2018-10-14: Lost Lunar Lambs

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<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

It's been a long day of work for the Caravan Kinship, plying their trade to travelers along the road. It's starting to get a little dark now, though, so they've closed up shop for the day and found a safe place to park their vehicle. It's a cozy little rock outcropping in the fields of Adlehyde that has just enough room to park the Carakin.

Despite the time of day, though, there's still a little daylight to burn. Jacqueline can be found outside, sitting on a chair with its back against the Carakin itself, a notebook open in her lap as she takes notes on the day's occurrences.

It'll probably dinner time soon enough, but for now she's taking advantage of the fresh air to relax...

...But how long will that last?

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna, for her part, had gone off on a bit of a side trip. She'd ventured well out into the countryside, off into the fields where no one was around, taking the Owlet and a few scant supplies with her.

When she returns, she's changed into the dancer's outfit she appropriated on Lunar. The scent of ritual incense still clings to her hair. She's cradling the Owlet in her arms, wrapped up in a blue blanket with only its little face showing. Moving across the field on silent steps, Catenna settles in beside Jay, resting against the side of the caravan.

For now she doesn't say anything; it would be rude to interrupt Jay's reading and note-taking. But the apothecary will see a quiet smile coming her way from the Moon Shaman nevertheless.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin and Spirit are taking it easy. Kourin's resting near where Jay is as well, and Spirit is cuddled up against her, head in her lap for optimum scritches. Kourin is providing said scritches.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    It's all quiet, business has concluded. Every day is tense, a what-if scenario as to whether or not Mother and her hordes will once more strike out and try to claim the final decisive victory against the people of Filgaia. There are many questions to ask. How much longer do they have? When must they depart, for their best chances? Can they defeat Mother? What's Seraph Lanval doing on top of the CaraKin?
     Um, about that last one...
     ...Yeah, he's there, all right. How long has he been there? He's just sprawled out on top of the greatest food truck to ever roam both worlds like the world's worst-hidden stowaway like it's no big deal. Usually this would be the time for him to interrupt the proceedings with the near-endless laughing the spirit does, but no, he's quiet today.
     Quiet, and also lying down on top of the CaraKin uninvited, but quiet.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline jots out a couple of final notes before closing her notebook triumphantly. She had been in her own little world, so she's a little surprised to see Catenna there, but pleasantly so.

"Ah, welcome back! How was your trip?" She asks, standing from her chair and stowing the notebook away. "We found something that might be of interest to you the other day. It's a- Lanval??"

The subject changes abruptly as she turns to face the vehicle, spotting the Seraph lounging on top. Jacqueline looks between Catenna and Kourin, half-way wondering if they're seeing him up there, too.

It sure looks like him, but its much more quiet than him. ...And much less stealing from her potion stocks.

She makes a mental note to check on them soon.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"I am not sure it accomplished much, but it does make one feel a little better," Catenna admits with a dip of her head. "The Owlet will sadly not begin to feel better until she can regain her connection to Celesdue...."

But Catenna's attention is divided before she can ask about what Jay found. Looking up towards the roof of the Caravan, she blinks twice at the sight of the familiar Seraph - one she doesn't know well but recognizes as a friend. "I see we are being visited again," she remarks mildly, her surprise neatly covered, as it tends to be.

From Catenna's arms, the Owlet opens one of its eyes to peer up towards the dozing Seraph. Then it nestles back into its little bundle of blankets and returns to its restless sleep.

"You seem lost," she opines quietly up towards the water spirit. "What is wrong, Seraph?"

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Spirit barks, raising his head and wagging his tail curiously.

"I hope that is soon, then," Kourin says, regarding the Owlet. "I dislike seeing it unwell." She turns to see what Spirit is barking at...and spies Lanval.

"Ah! A Seraph!" she comments.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia is whistling to herself as she makes her way back to the Caravan after a day trip into November City. She took the day off of work it seems in order to make this ship so she isn't carting anything back anything unusual though she seems to have made a purchase as indicated from a new pair of bright orange-tinted goggles she is wearing on her face. She is grinning widely, showing off her sharp teeth as she nears one of the unoccupied chairs, swings it around, sits on it, then kicks her legs up, crossing them along the ankle, to lay them down on top of another chair.

She pushes her goggles forward not unlike someone might with sunglasses. "Sup nerds?" Lydia says, despite being a total nerd herself.

