2018-03-26: KotatsuKin

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<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.


Or rather, it's the inside of the Carakin. Specifically, it's the inside of the Carakin where the couches encircle a conveniently placed coffee table. It's not been long since the party's journey up the slopes of a rather tremendously frosty mountain and punched the local Yeti in the face hard enough to convince it to leave the nearby village well enough alone (for now), and it's time for some well-deserved R&R.

It was some pretty good fortune that they'd managed to bring the Caravan along with them when they went to the moon; there's only so much that can be done in the way of luxuries when you don't have access to that unbelievably useful resource called 'electricity.' Electric stoves, electric hot cocoa pots, electric water heaters, electric all manner of things. Right now, Cyre has turned the Carakin's unspecified power supply to the purpose of...

Keeping warm and toasty, if the MAKESHIFT KOTATSU is any indication.

Those who have not yet learned the seductive embrace of the nefarious kotatsu would learn that it's basically comprised of a heavy down blanket (or in this case, Cyre's Parachute) set under a table, under which a heat source of some kind makes your feet (and everything else) nice and toasty. It's a veritable Mecca for cats. When you add a pot of piping hot cocoa and a plate of snacks, it's just... Evil.

And may have attracted the attentions of all manner of different people...!

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline definitely needed both some rest and warmth after all that. The outfit she'd chosen for the journey was fairly warm, but the intense cold was enough to chill even her to the bone. She was glad to be in out of it, after they made their delivery of Snowsprout Grass.

The Kotatsu...it's something she's familiar with. Jacqueline hangs out with Lunata and Shalune, after all - and comfiness was something they aspired toward. She knew all too well it's temptations, but seeing as how she's currently seated at it along with the others, it made her no better at resisting it.

"It's a good thing the heat still works..." She murmurs to herself as she warms up. "I feel like I've been frozen all the way through..."

She was an Adlehyde girl through and through, and had otherwise spent most of her recent time in the Badlands besides. Sure, she knew cold - but this temperature level was something she was far from familiar with.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Edna has posed.

     For some reason, despite having ostensibly been tagging along with this bunch, Edna was nowhere to be seen. At all. No one who could see Seraphim even have seen her appear. But there was a reason for this.


     Edna sits at a port cafe, a tower of plates on her table. She's devouring a crablette on the plate in front of her. It's gone in no time, and when it is, she sighs. "Whew..." It has been far, far, FAR, FAAAAAAAAAR too long. "Where's that idiot? I need a nap." She murmurs afterwards, clearing having gotten what it known as 'The Itis'


     While Cyre lazes out at the makeshift kotatsu, suddenly, there's a glow of golden light that exits the shaman's back, fluttering into the air before it flashes, revealing the figure of... some little blonde girl. She seats herself on Cyre's back without any provocation, and brings a hand to her mouth, yawning openly. "Haaaaah.... That was a decent nap."

     Is it a nap if you slept for... how long was it now?

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna has not touched the cocoa or gone for the snacks.

That's mostly because she's been wrapped up in a huge pile of fur blankets in the corner, trying to talk to an Owlet.

Catenna sniffles, holding out her finger and murmuring something to the fluffy ball of tiny bird in her own language. The Owlet - its grey down has come in, giving it a googly-eyed, slightly disheveled look - isn't in the mood to play ball. It completely ignores the Shamaness, looking around the room, clicking its little beak a couple of times, then nestling into a fold of the fur blanket and curling up into its tiny winglets.

Sighing, Catenna lowers her eyelids.

Across the room, someone else appears... and lounges on Cyre. Catenna sniffles again, hunkering down deeper into the blanket and scowling before looking down into her lap.

