which is where she stops to stare at Katyna, very much on the periphery of of the gathered group. "...Dean, that woman is blue."

avril that's rude

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

As Kaguya comes strolling up, Catenna had to resist the urge to remind her that there's no B in her name. She holds her tongue and simply nods politely to the young woman - she recognizes her former cellmate right away, of course. "Hello, Kaguya," she says quietly. "I hope you have been well."

Well. As well as a dying girl can be, she supposes.

The arriving Matilda draws a polite smile from her and a nod; she steps back to bring her dark-haired caravan colleague more readily into the conversation. "I do not have much to compare it to," she confesses. "There are no such towers where my people come from. There is only the wilderness, and of course tents." Then she turns to Matilda and Kaguya - in fact to everyone who's rapidly gathering - and offers up her box full of those peach dumplings. "Please," she invites. "Enjoy one; it is Moon Day."

Indeed, as she holds the tin up for Avril, the moon priestess smiles a little more broadly. "It is a custom, yes. These are a traditional food enjoyed on Moon Day. We make them to honour Celesdue, the Guardian of the Moon, though anyone may share in them. At least, if you like peach...." Her voice trails off as she looks up towards the skyscraper again, then follows Avril's gaze towards Katyna. The woman there is, in fact, blue.

Slowly, Catenna shrugs. "But she is also a woman," she points out, before gesturing to Katyna with a light wave.

"Good evening," she calls out. "Joyous Moon Day."

<Pose Tracker> Kaguya has posed.

Kaguya leans to the side to look over at Matilda--it's not like she can look over people--and smiles Matilda's way. "Atida!" The agreement makes her stand up a little straighter, as if she'd said something actually important. "Who knows?"

But there's... Fei. And Fei approaches all normal like and speaks up so she blinks and glances his way too. "I guess that's true," she says to him, showing no signs whatsoever of upset.

But Avril turns, and she's definitely saying things but for her part, the small Veruni is watching her face a moment, then looking blankly, then staring wide-eyed. "H-Huh!?" she vocalizes, blinking repeatedly and apprehensively. "You--" She stops. The hesitates, and turns her head to the side a little, looking sidelong, before she laughs faintly. "Ha ha... I mean..."

She looks immediately to Catenna without really hearing her explanation about wilderness and tents without taking one of the dumplings and looking it over. "Moon Day?" she asks, and it sounds good to her. But then...

"Ah," she says. "For... Celesdue." Kaguya frowns a moment, and then says, "Hmmm.."

And then, ruthlessly, she eats the dumpling that was never meant for her people. She smiles after she swallows it.

She looks over at Dean after that, "Yeah uh... You know they're very efficient and all. They're pretty much the kind of building you ant to have everywhere." Didn't she call it not impressive?


"Uh." Pause. "I mean I guess she is blue. That's cool." Pause. "I mean, fine. Normal. It's fine, let's not make a big deal of it. Hey! We're not making a big deal of you!"

Nailed it.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

"Oh -- I suppose if space is limited, building vertically is the only way to do so -- and building on arable land is currently an unattractive option..." In the end, it all comes back to that, doesn't it? What remains of Filgaia's land is too precious to expand onto.

Matilda gives a brief wave to Dean -- and then notices the blue woman just as Avril does, and squints a little. "That's -- unusual... then again, unusual skin colours are also part of Beastman physiology, at times..." She gives Kaguya a brief glance, and then notes to Catenna, "Ah -- I'm not terribly hungry... if Kaguya would like it, she can have any you'd offer me, as well."

Considering the skyscraper again, Matilda replies to Catenna, "That is -- terribly unfortunate. I understand the value, of course, of being able to move quickly, but... to protect yourself, you need built structures. It's -- just, the way of things..."

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei looks over towards Katyna. He blinks a few times. Yes. That woman IS blue. He has seen a lot of weird people, to be honest, since leaving Lahan but this is still the second weirdest looking person he's seen he's pretty sure (Yaro isn't a person).

"On reflection," Fei says. "I mean, thinking about it, it's not like she has three eyes so, you know, big deal right? I could be blue with paint too I mean I guess that'd be rude now that I think about it, but I'm just saying it'd be a lot harder to get an extra eye."

He nods firmly. "Right!" He calls over to the woman. "Not a big deal! Blue is cool! Yeah!" He gives her two big thumbs up.

Nailed it (COMBO).