Lydia seems to have gotten some kind of new armor. or maybe...it's just her body? Come to think of it, instead of tiny metal beads under her eyes, the metallic lines under her eyes have become flat out silver stripes. She crosses her arms, which seem to be wholly metallic right now with some lights trailing along the sides. Her general armor's color scheme is otherwise fairly purple, and Lydia seems to have gone so far as to paint yellow stars on her shoulders just to prove that she's still the same Lydia who needs some kind of Gang-Star imagery on her body somewhere.

"Lydia Version Four Point O ready for business." She looks towards Lanval and fingerguns at him with both hands. "Ka-klick." She says.

Yeah Lydia continues to Lydia though this time it seems the radical body change was intentional on Lydia's part. And that...that's new.

DC: Lydia Seren switches forms to The Lightspeed!
<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

"Who you callin' a nerd, you nerd?"

Cyre is...

Also snoozing on top of the Carakin, having apparently decided to take a cat nap in a place where his overly-affectionate pupper would not be able to interrupt.

This was mostly futile, because Waffles is continuing to increase in size and is now plenty tall enough to scramble up there, even if he still thinks he's the size of a puppy.

Incidentally, Cyre's voice seems to be coming from beneath a COLOSSAL pile of fluff and puppy love.

Damnit Waffles, you're supposed to be a wolf, not a lapdog!

(Nobody told Waffles this, apparently.)

"Sup," Cyre says from underneath said tremendous pile of fluff. "Is there another seraph? I can't tell. Can't really see much of anything-- Hi Catenna!"



<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Schrodinger," Lydia says. "Help Cyre out he's missing me look totally amazing."

Now Cyre has a small army of cats lying down on top of Cyre and Waffles. This didn't help at all.

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

Waffles seems rather content with being the meat in a cat sandwich. He licks a Schrodinger. It's adorable.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    That is definitely him, lounging up on the CaraKin. He stares up into the early evening sky, where the Silver Star is not so visible tonight... a waning sliver. He turns his head slowly when the dog barks at him with purpose and sincerity - a dog that's that Resonant, huh!
     "Mmmm... ahh, been here a li'l while." He responds to Catenna as one eye opens a tiny bit to look at the cozy (though troubled) Owlet. That's not typically the sort of thing a man's eyes would first trail to for that entire picture, but...
     Lydia shows up, having once more visually redefined herself with stylings and features he didn't really ever think possible. The finger guns thing is weird - is she pointing those smaller fire wands at him? Are they invisible? He'd normally work up a laugh...!
     "Ahh, didn't wanna bother ya until ya were done fer the day..." It will be true to Jay's memory that there are no mysterious disappearances of her stock. This fellow has yet to try and filch another pot of 'the good stuff.'
     He gestures over to poor Waffles and a trapped Cyre. "'n they looked kinda bushy~"
     The Water Seraph rocks back and forth to try and sit up. Sometimes it's hard. He likes being at rest, and the body build of his manifestation sure doesn't speak of anyone too physically active.
     "Mmmm." Catenna's assessment is, by appearances, spot-on. There is a sense of reservation on his character. Almost every time he shows up, he just barges on in and makes a spectacle of himself in any number of his blatant and silly attempts to score more Brewte Force for himself.
     A Schrodinger is now on his head. He knows better than to collapse the quantum waveform, because he doesn't know what a quantum waveform is, and that's probably for the best.
     "Do ya talk to the Guardiansh much...?" Lanval asks. "'caushe I've been talkin' to a lake fer a bit 'n got... no real anshwer." He works up a good-natured chortle at his own expense.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Before Jacqueline can further address the matter of Lanval, there is the matter of Lydia. Jacqueline knew she was taking the day off today, but she didn't expect her to turn looking...quite so different!

"Lydia, welcome back! Wow...you look great! What brought this on?" Jacqueline asks with a smile. She noticeably doesn't react to being called a nerd.

...Because it's true. Jacqueline is, in fact, a super nerd.

And then there's Lanval, the lounging Seraph.

"Ah, this is Lanval...have you met him?" Jacqueline asks Kourin, before looking back up.

He was waiting for them?

"Oh, I appreciate your courtesty...but as for the Guardians...I'm afraid I, personally, haven't really conversed much with them." Jacqueline admits. The others, though...! That was a different matter.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin shakes her head. "I have not had the honor of meeting many of the Seraphim, I am afraid. I...fear the question of my devotion to Althena has made me somewhat skittish of the possibility..."