Go figure, she reflects bitterly. I have a cold, the Owlet does not care about me, AND I have lost Cyre's affections to a sleepy child. Sometimes I wonder why I travel with this group.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Getting used to the Caravan have been something... almost nostalgic. Not that anybody else would know, but Arleph is very much used to live in tight quarters, on moving vehicles without much of a destination in mind. Thus, as long he get his own bunk and place in the unexplainable caravan, he's rather fine with the tight quarters.
 Thus, the symbologist comes into the main, warm room, holding a small tin can where a hose have been wlded on one side, making his way around and peeking at one of the few potted plants dotting the area and the caravan. He hmms pleasingly to himself, watering the small green sprouts with some care before inspecting them. He tries to be silent. It fails.
      "Gooood evening." Arleph lets out, lifting a leaf critically, then pouring some water. "How's the cushion?"
      It might help that Arleph had his back to the phenomenon.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

There are a few things in this world that felines find simply irresistable. Judging by how Cyre's forehead is presently pressed up against the wooden tabletop, one of those things is 'this exact thing here.' He only rolls his head up when he detects two things: The first is Catenna being sad. The second is someone talking vaguely nearby. "If the heat wasn't working," Cyre says to the proprietess of this freewheeling establishment, "I'd be dead. Catenna would be dead. We'd all be dead. Don't talk about the heat going off, Jay. Don't invite the cold in where we don't want it."

"Catennaaaaaa," Cyre calls, rubbing his cheek back and forth against the table like he was suddenly more cat than man. "Come on iiiin. Bring the owlet. Get waaaaarmpf---"



"Ghwah!" Cyre yelps, suddenly glad that his head was already on the table instead of up somewhere it could have been slammed into the wood. That would cost him a face! And a kotatsu! But... But that voice...!


"W-wha--" Cyre squirms and TRIES TO THROW THIS BACK FREELOADER FREE. "Edna!? I thought you disappeared when we were fighting that Hellion! When did you-- were you asleep this whole time!?"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Y-yes, I know..." Jacqueline replies, just a little taken aback. "I'm just really enjoying this right now, is all..."

She looks...actually, really quite content, reclining there beneath the kotatsu, and takes a sip of her drink.

It's about this time that Cyre emits a golden light and someone emerges from his back. A small someone. Jacqueline nearly drops her mug in surprise, but manages to keep hold.

"Edna?" Jacqueline repeats. That name...sounded pretty familiar, actually! Where had she heard it before?

"Um...hello there!" She greets awkwardly. She then glances over to Catenna for a moment before focusing her attention on Cyre, quietly asking for an explanation.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin is here. Kourin is pretty silent. Kourin is staring in surprise.

Spirit barks once.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Edna has posed.

     "Hm." Edna hums non-committedly, resting her closed parasol in her lap as she just sits on Cyre in place of a chair. She doesn't budge much when the shaman tries to throw her off. How odd. She doesn't look that heavy. "No, I've been here." She answers t last with a mild yawn. "I stepped out once at Meribia to... take care of business. Then I went back to sleep."

     Yes, that explains everything.

     Icy blue eyes slowly glance over at Jacqueline, whom Edna merely stares evenly at. "So your friends can see me." She mutters flatly. "I'm torn. On one hand, that saves effort..." Her lips quirk upwards almost imperceptibly. "On the other, I lose out on the chance to see you get treated like a total loon."

     Edna is a nice person.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna doesn't want to curl up under a kotatsu. She wants to curl up under her bunk and cry until her life stops being cold lonely misery.

Before she can begin to move over to Cyre, she's got to process how to deal with the fact that her boyfriend has a ten-year-old ghost clinging to him. She lowers her eyelids a little. "Are you sure? You seem like you have all the companionship you want," she says, a little more acidly than she intended to.

The Owlet promptly nips at her fingers. Catenna squeaks and blinks down at it.

Never one to let a good funk get in the way of mealtime, the Owlet wobbles back and forth, then opens its mouth expectantly. Catenna closes her eyes a moment, then eases towards the kotatsu, if only to pick up a piece of meat to feed to the Owlet.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

      At the panic and surprise of several people, Arleph hurriedly turn around from his examination of his plant, blinking at the situation before lifting a gloved hand. "Excuse me." He says, furrowing his brows into focus at Edna. "I appear to be out of the loop, here. What and... who are you, now?" The Symbologist asks, setting down his watering tin can next to the plant. "I don't think I've seen you here before."

