2018-05-26: Surprise Party Members

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  • Log: Surprise Party Members
  • Cast: Lydia Seren, Talia
  • Where: Meribia
  • Date: 5/26/2018
  • Summary: Talia bumps into Lydia. Lydia bumps her way into Talia's party.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren is most at home in Meribia (and to a lesser extent Vane) since she can sell her wares far more easily than she ever could on Filgaia. They ain't racist to beastmen here! In fact, half of the Four Heroes are beastmen too! That's pretty impressive compared to Filgaia which has .........................................

And that's about it! She has set up a stand in Merchant's Row and is joining in with the shouting to sell her wares. She's primarily selling foodstuffs rather than smithing or anything of the like since 'mechanic' isn't particularly in high demand on Lunar what with it being a sword and sorcery world--at least, not in high demand for the average citizen. She could probably make a lot if she made gunsmoke weapons for folks but she doesn't really want to be responsible for that shakeup.

Lydia is very aggressive, sometimes walking right in front of people and pulling them (gently) to her stall, but it's a highly competitive environment all the same so she has to pull out every trick in the book to get customers.
Lydia Seren
Lydia Seren is Baskar Beastman shaman whose chief beastman traits appear to be a set of curved horns and very sharp teeth. She has silver grey eyes with hints of yellow in them and a pair of slicing silver stripes underneath her eyes. She has curly green hair that goes down to the back of her neck.

Lydia Seren is tall, reaching nearly 5'10 in height. The rest of the body is much what you'd expect from any other humanoid, proportioned for any other native race of Filgaia. Lydia wears a poncho and baskar leathers that covers most of their body and some black tights underneath that, there isn't exactly a lot of skin to be seen. Indeed, even the hands are wearing black gloves with a faint yellowish star outline on the back.

Two silver thin metal tendrils trail behind her, bursting out from her back, that seem to move on their own to some extent. Similarly, her right arm seems to be of a similar material and is shaped similarly to an automail prosthesis.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

For Talia, Meribia represents a place away from home. Until she came here a couple of weeks ago, she had never left Glenwood before. Meribia is a contrast to Pendrago in many ways. The most important to her, though, is how it is often sunny. Storms are rare, and they pass quickly. The rain isn't absolute. Rain brings back bad memories, if she isn't careful. Memories of lightning flashing, of wet boots standing on soaked carpet, and her hand gripping Mirage until her knuckles whiten. Memories of...


She walks through the streets of Meribia with a pleasant, up tempo pace, and whistles a merry little tune as she does. She pauses, a moment, as she does. She sees a few of the people running to and fro -- and her eyes widen, a moment, as she tilts her head.

She has a cloak over her tank top-like shirt and armor, today; her red eyes scan through the crowd, before she spots Lydia. The grin is quick to come to her face, then, though. She tugs the hood of her cloak back as she approaches, black hair spilling out.

"Hey, Lyds!" she calls out. It seems one run-in is enough for a nickname, in Talia's book.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia is standing with one foot on a counter and shouting, "MUSHROOMS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN! BUY SO--oh hey Tal." She says, grinning suddenly shifting from MERCHANT LYDIA to KNOWS YOU ARE A PICKPOCKET AND KIND OF DIGS IT LYDIA. Thief and Merchant are basically the same character class anyway with a lot of overlap in skills.

She pulls her leg back and adds, "You know, I had a feeling I'd see you 'round again." She shifts to leaning on the counter with her arms so she can look towards Talia's eyes (Lydia is actually pretty tall despite her gremliny nature). She lives in an anime universe so red eyes don't bother her.

"Even though the world is big and all that. What brings you to Meribia?" She smiles in a way that shows off her many sharp teeth. There's something about a land that treats you well that eases the complexes you had in a land that hated you. Sometimes Lydia doesn't want to go back home at all.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

Talia is, really, used to someone looking guarded when she approaches. A little voice in her head starts to whisper that they are right to, but she quashes it. She knows that she can be a thief too. The black-haired woman smiles, a little more; her head tilts to the side, as she looks over the beastwoman, then nods.

Her red eyes, in all truth, are natural. It isn't unheard of on Lunar, if a little rare.

"The atmosphere, mostly! It's so... more relaxed, here, isn't it?" Her smile stays playful, before she nods quickly. The sharp teeth catch her eye, but go unremarked on. "But I was shopping for some supplies. I have a couple of jobs on Glenwood to get ready for."