<Pose Tracker> Skylr Paer has posed.

      After a day of trying fruitlessly to find Leo and Pearl, Skylr had resorted to taking some ... strange... odd-jobs in order to keep herself feed (and keep her clothes patched up neatly, she has no idea what the weather is like around here.)
      Today's job involves finding lost things.
      Armed with several pieces of paper, Skylr drifts towards the Caravan group, biting on the bottom of her lip for a moment, before her gaze flickers up to where the cat-and-Catte-and-Wolf pile is... piled. "Um... excuse me..."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"I do too," Catenna says with a bow of her head over the Owlet. "It is of Celesdue... its life force comes from her. She will be well again when she can restore that connection...."

Then Lydia strolls up and calls her a nerd.

Catenna lowers her eyelids ever so slightly. She is just being herself, she reminds herself for the billionth time before nodding to Lydia simply. "I see you have made some changes...."

Speaking of people who never change, here comes Cyre. Brightening a little, Catenna looks up towards him, her cheeks colouring slightly. "Cyre, are you and Waffles having a good time up there?" she asks mildly.

But he isn't the only one up there. Catenna, still dressed like Jean in her dancer guise, steps away from the wall of the Carakin to watch Lanval struggling to get back up. A small frown creases her face; she brushes a lock of hair back and admits, "I can hear Celesdue, when she chooses to speak to me, and can feel the other Guardians at work. But not so much at the moment. They are quite distant, if absent, because of the influence of Mother...."

And then comes someone else. Catenna turns towards Skylr with a soft, polite smile, shifting the snoozing Owlet in her arms. "Hello. Welcome to the Caravan Kinship."

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

Cyre wiggles a bit underneath the pile of fluff that is piled up on top of him. This succeeds for only a few moments before Waffles unfurls and assaults his face with a veritable storm of PUPPY KISSES. AUGH. "Nggaaaaaahhhh~" Cyre ngahs an answer to Catenna's inquiry, tilting his head up and away this terrible onslaught. Too much love...!


"Oh that's Lanval, isn't it? Hey Lanval! I'd love to be of more help, but Catenna's got the right of it! Can't really talk much with the Guardians right now, on account of the whole Mother thing. I mean, I can still do the Fengalon thing half-way, but it hurts like the dickins. Uh." Cyre waves vaguely in the direction of the best goat sister. "Maybe Lydia can help you out?"

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

"By the way...what is this "nerd" that you speak of, Miss Lydia?"

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia is also a nerd, honestly, but that might be why she's willing to throw the label around so haphazardly. She smiles over to Catenna, the fauxrrogance fading for a moment as she says, "Yep! How do you like 'em???" For someone too cool for school she does seem to be weirdly determind to get Catenna's opinion on the matter. "And in case it influences your decision, don't take the fact that your dancing outfit is totally hot into account." She winks at Catenna.

There really are lots of cute animals in the Caravanship. Cuuuuute animals.

She looks to Jay after and adds, "I wanted to be more true to myself. I figured I had nothin' to be ashamed of, so why not show it off? I spent a while designing it in my head, then made it happen. Took about half a day."

She points towards Lanval again with a hand. "I used to talk to Rigdobrite all the time! I could probably chat him up NOW if it weren't for all this MOTHER interference!" She pauses. "But somethin's eating you up, is it about the lake not getting chatty? I know you probably wanna go back home but right now we gotta deal with Mother. We'll figure out something soon, though! That's a Lydia Seren Guarantee!"

Shechrodinger takes a nap on Waffles. It's super cute.

When Skylr arrives she blinks a few times and says, "Oh hey it's you. Come to apologize to Kourin or tell her how cool she is? Don't let me get in the way. I believe in you! Good luck."

She seems concerned about Lanval but is trying not to let it disrupt her stride too much.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Nerds are cool people that are also smart, but it can be a bit sassy if you're hot and spicy like me." Lydia adds for Kourin. This is the mood she's in folks.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin hesitates, then nods as though she understands. Then she notices Skylr. "Spirit, to me!" she calls, catching the dog in the act of trotting over to greet Skylr happily. Kourin's voice is tense, but she makes no aggressive motions.
Lydia Seren
Lydia Seren is a Beastwoman with a body of metal. Her head is the least exotic part of her, with shoulder-length green curly hair that hangs with a little disorder past inward-curled ram's-style horns. Her teeth are serrated as well (Taokaka-Styled). There are two parallel panels of some kind of quicksilver metal that seems inlaid into - or replacing - the skin underneath her eyes and along her cheeks. She typically has a pair of tinted goggles, as well: do you think an engineer WOULDN'T have eye protection?

