2019-02-23: The Last Order

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============================<* Ruins of Memory *>=============================

The Ruins of Memory are located in the Ranchlands, as a towering structure nestled in the foothills. The temple's outer layer has been thoroughly pilfered, with large and emptied rooms that have little but inscriptions on the walls. The Ruins allegedly date back to the Metal Demon War. The lower levels of the Ruins of Memory, however, have not been breached. There, one can find fiendish puzzles and drop traps that make this a dangerous place to explore. Nonetheless, it is said that ancient treasures and ancient history lay within.

DC: Ida Everstead-Rey switches forms to Martial Artist Ida!
DC: Avril Vent Fleur switches forms to The Amnesiac Girl!
DC: Prissa switches forms to Blade Dreamer Prissa!
DC: Jean switches forms to Shadow Dancer Jean!
<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.


        The Adlehyde guardsmen encounter a most unusual sight in their routine patrol of the ranchlands:

        An enormous round Metal Beast turtle with a spiked shell sits atop of a large rock outside of the Ruins of Memory. It cradles an unconscious blonde Hyadean on its two clawed paws and casts a dirty stare to anyone daring to approach an approximate fifty foot vicinity of its rock.

        "D-do you think it's here to attack us again?" whispers one guardsman in low-key panic.
        "The prior patrol told us it was just... sitting there. But that's a Metal Beast, and that's--"
        "T-The Deceiver?" the guardsman swallows nervously.

        Fortunately, a gallant Crimson Noble soon turned up to solve the situation, and that was that.



        Riesenlied is spending a very lovely afternoon in New Petra aboard the Fereshte airship's deck. Mikaia and Janey and the other children are playing a game of tag with Muni-Muni acting as a bouncy castle as their stage. Even seated on her wheelchair, it's not enough to ruin her mirth as she claps and laughs softly and plays referee for their game of bouncy tag--

        Watch her.

        A giant turtle pops up level to the Fereshte's deck.


        The turtle veeeeeery gently scoops Riesenlied up to its paws and flies off into the distance.

        Let none approach.

        Muni-Muni and the children stare.

        "... ..."

        (*shortly before the events of Krosse)

        "N-nooo! It's back, it's back!" cries one guardsman.
        "Don't panic! We've put out an S.O.S. to the Adventurer's Guild. The Drifters'll come... they always do," answers his comrade.
        "But it's still just... sitting there... it's not even attacking. Why?"

        And indeed, this is where we are now.

        Let none approach, save Noeline. When she comes...

        The enormous reptilian Metal Beast Trask, as some Drifters know, is seated ontop the same large rock serving as a landmark to a crossroads. One of the paths leading down to the Ruins of (Altered) Memory. Other paths lead elseplace in the Adelyn Ranchlands, and Adlehyde can be seen in the distant horizon.

        Trask has seen... better days. Its armored shell is blackened from blasts, battered from blows, and slashed apart in multiple places. It doesn't take an active imagination to think of the ARMshots, spells and blade slashes it has taken from the battle of the Photosphere.

        It hasn't had a day to recover, it seems.

        The loyal beast of Siegfried crooks its neck and lets out a low draconic whine, sitting patiently with its palms held level for the rattled Riesenlied to rest from their high-speed trip from New Petra.

        "T-Trask, why...? Why have you taken me here again...?" Riesenlied breathlessly asks, just as confused and bewildered as the rest of the guardsmen are.

        Trask stares down towards Riesenlied. It reacts much like a dog would, face furrowing into a low and sad expression and letting out another low whine.

        You will return to me.

        "People are going to be angry... you can't stay here... I can't stay here..." Riesenlied whispers haggardly, biting her lip. A strong pain spikes in her heart as a rough patch of deja vu hits her. An intimate yet unpleasant memory of meeting her father here when she was chased into the Ruins.

        Do you understand...

        Riesenlied bites her lip tighter, starting to sob quietly as she holds onto a nail of Trask's to hang on as Metal Beast shifts to one side.

        Do you understand... Trask?

        "Trask..." Riesenlied whispers. "We can't..."

DC: Riesenlied switches forms to Sad Dragonoid Monster Trask.
>> +heal/full
GS: But Trask can't fully heal itself...
<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

        Further down the road, a woman in a trail-beaten leather duster sits atop her horse, a pair of binoculars raised to her eyes. Grey Lady shifts uneasily beneath Ida's weight, snorting, flicking her ears--clearly agitated by the immense Metal Beast she can smell not too far away. Ida frowns, and reaches down to rub Grey Lady's neck with a gloved hand. "Easy, girl," she says. "It seems the Guild was right this time." Ida turns to the woman riding next to her. "It's a Metal Beast, and a badly-wounded one, too. It--" Ida trails off, tries to figure out how to phrase the next bit delicately. "It has Riesenlied, and I can't fathom why." She raises her binoculars again. She can see Riesenlied's mouth moving, but she can't make out the words. "I don't like this."

        Ida swings one leg out of the saddle, dismounts, and steps forwards to pat Grey Lady's muzzle. "Wait here, girl. We'll be back soon." She turns to Avril, nods. "Shall we?"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

        If it isn't one thing, Noeline thinks, it's another. Having only just finished resting and recuperating from their first expedition into Krosse lands, the last thing that the Hyadean expects is for a cry to go up from the orphans, knocking her out of her thoughts as she pores over maps of the region and tries to figure out how on earth agriculture works.

        The tone of their yell isn't exactly-- critical, and for a moment Noeline is even chuckling to herself as she walks up the stairs to the deck of the Fereshte, expecting to be met by the sight of her partner being bounced around on Muni's back. It takes her a moment to realize that isn't actually the case - and another to swing her vision around and stare slack-jawed at the too-familiar shell of a creature she didn't honestly expect to ever see again, retreating into the distance.

        "... what?" she blurts, her mind still trying to process the sight - and then she's leapt down towards the ground, sucking in a breath as she calls back: "Okay! Mommaline's going to get her back! It'll be alright! She's not in danger! It just-- wanted a walk with her!"

        Under her breath, she whispers fervently to herself that she really hopes she's right.

        * * *

        And indeed, it seems like she was. Tracking Trask wasn't difficult at all - the creature is heavy and single-minded and doesn't really seem to give much of a damn about anything in its path, leaving a neat line for her to follow. Fear that it might lash out at her for getting too close has made her keep her distance, but she's at least been close enough to try sending Riesenlied a little note of her presence, in hopes that it might quell her fears - though whether she'd been in a receptive state throughout the journey, she doesn't know.

        The place where Trask is ultimately headed brings forth a pang of nostalgia. For her, it isn't a painful one - it's almost one of relief, because for her it is not the place where she met Siegfried but where she recovered Riesenlied instead. Part of her wonders if this will be all - if they're just going to recreate that panicked night from so many months ago.

        Still, the low whine she can hear on the horizon pulls her up short, cutting through her thoughts. She doesn't need to be an empath to have an idea of what it means, and what it signifies, and it makes her furrow her brow in quiet sympathy... and scatters all of her plans as to how to handle the situation in a single sweep.

        Human voices, the sound of fear and panic, are what make her push forward. Circling Trask's seat, she comes across the pair of guards, huffing quietly in relief that neither of them have been stupid enough to attack. "Stay clear! It will not attack so long as you do. We've got this," she adds, as she starts to hear Drifters converge. Drawing in a breath, she steps forwards. "Riese-- I'm here. Trask--" she pauses, mouth working as she tries to figure out what to even say. "... well done. You kept her safe."

<Pose Tracker> Jean has posed.

Out on the fields, around ruins and settlements.... Particularly, towards the Ruins of Memory. Jean has spent a lot of time out and about since everything in the Photosphere; with the greatest issue facing the safety of the world gone, they have to find a way back to Lunar, or Lucia won't be able to complete her mission. They first landed here in the Ruins of Memory--maybe there's a connection? So, while Jean wasn't hanging out at the Adventurer's guild...

She approaches the crossroads in traveller's garb and tilts her head as she sees frightened guards and... something draconic, away? Immediately she starts to tense--but in less than moments she spots its condition, its demeanor... its whine. It isn't harming anyone, least of all Riesenlied. But... That doesn't really explain what's going on.

"...Hey..." Jean tilts her head, and then starts stepping forward, lifting her hands in a show of peace.


Meanwhile, from the direction of New Petra, a furry black canine finally slows to a walk, barking twice and letting her tongue loll as she catches her breath. Dog looks in the direction of Riesenlied and Trask, and tilts her head, whining thoughtfully.

Did... Did she chase them all the way from New Petra???

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

Talia came with Lydia. The idea had come along for Talia to join with the Wayside Outreach, and Lydia was her route into that cluster; she knew her best. It meant that she needed to meet Riesenlied. Which, after seeing Lydia get nearly killed by Janus, Talia is rather nervous about.

It shows as she walks along the path to New Petra, not for the first time, and drums her fingers against the black legging she wears. Her head turns, peering towards Lydia. "I think she will like me, no? It will be fine! It will--"


"Change of plans!" Talia opines.


