2018-09-14: Of Sin, Summoners, and Sinister Sorts

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  • Log: Of Sin, Summoners, and Sinister Sorts
  • Cast: Mihaya, Jacqueline Barber, Lydia Seren, Lily Keil
  • Where: Old Petra
  • Date: September 14th, 2018
  • Summary: Mihaya, Jacqueline, Lydia and Lily encounter each other in New Petra's bar and have a friendly chat about not-so-friendly subjects.

===============================<* Old Petra *>================================

Old Petra -- as it is now known to Adelyn locals -- was once a bustling colliery village back in the heyday of the iron rush. But as the veins dried up, rumors of unsavory business and thuggery began to drive people away from the village. Bandits and monsters became a more and more common sight around this desolate village, and eventually, there was no one left to care for it. It simply became one of the many ghost towns that dot the wild frontier.

Most recently, Old Petra has been outed as a Metal Demon base and a climactic battle took place there. Now, the village lies as mostly a smouldering wreck, a reminder of how horrible war truly can be -- on both sides. However, a nearby mine appears to hang in the distance, rumoured to be a base for the Metal Demons...

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 After having brought a group of scattered refugees from around the Adlehyde area to New Petra, Mihaya has been taking the opportunity to rest some, as she is something of a refugee herself. Of course, as an adventurer, she has marketable skills in this sort of situation! Guard duty, helping to communicate with frightened Lunar native, as well as hunting food and all sorts of other useful errands.
 Which meant that she was tired after working - not always her favorite activity - and could spend some of her hard earned gella on booze - which was an activity she greatly enjoyed. Sadly with the high level of trauma and the sort of Goddess Bothering that faithful Athenens got involved in, that meant that there wasn't a lot of great company around here... so another drink was always good company in the evening.
 Of course, being an elf Mihaya can generally absorb a lot of alcohol without much effect. But she is chatting with the strange, half refrigerator bar keeper in a half hearted manner at this time of day - there is a part of her that still can't really stop screaming 'OH GOD ITS A FIEND' when she sees some of these Metal Demons but she's working on it.
 "So, at that point the mechanic looks at me and goes 'Look, its your business what you try and do with this piece of machina, but I'm not going to replace the transmission for a third time this month if you insist on trying to take the corner that tight!'" she states, describing a somewhat strange and possibly humorous situation.
<Characters> Skylr Paer says, "Oh, other thing I wanted to ask: Can I purchase a tool belt slot ahead of time even if I don't purchase the tool immediately?"
<Characters> Jean says, "You can, but since tools are cheaper than tool belt slots, there's not much reason to do it in that order"
All channels have been gagged.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Members of the Caravan Kinship had stopped by New Petra recently to get Riesenlied's help with an artifact they had found. Jacqueline didn't know too much about the artifact, so instead she took the opportunity to distribute a shipment of medicine as well as get a list of what other things the settlement was in dire need of.

Once she had that she was off again in short order...and now she's back again, and she's more than ready to take herself a break.

She slides onto one of the barstools...but does not order any booze. No, she was exceedingly familiar with Val's 'experiments', and she's not sure she's ready for one of those just yet.

No, she orders a perfectly normal drink, and briefly offers a smile to the bartender and the woman chatting amicably with her.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Oh hey it's the lady who summoned the Shiver Guardian." Lydia says as she steps in after Jacqueline, starting things right and perfect.

Lydia seems to have at some point obtained GOGGLES from Hammer as a gift, thanks for helping him out of his earlier funk. She is presently wearing them on her FACE. "What are you talking about? You say something with the base of 'machine' in it didn't you? Tell me everything, I love machines especially those involved in transportation."

She looks over to Jay, looks at her for a while, and then raises a hand and pats her on the shoulder.