Below the neck, the presentation gets weird. Instead of skin her body consists of a dark purple metal that has a generally human form, with pistons and connectors moving where muscle groups bunch, tense and pop in a more conventional form. Along the sides of her arms there are faint glowing lights that shimmer between different colors periodically but tend to settle on orange normally, like which might be in the sun. Her hands are articulated like gauntlets or the legs of crabs: circular panels near her elbows have been decorated with painted-on yellow stars. Long narrow grooves on the outside of her forearms periodically hold curved, tonfa-style blades of heavily patterned, almost-decorative steel. (They are actually really sharp. Just glossily pretty.)

The dark purple body tone is interrupted by bare shining steel (or something like steel) in visible piston-motion. Her feet resemble conventional everyday human feet in their general shape, but a linear train of metal wheels can (AND DO) emerge from the center of each sole, which is something beyond the limits of human and Beastman alike. Whether this is some bizarre suit or a body, it has some other garments on top of it: A pair of hip holsters that seem made to hold something long and narrow rather than gunsmoke ARMs, and a strap across the chest to keep a piece of long metal sporting equipment in place.

Just in case.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval stands (...well, sits) a bit more alert as Catenna discusses her connection with Celesdue. The Guardian of the Moon, the one whose statue that-- well, one moment on that.
     "Ohh... sho it'd be hard to shpeak to 'em... huh." A sentiment echoed by someone who might be so close to Fengalon as to be close to being a very part of their being, and someone who may now be the cultural equivalent of a High Priest in times where worship were far more prominent. All this over 'Mother.' That one's attributed to the Metal Demons, those people who attacked that big castle town right when he first appeared.
     "...Mmm... yer worried 'bout devotion to Althena, huh," Lanval says, ignorant of the brewing tension over a member of the Guard appearing as he addresses Kourin, "well... all 'm gonna shay ish... don't worry 'bout it. My name'sh Lanval," and if he doesn't introduce himself as 'I had too much to drink' he is lying by omission. The constant slurring, the lethargic, unsteady posture he tends to have when he rises, like right now... and the way he just flops over off the side of the CaraKin to be at ground level with the lot of them. He just happens to be now sitting on the ground by Spirit's side.
     "It... it ain't 'bout goin' back home, 'caushe, uhh, well," it's a tough memory to digest, that point in time where he defiantly stood against the will of the Red Priestess in the name of a foreign deity and a bunch of their worshippers. All he knew - and still knows - is that they weren't Lunar's enemies. Not after how they helped with that Malevolent Domain at Mount Manfred.
     "Let'sh jusht shay the Blue Shtar... that'sh my home now." Lanval continues, eyes opening up about half-way. "I wanna do shomethin' for it."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Everyone explains the situation with the Guardians and Mother, and Jacqueline nods. But...they also make it clear that they have another guest! Jacqueline looks around her, her eyes soon finding Skylr.

"Oh, yes, welcome!" Jacqueline greets. She recognizes her, but doesn't call her out. "We've closed up shop for the day, but if there's anything you need I'm sure we could still help you...?"

She looks toward Lydia, then. Half a day, huh...?

"It was time well spent. It's good to be able to display that kind of confidence!" She says. She sounds proud!

But then Kourin tenses up...understandably so. Jacqueline looks in her direction, waiting for any potential cues.

And Lanval...he wants to do something for the Blue Star. Jacqueline smiles and nods.

"I appreciate the sentiment..." She comments.

<Pose Tracker> Skylr Paer has posed.

      "Oh, hello-- oh, that's... a cute little owl."
      Lydia mentions 'Kourin', and Skylr's eyes widen briefly, before she notices the approaching dog, and then she hears the familiar name for her. "Spirit..." She looks across the way at Kourin, shock in her eyes for a moment, before the papers she's holding lift up to cover her open mouth. The papers are advertising a lost sheep. She closes her mouth, the papers getting hugged to her chest, licking her lips anxiously.
      "I'm-- I don't..." Jay speaks up, and her eyes focus on her. "Oh, hello." She takes a couple of steps backwards.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna blinks quickly as Lydia deems her outfit hot. I mean, it is hot, but the observation catches her a little off guard nevertheless. (But that describes her relationship with Lydia in general.) "It is distinctive," she opines politely of Lydia's new look, shifting the Owlet in her arms and inclining her head. "I like the purple. But thank you for the praise. I have come to like this outfit... and I somewhat miss having opportunities to dance."

