2019-04-12: Sorcery Consultation

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  • Log: Sorcery Consultation
  • Cast: Eleanor Klein, Jacqueline Barber
  • Where: Besaid (Beach)
  • Date: April 12th, 2019
  • Summary: A new customer approaches the Caravan Kinship, and Eleanor and Jay discover some things in common.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline has yet to set up shop this far south...but things had happened, and now she needed a change of scenery. The last few few days had been fraught. Business was relaxing to her, and business in new, interesting places even more so.

And so, Jacqueline eventually settled on visiting the island of Besaid. After taking a moment to talk things over with the people of the village, Jacqueline has set up shop on the beach. The crates that she used to store her goods easily unfolded into a makeshift stall upon which she displayed her wares, and a sign advertises her presence as well as the services she offered.

Of course, as it's just her right now and she can't bring all of her equipment, the services are a little limited. But she can still provide general good, medicines, and the dubiously-titled 'Sorcery consultation services', it seems.

Not that she had seen much business so far - the locals were used to faring for themselves, though she did see a few drop by looking for goods from the mainland that she was able to trade.

But, that was alright with her. She needed a calm, relaxing trip to the beach...even if this isn't what /most/ people would think of in that regard.

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

There /are/ a lot of things happening, all at once... and Jacqueline Barber is not the only one who's considered a beach trip in the area around now. But, Eleanor had other reasons for visiting Besaid aside from that--it's sort of a bonus objective, really. Buuut... Not all supplies are easy to get in a new land, and a certain sorceress has discovered for herself that now that she thinks of it--

Well, long story short, Eleanor has carefully made her way down the path. The dangers of Fiends would prevent most from travelling alone, but Eleanor can move more quickly than most if she needs to, and so, by avoiding unnecessary battles, she's made her way all the way out here to the beach, alone for the moment, and--

"Ah!" Eleanor beams, seeing Jay's stall, such as it is, beginning to trudge over, her sturdy boots working well for the sand. Her Spiran layers ruffle a bit in the breeze. "Hello there!" Eleanor greets, as she walks up to conversational distance, and smiles. "I was hoping there'd be someone on one of the next coming ships or /something/." Here, she can see closer...

Eleanor dips her head and shoulders in greeting, then, orange hair a little disheveled ffrom the walk, pointed ears obvious. "But before business--Good day. My name is Eleanor Klein. How do you do?"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

It's quiet. The sound of the waves and seabirds is almost enough to lull Jacqueline asleep, but then...there's a sound from nearby. Jacqueline looks, bracing herself for the possibility of a Fiend, but she's a little surprised to see a young elven woman emerging.

Jacqueline relaxes visibly, offering Eleanor a wave and a polite nod of greeting.

"Welcome!" She greets, putting on a smile. Eleanor introduces herself, and Jacqueline returns it with a nod of acknowledgment.

"Jacqueline Barber. Pleasure to meet you!" She says. Eleanor asking how she's doing.

That's a difficult question to answer, especially for someone she's only just met. She didn't want to burden her with all her problems right out of the gate, after all.

"I've been better, but I think the sea air is helping." She replies. "How about you? And...is there anything I can help you with?"

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

Sleeping out here is probably nice, but a little dangerous alone. Eleanor, indeed, is not a fiend at all, but instead...

Someone speaking with a clear Aquvian accent, to those who have heard them before, specifically Meria Boule. "Likewise," Eleanor answers pleasantly. She doesn't press for answers to a casual question immediately--instead she smiles in understanding. "Seems to be going around here a bit," Eleanor admits. "I'm fond of the sea air, myself. It's one of the things I like about this area."

"But I'm well, just at the moment--simply realizing I'm low on a few supplies and imagining I might have more luck here."

"So, there may be! There are a few things... but first, your sign has caught my interest--it mentions sorcery consultations. What sort of magic do you focus on?"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline hasn't heard the Aquvian accent often, due to primarily sticking to Ignas...but she /does/ recognize it. It had been hard to tell at first, but now that she's heard Eleanor talking a bit more...Jacqueline takes mental note of this.

"Yes, it's lovely, isn't it? There's something rejuvenating about it." Jacqueline comments, her smile a bit easier now. "I'm glad I decided to come here."

Eleanor says she's low on supplies, and Jacqueline nods.

"Well, you've come to the right place, then. The Caravan Kinship will make sure you're taken care of!" She says. ...Well, it was just her here at the moment, but...she doesn't dwell on that, instead listening to interest to her next question.

"Well, I can provide tips and guidance on most forms of Sorcery...but my own practice, and my specialty, is Crest Sorcery." Jacqueline explains. If she was from Filgaia, then she didn't have to worry about explaining what that actually is...or any possible ramifications for doing so. "I also offer recombination services to those with Crest Graphs or Caps in their possession!"