<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Unforutnately, Mihaya does not know to avoid some of these drinks. Which is why she's had some interesting experiences so far.
 On the other hand, sometimes you have to live a little. Especially when you are apparently significantly farther from home than she had originally planned on.
 On the other hand, 'Shiver Guardian' is something new on her. She's not exactly sure what Guardians are either, but... well, that does make it clear that this strange woman is one of the Drifters who was fighting back in Azado.
 "All things considered, I'm glad to see there are more people who made it out of that nightmare in Azado. Usually the Calamity does not leave very many people alive, and it was due to the hard work of everyone there that so many innocent souls made it out." She smiles, and raises her mug. "My name is Mihaya, although I don't think we've ever been introduced. But still, let me commend your bravery for standing up out there. Most people would have run in terror from that monster."
 She pauses.
 "To be honest, it probably speaks more to recklessness than courage on our part, but sometimes you just need to make a stand."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

It's about time. ...Lily's started withdrawing more from the camp, venturing out less often, spending more time on the ship... spending more time on the outskirts. But she's still a notable enough figure here; many of the refugees have come to recognize her by now.

"We did what we needed to," Lily answers simply about their recklessness and courage both as she steps inside, glancing forward.

"The usual?" Val asks her, and Lily inclines her head. "Just make it the bottle."

She steps further in, and sits down on a barstool near the end of the bar. Her black clothes make her stand out in here fairly easily... as does the eyepatch. Her remaining, right eye remains gold. ...And a bottle of... some clear concoction is set in front of her, which she promptly lays hand on and, with a flash of blue at her markings--

Frosts the whole thing over after opening it.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline looks toward Lydia as she steps into the room. She looks between Lydia and Mihaya, an eyebrow raised.

"...'Shiver Guardian'? ...Aru Sulato?" Jacqueline asks, curious. It looks like Jacqueline is as confused as Mihaya about that one. And then Lydia pats her on the shoulder, twice.

Jacqueline offers her a smile and a nod of thanks before returning her attention to Mihaya. She mentions the Calamity - presumably, the being the Guardians referred to as 'Obsession', according to Catenna.

"The 'Calamity'...I was underground looking after the refugees when it occurred, so I did not witness it personally...I still hear people terrified of it, to this day." Jacqueline comments, then glances to the side as Lily sits down.

Jacqueline offers her a smile and a wave.

"It's good to see you again." She greets. She's not entirely sure who all made it back from Lunar, so it's good to see more friendly faces around.

...Well, okay, maybe in this case that wasn't the most apt description. Jacqueline's still glad to see her, though.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"The Calamity?" Lydia asks. "Do people on Lunar call every problem that shows up a Calamity? Doesn't that get confusing?" She pauses. "'Sides, Already know its called Sin." She didn't hear that from Mihaya though.

She does smile faintly at Mihaya's compliments, particularly regarding their bravery, but Lydia has to admit, "Well, maybe if I knew more about what it could do, I'd have stayed away from the ocean long ago. Ignorance is bliss, right?"

"Sin is a giant whale that kicked all our butts." Lydia explains to Jay before glancing over to Lily, frowning, since technically it was Lily's face that got kicked. Though well the butt probably got kicked too. The everything, really.

"Name's Lydia, Lydia Seren." Lydia says, sending two index fingers up from her face and forward, pointing at Mihaya. "Sorry for kidnapping you from your home world but hey, at least you don't gotta worry about giant whales down here. Just the mechanical god that wants us all dead. And the demon of elru. and that guy who fucked up the tournament. And the flying island people. And the Aveh - Kislev war." She pauses a moment and then adds, "And malevolence."

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Mihaya turns slightly as Lily comments on her way into the bar, and gives her a polite smile and a half bow from her seat. "Madam Keil, it is a pleasure to see you again." The other woman had fought valiantly, and more she was looking after the poor, somewhat beleaguered leader of this village. And that was always a worthwhile cause to undertake. People in charge often needed good stewards to look after them, lest they fall into difficulties.
 But as Lydia speaks, Mihaya closes her eyes for a moment and lets out a soft sigh. "As I've learned, 'Sin' has certain connotations in Lunar in general that do not always match up with that monster." She isn't surprised that people learned what it was called - her own information had certainly been spread around, but... "If you don't mind my asking, did you discover that name somewhere in Azado, or just from word of mouth here in Filgaia?"
 It is a little important to find that out.
 "There are always challenges no matter where you go. But we seek to overcome our trials, and discover a path to a brighter tomorrow," she adds as Lydia rattles off a litany of problems which are afflicting Filgaia. "The Teachings tell us that Yevon helps those who help themselves, after all."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"Likewise," Lily answers Mihaya simply, glances over the others. She's made sure to put the people in the room on her sighted side, if anyone notices. "We couldn't beat it, but we managed to get a lot of people away from it--and we lived. Against something on that scale, it's an accomplishment." This to Lydia, though to Josie, "'Shiver Guardian'... Were you talking about the woman that was summoned?"