Machines unnerve Catenna but Lydia's got Rigdobrite's blessing. It's an odd combination and Catenna isn't sure how she feels about it, but all she lets show is that quiet, kind smile she always puts forth.

As Lanval worries and makes his position known, the Moon Shaman in the dancer's outfit looks up toards the Seraph. She lifts delicate fingers to chase a few dark locks of hair back into place. "...Filgaia could use all the help it can get," she says quietly.

"The Guardians," she explains, "do not always particularly trust or have faith in those who follow them. But we are the only option they have. One year ago, they asked us to dedicate ourselves to preserving Filgaia and stopping Mother. That is as good a place to start as any. Should the Metal Demons achieve their goals, Filgaia will not survive."

Skylr praises her Owlet, and Catenna actually blushes, dipping her head. "...Thank you, miss."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Yeah it is kind of scary thinking about it, half a day? Just what IS Lydia made of? Well Jay knows what Lydia is made out of. But what exactly are they is still in question.

You can dance for us all you'd like," Lydia tells Catenna. "Oh! I bet Jean could give you lessons too, and turn you from really good dancer to EXTREME MASTER." Lydia really doesn't put a stop on what comes out of her mouth but at least her attitude has shifted enough that she generally has positive things to say.

Lydia is naturally not unnerved by machines, but considering how insistent she is on having her 'look' judged, she may be a touch self concious all the same. Lydia tends to show more attitude when she's more nervous, after all.

"Then we'd make a tooon of money." Lydia adds. "Because everybody will come from far and wide to see you dancing and I guess that's probably not your thing so no stress."

She looks back to Catenna, then back down at her body. Maybe this present terror of the Metal Demons also influenced her decision making process here.

"I guess Skylr lost a la..." She frowns faintly. "A lamb..."

IS SHE ONE OF THEM????? No, lambs actually do exist in this reality too and bo peep can in fact lose their sheep. But it still catches her off guard a bit.

Lydia climbs up towards Lanval, listening to his words as she approaches him now that he's down on the ground and within easy reach.

Her eyes look wet. "Lanval..."

She gives him a big hug. Despite her current body's configuration, it IS warm albeit like when touching a window the sun has been shining on, or a car roof.

"I understand." She says, looking like she's trying not to just start sobbing there BECAUSE IT IS SO SAD. "In that case... welcome home!" She smiles brightly. "And thank you...thank you for looking out for Filgaia!! It's a tough job, so don't get discouraged--because we'll always be here to help you!"

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

"Yeah, basically. I'm pretty sure nobody here would tell you not to come with us to beat up the literal Mother of all Metal Demons." Cyre isn't entirely clear on the logistics there, admittedly. Like, is the Mother literally their mom? That's kind of unreasonable, isn't it? Surely, they must be produced... Some other way. Eggs? Budding? Cloning!? Something else, would be best.

"I concur on the subject of Catenna's hotness," Cyre says from under his great big pile of fluff, utterly unable to angle his head in such a way that would allow him to appreciate it. "I am also for dancing the night away, but not in the name of profit. That's only a thing we can do when nobody is around who knows who we actually are." RIGHT CATENNA.


"Someone lose a lamb? That's terrible! I'd offer to help, but I can't, because dog." Wow, Waffles is a pretty good excuse, isn't he? Why can't Cyre get up to help with adventuring? Because Waffles. Don't worry about it! Waffles.

Just. Waffles.


"Hey. Lanval. You know, you don't... Have to, if you don't want to," Cyre says, arching his head up and over the great mountain of cuddliness piled on top of him. "I mean. I appreciate it, really I do, but... Lunar needs you too, you know? S'pecially now, more than ever."

Cyre takes a moment to stare into the sky, then heaves a long sigh. "How about we make it a trade? This is a trade caravan, after all. You help us with Filgaia, and we'll help you with Lunar."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"I don't know if I'd have the talent to set up a dance..." Jacqueline comments. She wasn't really sure what went into it...though she supposes the others might be able to handle it for her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jacqueline sees Skylr backing away...and she sees those papers she's holding. It's easy enough to see what's on the front of them - and unlike Cyre, she isn't currently pinned under a dog. Jacqueline takes a step toward her, extending a hand. There's no aggression in the way she moves.