Now, Talia walks towards a place familiar to her: the ruins of Memory. Her nose wrinkles as she approaches, and walks straight towards the entrance -- and the guards -- and gives them a glance. Then, she looks ahead at Noeline. Noeline is, she gathers, the one in charge.

"So, ah," she says. "We need to... talk to the big turtle? Or do we have to fight it? I am good with either! I can be convincing, no?"

Then she turns, flashes a quick smile at Avril, and waves at her cheerfully. It's back to Trask after that.

<Pose Tracker> Ree has posed.

Ree approaches the Ruins of Memory cautiously, aware something is amiss. It was...a turtle. A giant, metallic spiky-shelled turtle holding a blonde woman captive on top of a big rock. Ree didn't know what the turtle was, exactly, or where it had come from, but SOMEONE had certainly done a number on it, judging by the damage to the shell. Ree had heard about it through some of her contacts in the Adventurers Guild. She wasn't -- and couldn't be -- a member, but sometimes some of the members needed...

Less-than-honorable goods and services, if she were to be honest about it.

Clearly, the mission was to kill or disable the turtle and rescue the woman. Well, that certainly seemed straightforward! Good thing the turtle was already injured -- it was going to make claiming the reward much, much easier. Ree smiles. Easy was always preferable. She was going to have to be extra-careful aiming her guns, though. Her magic was too wide-ranging for this and would doubtless hit the blonde woman. For the time being, she waits to see what the others will do. For now, the turtle is not attacking.

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

        "Is that..."

        Neatly seated in her saddle, Avril gazes up atop the edifice of the Ruin of Memories, her expression awash in astonishment and shock.

        She had been in Adlehyde for the day, picking up a few odds and ends from the recovering shops -- New Petra may be her 'base of operations' in the meanhow, while she awaits word from the Black Wolves but there is much that even a rebuilding Adlehyde has that Petra has not -- when she had crossed paths with Ida, who had spoken about a disruption near the Ruin.

        A disruption to the days plans, to be sure, but one that she could not permit to slide.
        Particularly when she hears that the monster apparently has someone in its grasp. Dean may not be here but she knows he -- and Rebecca -- would rush to the rescue.
        Since they are not here, she shall do so in their stead.

        "Do you think it possible we might be able to separate her from the beast?" she asks Ida, dismounting her own borrowed horse. "This is a perilous situation. It may be wounded, but wounded creatures can be dangerous." Her expression has gone as hard as ancient ice.

        She steps lightly but quickly, drawing Absolute Zero's hilt from the wrapped belt at her waist.

        She's not gone more than a few steps when Talia -- unexpected but welcome -- calls out to her.

        "Talia -- thank goodness. Perhaps, it may be possible to reason with it? If we could avoid hard to Riesenlied..."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

The word of Riesenlied's kidnapping spread pretty quickly among Drifters and those she considered friends. So, naturally, word of what happened reached Jacqueline's ears in a matter of moments.

To her, this was a serious matter. She dropped everything and headed to the location she had been told - the Ruins of Memory, where the Metal Beast was said to have gone and where a crowd of people has come to gather. Why here, of all places, she didn't know, but the sight of the Metal Beast is a telling one.

Its wounded, battered body...but also the way it holds Riesenlied gently. It is not the gesture of a Beast that is looking to harm her.

Over the sound of other voices she hears Noeline calling out and so Jacqueline naturally gravitates in her direction.

"I take it you're familiar with this one?" Jacqueline asks. As she moves she rummages through her bags, eventually drawing out a book - the Lifeweaver's Codex.

She flips through its pages, a frown crossing her face as she tries to find a particular entry in its section on Metal Beasts. When they met after the fall of the Photosphere, Malfi had given her a list of command words to stop a Metal Beast from attacking...but she couldn't find any words to cover this particular Beast.

"Reason with it...do you think we can?" Jacqueline asks, looking over to Avril. It was good to see other familiar faces here. "I'd certainly prefer to avoid a fight...it doesn't seem like this 'Trask' wants to hurt Riesenlied, but if a fight breaks out she might get caught in the crossfire..."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren still hasn't entirely recovered from getting SHOT IN THE HEAD but has volunteered to guide Talia over to Riesenlied to ask her about her desire to join the Wayside Outreach! Which she didn't want to do before. But now she does want to do.

"Why wouldn't she like you? You're perfectly charismatic. Plus, she likes people easily. It's part of how she works!"


Lydia lets out a faint sigh. "Okay, i'll just wheel myself...all the way over there now."


Lydia since her near-murder from Janus is still recovering but she does have her legs back. But they're just the skeletal frame whereas the rest of her seems to generally have been repaired. She isn't paprticularly desirous of a battle right now, especially not against someone's pet or anything, even if that pet is like 12 feet tall and all.

"Uh." Lydia says. "Well, I think the turtle is mom's pal so. Maybe... be nice... to it?"

She waves towards Avril, more hesitantly. The longer they fail to have that talk they were gonna have, the more awkward it gets! Waaagh!

"Um." She looks towards Riesenlied hoping for some kind of cue.

<Pose Tracker> Harken has posed.

                                All quiet...

Where once there was a voice, strong and firm and assured, there now is nothing. A void. An emptiness amidst the swirling mists, in the shape of a great and imposing figure.

                                All alone...

All that remained of the fallen general Siegfried, now, was a legacy. An adopted daughter who defied everything she had been told was true and just in favor of the path her heart might follow - indeed, perhaps inheriting the noble flame that had once burned in his heart.

All that remained of his legions, now, were scattered across the land. The Hyadean disapora. Of their leaders, none remained.

At least... none overtly remained.

                                 ... wait.

A ragged, gray cloak emerges from beneath the shadow of a rocky outcropping, rising from the pool of black as if it contained its own depths to swim in. Its wearer, lured here by the unexpected reminder of the enemy they once swore to serve. r

But rather than skulk in the shadows, unnoticed and conniving, it swiftly leaps to the top of the signpost where all of the guardsmen are freaking out. The hood falls, as Harken is unconvinced that remaining stealthy is actually that important, and because trying to be mysterious all scene long would be annoying.

"Still alive. The loyal mutt..."

And so, the unrepentant murderer cups her chin to a hand and watches.

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

The crime wave is high with stealing mysterious
All New Petra and Fereshte are furious
'cause they can't find the source
Of this tragically evil force

This is serious, so give me ten Gella
I was a witness, I need a reporter
Call Jude Moshe in on this case, eh
You better hurry up there's no time to waste

We need help like quick, on the double
Have pity on the city, man, it's in trouble

We need heroes like Zepet Roughnight
When ARMSmeisters were feister, up on the double
They didn't say they'd be there in half an hour
Because they displayed...


Prissa came in part to help Riesenlied but also to help Lydia, because she is worried for her. She DID bring all her damn swords today, so when she looks upwards towards the creature. Entity? Revanchists? Prissa thinks.

"You sure?" she asks Noeline. "Already it stole someone."

But she doesn't go for a throwing dirk or anything.

GS: Riesenlied has adjusted their boss level for 10 opponents!
<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

        Several guards nod and salute at Ida's presence, clearly used to working with the now-veteran Drifter. "No one's approached, and the Beast hasn't attacked anyone... just what does it want? It's confusing."

        "This happened before, five months ago. I was on patrol then..."

        And Noeline arrives soon enough - a few of the guardsmen are a bit on edge, but it doesn't like enough of them actually know her to be one of the aggressors on Adlehyde thanks to the disguise she had at the time.

        "O-oh, it's you again, ma'am! Just like last time!" the guard repeats, perhaps hoping this would resolve things in that bizarre, unknowable way like last time.

        Jean is next to approach past the guards and closer towards the rock. Riesenlied flits her glance to her with a worried look, expressing, "Jean, I'm not hurt--" her eyes widen as a bark accompanies her. She cups her mouth for a moment as she expresses, "Dog?? Why are you here-- where's Lily?"

        The other people of the Outreach arrive before long with Noeline; Talia, along with Lydia, who were only moments away when the initial kid-- momnapping happened. Much like the others, it doesn't take a lot to surmise that Trask is being very careful with how it's holding Riesenlied; not a hostage, but someone to guard.

        Ree didn't exactly get a clear mission at the time; a lot of frantic panic made a lot of the information terribly unclear, but she gets a good picture of it by the time she arrives. Trask takes note, nonetheless, as more and more Drifters start gathering...

        Avril arrives along with Ida, and surmises the possibility of separating Riesenlied from the beast. While it would not be entirely impossible...

        Would it be as possible, perhaps, to separate her from the hand of the Golem she was found on?

        Would that Golem have allowed such a thing?

        The magical means in which the Lifeweaver's Codex can inform Jacqueline of tales of overcoming the shells of armored turtles by using Fire and Ice in quick succession... but at the same time, its armor is already breached. They wouldn't need to overcome a tremendous defence.