Lily has an interest, for some reason. Maybe it's surprising, maybe it isn't. Regardless she tips back the drink and has a bit more than a sip before she continues.

"Hmm. Your Teachings have some things in common with some of what I've learned. ...My faith believes..."

"...That God will not solve our problems for us. It is by working together, relying on one another, that we can move forward. ...That we should work to understand what we don't know."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"...Ah, I'm Jacqueline Barber. It's a pleasure to meet you." Jacqueline says quickly, deciding she might as well introduce herself as well.

Lydia says that 'Obsession' is also called 'Sin', though Mihaya mentions that it has other connotations as well. Jacqueline takes a mental note of that.

Lily joins the conversation, then.

"Woman? Ah, I didn't see it, myself...I was just remarking on what Lydia said." Jacqueline says, then looks to Lydia and laughs nervously as she begins to list off the potential dangers of Filgaia.

"I-I think she gets the point..." She says, though Mihaya brushes it off. Jacqueline nods. "That's a good way to look at things, yes."

Lily has her own comments on the matter, too, and Jacqueline nods.

"Ah, that's...Nisan, isn't it? While I don't follow the faith myself, their teachings have always resonated with me." She says with a smile. "There's much wisdom there that anyone can benefit from."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren says, "Well," to Mihaya. "Let me ask that question with another question because I did happen to hear that from a dear pal of mine but she mentioned having RELIGION problems from some folks and you seem to be someone with religion that also happens to know about this Sin dude."

Lydia crosses her arms, tilting her head to one side. "I don't know the details, but you gonna give her a hard time if I tell you about her? Or get other folks to give her a hard time? Sorry for the full degree here, but you know. Friendship, and all that."

She looks over to Lily. "Yeah, I thought I heard it called 'Shiver'? I mean it was 'ice' right, so..."

She looks back to Jay for a moment but doesn't have much to say about Nisan right now and instead focuses on the elf lady for the moment.

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Far from seeming annoyed, Mihaya does quirk her lips slightly as Lily says what would probably be considered blasphemous back home. "I agree completely - we're not going to accomplish anything by simply waiting for salvation. Although thus far..." Another, more disappointed sigh. "It seems that the machina of Filgaia have had no better success than any of the people back home have had fighting against Sin. While I hope that might change, divine assistance seems to still be in the running as a tool for success."
 She is a little curious how Lily will reply to that, but more because it will give her a measure of the unusually powerful sorceress more than anything else. "Regardless... I wish to help you in combatting your own troubles. You stood against the threat I had come to Glennwood to find tools to face, and I wish to return the favor. No matter what the planet... I believe those with power should defend those without, if at all possible."
 As Jay asks her questions, Mihaya smiles and shakes her head. "While I have heard a little of these Guardians you worship, I cannot say I am familiar with this Nisan. I received training as a Summoner, trained to call upon the Aeons to protect us from Sin and the Fiends who dwell back in my home. It is a practice closely tied to the faith of Yevon, who handed down the teachings of summoning to help humanity survive against Sin. I summoned the Aeon Shiva to fight against Sin... although sadly not to great effect."
 She bites her lip, and takes another long pull of her drink at that memory. Well, she hadn't been expecting much. That monster...
 Still, Lydia has some good questions, and the elf inclines her head slightly. "To be honest, most people back home would give you a hard time no matter what if you disrespected the Teachings. But I am not someone who passes judgement. I certainly dont agree with the incredibly strict 'Goddess' who rules the rest of Lunar. Such tyrannical control... I fear her reaction when she hears what has occurred in Azado."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Lily has nothing against these teachings of Yevon; she doesn't know them. She doesn't know Spira, or this Sin...