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    All of a sudden, there's a certain white-haired Symbologist who seems, on some level, to be a little less affected by the harsh realities and weaknesses of human flesh against such blood-stopping cold - like he might be empowered by a fire that finds its kindling by burning ancient constructs and architecture, or something, but this is waxing poetic and filling space where none really needs to be filled.
     He rests a gloved hand against the entryway to the other parts of the CaraKin, not announcing his presence (which is normal for him). His eyes follow where multiple people are looking, while he struggles to find what it is they're looking at or talking to.
     They do look over at Arleph's little plant once with that endless stare, but there yet proves to be other things - or perhaps an absence of things - to stare at.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

People! There is a seraph sitting on your buddy's back! Please to help move her before she inexplicably crushes the life from his body!

"It's not like I expected a Seraph to pop out of my back and INEXPLICABLY SIT THERE despite there being a PERFECTLY SERVICABLE SPOT ON THE FLOOR." Cyre says, hinting not-so-subtly that this arrangement of bodies isn't exactly his idea of particularly enjoyable.

And of course Ethius still can't see Seraphs. Somehow. Despite being able to cast symbology. Somehow.

Cyre is now even more convinced that he's some kind of ancient symbological robot man or something.

"Edna's..." Cyre grunts, trying again to push himself upright. "One of the Shepherd's companions. I ran into her after the incident at Krosse and she healed my wounds up. I decided to make sure she got out in one piece." There's a pause as he rotates to a more comfortable position. "I was planning to introduce her, but we kind of got sent to the moon... And then she disappeared on me."

"I thought."


"Catennaaaa," Cyre gestures at a POT OF COCOA, "You should have a drink too. It's got chili, s' good for the sniffles."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Edna has posed.

     Edna just sits pretty for a while longer, her eyes gazing at the floor. "You want me to sit on the floor?" Softly, she quirks a brow. Then, an idea forms. Smirking ever so slightly, she lifts her parasol, then taps the floor with it. The wood immediately begins to warp and grow, forming into a gnarled throne of sorts. Only when this is finished forming, does the Earth Seraph deign to get up and off of Cyre's back. Then she steps over, turns around, and sits herself down, one leg crossed over the other and an elbow leaned on armrest with her cheek resting against her closed fist.

     Not once did she ask for permission. Oops.

     "In any case, what the catman said." She says in her usual monotone to answer Arleph, and others who might ask of her, as she gestures to the shaman before opening her mouth and yawning again, her free hand over her mouth. "I'm sure you're honored." The blonde adds afterward.


     "Now where's Sorey? Your mind is decent, but I'd rather have my old house back."

     All the while, the girl seemingly doesn't address Catenna's obvious irritation with the situation, despite knowing full well it's there. Edna is a nice person. Really.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline offers Edna a smile. She's a little unsure on how she got here, but she is, if anything, a good host.

"Ah, well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Edna!" She replies. Hm...now that she thought about it...wasn't she the 'ghost' of Starfall Saloon?

It was funny how these things worked out.

She listens to Cyre as he explains how and why Edna ended up here. So she took shelter...apparently within Cyre's mind? She doesn't actually know much about Seraphs, other than that only certain people can see them.

"Yes, Catenna, you should. I have some medicine as well, if you need it..." Jacqueline says with a nod toward her. She'd try out some of Zulan's Snowsprout Grass remedy, but she hadn't had time to brew any.

"It's alright, I didn't know anything about this, either..." She comments with a glance toward Arleph. Come to think of it, she wasn't sure exactly how much he knew about the Seraphs...

She does take notice of Edna's technique, though. That was quite fascinating...but it was something they'd have to fix later.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna dangles the piece of meat over the Owlet's beak. She waggles it a little, murmuring a few soft words in her own language before dipping it the last way. The baby bird wolfs down the morsel with a few snaps of its bill.