        Instead, she points out that it doesn't look like the creature wants to hurt Riesenlied, an observation some others have come... so what is the solution to be had here?

        Riesenlied's lips purse, looking a bit haggard as Noeline and several approach her, including Lydia and accompanied by Prissa. She clings harder to the nail and whispers, "Noeline, Lydia, everyone! I'm so glad you're here, but..."

        She looks towards the turtle.

        "Trask, don't hurt her-- don't hurt anyone... okay?"

        Let none approach, save Noeline.

        Trask cranes its head down tiredly, golden eyes looking towards the Hyadean-Crimson Noble with that exact same regarding glance of hers from last time. Towards the others -- to Jean, to Lydia, to Jacqueline, Avril and Talia...

        There's something so tired, something so wearisome and longing in its gaze.

        Its gaze seems to ask: What next?


        Nothing happens.

        Once she arrives, you are to return to me.

        Where should it return to?

        How does it meet with its master again?

        It trembles for a moment, as if the logic that it's desperately trying to follow ends there. It looks stressed, and everyone's danger-senses can follow its animalistic movements looking more and more agitated.

        "Trask-- please..." Riesenlied cries in a more frantic fashion, clinging tighter to its nail as she feels its fingers curl up protectively around her.

        Then Trask looks, as it seems to detect inside its systems someone of similar rank. It lets out a pained, long snarl towards Harken as if it's seeking an answer. An answer to: Why?

        That seems to have been its tipping point. It suddenly hunkers, and several ports open on its scaly turtloid back.


        Several dangerous-looking missiles fire from its back!! Trask's renowned counter-missile payload, which can detonate and even do serious damage to a Gear! But they're wavering and tipping to one side as it seems to not focus on any one person in particular. Several missiles explode somewhat tepidly and hew rock apart and upheave ground.

        The Drifters are going to have to make sure they don't get caught in any updrafts or errant missile fire, though it seems to have made sure to not aim at several targets it knows it shouldn't-- Noeline, Harken, and...

        "Trask! STOP!!" Riesenlied cries, but she only gets a more agonised cry in response.

        Especially Dog. Dog is well away from any missile explosions.

GS: Riesenlied has activated a Boss Action!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Avril Vent Fleur with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Ida Everstead-Rey with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Jacqueline Barber with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Jean with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Lydia Seren with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Prissa with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Ree with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Talia with Sad Missile Splashes!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Noeline with I Won't Attack...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Harken with I Won't Attack...!
GS: Riesenlied has completed her action.
GS: Jacqueline Barber critically Guards a hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 17 hit points!
GS: Jacqueline Barber has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 92 hit points!
GS: Prissa takes a glancing hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 53 hit points!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Harken with I Won't Attack...!
GS: Riesenlied has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Noeline takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's I Won't Attack... for 0 hit points!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
DC: MISS! Ida Everstead-Rey completely evades Sad Missile Splashes from Riesenlied!
GS: Ree critically Guards a hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 19 hit points!
GS: Ree has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
GS: Jean takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 97 hit points!
GS: Lydia Seren takes a glancing hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 44 hit points!
GS: Talia takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Sad Missile Splashes for 89 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"Let's see what we can do, no?" Talia says to Avril, with a wink. Then, she nods to Lydia. "Right! Not murdering people's pets is an important way to make a good impression. I have read this in a book somewhere."

The cry from the creature, however, slows Talia's thought process. This is something hurting -- and while she may have made a joke, she is recalculating that. Her eyes widen, though, as she sees its back beginning to open. It takes a moment longer than usual to process.


Talia turns to look at Lydia and shouts. "Move!" She does, too -- trying to dart, before a missile explodes near her. The blast sends her rolling, and she comes up half-way to a kneel. She lets out a shaky breath. "I can try to get Riesenlied away from this, no?" she asks. "If you think it would help!"

GS: Talia has attacked Talia with Stall for Time!
GS: Talia has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Talia has completed her action.
GS: Talia takes a solid hit from Talia's Stall for Time for 0 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

        "I wouldn't discount it," Ida says. Her lips curl in a thoughtful--if worried--frown as she catches sight of Noeline, approaching the pair of guards. "But I doubt that Adlehyde's people could rest easy with it this close to their walls." Ida's right hand tightens at the thought. She lets out a breath, and with it, the anxiety that comes from thinking about Cecilia and what she's been through. Avril calls out to Talia, and Ida turns to face her, smiling ever-so-slightly. "Delicate touch this time," she says. "As delicate as we can--"

        A tall, cloaked figure is suddenly right there atop the signpost, right in front of the guards.

        "Manage," Ida says. "Get back! Get back, all of you!" She gestures at the guards, trying to clear out at least some of the crowd around the massive Beast. Its body language tells Ida everything she needs to know, and tired though it may seem, it's still a wounded animal.

        Missiles fire. "Scatter!" Ida shouts, to Talia and Avril. She darts forwards, weaving back and forth with long, leaping strides. She catches sight of Jay, and feels relief. "Jay, can you sedate it?!" Ida drops to her knees and skids behind a rock outcropping. She whips a flare grenade off her belt loop, cradles it in her right hand, touches the fuse to something on her palm. The cotton catches flame immediately. Ida throws the grenade towards Trask's face. Halfway there it erupts in a flash of blinding magnesium light and a boom of rushing air.

        Ida tries to choke down the sudden surge of guilt. She's not wholly successful.

GS: Harken guards a hit from Riesenlied's I Won't Attack... for 0 hit points!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has attacked Riesenlied with Flare Grenade!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Ida Everstead-Rey's Flare Grenade for 0 hit points!
GS: Slow! Statuses applied to Riesenlied!
<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Yeah, murdering people's pets is, like, bad." Lydia says.

She waves a hand towards the Trask.

The Trask fires missiles in her direction. Lydia says, "R--right!" to Talia and hops out of her wheelchair, takes a step forward, then falls flat on her face because her legs are skeletons.

She stands up, runs another foot, then falls over again.

The missile explodes against her wheelchair, sends it flying through the air, and then lands on top of Lydia who flops forward into the ground.

"Ogghh...." Lydia groans. "This is awful. Mom! Pretend to be your dad and get it to stop!"

Her head flops onto the floor again as she gestures a hand towards Talia and sends a shimmering veil over Talia that will help render her INVISIBLE as it repels light.

"Prissa, do you have any Trask Treats???"

GS: Lydia Seren has attacked Talia with Hide and Seek!
GS: Lydia Seren has completed her action.
<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

        It's a relief to see Riesenlied safe and unharmed - and it's just as much a relief to see that most of the Drifters converging on their location don't seem to be inclined to immediately go on the attack. Noeline has enough trust in Trask's obedience that her partner won't come to harm, but even in its injured state she would be prepared to bet that the creature could put up one hell of a fight.

        She does her best to draw herself up to her full height, as much as she might be running on sheer improvisation right at the moment; she can't help but huff out a breath as she glances over towards Talia, tensing for a moment in uncertainty before the sight of Lydia right behind her acts to calm her again; Prissa and Avril are on her other side, asking her a similar question, and Jacqueline is at her back, looking for leadership.

        "... I don't honestly know," she admits with a wince. "It will not harm her if it can at all help it, and I doubt very much it will be interested in capturing anyone else. But-- at the same time, I doubt it will be separated from her easily, let alone even understand a debate." There's a pause as her brow furrows, and then she looks towards Jacqueline with a frown. "It is Trask. It was Siegfried's," she admits quietly.

        She can't bring herself to explain further - especially not interrupted as she is when another figure makes itself known. "Harken," Noeline mutters under her breath, her eyes wide in surprise. She'd never confirmed the fate of the Quarter Knight after everything in the Photosphere - there hadn't exactly been time, and simply too much to do around New Petra. "... loyal to the end. And beyond, I suppose," she responds without humour, glancing back to the tableau.

        When she approaches Trask, it's with caution. She never really knew what Siegfried's orders for the creature were - only that last time she was allowed to approach, to recover Riesenlied and take her home. The beast's eyes meet hers; she can't help the spike of sympathy she feels, exhaling in uncertainty. "You poor thing," she sighs.

        It isn't the same this time, though. She can see the signs of agitation - feel the air around Trask change, just in time to hear the telltale thoomp of launching missiles around her. "--careful! It is merely defending itself! It--" the words die on her lips. What exactly can she say, when the creature evidently isn't attacking her? "Without Riese, it will certainly lash out, but--"

        Even she looks stunned when one of her pods wings over her shoulder, beeping and whistling cucco-like sounds as it shoots forwards to swing around Trask in a tight circle. The bolts that it peppers Trask with are tiny, little things - and it becomes clear that rather than try to hurt the beast, Trouble is simply trying to distract Trask away from the rest of the assembled Drifters.