Kaguya seems okay, he thinks, so maybe she wasn't upset abotu him thinking she was upset or she just got over it? It's been a while. He is about to ask more about how she's doing when, well, he gets an explanation on skyscrapers.

"Oh uh. I guess that makes sense..." He figured that but he is too embarrassed to point out the miscommunication.

"So--" He begins. He sees--well hears--Dean.

His eyes widen. "Dean!" He says, waving excitedly at him. "Oh man Dean! Have I got something to show you!"

It's just, well, back at the hotel room.

".....I uh... I can go get it..."

He hangs his head low. "...UGh but it's too far isn't it..."

<Pose Tracker> Katyna Reidal has posed.

Katyna Reidal is indeed blue. It's hard to miss, and it's not like Katyna has any particular interest in hiding it. (From her point of view, she's the correct colour and everyone else is just unhealthily red- or brown-tinged.) But it does kind of stand out.

As demonstrated.

"Yes, I am," Katyna replies, having heard Avril (or seen her stare, which is perhaps more likely). Impulsively, and with a smile, she adds, "Don't worry, it's not catching." Especially with Kaguya and Fei joining in, it's clear she's more amused than annoyed; they're not giving her shit for being a Beastman, they're just surprised, and that is fine by her.

It's actually Catenna that throws her the most, because Katyna does not know her Filgaian holidays. "Joyous... Moon Day?" She sounds slightly confused, but recovers fast. "And to you."

<Pose Tracker> Dean Stark has posed.

"Oh, you got a bunch of those peach cake dumpling things too?" Dean says, peering at Catenna's offering. "Thanks! I got a bunch already, though!" Helpfully, he holds up the bag full of peach cakes. Then he adds, "Happy Moon Day!" So she's from out in the wilderness... He nods in commisseration. Capo Bronco isn't wilderness, but it may as well be with how far out into the boonies it is. "Yeah, I've never seen anything like this before, either," he remarks. All of this is brand-new to him.

So when Kaguya gives him an explanation on skyscrapers and how you want them everywhere, he blinks at her owlishly. "Huh, really? Why's that?" Matilda offers a reason, which is really just the explanation of Avril's that he came just in time to miss, and he nods thoughtfully. He understood *most* of that. Enough to make an intelligible response! "That makes sense. Seems to me like it'd be a pain to have to go all the way down to the floor of one building so you can go all the way up the next one over, though. How do they get around that?"

Speaking of Avril, he beams at her. "Yup, I got everything on the list! And there was this sale on those peach dumpling things too, so I got a bunch for you and me and Rebecca and everyone at the orphanage--oh, hey, Fei!" He smiles at the brunette, whom he'd somehow missed on the way up. "Wow, something to show me? Sounds awesome! ...uh..." But apparently it's back at his hotel. That's a disappointment. "I could always come by tomorrow and you can show me then?" he suggests. "I've gotta get these groceries back first anyway, and then we'll have more time. Little Twister isn't that far, anyway!" Not that far by monowheel, anyway. Which he doesn't have. Not yet.

Avril then points out a blue woman to him. Dean turns around. "Woah! She *is* blue!" he eloquently observes. "That's so cool!" Then, completely contrary to Kaguya's attempts to be totally cool and not play it up as a big thing, Dean waves to Katyna and gives her a big smile, made all the more friendly as she approaches the group of her own will. "Hi! I'm Dean! I like your spots!"

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

"Yes, considering the current state of Filgaia as well," she appends, as Matilda points out another advantage. "Perhaps buildings like this may become more common in the future. Though, it appears this may be the first time I have seen one myself," Avril also adds, which may only make her commentary on it being ideal for a place November City's size a little more odd. But then, there are many things about Avril that are a little bit odd.

Catenna explains. Avril, since awakening, has attended festivals before -- so the concept isn't unusual -- so while the idea of Moon Day is not foreign, it would still seem that this is the first time she's heard of it.

...She thinks, anyway.

"I see. Then, if it is to honor the Guardians..." She has some connection with the Guardians, no matter how displeased they were about her presence in the temple. She takes one of the peach dumplings.

...Did she like peaches? Well, there may only be one way to discover how she feels about peaches. Delicately, Avril takes a bite.

And stops, after that, once she spots Kaguya staring at her as if she's seen a ghost. "...Is everything alright?" she asks of the shorter woman. "You seem pale."