"May I have one of those? We might be able to help." Jacqueline suggests. While it might be true that Skylr was a member of Althena's Guard, she either needed help or was trying to help someone else. Jacqueline wasn't the sort to abandon people in need.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    The flashily re-made Lydia, a true Gang-Star, goes in to give Lanval a loving hug. She is warm to the touch in a way living bodies tend to be, though he has problems comprehending this subtle difference in... texture? Coarser, or more granular? A case can be made for both and it's so weird, but he knows Lydia's a sweet one. Then again, with relation to how Seraphim interact (or often, don't) with the more corporeal, being touched at all is a unique experience, isn't it?
     "Well... 'm on board with dealin' with Mother, shurrre," he says. Mother's in the way of him talking to the Guardians, and she's bad news, so that works. (It will be more complicated than that, he has yet to truly comprehend the depths of such a commitment.)
     "Ha ha ha... well, I'd... I'd like ta shee there'sh shtill a world where ya can jusht dance the night away!" Lanval continues. "Mmm... and ta shee the li'l one there be okay, too." A connection with Celesdue seems all-important to the little fluffy thing Catenna's holding.
     "Lunar... I, I gotta tell ya." No, someone else told Lanval first, at a time that will never be anything more than 'as though in fresh memory' from the severity of their words, in the raw emotion of the situation...!
     "The Goddess in Pentagulia has no further need of your services. Nor, I should think, does her ear need the prattling... of a wine-sodden, washed up drunkard, who asks questions of others instead of finding answers for himself. I suggest, Lanval, that you find yourself new work. There are loyal Seraphim to take your place."
     Lanval's eyes close. "Lunar'sh in trouble... 'n I ain't never gonna be anything but worried 'bout it." The drunken spirit exhales as he straightens out - somewhat - to lift his head up and open his eyes part of the way again. "But the Goddess," he doesn't slur that one, "she got... plenty of my kin up there. 'M not the only one. Here... the Blue Sh-- Filgaia," he reminds himself maybe to start using the name the people of this world call their own, "don't get their own. And I'm shayin', thish ain't a trade for here 'n for there."
     Skylr may come to realize from descriptors that there is the very real possibility that the Seraphim here is - if she can see them - one who has been widely advertised among the Guard's influential circles as being the Fallen Seraph, corrupted to the point of going up against the Red Priestess herself.
     "Ha ha ha... I kinda gave ya the bushinessh when we firsht met, but ya know, I thought ya were jusht people who losht faith... but I can shee they're placin' faith in ya too." 'Faith' may be too strong a word. "Shooo... I'm livin' here now, and I jusht wanna make shure there'sh shtill a 'here' when all'sh shaid 'n done. Even... even after Mother, 'n all them."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin nods. "I too have my concerns about Lunar's future, but it is a path that I am not certain I will be strong enough to walk alone. I did not turn my back on my faith when I left the Guard, but I do question the mandates of the Goddess as they have been propogated. Surely...surely there must be some misinterpretation, some kind of mistake that we mortals have made..."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

A soft blush reaches Catenna's cheeks. She shifts the Owlet in the crook of her left arm, smiling at Lydia almost bashfully. "...I do not know Jean well. But I would like to learn from her," she admits, her voice a little quieter. "Perhaps you could introduce me to her... I would feel a little awkward simply approaching her."

Then Cyre weighs in too, and her blush only grows a little warmer. She scuffs one modestly-high heel against the turf beneath her, looking up towards the kitty man. "...I actually enjoyed it when I was with that dance troupe. And it is very good exercise. I learned a lot about people on Lunar, as well...."

With a delicate touch, Catenna strokes a finger through the down of the dozing Owlet. She lifts her eyes towards the roof again, towards Lanval. For a moment, she says nothing, just listening to his words. The words of one who walks a world unlike his own, in a place far from home, almost as if he never expects to see that home again.

Catenna smiles, small and sad. "...It can feel lonely to walk that path. But I think you will find that you are not as alone as you think you are, Seraph."

<Pose Tracker> Skylr Paer has posed.