GS: Noeline has attacked Riesenlied with Trouble!!!
GS: Noeline has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Noeline has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Noeline's Trouble!! for 62 hit points!
GS: Noeline has lost 0 Combo!
<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

        "Yes. There may be something we might attempt," Avril says, her gaze turning from Talia to rise up at the form of the creature. "Riesenlied... I hope she is alright."

        'But I doubt that Adlehyde's people could rest easy with it this close to their walls,' Ida says, speaking an unfortunate truth.

        Especially not after all they've been through.

        Her expression grim, Avril nods, a curt, short gesture. "If necessary, I... will do what must be done." She rotates her wrist but a few degrees; from the hilt sprouts in a flash Absolute Zero's blade. "However, if there is another way..."

        But she knows -- intimately, somehow? some remnant of what she had been speaks -- that good intentions pave the road to catastrophe.

        As if to undercut that sentiment, missiles fall like rain as warnings pepper the air. Evading them proves difficult; a stray burst catches Avril in her headlong flight amidst them, catapulting her further into the storm.

        But the person she had been had been skilled; she rises to her feet amidst the chaos, and, blade flashing -- drawing upon a small burst of Lucadia's Medium -- launches herself horizontally through the storm of missiles.

        Her blade will cut what projections it can find, in the hopes of clearing their path and permitting the others the chance to try what they might. And if that does not work... she'll just have to hope for forgiveness for what she may need to do.
        But even before that, she must close on the monster.

GS: Avril Vent Fleur has attacked Riesenlied with Innocent Saber!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Avril Vent Fleur's Innocent Saber for 118 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

The machina looks tired, Prissa thinks. It needs repair, no doubt. Then it tightens up and Prissa's stance lowers a little, as she tells to Lydia with warning, "Be careful..." For in this moment, at least, it is Prissa (so perceived) who is the tougher one.

At that point the missiles fire.

Prissa immediately dives out of the arc of where she was standing. This is unfortunately brushing on another section but at least she is on the fringes of that detonation. She curses in her heathen tongue, kips back up to her feet with a clatter of steel, looks at Lydia --


"Like lettuce or something??"

Prissa thinks about it.

She reaches into one pouch and pulls out a strip of beat-flat copper wire which she tosses forwards, where it bounces with a clank. "Worth a try."

GS: Prissa has attacked Riesenlied with Trask... Treat...?!
GS: Prissa has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Prissa's Trask... Treat...? for 72 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Ree has posed.

The battle begins in earnest now, as Trask launches its missiles, seemingly in a random pattern. Ree ducks behind a nearby boulder, using it for cover -- most effectively, it turns out: she only takes a bit of flare damage. She is about to return fire when she notices a woman in a wheelchair stumbling and apparently in bad shape -- at least judging by the way she keeps falling down. Ree shakes her head, uncertain why someone so obviously injured or infirm would show up for a battle with a giant turtle monster. Of course, the woman might not be as incapacitated as she seemed. Ree knew several people with unusual powers: perhaps she was one of those. Still, no sense in not helping out where she could. Ree surreptitiously begins an incantation, runes on her arms glowing. Soon the woman will feel better, at least for awhile. Good thing Ree could stay behind her boulder! No telling what the turtle was going to do next!

GS: Ree has attacked Lydia Seren with Coolsoothe!
GS: Ree has gained 3 Combo!
GS: Ree has completed her action.
<Pose Tracker> Jean has posed.

Lily Keil, to answerr Riesenlied's question, is already scouting near the Krosse border again, having left Dog for her own safety and to look after Riesenlied until she joined them. ....But...

Dog can't actually say all of that, so when Riesenlied asks, Dog just barks happily, practically exuding 'things are okay, and also, I'm happy to see you!'

Jean, though, "So I see!" She glances down at Dog, "Huh. Nice dog, huh? You a friend of hers?" Dog barks again, and Jean starts forward, still careful. ...Missiles happen, of course. Jean is still--and then shields her face with her arms, blocking the debris that crashes towards her, obvious cuts and bruises and scrapes showing blood even now just from being near the explosions... But then she lowers her arms again.

"...You seem hurt," she says, and lowers her arms, looking towards Trask... and then starts stepping forward, again. She reaches down, though, to her bag, and pulls a few berries, quietly popping them into her mouth and moving to chew as she does.

Dog barks and shifts away from the explosions, even if they aren't directed at her--and whines faintly in worry at Riesenlied.

GS: Jean has attacked Jean with Herb!
GS: Jean has completed her action.
GS: Jean heals Jean! She gains 100 temporary hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Riesenlied doesn't want Trask to hurt anyone...and Jacqueline doesn't particularly want to hurt Trask. She frowns to herself, trying to come up with something - anything - she might be able to do to calm it down.

"...Siegfried's..." Jacqueline murmurs sadly. "...It...doesn't know, I take it...?"

As she says this, she spots in the distance a cloaked figured perched atop a signpost. With the hood up its difficut to tell who it is, but once it falls...

"...Wait, is that Lady Harken?" Jacqueline comments. She's talking mostly to herself, but its audible to those around her. Jacqueline is briefly concerned...but she doesn't seem to be inflicting violence right now, and she's given an immediate threat in the form of bio-missiles launched by the Trask.

They're not as powerful as they may have been in the past, due to its weakned state, but they still pose a threat.

"Get behind me!" Jacqueline urges the bystanders, a quick gesture of her left hand invoking an Earth Crest in her gauntlet. A pillar of stone rises up, intercepting the missile before it can pose a threat.

At this point, Ida calls out to her. Jacqueline looks in her direction, thinks for a moment...and then nods, before rummaging through her bag for a bottle.

"I can try! But I'll need to get closer." She replies. Ida has a plan, though. As soon as the Flare Grenade goes out Jacqueline shields her eyes, then rushes in while Trask is distracted by that and Trouble.

"Please drink all of it...!" She murmurs, waits for its mouth to open, takes aim...and chucks the bottle right in.

GS: Jacqueline Barber has attacked Riesenlied with Dreamy Draught!
GS: Jacqueline Barber has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Jacqueline Barber's Dreamy Draught for 0 hit points!
GS: Weaken! Statuses applied to Riesenlied!
<Pose Tracker> Harken has posed.

Harken's choice of garb offers little in the way of protection. Her once-resplendent armour, a technological marvel by even Hyadean standards, didn't survive the cataclysmic showdown with Mother. She wears but a threadbare and cliched cloak of grey over a scavenged tabard and layers of leather, but doesn't need to soak any missile attacks, luckily. The monstrous turtle hounds her with a mournful and angry noise. She remains perched atop the signpost, elbows on her knees.

"Are you still looking for him, after all this time?" asks Harken, her expression level. Eyes like slate. She carries not a single weapon, for that matter. "You and many others. But it's too late."

Like the beast itself, Harken is a ghost out of time. The de-factor leader of a military that no longer exists. A warrior-slave for a bunch of dead aliens. They share a common understanding - nevermind that the quasi-Human serial killer is also probably used to the metal beast's presence, and vice versa. It's probably the only one that ever acted tolerable, anyway. "She's your master now."

Harken indicates Riesenlied with a pointed finger, and stretches to full height. The signpost cracks under her weight. "She'll not want any more tragedy. Nor would he."

The pale lady with the scarlet hair glances balefully to her side, as if expecting the Drifters and Guardsmen to be lunging for Trask with fangs bared. That they aren't surprises her. So she shields her eyes briefly before Ida's flash grenade can blind her.

"You may want to back far away." she calls out after a moment's contemplation. Left unsaid is the possibility that the poor thing might just need to be put down.

Harken is used to bad things like that. Oh, how those around her are no doubt used to that attitude, too.

GS: Harken has attacked Riesenlied with Cautioning Presence!
GS: Harken has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Harken's Cautioning Presence for 0 hit points!
GS: Ree heals Lydia Seren! She gains 100 temporary hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

        The guardsmen yell and hurry away in formation, crying out, "It's mad now!"

        "Take cover!!"

        Several of them are already obliging with the orders Drifters are giving, and fortunately the brunt of them are away from the initial explosions; the grounds around the Ruins of Memory scatter and split apart, but the garrison of guards make it up the hill and closer towards the ranchlands proper.

        Talia rolls with the blast of an errant missile as she moves to protect Lydia and buy them some time.

        Ida surmises that Adlehyde's people can't rest easy, and it's something that is very much in Riesenlied's mind as she shakes her head and calls, through budding tears as she pushes back a choke in her voice--

        "We can't stay here. We-- we hurt a lot of people here, Trask..."

        Trask notices the grenade flying into its face.

>> +guard 1

GS: ... but Trask won't Defend itself.
>> +force protect=riese/everything
GS: Trask accepts all blows to protect Riesenlied!

        Riesenlied's eyes widen further as she screams, "LYDIA!" and immediately looks towards Noeline, as she tries to push out of the way of Trask's nails, but finds herself more than a little trapped. "Noeline, please help Lydia--" she's relieved to see her still moving and casting a spell on Talia, and to see Ree aiding her daughter as well, but...

        She blinks softly at Lydia's suggestion. "Pretend to be... father?"