She looks around the market. "It looks like you're doing pretty well here, no?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia glancs around the market and then adds, "Well if 'food' is among those supplies, I can provide. And at a good deal too. Normally I prefer t'work on gear'n'machines but it's easier to sell produce in places like this. Girl's gotta eat and do her part for the Caravan. Some folks too sweet to be merchants sometimes not that bein' kind doesn't have its advantages. Folks don't like people who wear their greed on their sleeves t'much."

She tilts her head, smile easing before adding, "So what's your job?" simply enough. "Anything you'd need a hand with?"

Pickpocket isn't exactly a JOB after all, least not one you have to travel to Glenwood for. Meribia is a far better location by Lydia's rekoning.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"Gears and machines? Like... the inside of a clock?" Talia asks, her head tilted to the side. She may know more than she lets on about ARMs, but her terminology for them is -- in all truth -- a little limited. She cracks a smile, though; it's that sly, playful smile that looks friendly but like there is a joke she is just waiting to hear the punchline to. "Mm, I think I see what you mean. You need to have..."

She considers her words, for a moment. "...a little bit of an edge, to be firm about prices. I do, as it happens, need some food. Preferably the field rations sort--baked biscuits, hard cheese, the sort of thing that will keep."

She answers Lydia's next question, if by way of explanation: "I'm a mercenary, you see. Sell sword--specifically, this one." She taps the blade sheathed at her side. "I'll be headed to Glenwood."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Yeah that's a good way to put it. Some customers'll expect you t'give the stuff away. Usually the ones who can most afford to pay."

Lydia thinks about what Kaguya said, earlier, to her. "You know, you're not the first person who told me that something was 'about' to go down in Glenwood." Lydia admits. "Now she didn't give me details, but it sounded a bit less like it was just a war going on and more that a battle had a time and place picked out already. Bigger than normal business, I'd guess."

She starts packing up Talia's orders. Field rations are some of the most popular item to sell towards travelers so it always pays to have that sort of thing ready. "I'll give you some shrooms on the house. They'll be good for about a week but if you feel any slimy residue it means they've started to spoil. Hopefully you won't need to ration out your rations too much with your job."

She glances to the sword. She likes Talia, of course. It's going to get more dangerous in Glenweood than it already is, isn't it? Especially with Malevolence feeding off of war as it does.

"Clockwork sure," Lydia admits. "Some weapons require some engineering. My passion's shipbuilding, though." She doesn't mention it's usually 'space'ship building.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"To hell with that," Talia says. "Not that I'm surprised. Nobles are usually the ones who act like they're entitled to everything."

There is a little bitterness in the mercenary's tone, but it doesn't last for long. Her eyes drift down to the order, as Lydia starts to prepare it. Her eyes widen a little at the mention of slimy residue. "I'll keep it in mind," she says. She cracks a smile, though, and looks up. "You're perceptive. Hyland's making a move for Lastonbell. It's not a big surprise -- they can't do a damn thing to Rolance, if they can't get through Lastonbell. But... it'll be a long siege."

She shrugs her shoulders. "Plenty of work for people like me, though," Talia admits. "I was thinking I might go find that... Cless Al'vane? And see if he needs a hired sword."

Then, she blinks -- her eyes widen for a moment. "It sounds interesting. But... ships? Have you ever built one?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia laughs faintly. "Too true. S'why I'm a punk." Being perceptive, she certainly noticed that Talia is bitter at the nobles but this isn't the sort of thing she considers unusual or unwise. In Lydia's experience, nobles usually have it coming honestly. And as far as she can tell, this war isn't like the one with the metal demons where there's a pretty clear moral authority as someone who is generally 'pro existing' versus 'pro killing the planet'. Still, that's the kind of situation Talia is heading into.

"Sure did!" She tells to Talia, then hesitates. "Well kind of. I mean, I did a lot of work on it and I familiarized myself as best I could in the time I had to work on it." She honestly wishes she could get back to it and fix it up but as far as she knows, the Fereshte is still missing. "I've built wagons before, and sometimes you gotta get those across a river." She gestures forward with one hand. "It's been my dream since I was a kid to make a ship that'd reach the stars, though," Hey she is totally allowed to share her dream it's not like she made it happen Ethius. "But I gotta admit that's a pipe dream." She lowers her hand. "But s'ffice it to say I've done my research."