      "Here... thank you." Jay gets one of the posters, done in Skylr's own studious handwriting. The drawing is hers too, but ... sheep aren't... that hard to draw. The advertisement is for one of the local ranches, who keeps getting his sheep - including his prized ram (who features on the poster), taken. Skylr looks across, over at Kourin, and ... something. Someone. She doesn't have too much seraph-interactions in her life, but her belief in Althena and her Seraphim have always been strong.
      "There's a ... you have a Seraphim traveling with you, don't you?" She asks, curiously.
      A glance over to Kourin... "I... can go."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

"You need not leave on my account," Kourin says quietly. "I will not raise arms against you, unless you do so against me."

<Pose Tracker> Skylr Paer has posed.

      "I don't like fighting on general principle." Skylr responds. "I'm glad to know you are well."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

A Gang-Star hug is mighty. If nothing else, it isn't just a hug for the sake of hugging, Lydia while a person who willingly left her home and one who may not be particularly empathic, is able to show some kindness and maybe that whole empathy thing is something she's getting a little better at besides. She is starting to see how someone like Lanval could've saved someone like Ragnell or Katherine Weaver--whatever 'saved' happens to mean in these kinds of context.

Of course if Skylr CAN'T see Lanval then it looks like Lydia just hugged the air and that's probably pretty weird.

"Well we're going to help Lunar too." Lydia says. "Lunar treated me kindly, Leo did too, I'm not gonna let it become Planet Badfeels if I can do anything about it. We're only a small group of people but we can do a lot if we put our mind to it. And the same goes for you too." She really does think Lanval needs a peptalk right now.

Lydia takes a moment to glance to Kourin and she looks to Skylr. "If Kourin says you're golden, you're golden in my books." This might be why she was initially a bit aggressive honestly.

Smiling at Catenna she adds, "Then I'll be sure to let her know when I see her next." She pauses. "Or we could go together if you prefer! Don't want to make you awkward." That's just kind of a side effect of her existence unfortunately.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

"I am...well enough, at least. It has been...interesting, to say the least, since I left the Guard. I discovered my true heritage, and it displeased me."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Meanwhile Spirit finally trots over and greets Skylr merrily.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline accepts one of the posters, looking it over. A local ranch that keeps getting their animals stolen...

"Hm...it's a little outside our purview, but I think we can take a look." Jacqueline decides with a nod. She's already comitted the information on it to memory, so she hands the poster back. "I don't like the idea of thieves hanging around this place...the time is such that everyone needs to work together."

And then, Skylr mentions the Seraph.

"Lanval? I wouldn't say he's 'traveling' with us, but he does visit us every now and then. He's a pleasant enough fellow, and he's been very helpful in the past." Jacqueline says, turning to glance toward the Water Seraph. ...Even if he occasionally took some potions from her. But he hadn't done so today, so she could relax for now.

As for Kourin...Jacqueline offers her a kind smile. Both for her lack of aggression, and for her comment.

"Well, you won't have to, Kourin...you know we'll stand by you every step of the way, you have my word on that." Jacqueline says.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna watches Kourin and Skylr speak, a growing understanding dawning in her face. She doesn't butt into the conversation. Kourin seems to have it handled.

When Lydia makes a daring suggestion, Catenna clears her throat a little and once again scuffs a heel against the turf. She smiles, small and gentle. "I would like that... I do not know Jean well. I had been meaning to approach her, but it might be easier if you were to introduce me. Thank you."

She leans over to Jay to take a curious look at the poster. Her eyebrows arch a little, and she smiles quietly. "...It is a good deed, to help this person out, I think. I would not hesitate to visit them."

<Pose Tracker> Cyre H. Lorentz has posed.

"Well, then maybe we can incorporate a nice dance show into our usual suite of entertainment," Cyre suggests, his voice only teasing a little bit. "Though I mean, that'd take up maybe too much of the night. Might be best to just save that for special occasions, eh?"

Cyre pauses to ruffle his pupper's head, Waffle's nose having snuggled up into the crook of his neck. He takes a moment to just... Breathe in the dry, night's air. "It's not just a... Look, I get it. You feel like you're replacable. Like you're just another face in the crowd, why d'you gotta carry the weight when there's something else out there in the world for you, maybe. Yeah, you're probably right. But look. Lanval. You saw what was in that woman. That hatred in her eyes. That was not the look of a person with a goddess' love in her heart. You know something is wrong, and that numbers don't matter when nobody else sees that."