        The Hyadean winces as she reaches towards her pack, as she tangles with Trask's claw-like fingers. It seems to have triggered something that she thinks may help, but...

        Meanwhile, Noeline arrives with Trouble in tow as several little bolts pepper its surface.

>> +attack trouble=missile
GS: ... but Trask won't hurt Trouble either.

        "Avril..." Riesenlied whispers, seeing the white-haired queen of the Veruni arrive on scene at last. She pauses
as she recalls those words. To be a blade... to do what must be done.

        She lowers her head, covering herself as Avril /jumps/ and splits several missiles with Absolute Zero; a couple
of hollowed out shells land against the ground and fail to explode.

        You seem hurt, speaks Jean, something Trask pays attention to. For a moment, it doesn't seem like it would
do anything to stop her approach. Riesenlied looks to Jean with a nod. "Dog is a precious member to us all... Dog, stay safe... okay?"

        Prissa has a different approach. Lydia suggests giving it a few treats, and she actually obliges as the
swordsmith charges forward with a pouch and throws several flat pieces of copper wire to it. "Eh?" Riesenlied blinks.
"Wait, that's--"

        Trask looks at the strips of copper.

>> +eat treat
GS: cromch cromch cromch
>> +eat treat
GS: Mm... hooman doin me a solid. 10/10
GS: Wait! Must protect!

        That distraction of Prissa's gives Jacqueline the chance to hurry in with a resolute motion that causes pause
for Riesenlied for a moment further. In between Ida's grenade and Trouble's blasts, she hucks a bottle in. "Jay--"

        The liquid enters Trask's throat. It blinks a few times--

>> +stay awake
GS: I don't understand that command.
>> +stay awake
GS: Must find... Master...

        Trask shakes its head louder, its howls getting more and more agitated -- but then Harken addresses it.

        Are you still looking for him, after all this time?

        Trask winds down to a dead stop, as Riesenlied looks towards the red-haired ex-Quarter Knight and up towards the loyal beast again. She shivers further, looking to Noeline and Lydia with a faint signal.

        She's procured a white mantle from her bag. The mantle of Sigmund.

        But it's too late.

        It can't really be said that Trask understands language to the same degree humans and Hyadeans do, but the
manner in which those words are spoken cut across all barriers of understanding.

        It HOWLS--

        And its throat echoes throughout the landscape of the Ruins of Memory as truth is made real to it, rattling the
ground and posing a challenge to the ears.

        "Trask..." Riesenlied hangs on for dear life as it starts to spasm further and flail. "He is-- I couldn't-- we

        Siegfried kneeled down before the newly-fashioned Metal Beast. It was small: a creature with a fledgling shell,
of interlocking steel plates, and spikes on the back. The tail swished, methodically, and a face that was reptilian
looked up at him. He found himself smiling, slowly; he brushed back a long bang of his pale blue hair.

        More howling. Endless howling. Inconsolable howling.
GS: Riesenlied has activated a Boss Action!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Avril Vent Fleur with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Harken with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Ida Everstead-Rey with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Jacqueline Barber with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Jean with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Lydia Seren with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Noeline with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Prissa with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Ree with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Riesenlied has attacked Talia with Master... Mmmaster...!
GS: Harken takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 96 hit points!
GS: Talia takes a solid hit from Lydia Seren's Hide and Seek for 0 hit points!
GS: Quick! Statuses applied to Talia!
GS: Talia takes a glancing hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 32 hit points!
GS: Prissa guards a hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 42 hit points!
GS: Jacqueline Barber critically Guards a hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 14 hit points!
GS: Jacqueline Barber has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
GS: Ree has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
DC: MISS! Ree completely evades Master... Mmmaster... from Riesenlied!
GS: Lydia Seren has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Riesenlied has lost 1 Combo!
DC: MISS! Lydia Seren completely evades Master... Mmmaster... from Riesenlied!
GS: Noeline takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 68 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"I don't think there are Trask treats," Talia says with a frown. She glances at Noeline -- eyes meet hers for a moment, and then she nods once at the stranger. "Ah, well--I can teleport. I won't try if it might enrage him further. He is not hurting her, no?" Then, a glance at the silver-haired swords woman. "Let's see if we can keep it from coming to that, Avril."

Except that Prissa, apparently, has such a thing.

Talia stares for a moment at that. Talia, surrounded by her shimmering veil, leans down. "Sorry," she murmurs to Lydia -- she'd rather ask -- but given the circumstances, feels it best to pick Lydia up and put her in the wheelchair. She turns her head, looking back at Trask.

She tries to think of something to tell someone who lost somebody they care for.

And she still is, for a long moment, eyes heavy and expression empty. She doesn't have words for that.

GS: Talia has completed her action.
GS: Jean takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 78 hit points!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur takes a solid hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 69 hit points!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey takes a glancing hit from Riesenlied's Master... Mmmaster... for 38 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Jean has posed.

Jean can't help but notice Harken--her dire foe, someone she fought so hard against, who now... Is just here, with everything done. She looks at her, but she doesn't back away as suggested. She just listens; the grim truth...

Jean keeps her eyes on Trask as she approaches. "That's all right. I'm not here to hurt you." But she does, in that moment, resolve to protect Dog if it's necessary--Dog, as she starts approaching from another angle. From the side, slowly, un-aggressive.

And here--

That howl breaks across Jean's ears, painfully so, and she stops in place for an instant--before closing her eyes, shaking her head, and resolving to deal with the pain. It's ear-splitting, true--but pain is nothing. Pain...

It should hurt, shouldn't it? In a moment of tragedy. How many times has Jean seen loss? ...Has she seen it in those who didn't even have the opportunity to be hurt by it, to care?

"...Let it out," Jean says, just loudly enough that she might be heard. "Cry all you need. ...You should have that chance. No one should tell you you can't, when it hurts."

Dog, for her part, gets low to the ground, her sensitive hearing making it an unpleasant experience for her.

But this is how it is, isn't it?

...For her part, Jean still hasn't drawn a weapon, and she sure isn't getting out of range.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia wasn't going to let a lack of functional legs get in the way between her and saving her mother from a situation she kind of doesn't need rescue from because really Trask thinks its protecting her! "Why couldn't he have had a tinier pet?" Lydia grumbles.

Thankfully she is plucked back up by Talia. Talia will actually find this somewhat difficult since Lydia is both taller and weighs more than the average lady. Luckily it's not by so much that she can't get her back into the chair. "Ugh, I hate feeling useless." Lydia tells Talia. "Though I guess it's not like I'd be fighting it even if I could get around."

She brightens when Prissa tosses a Trask Treat and...it seems to be enjoying it. "Aha!! It worked! it's eating the treat! Good turtle best turtle!" She throws up her hands and then--

--oh no


The turtle is crying.

"Nooo..." Lydia says. "Don't crrryyy...wagghh...the pet is sad now. I can't even..."



GS: Lydia Seren has attacked Riesenlied with BAWWWWWWWWW!
GS: Lydia Seren has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Lydia Seren's BAWWWWWWWWW for 0 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Ree has posed.

Trask's attack hits the rock Ree is hiding behind, which just enourages her to stay behind it! It's attacking but not demanding anything for its hostage, howling in grief and possibly rage. "What does it want?" she asks no one in particular. She gathers from the incipient conversations she hears around her that the beast's master is dead, or unreachable. Perhaps the blonde woman is its new master? Is that why it's guarding her? If that's so, what is it doing at the entrance to this ruin? She hold off on attacking for the moment, unsure of what to do. She'll follow the lead of the people around her. Once again the runes on her arms glow as she begins an incantation...

GS: Ree has attacked Ree with Ice Ward!
GS: Ree has completed her action.
GS: Ree takes a solid hit from Ree's Ice Ward for 0 hit points!
GS: Shield! Statuses applied to Ree!
<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

        Jay manages to get the sedative into Trask's mouth, and Prissa follows with what looks like a metal scrap. Ida flattens her body against the bluff she's using for cover, and allows herself to entertain the hope this might end peacably. She glances at Harken, then at the--

        Oh dear. That is definitely Dog in Jean's arms. Ida opens her mouth to address her fellow martial artist, but stops. Harken's words linger in the air. Ida finds herself remembering a poor, lonely dog who stayed by his master's side even when their home fell to Malevolence. She finds herself remembering a bundle of black-and-white fluff, resting in her father's arms as her family stood at the harbor rail to see her off. The thought that maybe Siefried had a beloved pet hadn't occurred to her.

        This close to Trask, she can't escape the earthshaking sound of its howl, either. The naturalist clamps both hands over her ears, and her face twists into a grimace. Ringing drowns out everything else for a moment or two. Ida opens an eye, and sees Dog approach. Part of her is horribly worried, and not just for the dog's sake.

        Living Metal flows out of Ida's sleeve, rolling up her arm and down her hand to encase everything; it hardens into a layer of armor, form-fitting and articulated, colored blue and gold. The white lotus of her house stands out at her shoulder.