She's going to look for Cless for work? That does it. She'll definitely need help if it's Cless.

"I work with Cless sometimes. You want me to come with, put in a word?" Lydia offers. "It's only going to get more dangerous to travel alone."

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"The... the stars...?"

Talia stares for a moment. For her, the stars are a metaphorical concept; she can't imagine them as a place that you could reach. The idea that people really came from the Blue Star still feels absurd to her, though she has seen a couple of ARMs now. She knows it is possible. Her head tilts. "That sounds... er. That sounds fascinating, if... yeah. It's hard to wrap my head around it, really."

She winks. Then, she tilts her head, and she considers the offer.

"Well... I can't promise I will work for him," she says. She finds the vaguely guilty sensation that bubbles up frustrating. She does her best to ignore it. "But... an introduction can always go far, no?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Mm." Lydia says. "The stars. It's a wild dream I don't really expect t'manage, but I ended up doing a lot I never thought I'd manage too. So what's one more, yeah?" She grins widely, showing off those teeth again. Being a beastman isn't always as straightforward as having a penguin head.

"Well, if you don't want t'work for Cless... i could always introduce you to the friend I mentioned, the one who warned me about trouble starting up in Glenwood in the first place. I bet she's interested in a few good mercs too. Maybe even as many as she can get ahold of."

She looks upwards and adds, "Her name's Kaguya. I heard she was making quite the name for herself in that area when I last checked in." She tilts her head. "Maybe you heard of 'er?"

She shrugs both shoulders. "Anyway, my interest is making sure y'get to your destination. I may not look it, but I might be helpful." She kind of looks like she's more likely to bring trouble.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"Mm... that sounds nice," Talia says. Her smile shifts, slightly. It had been playful, but with that subtly sardonic quality; the little tinge of insincerity that comes with playfulness. Now, her smile is smaller, but it is more sincere. But, there is something sad there, too -- because she doubts that she could do some of the things she never expects to be able to.

Her eyes widen, though, and the smile fades. "Ah, this world of ours is such a small star, darling! And full of coincidences." The playful smile comes back, and then Talia winks at her. "I have met this Kaguya--this Lady Kaguya, she calls herself. She has one Matilda Whitehead with her. I thought her a retainer, but..."

She shakes her head. "It seems there may be more to it?" The smile remains, though. "I'd like to meet this Cless, all the same. I'm not saying I won't work with him. Just that..."

Her red eyes glance downward. "...I've learned to keep my options open and avoid commitments. Once you're tied to someone... it is hard to break free, no?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Wouldn't say it's small," Lydia, placing a finger in her mouth and biting on the nail lightly. Once she's done with this nervous gesture, she puts her hand back and adds, "Just... I know Kaguya and Til---and Matilda. I'd put money on her being one of the few who do know it's happening." She then laughs. "Or maybe, she's the cause of it." Despite saying something ominous like that, it doesn't seem she thinks poorly of 'The Lady Kaguya' though, notably, she isn't calling her 'The Lady Kaguya'.

"She's really doin' well for herself. Well, I'll definitely get you to Cless. I'll just pack up m'things."

It'll take her some time to close up shop properly but hey, at least you'll have plenty of supplies on the way back right? That'll make it easier even if she can't summon gods from another world to blast your enemies to oblivion. And surely she can't do that!

"I know how you feel." Lydia admits. "Even when it's a crew you like, it can be stifling just being around the same people all the time."

She glances to Talia and adds, "They're totally a couple, by the by. Actually, Whitehead helps with the Caravan from time to time. Jay doesn't care much for merc work."

Does she notice that shift in the smile? Even if she did, it's not like she knows Talia's dreams. Instead she says, "We can chat more on the road."

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

The sadder smile doesn't last long. Talia banishes it, to the same place that she banishes most of her darker thoughts. She steps back, knowing a little better than to butt into Lydia's packing. She has no idea where everything goes. "Well," she says, "I'm not surprised. This Kaguya... she did seem resourceful. And I did get the sense that they're an item."

The playful smile is back, though it does not linger.

"...And thank you for taking me there," she says. "I do have to attend to something tomorrow. But... if you're willing, we can meet up after that. I would like to talk to this Cless."

She tilts her head. "And it's fun, traveling with someone else, sometimes."