Whereupon her attention turns to Dean. "Thank you, Dean. I'm certain that Rebecca will be pleased." ...Depending on how much he spent, anyway. Rebecca may well be the only reason they have a chance of meeting their savings goal between 'amnesiac with no sense of money's worth' and 'Dean'. "The children will be happy as well."

Given the stare that falls on Katyna, it is... indeed a safe bet that Avril means the color of her skin and not anything else. Other people quickly -- hastily really -- provide explanations. Avril furrows her brow but fortunately nods rather than offering any more awkward questions. "...I see. It is normal for her, then." Though no one made any promises about awkward comments. Rebecca would be mortified.

Oh, there was something that Fei had wanted to show Dean. She remembers this. It was a... a...

"That's right. You had a small golem you wished to show him, did you not?"

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

If only Celesdue knew that her dumpling were being feasted on by a horrible abomination.

If only Catenna knew that Kaguya was one of them, for that matter. Blessedly, she remains ignorant of the truth, merely nodding graviously back to her once and former cellmate. "Matilda has offered you her share, if you would like them. But be careful," she cautions with an arch of her brows. "If you eat too many at once, your palms may turn yellow."

She tilts her head as she considers Matilda's statement. "Not necessarily. Some prefer tents," she explains. "Some people move wherever the food grows naturally... especially because many places are not good to be farmed. A house will just prevent you from moving around."

The arriving Dean evokes a polite smile from the dark-haired priestess.

"Get is perhaps not the right word. I made them."

The sweets remain on offer; she even holds the box out to the arriving Katyna. "Moon Day is a traditional day of celebration," she explains, as much to Avril as to Katyna. "We honour the Moon on this day, and also Celesdue, the Guardian spirit of the Moon. There are other rituals that most people do not always follow, but the sweets are... fairly traditional, and popular. Please, take one, if you like peach-flavoured things." And indeed, Avril does.

The gelatin shell is delicately flavoured and with just the right amount of soft sweetness to mingle pleasantly with the richness of the juicy peach nestled within. Heavens know how they call to mind things lunar, though.

Dean says something adorable and Catenna can't keep from smiling a touch, her cheeks colouring slightly. She clears her throat. "I am Catenna," she explains, nodding both to him and to Katyna.

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei doesn't seem to have offended Katyna (to be fair, she probably got a lot worse than BLUE! so). He doesn't have to feel blue about it at least, nor does it seem like he blue the chance for a friendship with her. He isn't sure what beast has three eyes though, as he thinks about it.

"Yeah, tommorow works." Fei says, relieved. "You'll get a huge kick at it I'm sure. Actually I think I'm visiting Little Twister too soon so I guess we might run into each other more."

He does nod to Avril and adds, "It doesn't work, but it's in good condition!" this is more for Dean's sake than Avril's who knows all this. "I was gonna sell it but I figured I should hand it off to you since I'm actually okay on cash for once!"

He's had some successful digs it sounds like. "Oh by the by, have you had any luck lately, Avril? On your search?"

<Pose Tracker> Kaguya has posed.

"Oh yeah!" Kaguya says when Matilda offers hers to her, beaming for a moment over at the coated woman. And a beat before, "Yeah I guess," she says finally about arable land and all. It seems that her awkwardness is briefly forgotten. Fei says blue is cool and Kaguya nods firmly to him. "That's right, uh..." ...Is she upset? It's hard to tell. She smiles at him though. And looks away quickly. She doesn't explain why. Instead she looks over at Katyna again, and for her part, is very unhealthily... everything, but mostly pale. She actually laughs about it not being catching. "Nice."

But Dean mentions a downside to the skyscrapers and Kaguya shrugs before adding, "You put in elevators, obviously. They take you up and down without having to walk." A beat, "It's pretty handy. I wish more buildings had elevators."

Dean and Fei... Kaguya doesn't get it, but it's kind of cute. Especially with him saying he--

...Hey, why don't people say they like her ears?

Instead of focusing on that though... Finally, ater having kind of ignored the question, she looks nervously back at Avril. "No uh..." Pause. "I mean, I'm usually pale. I mean, it's fine. You just... reminded me of someone. That's all. No big deal, right? Ha ha... ha..."

Kaguya reaches out for another dumpling. "Thanks!" A beat, and a tilt of her head. "Hmm..." She glances down to her hand and shrugs before popping it into her mouth. If Catenna looks, she can see Kaguya's long canines penetrate first.