        Ida rises, and climbs out from behind her cover. She creeps towards Trask's side, careful to stay within its cone of vision. Slowly, she reaches out with that armored hand, and pats its flank.

GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has attacked Riesenlied with ...pet?!
GS: Ida Everstead-Rey has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Ida Everstead-Rey's ...pet? for 0 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Harken has posed.

The woman who once counted herself among the Quarter Knights leans into the sonic burst of a confused hound's miserable howl. If only she still wore all her armour, the instruments would helpfully report the approximate pressure of the oncoming blow. Alas, there is no such luxury here. "Yes," she agrees, words doubtless lost amidst the roar of a mind dawning on the realization that one's lone parent will never return again. "It is like that."

Much is indeed left unsaid - not just between the late Siegfried's co-conspirator and his loyal pet, but between herself and many others here. Jean, for example, is owed an explanation or two. But it is neither the time, nor the place. The weary-looking woman merely locks eyes with her and smirks once, head bobbing with the cold mirth of a single chuckle.

Is it heartless of her, to have put an end to the lie? To dash whatever lingering hope lies beneath uncertainty? Just another blow from a cold-blooded killer?

Or is it merciful - to pen the final sentence, to free the heart from its shackles of fear?

       Only she who delivers that final stroke can know for certain.

Harken strides towards the wildly-flailing beast, one hand raised before her. Even were it not the late Siegfried's loyal turtle, the bewildered and lost metal beasts scattered about the lands remain her responsibility. Thrust upon her, but her responsibility none the less. "Do not expect him to tame so easily," cautions the tall lady in the basic wanderer's garb. Especially to Ida, who wants to pat it. Who can blame her? "Nobody ever taught them how to feel."

Another one of those sidelong glances, cast at Riesenlied and Noeline. Oh, how laden with intent that could be. It looks trusting, but what is she trusting them to... do...?

GS: Harken has attacked Harken with Undying Patience!
GS: Harken has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Harken has completed her action.
GS: Harken heals Harken! She gains 100 temporary hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

        "Perhaps if we were to exhaust it," Avril hazards, when Noeline mentions that getting close to it may only enrage the creature further. "It is injured. It may reach its limits if we draw its attacks." But then that also puts those here from Adlehyde in danger. And there is the possibility that the creature may get desperate.

        In the middle of all this is the nagging sense she's seen this play out before, but that same feeling provides not the slightest fragment of guidance in which direction is best to head.

        Perhaps it may be that there is no proper direction.

        "Yes," is Avril's simple answer to Talia, for what else is there to say?

        She can only hope she does not need to do what is well within her power to do.

        She lands, dust billowing about her; her hair flutters out behind her as a silver cape. Her gaze darts upwards, to where Riesenlied is pleading with the creature.

        Even a Metal Beast may feel sorrow...

        And its sorrow brings with it further destruction. She lifts her sword as if to parry, only to have the force of its grief rip past her, sending her staggering. But it is still a weakened beast...

        Her attention darts back at the others, as if searching for those who have been injured; she plants her sword in the earth for a moment, drawing forth the Medium. "Lucadia..."

        A faint salty breeze rolls in as if with the tide, whirling briefly about Talia as Avril makes use of the Medium's magic.

GS: Avril Vent Fleur has attacked Talia with Ocean's Blessing!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur has gained 1 Combo!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur has completed her action.
GS: Talia gains Restore, shortening negative statuses by 3 turns each!
GS: Avril Vent Fleur heals Talia! She gains 100 temporary hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

Trask eats the copper.

"Huh," Prissa says. She looks at Lydia as if to say: She didn't expect that to work.

Then speaks Harken, who Prissa does not recognize at all. It is unfortunate but consider her upbringing and her focus on an idiosyncratic trade pursuit. "... What? Who is that? Lydia, why -"

And then comes the howl.

Prissa presses a hand to her forehead. "Gahh -- Why...? It is hurting, is the machina body damaged?" (To Talia, she says, "Trask treats there are now.")

And then - AND THEN -

Prissa seems to brighten.

She reaches behind herself and draws loose that big old sword, the Galatine, that she had so recently lent to Lily Keil. Riesenlied will no doubt recognize it. Prissa does not grasp it as if she intends to wield it. Obviously she must grasp the handle but she lays the blade on her open palms and she steps forwards.

The blade is resonating gently to those pained howls.

The glow of the semi-crystalline inlays is muted. It is not riled up, not a sword of fury here. As she approaches Trask the resonance becomes clearer, more of an echo.

The echo grows a little stronger with each step. Because it is not, exactly, an echo. A memory perhaps.

"O great beast," Prissa says: "You have not been the first." And then Prissa steps close enough for that counter-harmonic noise, the howl of the great Hellion dog they faced on that long-distant island on a distant world, the creature whose heart was pure. Prissa crouches a little - rather than stab Galatine into the ground, she inserts the first few inches of the blade into the soil.

Then she steps back. The sword continues to hum just a little.

GS: Prissa has attacked Riesenlied with Galatine - Dutiful To The Grave!!
GS: Prissa has completed her action.
GS: Riesenlied takes a solid hit from Prissa's Galatine - Dutiful To The Grave! for 161 hit points!
<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

That's definitely Harken, alright. And she's helping? Well...Jacqueline is glad they're on the same side - at least for this. She doesn't stray too far from Trask, though, which means she hears as Riesenlied says her name. Jacqueline doesn't speak, but she sends her a nod - a quiet nod to express that she's here and knows what she's doing.

She turns her attention back to Trask, and watches as Riesenlied produces a white mantle and says those words. And listens, as Trask howls. An endless, inconsolable howling.

It strikes her to her very core. She shuts her eyes tight, taking in the immensity of the emotion. It was a Metal Beast...but even they were capable of feeling this way.

Jacqueline is quiet. She doesn't say anything. She looks toward Jean as she speak and then, looking back at Trask, nods.

"Yes..." She murmurs.

"We don't want to hurt you. You're...already hurting far, far too much..." Jacqueline says, placing a hand over her hurt. Her eyes seek Trask's. "We're just concerned for Riesenlied's sake. ...Just like you are..."

She's quiet for a moment, thinking back to Noeline's earlier words.

"...It's okay. You did your job well...I'm sure he'd be proud of you..." She says.

GS: Jacqueline Barber has completed her action.
<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

        Noeline starts all of a sudden as she watches Lydia pitch to one side; she wouldn't often admit to the sort of fear she's feeling now, but it's written on her face anyway as she skids across towards the Baskar girl even before Riesenlied cries out for her daughter. She is a little rougher than she could be as she tears the wheelchair off of Lydia, but it's not every day she sees a daughter nearly get crushed. More often than she'd like, if she's honest. But not every day.

        Avril's conviction makes her snap her head up, mirrored by Harken's unspoken possibility; an argument is on the tip of her tongue, but she finds herself swallowing it back down with a rather bitter frown. Riesenlied cannot stay here forever. Trask cannot stay here forever. And if it truly can't move on from Siegfried, is there anything else they can do to grant it mercy? "... I rather think it does, Miss Barber," she mutters to herself. "And I rather think that's part of the whole problem."

        She's in the middle of helping Lydia up along with Talia when Riesenlied gives her the signal - produces the white cloak of Siegfried, and seals the creature's understanding. The howl is like a physical blow; it nearly drives her down to one knee as she grits her teeth, more out of the sheer feeling of it all rather than any actual force, but a part of her refuses to back down without getting Lydia back in her chair first.

        One hand curls privately into a fist. Every fibre of her being, in the aftermath of those cries, wants to rush forwards and pluck Riesenlied from 'danger' - even if it isn't actually danger at all. Perhaps she's still a bit too pragmatic, she thinks to herself as she huffs without humour. Instead, she screws her eyes shut, pushing the impulse down again and feeling for Riesenlied's presence over their link, reaching for it with her feelings.

        Because the creature in front of them is injured, broken, half-there. And if New Petra exists for any reason at all, if the Ebony Wings or the Wayside Outreach have any meaning, it is as a home for those Metal Demons -- those Metal Anythings -- that have lost part of themselves.

        She doesn't respond to Harken with words, but with a quiet nod of conviction as she steps slowly forwards. They trusted Siegfried to change, to recognize his daughter. They watched as Harken changed, with the understanding of what had happened to her. Noeline finds it only fair to trust here, as well.

        "Trask. I would like to take Riesenlied home," she says gently, closing her eyes. "But if you wish to watch over her - over Siegfried's daughter - it can be your home as well."

GS: Noeline has completed her action.
<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

        Talia makes the decision to focus on Lydia and help her back up than come to her; and it's something that causes Riesenlied to relax and sigh, as she looks back up towards Trask as it works through its anguish.

        She doesn't know of Talia's loss and pain. Nor her lack of words. But she is relieved to see her daughter be cared for, at this moment.

        Jean continues to move forward with a resolve to deal with the pain and not shy away. And she speaks true and earnest to the heart.