"Yes," Lily answers Jay. "...Nisan. I was raised on the Orthodoxy. It just seemed... similar enough." She pauses, at that, looks thoughtfully at Mihaya for a moment. "..." She doesn't voice her thoughts immediately. Instead...

"Aeons," Lily repeats, glancing at Lydia--who frankly has the matter of her friend and religion covered. "...So that's how," Lily answers. "This... summoning gives you a tool you can use to ward it off to some extent." Shiva. Shiva, 'shiver.'

"So your faith holds power where you come from, politically. If it hands down teachings that can help against that kind of monster, I can see why. I take it that sometimes it's more effective...?"

Blunt, yes, but that's Lily.

"...I wouldn't count out our machines entirely," Lily answers. "We have... stronger. More powerful. But they have dangers in their use. Once, we used them to defeat a great and powerful monster."

"...And I've heard it claimed that's why our planet is like this."

She pauses. "I'm a soldier. Once we go back... We'll have to find a way to deal with Sin. But we can only fight one enemy at a time."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Divine assistance...well, that'd be the Guardians, wouldn't it? Jacqueline was certain they'd need their help. This wasn't something they could accomplish alone. Everyone needed to pitch in - even them. She does send Lily a nod as she confirms what she thought.

"You have my gratitude, Miss Mihaya. To put yourself at such risk for our sake...I hope we will be able to help you deal with your problems once we're done with ours." She says, offering a polite bow of her head.

And then Mihaya says something very interesting. Jacqueline gasps slightly - it's as if something's fallen into place.

Mihaya is a Summoner, the teachings of which were handed down by Yevon. ...But it also reminds Jacqueline of a desperate fight within the depths of Aifread's Hunting Grounds.

"You said...you're a 'Summoner'?" Jacqueline repeats. "Um...does the name 'Ifrit' have any meaning to you?"

She wasn't sure, but...well, it was worth asking.

"Regardless, it does seem fascinating..." She said. She was reminded a little bit about the relationship between the Guardians and their Shaman, but the nature of it seemed a little different.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren tilts her head. "Then maybe I probably shouldn't say more than that." She shakes her head. "Cause it's not really about whether or not you agree with 'em so much as if you're willing to do anything about it. A lot of folks do stuff they don't agree with 'cause the alternative's harder for 'em." She shakes her head. "And I gotta keep her safe. But I'm guessing you can guess a bit about it just from me saying that much, you dig?"

She looks over to Jay for a moment, and then looks down at the floor for a bit, biting at her lip. It isn't easy for her to say this because she clearly sees that connection between 'Summoners' and 'Guardians' as well.

But after a moment of thought she looks back to Mihaya and clarifies, sort of, a bit.

"Not that we've got beef you and me, just gotta look out for people who can be in trouble, you know?"

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 "There is no other known way to fight against Sin besides summoning. All other attempts lead to a quick death for those who try," Mihaya states to Lily... and then hitches her shoulders. "But that does not mean that there is no value in seeking new paths. But I was not exactly traveling to Glennwood with official approval, after all."
 She doesnt mention that the mere thought of using machina to fight against Sin would raise the blood pressure of some of Yevon's clergy dangerously high back home.
 "But I agree, we need to deal with the problems that can be dealt with. From what I've seen... it appears that there is at least some plan to confront some of these immediate problems." The elf looks Lily in the eye, her expression determined. "And I do want to help - because it is the right thing to do, not to mention that resolving some of the problems here are also my best way of finding a path back home in time. And because my magic is from a different tradition, it could very well prove to be a trump card your enemies have not seen before."
 The fact that Jay is asking a question like that... Mihaya's eyes narrow as she hears this, and it's clear that yes, she knows that name, and the fact that it is coming out of the lips of someone from Filgaia is indeed a surprise. Hearing it on Lunar would not be... too unusual. Sin was a hazard to travel, but not an insurmountable one as her own experiences had shown. "Yes, that name is familiar to me - it is the name of the Aeon of Hellfire, who reduces his foes to ash with his flames." She pauses, considering something before she adds, "Ifrit and Shiva are the two Aeons I had formed a bond with, back when I was..."
 And with that, Mihaya just... stops for a moment. Her eyes gazing into the distance, and many years into the past.
 But Lydia does bring her back to the moment as she states that she isn't really going to say anything else, and the elf hitches her shoulders. "You're not obliged to trust me. However, Lily brought up some excellent points previously about how Sin came to Azado, and anyone who knows any information about it... well, I want to know why it showed up there, because if someone DID deliberately draw its attention..." She trails off, and sighs. "I want to know *why*. That thing is a monster beyond belief."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Lily nods in turn to Jay again. "...It is good to see you," she adds, a little late, relenting just slightly enough for a moment to return the comment to Jay. But, well...