She chews and adds, ""Mreh..." She pauses, swallows, "Moving around all the time is fine and all, but you can at least make a good transport to do it in." She's not going to knock then. "Then you can do a lot better."

Catenna explains, and she considers. "Wouldn't moon candy be crunchy? I mean, moons are made out of rock, so..."

Kaguya takes another sweet.

"Wait wait wait. A little... golem? Hold up, huh?"

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

"Ah, yes -- it is Moon Day. I'd honestly forgotten -- I've been so busy, of late..." Matilda rubs at the back of her head a little, before admitting, "I -- must be getting worn out. And, ah... thank you, Dean, for your assistance the other day."

Dean then says the most cringeworthy thing Matilda has ever heard, and she actually looks away a little at 'I like your spots.' You can't just... like someone's spots! C -- can you? She takes the opportunity to formulate a response to Catenna in her head, instead.

Fortunately, Kaguya has one, and Matilda goes with it. "Yes -- the ideal would be a movable yet livable fortress. On that, at least, I think those Althena's Guard types have the right idea..."

The topic of the golem blows everything else away. "Ah -- yes, Dean does seem to have the most profound love of machinery of all kinds... he seemed very interested in the Honeybee, too."

<Pose Tracker> Katyna Reidal has posed.

Nobody comments on Katyna's ears either, Kaguya. It's just a thing.

Katyna actually does grin at Dean. "Thanks," she says; she can't remember the last time anyone on this planet told her that. So apparently you can just like someone's spots. "And yes, it's normal," she adds to April, looking at her a little thoughtfully. Most people don't ask that, which is why she makes a joke of it.

"Huh. Well, thanks." Katyna has only limited opinions of the Guardians - she simply doesn't know much about them, and considers them a local religion she doesn't have to pay much attention to. But she's not going to turn down free food. ...she hasn't been eating very well lately.

Katyna makes it last, though; she nibbles around it rather than taking a huge bite. It tastes good, though she's worried about getting it all over her fingers. Such is life. "Katyna," she says, once she's swallowed. "Katyna Reidal. Pleasure. And thanks for the... what's it called? Jelly peach?" She guessed. She has no idea.

But hey, she's learning about golems while she listens in. That's a plus.

<Pose Tracker> Dean Stark has posed.

"Yeah, you have a point there," Dean says to Avril, sobering. Kaguya gets a blank look. "An... elevator?" He's encountered things like this in dungeons; he just doesn't know the word for it. "I guess that could work... It'd help, anyway." He peers back up the skyscraper, then suggests, "Maybe people could build bridges between the buildings? Like... sky bridges! So you don't have to go all the way back down to the ground to go into the next building!"

Matilda might cringe at Dean, but Katyna herself seems pleased, so it looks like you *can* just like someone's spots. Dean, having no concept that he might have said something strange at all, nor having paid much attention to either her or Kaguya's ears (they're just ears, after all), grins back. "Nice meeting you, Katyna!"

Catenna explains that these dumplings are handmade. "Oh, wow, really? Then I'd love to try one! Thanks, Catenna!" It takes him a moment to shift around the bags in his arms, but he does take one, and it is *delicious*. He even says so: "Wow, thish is rhlly goo'!" Dean, don't talk with your mouth full. Fortunately, he swallows, then smiles at Matilda. "Oh, yeah, sure! It was pretty tough with just the two of us, huh?" Chomp, goes another biteful of the dumpling.

He blinks at Kaguya when Avril indicates that she's pale. His look of concern is an innocent one, too, as is his acceptance of her otherwise kiiiinda shady response. It helps that Fei distracts him. He swallows, then suggests, "Oh, really? That'll be great! Maybe we can explore some dungeons together or find some bounties or something." He smiles at Matilda. "Yeah, the Honeybee was neat! That's Matilda's Gear--" he explain to Avril, not realizing that she might not actually need an explanation.

But then Avril mentions exactly what Fei wants to show him, and Fei follows up on that, and-- "A GOLEM?!" Dean gasps, swiveling from Avril to Fei with a galaxy of stars sparkling in his now-enthralled eyes. "And you're going to *give* it to me?! Fei, you're the best!!" It doesn't matter that it's not working; it's a GOLEM, and therefore: "Let's go see it right now!!"

Never mind that Fei LITERALLY JUST agreed to tomorrow instead, and both of them have reasons why right now isn't feasible. There is a GOLEM and Fei is GIVING it to him and let's go NOW NOW NOW NOW. He is literally doing a little dance of excitement, even.