It promptly fluffs up its scraggly grey feathers, curls up in a fold of the blanket, and closes its eyes. Catenna sighs and brushes her thumb over the baby bird's head, scritching a little. "Someday," she murmurs.

Someday it might think of me as more than a food dispenser. What am I doing wrong...?

Only when Edna gets off of Cyre does Catenna edge over to the Beastman. She cups the Owlet in her hands as she nods over to Jacqueline, then sniffles again. "I will be alright," she says. "I think." A little shiver rolls through her.

She goes for the first source of warmth she can think of: Cyre. She nestles into his side and rests her cheek on his shoulder.

"Bae tahmen," she murmurs up at him in her own language, before giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    They are talking to an 'Edna.' A Seraph, he is overhearing. All he sees is--
     The wood of the floor erupts into a throne. Ethius holds his left palm out in the direction of the wooden throne and its occupant. The Caravan Kinship would recognize this gesture as Ethius' 'I am probably about to hit this with Symbology.'
     "One of the Shepherd's companions." Ethius repeats Cyre's observations as he paces to the left. His eyes never quite focus on what's there because it cannot.
     "His insight concerning the Malevolence, and his efforts in which to contain it... both invaluable, and appreciated." Ethius was there for Krosse, standing against the surrounding spiritual poison with enough purpose and conviction to hold him together then... but is he really that blind to what it is in front of him?
     A few tense moments that pass later, he lowers his hand.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna can only sniffle as Ethius lifts his hand. She lowers her eyelids.

"Ethius, I am cold and I am sick," she says flatly. "Please do not hold your hand out like that. I am not well enough to turn you upside down again."

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

      Arleph answers Jay's unspoken question rather rapidly, leaning forward in the direction of the Seraph, adjusting his glasses as he looks upon her with some facination. Or what she just did right before them, to be precise. "My, my, my." He says, without much of a trace of awe, rather intense curiosity as he peers over that gnarled throne, tapping the side of his glasses. He's recording, now. Not that many people would know that at this point. "A capability to mold an urge the growth of plant matter in desired shapes. That's not something I've seen very often, a sort of telekinesis, is it?"
      He straightens, scratching his lightly bearded chin with a finger, frowning at Cyre's explanations, as well as Jay's. "Yes, yes, a pleasure to meet you, Edna. I would suggest to watch it with magical molding, the Caravan's integrity can be disturbed with additional weight." Arleph says, before adding. "I am Doctor Arleph Ardan, as for your question, I am afraid I did not see this Sorey in a long while, and even then we've only briefly met."
      His gaze diverts away to Ethius, waving a hand, then frowns, following his gaze. Is... something the matter? Do you not see her?"

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin frowns at the trick with the chair. This is...somehow rubbing her the wrong way.

She continues to be not apparently bothered by the cold.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    Ethius promptly puts that hand behind his back at Catenna's reminder about her current condition. He is also not terribly excited by the prospect of nearly getting his arm twisted off in the process of being suspended in mid-air again.
     Noticeably, he starts stepping wide to Arleph's right after he taps his lens, walking the perimeter of the room in which they're all gathered.
     Ethius doesn't respond to Arleph's question, but his gaze tries to follow where the others' own meet.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

Edna has spent all of two minutes in the Caravan and she's already made herself a throne out of the floor.

...Man. How does Sorey deal with living with her twenty-four seven? Is there some kind of trick to it? Is Edna vulnerable to some kind of special Seraph Spritzer? Does he threaten to think only SUPER BORING thoughts?

Hm. He'll have to ask Sorey the next time they see him.

"Dunno," he says of the Seraph's location. "I haven't run into him or Rose even once since we got here. Considering it's not hard to get to the other continent from here, he could be... Pretty much anywhere? Though I guess we really haven't been looking hard for him, either."

Maybe Lydia's Information Network might be able to help them out...?

He sighs, wrapping an arm around Catenna's shivering shoulders. "You know, we really need to get you something for that cold. I think asking the villagers to teach us how to prepare some of their tea is a good idea--"

And then Ethius almost sets the entire car on fire.