"All I'm saying," Cyre says, taking a lump of scruff in between his fingers and massaging gently at the dire wolf's neck. "Is that where you come from is always going to be a part of you, even if it isn't the place you call home anymore. And, more than that, the fact that you're out here, travelling, seeing worlds beyond your own, that makes you something special. Something that a hundred, or a thousand of other Seraphs on Lunar might never be able to match. What you bring back will be something irreplacable, but you gotta own it. I know that, because I'm the same way. Wasn't till I figured that out that I found my way again."

"Well, anyway," the shaman finishes, "Don't worry about it. It's like I told you, Fengalon's a super cool god to follow, and a few folks doubting here and there ain't going to phase me much. I appreciate what you tried to do. Don't worry, we'll have you talking to the Guardians in no time. Though..." Cyre's nose wrinkles, "...We probably want to find you a Medium. That might help."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval is quiet over the exchange Skylr has with Kourin - they seem to have the matter in hand, as the Seraph silently considers the ramifications of Guard influence here. He knows he's seen a fair number of them stationed throughout the nearby castle city proper. Should he really bring such attention to himself? (Never mind how much trouble the Caravan Kinship themselves are in with the Guard for much the same reasons as him!)
     He reflects that maybe he ought to speak with Kourin later, about when she lost faith in the Guard proper. What could cause a schism among their own...?
     "Mmm... I, I get ya, Lydia, I dooo~" Lanval says. Of course, Lunar has its problems and issues he'd love to see sorted out. He is very worried about others of his station, for what's been happening up in Meribus, but... he starts rubbing away at his chin, rustling those beard hairs of his that end in tangled aquamarine tips that look like little creeks trying to go down his bulbous belly.
     That's when Cyre chimes in and relates his own personal experiences about home, about being some interchangeable thing - and reaffirming why he was in the right to act as he did. But more importantly, that he just never will be fully apart from Lunar - still a part of it, even now, as he is. He lowers his gaze humbly, for being that weird place of a centuries-old entity who nonetheless rarely ever comes off as the proper adult in the room.
     "Mmmm... y'mean like the flat shtone blocksh you got?" He asks. He's seen them before. Stone blocks, though... that would be interesting a challenge, Lanval thinks internally. Trying to use a thing of earth as a means of focus or power, or communication, as the embodiment of an element that it is regulated by. That'd be a tall order for any Seraph, but...
     "Well... 'm glad I met ya all, that'sh fer shure," he works out through that stupid-looking cat smile of his.

<Pose Tracker> Skylr Paer has posed.

      "Thank you, ma'am." Skylr is oh so polite.
      Spirit. Oh my god. Spirit. Skylr has a rare look of relaxation on her face as she kneels down to give Spirit a good scritch and hug the pup, positively beaming in delight at the greeting she gets. She eventually stands back up, blushing slightly at her enthusiasm, before clearing her throat.
      "It's... nice to meet all of you. I'm in the area, just... trying to get along, so don't be surprised if I trip over you all again. Kourin... I'm glad to see you well, and ... Seraph... Lanval, you said?" She asides to Jay. "... thank you."
      Skylr sighs, and looks off into the sky. "I should get out everyone's hair here."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"It was good to see you again." Jacqueline replies with a polite smile toward Skylr. "You're free to come by any time you like. Maybe next time you'll be around when we're serving meals?"

Skylr suggests she should leave and Jacqueline frowns slightly.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna blinks when Cyre raises an idea, blushing slightly. She looks down at the Owlet, then up towards the Nahual once more. "...Well. I did do well at it with Drago's caravan. It might be something to consider... and I do not otherwise contribute much as a merchant, aside from cooking...."

When Skylr begins to move off, Catenna smiles gently to her, shifting the Owlet in her arms to cradle it close to her chest again. "It was nice to meet you, miss.... If it means anything, the followers of Althena are always welcome here."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

"Miss Catenna is too humble about her cooking. It is delicious." Kourin smiles at her friend.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"It was good to see you again." Jacqueline replies with a polite smile toward Skylr. "You're free to come by any time you like. Maybe next time you'll be around when we're serving meals?"

Skylr suggests she should leave and Jacqueline frowns slightly.

"Oh, you're not a bother, really...but I should probably be heading back inside to finish closing up. Thank you for coming by!" This thank you is directed toward Lanval and Skylr.

And with a polite bow, Jacqueline collects her chair(which, strangely enough, shrinks down into a small ball...) and heads back inside.