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei holds up. He looks towards Kaguya. He doesn't comment on her ears but, to be honest, he sees lots of pointy ears in his life. He's only met one blue person! Vampire teeth is also weirder but commenting on someone's teeth.... yeah that's not going to happen.

"Yeah I think it was supposed to be some kind of butler. Uh." He reddens somewhat. "I was with uh... another Digger when I found it but it was just the two of us and he didn't want it so I took it because, well, might as well right?" He gives Matilda a faint smile before turning back to Dean. He keeps track of Katyna's name, though he fails to offer his own.

"Yeah I uh--" is about all he manages through Dean's enthusiasm. He opens his mouth a few times throughout his commentary but only manages to truly get a word in edgewise once Dean has finished. He takes in a deep breath and says, "Well, I mean, I don't mind, but you said you had groceries and I think your friends would probably be upset if you blew off your responsibilities. It'll still be there tommorow! So how about we go see it then so you can clear your plate and you won't have to feel rushed. Sound good?"

Fei--suprisingly level headed when he's not completely unlevelheaded!

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"It does seem you have found some interesting things in your travels," Catenna murmurs with a glance towards Fei.

Meanwhile, she keeps on holding out the dumpling tray for Kaguya to plunder at her leisure. She catches a glimpse of something - should her canines be quite that long? - but it doesn't quite register, mostly because she's been spending too much time with someone else who has longer-than-normal canine teeth. Nice job, Kittum.

"My transport is the CaraKin, I must admit," she says with a shrug. "And actually, the sweets made to honour Rigdobrite are crunchier, I am told... but Moon Day dumplings are meant to be soft, but rich. The Moon is not all coldness and rigidity, after all - it is also peace, reflection, and the hidden joy behind something which seems simple and everyday." Everything's a symbol when it comes to Guardian religion, really.

She glances between Matilda and Kaguya and shrugs simply. "Most of my people do not have the resources to build those things," she points out, "because we were driven out of our homes and into the wilderness years ago."

The more sweets Kaguya eats, the more her palms will, in fact, begin to accumulate a sticky yellow stain that tastes like peach juice - a fine Moon Day tradition.

When she looks back to Katyna again, she inclines her head gratefully as the blue woman takes the sweet and seems to enjoy it. "It is a jellied peach, yes. In any case, it is nice to meet you, Katyna." The names sound different - the middle syllable's harder in 'Katyna' than it is in 'Catenna,' at least. "If you have only just travelled here, then welcome... many groups of Drifters seem to have come here."

Having no idea what a golem is, she offers the dumplings up for Dean to feast upon. The mouthful compliment leaves her bowing her head modestly. "Thank you," she murmurs. "There are plenty of them. Please, feel free."

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

Avril blinks, gazing at Kaguya as if slightly stunned. "...Do I?" Avril asks Kaguya, halfway lifting a hand to her chest. "...You seem familiar. But..." She shakes her head. "This person you knew, what were they like?"

It's probably nothing. But if there's even a chance Kaguya may have known her once...

Sweets, Avril's not certain about as a general rule thus far. They aren't bad, but also aren't...

The gelatin is cool and has an interesting texture, while the more complex flavor of the fruit is an interesting counterpoint.

"It's quite good," she comments at length, after taking her bite.

Maybe she does like peaches.

Fei offers to just give the golem to Dean. And Dean looks as if he's achieved orbit.

Avril smiles and, lifting a hand to her mouth, giggles at the sight. "Perhaps after we find Rebecca, Dean? We will need to bring the groceries back first." ...It must be because Rebecca isn't here. Poor amnesiac Avril is forced to be the voice of reason. Or maybe this is just Rebecca rubbing off on Avril.

"Is there something wrong with saying that?" she asks -- quite innocently -- when Matilda says that Dean 'can't just say he likes someone's spots'.

Which, speaking of Katyna. "I see," is her response that it's normal. And then, she slightly bows her head, as if in polite greeting. "My name is Avril," she says. "Avril Vent Fleur. It is a pleasure to meet you, Katyna."

She can be formal, if bluntly rude, it seems.

Has she had any luck?

Avril pauses, as if not quite parsing what Fei means at first. And then, it clicks solidly into place. She shakes her head. "...No, I have not. However, it is fine. I am enjoying traveling with my friends, and it would appear that more important matters than my memories have arisen. I intend to assist however I can."