"This woman doesn't seem to be in a position to give your friend trouble," Lily says to Lydia, but then looks to Mihaya, "But if she has reason to shield this person, then I don't expect her to give that up for much. Trust can come in time, if it's going to come."

No other way...

"I recall you mentioned that--that this... Summoning is what can fight it. I wonder." She pauses, and thinks. ...Spira... A far-off land, and...

"So they wouldn't exactly welcome our help even if we did return to your home," Lily confirms with Mihaya. And indeed, her single eye meets Mihaya's in that moment. "Yes," she says simply. "We have a plan, such as it is. The right thing..." Lily trails off at that, takes another drink. "If you're another idealist then you're in good company. ...But be careful. I am interested in your magic, though. You could say I'm a student of that kind of thing."

But Ifrit...

"So another Summoner has left your Spira before now. I didn't know you'd dealt with that, Jay. ...It isn't surprising necessarily, though."

Lily spots that distant look. She does not ask for now. Instead--"We'll find out. As it stands... It's incredibly powerful and it caught us by surprise. I'll want to sit down with you and record what you can tell me about its capabilities. There's no reason not to get started early in considering our options." Then, thoughtfully, "If this Summoning is the most effective weapon against Sin... The logical answer would be to increase our number of Summoners. You're already willing to get yourself in trouble with your people, apparently--what if you taught what you know?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"It's not about my trust," Lydia points out. "It's about hers. I'm sure you're fine, but I can't exactly ask her right now can I?"

Lydia looks down again and adds, "But I can say this much, she didn't want Sin to show up either, and I imagine if she knew Sin was coming to Azado, she wouldn't have shown up!"

She quirks her head to the side. They call them 'Aeons'? And they have such strange names. But it's true hse has little interest in judging a religion based on Mihaya or in general but she isn't about to get her friend in trouble just because she might know something. "I'll let her know you're curious about it though. And to look for you here, if you're interested."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

So, Summoning was the only way to fight Sin...at least, according to Mihaya. It made sense that such a power would be passed down. And Mihaya restates her determination to assist them - to fight against their enemies in a way they may not expect.

She flinches back a little as Mihaya narrows her eyes at her. Mihaya's words lined up with what she saw, however...as well as make the point that one Aeon could form a bond with multiple people.

Jacqueline nods toward Lily, then.

"Yes...Lunata, Shalune, Matilda and I were attacked by a man with a pact with Ifrit. We were only able to survive because Lunata materialized Ge Ramtos to confront him..." Jacqueline replies...though she offers Mihaya a smile. "I was afraid of what it might mean, but...you're certainly nicer than he was."

She watches Mihaya as she seems, for a moment, distant. ...Was she thinking of home, perhaps? There must be people she left behind.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up any memories..." She apologizes.

She glances toward Lily as she asks Mihaya to record Sin's capabilities. It was a good idea, but she can't offer any input there.