        And once more, despite being a creature isn't privy to the realms of communication... Jean urges Trask to let it out. And it does, howling and howling until even its enormous metal throat starts to sound hoarse.

        Poor Dog has great hearing and finds it difficult to approach, but...

        Lydia is crying too, even after Trask receives treats. The turtle is crying. The pet is sad now. "Lydia..." Riesenlied whispers. "I'll try to make it right. Just hold on..."

        Ree takes the chance, in between its shouting, to take cover underneath the rock and incant more protection for herself through ice. What does it want? It's certainly a good question. The way it behaves is entirely emotional, running on instinct. It's no different from an aggrieved animal...

        Prissa steps forth and indicates that it need not be alone, and it is not the first. For as it howls, and it howls to the end of its limits... she stabs Galatine and the sword echoes, and Trask sees the howl of the great Hellion-dog and whines as it looks to find a mirror in a fellow, loyal beast.

        That loyal beast walked to its death in the end... is that what it should do? Just as Trask contemplates that grim end--

        "Ida--?" Riesenlied whispers as she catches a glance to the martial artist, biting her lip as she draws the mantle closer. She bites her lip as she whispers, "Why are you--" Her eyes widen for a moment as she notices the Living Metal encroaching from her sleeve. Is it armour? Did she acquire a gauntlet--

        The sense that rings through her tells her, much like it did prior when Devil's Due whispers into her mind, that it isn't. "Ida..."

        Riesenlied's worry is unfounded in the end, because Trask doesn't... react from the touch of living metal. It seems to find comfort in it, as if it were being surrounded by companions... that it doesn't need to be alone. Just as Galantine says. Just as Ida's arm says. And...

        And as it recalls Harken's words just prior.

        Trask's throat is entirely dry now, without any more noise that it can generate for howling.

        Jacqueline joins in the patting, and even if she isn't a Metal Demon or a Hyadean... it's far too tired, thanks to the dreamy draught she made it quaff earlier. It lets out a low noise...

        I'm sure he'd be proud of you...

        It lets out a low whine as it heeds regard to Riesenlied, who finally dons the white mantle. The mantle that Siegfried wore when he stood amongst the ranks of Lacan, and Sophia, and the others prior.

        As Noeline finally goes to join her, and speaks earnestly about her desire to take her home.

        She is your master now.

        "Trask..." Riesenlied speaks more firmly. She glances towards Harken, with that look that seems trusting, to her. Full of intent, but... what else would come to pass between them? She does not understand how Harken feels now. She wouldn't claim to understand.

        She'll not want any more tragedy.

        She adjusts herself, not to her feet -- because like Lydia, she still deep requires the use of her wheelchair, which isn't present; but as upright as she can be.

        "Father is gone. It is as Harken says..."

        Nor would he.

        "I miss him. Just as much as you do," she whispers closer as she clings towards a piece of Trask's armored belly. "I miss him so much..."

        She swallows faintly.

        But if you wish to watch over her -- over Siegfried's daughter -- it can be your home as well.

        She nods towards Noeline, as she looks to Avril and thinks a moment about what it is she would do no matter what... if Avril's is as a blade, then her...

        "We're all hurting. We've done so much wrong. But we're going to make amends."

        She looks up and reaches towards its cheek as it comes in slowly, gently, sleepily.

        "But we can heal from all this. And you can heal too...
         So come with us... okay, Trask?"

        Trask pauses for a longer moment, as it glances towards the field that had so briefly become a battlefield. It lets out a low, whinnying noise...

        And slowly slumps as it sits down on the rock, a shimmering but familiar triangular piece of metal appearing. Trask's own Beacon, once held fondly by Siegfried... and with that, it finally dozes off into the first bit of restful sleep that it has for a long, long time.

        "We will look after you... I swear it, for father's sake."

>> +heal/full

GS: It will take a long time to heal. But... it is possible if you believe. OK, Trask?
>> +heal/full
GS: Trask is beginning to heal...
<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

"It is all right, Lydia," Talia says, with a wink. But her tone lacks some of that usual playfulness, and her smile doesn't reach her eyes. She looks at the crying, turtle-like Metal Beast... and then towards Harken, with something of a guarded expression.

She swallows. She listens to Avril, and she knows that means she should step forward to offer some consolation. It would only be right. She looks down, though, and her red eyes are heavy with... some emotion that she otherwise doesn't quite let out.

Lucadia's breeze rolls through her hair. She looks up, then, sadly, and approaches Trask hesitantly as he slumps down. She looks at him, then she frowns. She starts to open her mouth; she starts to say more.

Then she closes it. She took away too many parents to ever comfort someone about losing one.

"He is cute, no?" she says, quietly, to Riesenlied.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

        Truth be told, Noeline's heart is rather in her throat. She doesn't honestly know whether Trask will be receptive to Riesenlied's feelings and entreaties, or if the creature is too far gone in its grief. Her steps forward are cautious and careful, not wanting to disrupt or scare Trask into further action. That Ida and Jacqueline are there at its side is probably a good sign, but she's used to being wary.

        The glint of metal at Ida's arm captures her attention for an instant; she hisses under her breath, not honestly certain what to make of it for the time being - but then the bulk of Trask's form fills her vision, and she realizes she's stepped up next to Riesenlied, her hand automatically reaching out for the other Hyadean to make contact with her.

        Mercifully, Trask settles down with another low whine, and Noeline lets out the breath she's been holding for the last few moments. She lifts Riesenlied carefully, but only enough to seat her more securely on one of Trask's hands, figuring that a sense of accompaniment would be best for both of them right now - to reassure Riesenlied in their course of action, and to soothe Trask in some small way.

        Only then does she trust herself to huff out a quiet laugh at Talia's statement, and look to her partner with an wry smile. "... Janey is going to go absolutely wild with glee."

<Pose Tracker> Jean has posed.

With the howling gone, Dog stands up again, and then slowly starts to walk. Trask dozes off, and Dog pads forward, nosing at the big turtle Beast before licking his face and then curling down with him. Apparently Dog is going to help keep Trask warm?

...For her part, Jean gives a small, sad smile. "...Parents, huh?" she asks no one in particular, and finishes walking forward, standing beside Talia for the moment.

"Yeah," she agrees. "He is."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia grabs ahold of Talia's arm as GOOD END is reached and promptly starts shaking her rapidly. "Aahhhhhh this is so cute and sad and cute and sad and agghhhhtphtphtphpt.....!!"

She gives a big doofy smile Prissa's way and makes some noises before she finally lets poor Talia go.

"Okay," She says. "I'm good now."


"Ah! I almost forgot! Can Talia join us mom??" She calls over to her. "She wants to sign up! It's cool right???"

<Pose Tracker> Ree has posed.

Ree watches as the turtle creature...settles into sleep? Well, that was unexpected! Still, she wasn't one to ignore good fortune when it found her. She gazes at Trask suspiciously, trying to see if it was really asleep. You couldn't be too careful dealing with monsters, she had found long ago -- and this one was like nothing else she'd encountered before. It was tolerating several people near it, even petting it -- good evidence that it wasn't hostile, at least not any more. She doesn't holster her guns just yet, keeping them handy JUST in case the sleeping is a ruse. Ree isn't exactly the most trusting individual...

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

Talia has, mercifully, prepared a speech for this moment. So, as soon as Lydia asks, she puffs her chest out a little and puts a hand to it.

"Yes, hello!" she says to Riesenlied. "I am Talia, a friend of Lydia's. I am a bad influence on your daughter, but I am her favorite bad influence, so it will be okay!"

She winks again.

When she does, she uses a little magic to make a heart of icy mist drift away from her eye.

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

        Ida looks at Lady Harken, her face virtually unreadable. The look in her eyes is intense, though, and it does not waver, even as tears streak across her vision. On one hand, she has done something incredibly ill-advised, but on the other hand, this creature was someone's companion, and the way it's reacting speaks of a deep loyalty.

        "We're here," Ida whispers. She reaches into a satchel at her side, and pulls out a small piece of metal encased in a filmy, diaphonous substance. Ida stops patting Trask just long enough to tear open the sterile packaging and remove the injector.

        Trask slumps forwards. The ground shakes as it finally comes to rest. Ida lets out a breath, and allows herself to relax. Moving with deft hands, she locates a spot where most of Trask's armor has been blown off, uncaps the injector, and presses it to Trask's flesh. To a creature its size, the pinprick of the injector is nothing at all--but the drug inside is a cocktail of drugs designed to kick a Hyadean's regeneration into high gear. Standard-issue.

        "Good boy, Trask," Ida whispers. She pats his flank, reassuringly, and glances over her shoulder at Talia and the others. She smiles, despite the tears, and flashes the 'OK' signal.

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

When the duty of the spirit of her sword is done, as Trask slouches down, Prissa moves to reclaim her weapon. It takes a little more pulling to get it out.