Point the first of doing so being: get the Gears fixed so they can travel more quickly and use them in a pinch, if needed.

But of course they'll need to find some statues to protect, first.

"What of yourself?" she asks Fei.

<Pose Tracker> Katyna Reidal has posed.

On one hand, Katyna probably shouldn't offer her name quite that easily, because she is a wanted woman. On the other hand... well, it's not like there aren't sketches of her, and there's not exactly many people to confuse for her. And she's learning other people's names too. Might be useful, some of them are definitely Drifters.

"Forgive me for asking," Katyna says, "but what's the difference between a Golem and a Gear? I know about the second, but not the first." She'd better know about Gears because she drives one, but she doesn't know about golems... other than that they seem to excite Dean rather a lot and she's probably made him very happy for asking.

Katyna takes the opportunity of the distraction to finish her jelly peach. Those are good, she decides. Too bad they sound like a seasonal thing. Oh well, it's probably good that she doesn't have candy and baked sweets available to her all the time, she thinks, as she tries to get the yellow off her fingertips.

<Pose Tracker> Kaguya has posed.

"Mm-hm," Kaguya says to Matilda, and shrugs about the Guard. "Eh, whatever." She's not going to give them credit right now for some reason. Maybe humans. But hile her ears are not getting proper appreciation...

"Nice to meet you, Katyna," Kaguya replies smoothly, pronouncing it with no trouble at all. She smiles at her before she moves on.

But for Dean, "Yeah, it helps a lot. Though--actually--" She looks a little impressed at him for some reason, "Yeah you could totally do that. Especially if you had good planning for them! Nice."

Kaguya was eating with her mouth open too so it's not really a problem. Not to her anyway. Instead she looks between Dean and Fei for a minute. "Yeah Atida's Gear is pretty great," she says, but mostly is listening about Golems and... Fei's... Sheer fascination over them.

She thinks of someone else. She shakes her head without drawing attention to herself briefly, looking back to the conversation at hand with a little less open shock. She wonders about it given Fei's explanation... But does let herself move back to Catenna with her attention to say, "I like the CaraKin."

After a beat she adds about Catenna's people, "That sucks." Chomp. Kaguya mostly eats with her fingers rather than her palm but there'll sure be yellow there. "It must be really hard."

But she shifts her weight harder onto her cane as she looks back to Avril and then right back away, "Oh uh... You know, I was wrong anyway. Just... You have one of those faces, you know? That's all." She thinks. Probably. ...No. Maybe? "Um she was... super cool," Kaguya says, "Really smart, and talented, and great, and strong, and everyone should like her." Whew.

Goals??? Goals.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

"Sky bridges..." Matilda considers this for a moment. "I can see the principle, though you'd need Gear-scale construction equipment to install one unless you built two buildings at the same time, I would think?" She's not an architect, though, and that wasn't a required course of undergraduate study in Linga, unlike basic mechanics.

"And -- yes, Dean is right... it's lovely to meet you, Katyna." She does not follow up too hard with Catenna at this point -- she knows an intractable round of disagreements when she sees them.

Kaguya... gives a sudden, glowing review of 'someone like Avril,' and it prompts a raised eyebrow. For the most part, though, Matilda stays quiet for now -- she's not sure quite what to say, so she elects to let herself just... breathe for a moment.

<Pose Tracker> Dean Stark has posed.

"Wow, a butler! I've never even *heard* of a Golem butler before!! Do you think it can still punch out bad guys while it serves snacks and stuff?!" Dean gushes. However, when Fei manages to point out that he has other stuff he has to do first, Dean makes a face that's somewhere between annoyance and disappointment as his happy dance turns sad. "Awww, man! I just *had* to end up buying stupid groceries when I could be checking out a Golem!!" But Fei points out that the Golem will still be there tomorrow, and Avril points out that Rebecca's still out there somewhere too, and this is what gets Dean to truly settle. "Well... okay. Rebecca'd really chew me out if I went off when we're supposed to meet up," he admits to Avril. To Fei, he smiles. "Sounds good!"

Avril asks Kaguya about this person she reminded her of, and that gets Dean's attention too as he finally clues in on why Avril's asking. "Oh, yeah! Avril has amnesia," he explains, "so maybe you know a family member of hers or something!" Yes. Maybe that's it. He nods seriously at Kaguya's explanation. "That sounds like you, Avril! Maybe you have a sister or something out there!" he suggests.