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 "I can teach you the theory, but ultimately theory remains only that. Nothing I can actually show you here would bring you any closer to the actual ability to summon," Mihaya admits after a moment to Lily. She does want to be helpful, but at the same time... there are things that can only be done back on Spira that are a part of becoming a Summoner. She also is not sure someone as... mercenary as Lily would be able to clear some of those hurdles, but many are given the opportunity to try.
 "I am willing to do what I can to help out, of course. Especially if you and yours are going to fight against Sin. But one thing you have to bear in mind is that surviving a pitched battle with Sin is... rare." There is that distant expression again, as Mihaya recalls something distant in the past. "Summoning is the best weapon we have against Sin, but merely summoning an Aeon does not guarantee success. Many summoners try to attain mastery, but given that the end of that path involves challenging Sin..."
 That also tells another story - that Sin's capabilities are not well recorded because few survive fighting against it. But she listens to the story Jay has told about confronting Ifrit, and nods again. "It is unfortunate - Aeons are not meant to fight against other people, but to oppose the fiends and Sin itself. That a summoner would go so far as to use it against humans..." She doesn't bother to state that she accepts that Jay is speaking about a situation they did not provide. Certainly she wouldn't be so far as to threaten some summoner and them claim they had been attacked or anything similar!
 Mihaya does nod to Lydia however. "I appreciate it. I doubt there is much to it, in truth - but Azado was a horror I had hoped that the rest of Lunar might be spared. When Sin attacks, pieces of it break off and are left behind. The smaller scales are little more than savage, mindless beasts that expend their energy and die, but the larger Sinspawn will continue to seek out and destroy humanity and its works... and eventually, they act as a beacon to call Sin back once more, where it will complete any devastation they have left undone."
 The elf glances at Lily, and adds, "I was told that there were Sinspawn already under Azado... which may be why Sin came. But how they appeared there... that we do not know."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia blinks a few times as Mihaya reveals a secret of her own. She thinks back to her time under Azado before she went back up and...

"THE ASSHOLE!" Lydia's eyes widen, jumping onto her feet. "IT WAS THAT ASSHOLE!"

What now?

She looks over to Jay. "The asshole! That did the thing! That asshole!! That's what he was trying to do! Probably!!"

She looks over to Mihaya again. "It was some asshole. I don't know the guy. Except that he was a dick."

Blink. Blink. "You know, the guy who tried to murder us for no reason and had that monster thing for no reason? He probably did it."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Lily looks to Lydia just long enough to give her an approving sort of expression at what she's doing--keeping things close to the vest, not sharing secrets that aren't hers... Lily approves of that sort of thing. Might win Lydia some points if there were a scale for such a thing.

"...Lunata manifested Ge Ramtos?" Lily asks, pausing, concerned. "The last time..."

She thinks back to that day in Bledavik, at the Palace. It is not a good memory--Lily is distant herself for a moment, closes her eye.

"...Here, you say," Lily answers. "Hmm. I wasn't only thinking of myself, though of course I'm interested in learning new magic if I can. ...Well, I'll hear what I can, when we have time. If nothing else, it could help us strategize."

"...Mm." Lily considers. "Yes, I imagine it would be." A pause, and a nod. "So there are few who are willing to try. Not unfair, honestly. I wouldn't expect many to be willing. Going near that creature is a bad idea."

So of course Lily still plans to do it.

"Yes, I still believe that might be possible as an explanation, from what you told me--it's why I suggested it in the first place. ...But in my experience, if something goes wrong, someone wanted it to." She pauses. Lydia is talking about an asshole.

"..." Well she's listening anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Now that Lydia has Lily's attention she says, "Jay describe the asshole for Lily."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Yes...I was worried, as well. It...left her bedridden for some time." Jacqueline replies. "She's better now that we're back on Filgaia, but..."

She trails off. She can't be sure what that act cost her.

She shakes her head then looks back toward Mihaya.

"I see...It is much like Filgaia's Shamans, then. Even if you know how to summon a Guardian, it doesn't help you if you don't have the relevant Medium..." Jacqueline murmurs with a nod as Mihaya speaks.

Mihaya explains further, talking about how Sin was dangerous, even to a Summoner. It was a weapon...but in the end, like any weapon, just having it didn't guarantee victory.