During this time the topic of Talia comes up. Prissa looks over towards Lydia as she speaks to Riesenlied. Talia gets a second long look. Prissa has grown, to a certain extent, accustomed to having random strange women appear in her squad and group mobility - if anything it reminds her, in a positive way, of home - but this. This!

"Have I been replaced?" she asks Lydia, just as she PULLS Galatine free, raising it up - and twisting it round on the internal grasp in a full 720-degree rotation, perhaps to remove dust and perhaps to celebrate victory, before sliding it back into its sheath.

She steps closer, nearer to Trask. She sees Ida doing -- something; it seems medical. "Mrs Riesenlied," Prissa says, clearly and explicitly addressing Noeline, "May I ask a question, about the - metal, which your Trask, has eaten? Is this okay? For the health, I mean."

<Pose Tracker> Avril Vent Fleur has posed.

        The Medium is pressed to her chest, her fingers tightly curled about the edge. Her opposite hand lingers on the hilt of her blade. If need be, she can ascend, though it will take time.

        But in the heartbeats that measure out this moment, she waits, barely daring to breathe. From here she can hear what Noeline has to say, what Riesenlied has to say, what...

        Her shoulders sag, ultimately, in relief. Avril closes her eyes, finally exhaling that breath she's kept close to her. Her hand closes about Absolute Zero's hilt only long enough to permit the blade to then vanish.
        Then the ARM is gone, tucked away at her hip once more. Only the Medium remains, and it, of course, is no threat.

        She allows herself the moment to smile: over at Ida, at Talia, at everyone she can see.

        "What a relief," she murmurs.

        On Harken, her attention lingers but a moment more.
        But things have changed. They have changed.

        "Riesenlied, are you unharmed? --Yes, this is Talia, a friend of mine as well."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline steps back, just a touch, as Trask seems to heed Riesenlied. She's keeping a careful eye on the situation, ready to intervene if it seems like it's necessary...but thankfully, it isn't.

Riesenlied is able to reach out to Trask and, finally, it slumps, finding rest for the first time in what must be a long time. ...Jacqueline sniffles. She might be tearing up a little, but there's a smile on her face. She carefully wipes a tear away from her eyes, looking toward Riesenlied.

"...I'm glad for you - all of you." She says, clasping her hands in front of her together. Glad that this ended peacefully, and glad that they could welcome another into their family -- a Metal Beast, mourning the loss of the one that meant most to them.

She takes note as Ida injects Trask with something - something helpful, she assumes, and offers her a thankful smile.

<Pose Tracker> Harken has posed.

Harken looks like the very picture of calm, hand outstretched on the turtle's head as the great beast slows and tires itself. "Good." she rumbles, as fatigue gives way to sleep. A quiet falls over the area, as Riesenlied does what she does best. Trask wasn't, and isn't her pet, but he is one of the few things left to remember Siegfried by. The man she'd followed even after swearing revenge on Mother and her misguided ilk.

But calm is one thing, and kind is another. Talia can recognize a killer despite that mask, and Harken can feel her guarded gaze. A wary smile is on her lips. "Heh," she begins to muse aloud. "A good outcome." the tall, imposing woman announces. Especially Ida's way, since she looks emotionally wrung out and panicked. But since Harken is Harken, she then follows it with: "I'd have traded all of their lives," she jerks a thumb over her shoulder at the quaking guardsmen "for his."

"There will doubtless be more. Let's hope they all go as quietly." and with that, Harken pulls the hood back up over her head and leaves. Avril's stare bores into the back of her head, but she brooks no pause in her stride.

The road she picks is unimportant, save that it doesn't lead back to civilization.

              Their lives are short and hard enough as it is.

Maybe the woman has no appetite for the fight that might break out if she lingered. She pauses only to look to the sky, mid-thought.

                      Isn't that right, Siegfried...?

For the many who had no idea who the weirdo in the ragged garb was, well, she didn't seem much for introductions. Maybe she'll show up again. On one of those wanted posters with her mug on it. And the seven-figure bounty.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

        "Yes... he has always been very loyal," Riesenlied responds to Talia. "From before I was even born, he was already there. Through all the years... even through the worst of it all..."

        She blinks softly as Lydia suddenly bursts and tells her in her own way she's all right because she's full of that Lydia energy!

        "Oh... goodness," Riesenlied blinks a few more times and smiles wider to Talia. "Did you think I'd say no, Lydia? I--"

        A pause. A bad influence??

        "Aah... of course you are welcome," Riesenlied breathes out with a smile to Noeline as well. "I understand you were looking after her a lot during Lunar as well... so thank you, for looking after Lydia."

        Her eyes widen softly to Prissa as she expresses, "I would not think so! No one is being replaced-- ah--" as she more pertinently gets asked about Trask's health. She thinks for a moment.

        "I've seen it eat all kinds of metal and minerals. I think it just likes chewing on it, if not for ingestion... so I think it will be all right."

        Avril, too, vouches of Talia being her friend as she nods, the Mediums shimmering softly between them as she transmits some of her relief. "And doubly so, that Avril considers you friend, Talia..."

        She looks to Ida as she works an injector that she notices and understands; Trask reacts about as much as an elephant would getting bit by a mosquito, but the injector seems to give a lot of comfort to it as it continues sleeping.

        Riesenlied nods quietly to Ida as she gives her the 'OK' signal, and it doesn't take long for her to set up the Beacon; she's seen her father use it for what seems like dozens of times, but she'd never laid hands on the object up until now.

        There's a soft glimmer, and Trask begins to shine as data-cubes and light surround its form in a way that's rather familiar to everyone who's been through the Photosphere and seen the kind of technology the Hyadeans use.

        Soon, Trask returns into the Beacon.

        There's a very tired smile as she kind of suddenly drops and is likely caught into Noeline's arms, saying, "Sorry to worry everyone... it was very sudden, I must say."

        She glances over to Ree, nodding her thanks even though she doesn't know the woman personally -- anyone who came to the call risked their lives here, after all; then she looks to Jacqueline and the guardsmen in the far back, who're preparing to leave.

        "Thank you for being so patient, Jay... I know they must all be scared," she looks towards the guards, who... at the very least is brooking no more action at present.

        But there is a pause as she turns towards Harken as she turns to leave. "La--"

        A pause, as Riesenlied furrows her brow deeper. That didn't sound right. "Harken... please wait--"

        But she's gone already.

        Riesenlied lowers her head as she chews on her lip, shaking her head. "Just what will you do now, Harken...?" Will she be able to reach her as she once did her father? She does not know, but...

        Given the events of today, as she looks back to everyone...

        She can certainly keep hope.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Nah," Lydia says. "But Talia's actually a good girl who wanted to make sure she had your permission first."

She says this with a straight face even though she's anything but.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

        When she can trust herself to look up, the first direction that Noeline looks is towards Harken. There is much that could be said between them, but to be quite honest, she isn't really sure where to begin. Noeline is all too aware that the path of the Outreach has diverged from that of the rest of the Hyadeans, and it isn't without good reason: the Tainted carry a little too much stigma to just step in and assume command of the remaining Photosphere forces - and Noeline would rather they find their own meaning and way of life on Filgaia's surface.

        But even if their paths diverge, it feels wrong to leave it at that little. "... thank you," she states in the instants before Harken turns away as she bows her head. It doesn't stop the ex-Quarter Knight, but Noeline expected that much; she chuckles softly to herself as she addresses the air, trusting that Harken will hear her as the other Hyadean steals away. "You should come by and see how we're doing, sometime."

        Then she sags, letting out a breath as she accepts Riesenlied's fall into her arms; taking her partner's weight is easy, cradling the other woman against her out of sheer relief and the release of adrenaline. "Thank you, everyone. ... and my thanks for not attacking. I can't honestly say what might have happened, otherwise. --let the Guild know that things are safe," she calls to the guards hovering on the perimeter who have just watched a bunch of Drifters hug a dinosaur to sleep.

        Her eyebrows pick up at Talia's self-introduction, and she glances at Lydia for a moment to gauge her reaction before Prissa's question diverts her. After all, she trusts Riesenlied's first impressions more than anyone else's. "I have seen Trask eat rocks and filter seawater. Somehow, I imagine he will be quite alright," she grumbles, but not unkindly.

        She draws in a breath, and lets it out at length. "Well, then. Let us go home, I suppose. ... we're going to need to figure out where to keep him," she snorts to herself.

<Pose Tracker> Talia has posed.

Talia blinks at Riesenlied -- and then she smiles, slowly. She bobs her head once, in a nod. "Well..." She isn't sure that she really took care of Lydia. Sometimes, she feels like she really put her in danger. But, she isn't going to argue that.

"...I am happy to help, no? And Avril is a friend, too."

She grins in her direction. She looks after Harken -- and then, ultimately, back up to Trask. She sighs when Noeline declares that, then Talia nods. "Let's go. It would be good to get him back home."

She glances to the side at Jean, a smile on her lips for a moment, before looking thoughtfully back at Trask.

Do they have to carry him?