Yes. An evil twin sister. That's exactly it.

He brightens when Kaguya and Matilda agree with his idea. "Wow, you think it could work? It just popped into my head!" Yay! He said a smart thing! Take *that*, Rebecca! He's not dense *all* the time! (Not... all the time...) He does pause, though, and adds to Kaguya, "Is Atida a nickname or something? Her name's Matilda."

Then Katyna asks about the difference between Golems and Gears and Dean *lights up*. Technically, he's only starting to grasp the differences between the two since he'd never actually run into a Gear until recently, but that doesn't stop him from going, "That's a great question, Katyna! Golems are different because they've got--"

This will be a while. Most of it seems to boil down to 'BECAUSE THEY'RE COOL AND STUFF,' though he has some technical knowledge too.

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

"Yeah, that makes sense," Fei admits to Avril. "No real point to getting your memories back if the planet explodes or, you know, however it works." He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, thinking about those statues again. He has no idea where they are but he can't really refuse a mission when it's given to him by the Guardian of Time. Especially if the Guardian of Time happens to be a dapper cat in an adorable outfit.

Dean asks an important question. He looks back to him. He thinks the question over. "I have no idea." Fei tells Dean. "It's in good condition but not working. If you took it to an expert, they could probably tell you!" He pauses. "I am not an expert. I just picked it up. I doubt it's anything like a war golem though." He can't imagine a robot that tiny throwing a battleship or anything though there are certainly uses for a tiny on the battlefield, right?

He listens as Dean goes off on explaining the differences and he kind of gets a cloudy look in his eyes.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna lied: She knows what golems are. She just knows very little about them.

Avril seems to enjoy it a little less than the others, but the politeness is there. Catenna bows her head shallowly once more, closing her eyes. "I am grateful," she says, voice quiet. "Thank you, Avril."

For a moment, her eyes linger on the woman. Unspoken questions hang behind her gaze; she presses her lips together, seemingly digesting or processing a thought. "...I should like to talk with you at a point later, Avril," Catenna finally says, her voice quieter. "About something we may have in common, now." Quiet gravity lends a touch of weight to her tone - she wants to raise something serious.

But then, there's Kaguya and her increasingly sticky peachy fingers. There are still some dumplings left for her former cellmate to feast upon. "I also like the CaraKin," she says with a little bow of her head. "But my life before it was not so hard as you might think... one can live a happy life without the things you find in a city. In some ways I find places like this, ah... very closed-in and without peace, compared to being close to Filgaia herself. Cities feel very paved-over."

Dean launches into his mechanical explanation, then.

About five seconds into it, Catenna's eyes glaze over and her eyelids droop slightly. It's clear she doesn't understand most of it.

<Pose Tracker> Katyna Reidal has posed.

Katyna Reidal actually listens to Dean.

For a while, anyway.

"I see," Katyna says. (She doesn't, not entirely; as best she can tell it's a subtype of Gear? But she's trying to put it together from Dean explaining it, so she's a little uncertain.) "Small automatons as well as large. Self-controlled?" That she asks Fei, since he's the one with one right now. It seems a little sketchy to her, but...

Also, she can't help with the amnesia thing. Though if she ever runs into another Avril, she'll know what's up.

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

"You are welcome," Avril replies, pairing the comment with short, polite bow of the head. Which is the interlude that Catenna takes to speak of something weightier: "Something that we have in common?" she echoes, tilting her head to one side. "...I see. Then perhaps we must." The Guardians or the statues, Avril guesses. Catenna appears to practice something akin to the Baskar tradition.

"Perhaps this might guide me towards my memories regardless. Whatever happens, I am happy to be traveling alongside my friends," is the response to Fei, coupled with a short nod.

Luckily for Katyna, at least as far as Avril (and Dean) go, they're not the least bit interested in bounties. Which is a fortunate thing, as Avril may discover quite soon, if she keeps hanging around the shadier parts of the Gunsmoke Desert without a change of hairstyle or clothes.

In short: Avril has no idea she has a bounty on her head.

Or what a bounty is or entails.

"One of those faces?" Avril echoes, tilting her head to one side like a curious bird. "...Oh, I see. Perhaps I remind you of someone you saw." Though she does glance sidelong at Dean when he speculates -- based on the rest of the description that Kaguya (nervously??) rattles off -- that she might have family.