Cyre stares daggers at him.

"Ethius. Buddy," Cyre starts, "I appreciate the concern, but if you do that, we'll all be without a mobile home. And then we'll freeze to death."

"Do not kill us with cold, Ethius Hesiod."

There's a beat. He glances over at Arleph's explanation, then...

"...You don't see her? Wait, can you not hear or see Seraphs?"

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin frowns again. "It's not that cold. Is it?"

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

Cyre looks at Kourin. He looks out the window into the snow-blasted tundra. Then he looks back to Kourin. "It's pretty cold."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin frowns again, flexing her left hand absently.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.


Lydia pokes her head in. "Heeeey! Hey! Hey! Hey Hey! Heeeey! Hey! Hey! What's going on?"

She steps in and looks towards Ethius. She looks towards everybody else. She looks back towards Ethius. Her expression becomes progressively more deadpan.

"...Are you weirding everybody out again?" She asks of Ethius.

She glances to Cyre and then also back to Ethius. "If you burn it down I'm making you pay for everythin'."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Edna has posed.

     Edna ignores the frankly nauseating display of affection between Catenna and Cyre, her gaze flitting over to Jacqueline. "Mmnhm." She replies ever so boredly. Then her gaze slowly flickers over to Ethius. He... can't see her, can he? He has this look about him. That he's not looking at her, but through her. It was kind of easy to tell at this point. But the way he raises his arm indicates that he just might try to blow her up.

     Edna still doesn't budge. She stares for a time, looking ever so detached from what is happening here, until at last, he lowers his hand. Of course. Would he really compromise their little home to try and harm her? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But today it was not. That's all that mattters. Then, a tapping against her makeshift throne makes her glance at Arleph. "Hrm?" Telekinesis? "No. It's not." But she doesn't actually launch into an explanation like one might expect a Plot NPC to. That's just it.

     When he warns her of not altering the caravan too much, she smirks. "Don't panic. It'll go back to the way it was when I'm done."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Shivering again, Catenna closes her eyes and leans deeply into Cyre, a small sigh slipping from her. "Perhaps," she murmurs. "I have never been somewhere where there is snow on the ground before...."

She opens her eyes and stares at Kourin in total disbelief. "Kourin, it is bitter," she points out, cringing a little. "The air feels like pain and my breath keeps turning to steam. It is incredibly unpleasant."

She sniffles. "Is winter always this way on Lunar...?"

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    Ethius doesn't seem keen to talk, all of a sudden. He brings a finger up in front of the bandanna around the lower half of his face as Cyre first says his name. 'Do not kil us with cold, Ethius Hesiod.'
 5tEthius blinks once, closes his eyes, and lowers his head before looking back in Arleph's direction.
     He shakes his head to Cyre's question. Nods at Kourin's.
     Doesn't seem to have any noticeable communicative gesture to Lydia's question or statements.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

      "No, of course not. If it was telekinesis, it would react rather differently. Instead, you seem to have coaxed the wood to grow into an unnatural direction and shape. This demonstrate a different kind of mastery over the living material." Arleph straightens, smiling, looking at Ethius, between then at Cyre, frowning. "Might you care to explain yourself on that matter, Cyre? I can clearly see her. Why can't he?"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"I believe it's a form of Earth Sorcery. The Seraphim are more keenly connected to it than we are, from my understanding..." Jacqueline replies with a glance toward Arleph. The explanation that it'll return to normal certainly helps her relax.

Ethius appears, and Jacqueline gives him a look as he raises his hand in Edna's direction. Fortunately, the others correct him before she has to, which makes things much easier.

"I have been meaning to talk with Rose again, assuming she made it here...hopefully we can find them before long." Jacqueline comments, as Cyre mentions the merchant. She glances back to Edna, then.

"At any rate, you're welcome to stay with us for as long as you like. I'm Jacqueline Barber, it's a pleasure to meet you." She says brightly, then glances over to Lydia as she appears.