She does appreciate that Mihaya doesn't accuse her of lying. Jacqueline nods, sadly, then listens further...up until one of Mihaya's comments causes Lydia to realize something. Jacqueline stares blankly at her as she explodes into swears, and blinks.

"H-huh...?" She thinks back, and then... "Oh! Yes, I...I remember now."

Hey, a lot had happened between then and now!

"He had these...horrible blue eyes, and he and his birds unleashed a beast that had been chained up beneath Azado."

Jacqueline shakes her head.

"I think he was aware something was going to happen...but I don't think he was the one who drew Sin." She says, then looks toward Mihaya. "...But, if it's true that this 'Sin' unleashes monsters...you don't think any of these 'pieces' could have come here with us...?"

...Jacqueline hopes not. ...Could it draw Sin even across planets? Jacqueline frowns uncertainly. She sure hopes not.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"How would he be aware of the giant whale person if he wasn't somehow involved in it," Lydia points out. "Bird boy is clearly a bad egg!"

(Yes, Lydia thinks, this is worth it)

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Mihaya commits the details mentioned to memory, but she cannot say that it is familiar to her. But she will have a reckoning with this blue-eyed bird man if she ever meets him.
 Even if he was not aware of what he had done, if he HAD unleashed the Sinspawn, he was the one who had called the monster down on the city.
 "Thankfully it seems nothing has come over here after the ruins teleported the majority of us over here - I do not think that any of Sin's spawn arrived on Filgia," the elf muses quietly. "And I do not know if it could cross the gulf between the two planets. But I know that while many would celebrate it's departure, for Sin would likely kill here for years before it reduced Filgaia as it has Spira in the ancient past, unleashing that horror upon your world would be to no one's benefit."
 She thinks it over for a bit... but there's nothing to be done now. If any Sinspawn DO appear, they must be hunted down and killed with all alacrity.
 "Your Guardians are interesting, but the relationship between Aeon and Summoner is... different. It is hard to explain without having the bond yourself. Ultimately you are calling upon divine spirits to aid you. We..."
 The elf goes quiet again, and shakes her head. "We have done much to survive this long battle with Sin. I would prefer not to revisit some terrible memories right now, if you do not mind."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"That girl pushes herself very hard," Lily comments about Lunata, without so much as a hint of irony given how similar the two of them are. "...But she does what she needs to." Is that--pride?? No, it couldn't be.

But Jay describes the man and Lily goes very, very still all of a sudden. Those familiar with war may notice the particular kind of stillness it is; taut, with unrealized motion. Blue eyes; birds.

"...That man," Lily says, and her hand curls into a fist. There is, briefly, a sense of magic in the air for those who feel it--just a little pulse as if there's more than there was a moment ago, a buzz of something held back. It fades.

"...It isn't his style to use a monster like Sin. But then, I wouldn't put it entirely past him, either."

Lily looks down at her bottle. "...It's fine. You don't need to explain."

She takes a longer drink this time.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"If it makes you feel better," Lydia says. "We all die sometime."

She pauses for a moment. "Except me, I mean,what will probably happen to me is that my sense of self wlil be eroded by tiny 'machina' until my body is run by them indepedently of my own will."

She grins, showing off many fangs. "But hey, just 'cause we're fucked doesn't mean we can't have fun right? All we've got is what we've got."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"...Yes, she does." Jacqueline replies with a nod toward Lily. Whereas Lily seems proud, Jacqueline seems...concerned.

As for Mihaya's statement, Jacqueline nods. That's...good to know. Hopefully it doesn't come to that! Meanwhile, Jacqueline jumps a little as she feels a pulse of sorcerous power from Lily.

...It's blatantly obvious that Lily knew who she was talking about. Jacqueline doesn't inquire further, because it's more than a little frightening. ...And so is Lydia, too.

Jacqueline chuckles nervously, then looks toward Mihaya.

"Ah...I'm sorry. I won't press any further, then." She says, with a polite bow of her head. She stands up, then.

"I should probably be getting back to work, anyway...it was nice talking to all of you, though." Jacqueline says with a smile.