Parents, cousins... a sibling?

That actually visibly stops Avril in her tracks. "..." Her brow furrows. "...I wonder if someone is missing me," she murmurs, gaze briefly directed downwards.

But she shakes her head. "...It is alright. Someday..."

Someday, Dean will get to see that Golem, too. Which, speaking of: "Perhaps you might be able to look at it another day," Avril offers.

And speak of the devil.


It would seem that Rebecca has finished her parts-price scouting.

The girl with the long braids comes trotting up, coming to a halt to place her hands on her hips. "I was looking all over for you two! Honestly..." she says with a sigh and shakes her head. "Did you get the groceries, at least? It's getting late, and it's a long way back..."

Which is Avril's cue to look up at the sun, and, with a slight widening of her eyes, acknowledge that fact. "You're right, it is getting late. My apologies, but it seems we should be leaving if we're to return to Little Twister before dark."

Apparently it's bad to be out late in Little Twister! For some reason.

<Pose Tracker> Kaguya has posed.

Kaguya's not an architect either; she's just from a more advanced society. So she looks to Matilda after her talk of that Person, but not for very long. It's a sort of... check.

She decides not to talk Golems all the time in favor of that--she isn't supposed to know all about them--so instead she nods right at Dean. "Yeah, I--" Pause. "Oh it's..." Her name's Matilda. Kaguya glances to the side. "I-It's... what I call her..." For some reason Kaguya looks really shy, actually slightly pinker in the cheeks.

She chomps another moon with sticky fingers.

She does not... really listen to the Gear explanation all tht much though she hears some technical terms. Instead, "Hrm... I dunno. I'd literally die if I lived out in the wilderness without any civilization. It's..." She shrugs. "I dunno."

She grew up on a spaceship.

Kaguya looks thoughtfully at Katyna at her confidence with the terms, and then back to Avril again to say, "Uh..." 'Is someone missing her?' Kaguya has literally nothing she thinks she can say to that. "M-Maybe that's it. I'm sure you'll get your memories back!"

But then there's cute, wonderful Rebecca, who's really pretty everyone should think. "Oh yeah, uh, later. Have... fun?" She hedges, and shifts towards Matilda. "C'mon, Atida, let's go."

<Pose Tracker> Dean Stark has posed.

Dean finishes up his Golem vs. Gear explanation at beams at those who listen, even if they did so while... not quite all there. "And that's it! Well, actually, there's a whole lot more, but that's the short version, anyway!" And why did he do the short version? So he could nod to Fei and reassure him, "That's fine! All Golems are good Golems. I'm excited to meet it no matter what!" He'll definitely have to bring it to Shalune and have her take a look. He wonders how Big Shal will take to it? Maybe he'll end up bringing her a new friend!

Catenna seems to walk to talk to Avril about something serious, and Kaguya wishes Avril luck with finding her memories. When Avril stops, Dean pays attention, though, sobering when she wonders if someone's missing her. Being an orphan, he... hadn't thought of it like that, either. "I'm sure there is! Who wouldn't miss someone as nice as you?" he says in an attempt to cheer her up; it doesn't occur to Dean that this might actually have the opposite effect.

Kaguya claims that Atida is totally her nickname for Matilda. "Oh, okay," Dean says, taking this at face value. Anything else he might have to say gets interrupted when Rebecca arrives, calling his and Avril's names. "Oh, hey Rebecca!" he calls. "Yeah, I got 'em all here!" A pause; then he looks up at the sky. "Oh, yeah, it *is* closing in on sundown, huh?" He nods to the others, smiling. "It was nice meeting and seeing you guys! Take care!" He takes one last moon cake from Catenna with a, "Thanks again, they're delicious!" and then jogs over to join Rebecca. "Rebecca, you gotta have one of these! Catenna over there made them, and they're for Moon Day--they're really good!"

Sure, he bought a bunch of them already. But this is homemade. It wouldn't be fair if Rebecca didn't get to have one, too! And with that, the three of them will head off.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

It turns out, when you just listen, you learn a lot! Dean presses Kaguya for information on why Kaguya so consistently calls her Atida, and Kaguya gives it -- and then Matilda, too, is bright red after a few moments. "O -- oh dear. Erm. Yes. Um."

Matilda scoots closer to Kaguya, murmuring, "Yes -- let's, ah. Let's go!" She doesn't quite descend into stammer and babble. ... not within earshot of anyone else, anyway.