"...Yes, this vehicle wasn't exactly cheap..." She comments.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    Ethius turns away the moment Arleph even looks towards him, pulling that hood rapidly over his face - very tightly over. To the point the hood even obscures his eyes, and thus his sight.
     As evidenced when he bangs his head against a lower-hanging corner of the room. He clutches his head and comes down to a kneel.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin doesn't answer Catenna. She looks...very troubled.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.


"Lyyyydia," Cyre replies. "We've got a cool new thing. Come sit yourself in here. It's like summer, but only for your lower body." Except you could probably squeeze yourself under there entirely and that is in fact likely what Schrodinger has already done.


No, wait. Schro's a cat. This is a kotatsu. Ergo the quantum waveform demands a one-hundred-percent chance that he is in fact under it.

"We were just talking about how this Seraph here needs to find her way back to her keeper." That would be the smol blonde in the chair, then. "You know anything about where the Shepherd's gotten off to?"

There's a beat. Cyre frowns and tugs Catenna a little bit deeper into the warm, cloying embrace of the kotatsu.

It's the perfect thing when you're sick. Aside from getting better. "We'll be heading to warmer climates soon," he soothes. "Once we've finished with the village, we'll probably be on our way back."

Right, Jay?

He's about to say something about the Carakin's estimated pricetag when lumpy straight up walks into a ceiling beam. Cyre winces. Lumpy got himself a lump...!

"From what I understand," he says to Arleph, "You need some level of spiritual awareness to see Seraphs. I'm surprised that Ethius can't, considering how much magic he flings around, but..." There's a lot about Ethius that's... surprising.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia looks at Ethius for a long time. Nope. Nope. Nothing. He is quiet. Not saying words. Huh.

"I'm very economical." Lydia agrees with JAy. Or...agrees? Regardless, she glances back over to Arleph, looks towards Edna, and then says, "Hey."

She looks towards the throne.

She looks back to Edna. "Nice hair."

The information network has spoken?!

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

The heat of the kotetsu does, to be fair, help. Catenna nestles into Cyre and lets out a soft rush of breath into the side of his neck, one hand cradling the Owlet close to ensure it doesn't try to scamper off under the kotetsu.

The Owlet, for its part, has been staring straight at Edna for about the past three minutes. Occasionally it turns its head to one side.

"I wonder if it is possible to distill that wintergrass into a tea," she murmurs, before sniffling softly. "If it is... suitable for staving off the chills, anyway. Perhaps some spicy food, as well...."

She frowns a little. "...I have actually not seen the Seraph since... really since the Garden."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

The heat of the kotetsu does, to be fair, help. Catenna nestles into Cyre and lets out a soft rush of breath into the side of his neck, one hand cradling the Owlet close to ensure it doesn't try to scamper off under the kotetsu.

The Owlet, for its part, has been staring straight at Edna for about the past three minutes. Occasionally it turns its head to one side.

"I wonder if it is possible to distill that wintergrass into a tea," she murmurs, before sniffling softly. "If it is... suitable for staving off the chills, anyway. Perhaps some spicy food, as well...."

She frowns a little. "...I have actually not seen the Shepherd since... really since the Garden."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Edna has posed.

     Edna continues to lounge lazily, faint smirk on her face as she regards Lydia. "Of course." At least she's confident. Once again, though, the Seraph does little to actually explain who she is or what she does, merely shrugging. "Something like that." She says in regards to her powers being more intimate nature manipulation. Hey, explaining takes effort. She's not getting paid to talk about this crap.

     When Cyre explains that spiritual awareness is needed to see Seraphim, Edna nods slowly. "What he said. Though it's called Resonance if you're feeling lazy." Like her. Though when it's said that no one's seen Sorey or the other, she frowns a bit. "Hm. So I'm stuck here with you people. Nice."

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

      Arleph lets out a wince in sympathy at Ethius. "Hey, you alright there? That looked like a nasty bump." He asks, tilting his head ove rin his direction. Why did he do that, to begin with?
      When Cyre explain things a little, the Symbologist leans back for a moment, looking upward at the ceilling with a thoughtfull frown, adjusting his spectacles. "Facinating... I don't think I've heard of any sort of beings like that." He frowns, lifting a finger. "I tell a lie. I've read on some beings that are attuned on a different mental spectrum, where the observer needs to be 'tuned' to notice things they normally do not. Hm. Hm! Spiritual awareness, hm? What a peculiar constant. How do you define that? How do you define spirituality?" Arleph looks positively giddy, grinning a bit wider as he looks back down at Edna. "Well met indeed, in any case!" Arleph reach into his pockets, taking out a small ball covered in symbological circles. Inside, there seems to be a very ripe, plump red tomato. "Join us for dinner, I am thinking of making some nice pasta sauce with this tomato."
      It's a pretty big tomato. An eerile perfect tomato.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna knits her brows a little. "I actually did not realize at first that people could not see Seraphim," she admits. "Zoa Priests are hyper-aware of natural spirits and, of course, of Guardians. Perhaps that translates to Seraphim, though I have no real--"

She's cut off by a loud sneeze, which she buries in the crook of her arm.

The Owlet takes the opportunity to hop up Catenna's bicep, onto her shoulder, then up her hair to perch on top of her head. It fluffs its feathers, bunches itself up and closes its eyes.

Catenna blushes intensely and tries not to move a muscle to disturb the babby birb.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

    Ethius doesn't respond to the query as to whether he's okay or not. This might be worrying, but, he also wasn't really talking moments before? When Arleph so much as looks his way, Ethius is still preferring to pull that hood over his head. It is a mystery. He doesn't move again until Arleph starts looking up towards the ceiling, in which he rounds the way back as people ask pointed questions about his particular brand of blindness he seems to be suffering from relative to the others. He starts to round the wall the other way--
     He goes to a kneel behind some furniture as Arleph pulls something else from his pockets. He stares for a while.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Yeah," Lydia says to Edna. "We are pretty nice. And also flippin' amazing." Resonance? This is getting a little In Nomine in here. Lydia doesn't comment on it. Lydia also isn't really sure the Shepherd is real and all this talk is not helping convince her otherwise. "If this is the place he's normally at, he ain't so hot at his job. I had to purify some territory myself in the mountains there."

She glances towards Ethius. Or she would be if he wasn't kneeling behind some furniture. She blinks a few times in frank bewilderment. She then glances at the 'tomato' of Arleph's, then back to Ethius.

She crosses her arms.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Yes. I just to ensure they can prepare their medicines properly, but I imagine that won't take too long..." Jacqueline agrees with a nod. "So within the next couple of days, I'd say."

Maybe sooner, if all went well.

She doesn't really have much to add, though she does glance over to Arleph when he produces a tomato.

"Oh, they appear to be coming in nicely...but yes, Miss Edna, our vehicle is fully equipped with a working kitchen. You're certainly welcome." She says with a nod toward the Seraph.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.


Maybe it's not just that Ethius can't see the Seraph on account of his lack of resonance, and more that he's... Just got too much pulled down over his face all the time to see anything. But that would explain why the guy reacted the way he did to Beast. Hmm, how curious.

"Ethius," Cyre deadpans at the mage, "Are we sure you aren't just a bunch of cats stacked on top of each other...?"

That too, would explain too many things.

He winces and blinks when Catenna sneezes, then blinks more when her little owlet decides to make a nest out of her hair. The shaman chokes back a laugh, but only just barely. It emerges as a thinly-veiled snort instead. "I think your little buddy's telling you to maybe get some rest." Cyre frowns. "Or..." He presses the back of his hand against her forehead, "That you've got a fever and are very warm. I think we should maybe get you to bed soon."

But first...!

"What they all said," Cyre says to Edna. "Just uh. Be careful. Like I said, this thing is a moving house, basically. We've got couches and stuff, so try not to shape the wood into anything that might accidentally break the machinery or something like that."