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

"I miss the sea, when I move too far from it. It's nice to know that even a faraway sea has a similar music." She waxes poetic a little, but smiles; her fondness is at least genuine. She nods brightly, too, when Jay says she's glad she came. The Caravan Kinship...

"Oh! I believe I've heard of you, a bit at least," she answers, hands pressing together in what would've been a clap if she'd made it louder. Just one of Jay, sure, but that's one more than there would be otherwise!

But the expression she gets when Jay explains her practice is like a sunrise, in terms of how it lights up her face, from her yellow eyes to her wider smile. "A sister practitioner of the Art!" Eleanor answers, delighted. "When you mentioned the Caravan Kinship, that I recall from Filgaia--I'd hoped. I'm a practitioner as well, and I didn't get to bring /any/ of my supplies for the longer form arts. I do have a couple of used Caps that I'd love the chance to restore."

"May I ask where you learned? I so rarely get to speak to others these days, and while the magic is /fascinating/ here, I'm even less versed in it than I am Symbology."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

A similar music...there's a good-natured, knowing chuckle at that.

"That's a good way of putting it." Jacqueline agrees with a nod, and smiles just a bit brighter when Eleanor says she's heard of them.

"Oh! I'm glad to hear it!" She says. It always always hard to tell how far their reputation reached...though, she hoped it was only the /good/ bits...

Eleanor practically brightens up, though, upon hearing about her specialty.

"Oh, then...you're a Crest Sorceress, too!" Jacqueline says, pleasantly surprised. "How wonderful! I hadn't expected to run into anyone out here..."

She was always happy to run into other practitioners - it had been so long since she got a chance to really talk shop.

She nods, then, as Eleanor explains that she hadn't brought any of her supplies, and had a couple of used Caps to restore. Jacqueline takes this all in, nodding to herself before offering Eleanor another smile.

"...Well, I think I can get you taken care of /there/, too. What did you have in mind?" She asks, and then pauses as Eleanor asks where she learned.

"Oh! My mother taught me - she's a talented Crest Sorceress in her own right. She went to Curan Abbey, herself, but-" Jacqueline pauses and chuckles nervously. "W-well, I don't want to bore you with old drama... What about you? Where did you learn?"

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

Eleanor acknowledges Jay's agreement pleasantly, and indeed, at the matter of their reputation, "I've not had much occasion to walk Ignas, but I can imagine how much more difficult the stories I've heard of the last few years would have been without strong supply lines."

Eleanor hasn't heard that the CaraKin beat up a priestess. ...Or that it was an evil priestess probably. Just, nothing in that entire cluster.

"I am," Eleanor confirms, pleased and a bit proud. It's the same, really. "Ah, I appreciate it! I'll have to show you, of course--but there are a couple of Wing-based spells that I just feel much more secure having on-hand in case of emergency." Eleanor begins to reach to her satchel, to where she keeps some of her notes on this--and once she has the notebook in hand, she pauses to look with interest at Jay's explanation.

"Well, I won't pry," she says, a bit conspiratorially, "Since we only just met. But that sounds lovely! Maybe even the start of a family tradition--there's a real romance in that, I think. There are advantages to such personal instruction, I think. And the Curan Abbey style..." Eleanor considers and then yes, seems a bit satisfied there. "Ah, but--

"I studied at the Academy in Sielje. ...So you can imagine I had to get used to the climate /here/," she says with a little laugh. "Even years past graduation sometimes I step outside expecting snow, or its unique sky."

She does look a /bit/ young to be a graduate, of course--though, by the moment of thought--polite, not betraying /too/ much--she may have connected Curan Abbey to Adelhyde on the map.

"Still, a sister in the Art is a friend in waiting, as far as I'm concerned; I hope that proves true!" She considers, "And... it's true regardless of the answer to my other question." She leans a little in, "Do you carry any wines? I know it's a long-shot, but since I'm speaking to a dealer in goods from Filgaia, I was hoping to get a bit of a taste of our world later, to bring back to my friend."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline relaxes a little when it's clear that the stories Eleanor heard are some of the more positive ones.

"Well, we do what we can to help out..." She replies, a bit modestly.

But, Eleanor confirms that she is, in fact, a Crest Sorceress, and Jacqueline nods.

"I'd love to see! And, Wing-based spells...yes, I see." Jacqueline replies, a considering look on her face. They were always good to have around in a pinch. She mentally goes through a list of possibilities, warming herself up a bit for the process, though pauses and smiles when Eleanor says she won't pry.

"You think so? I feel it's definitely helped me..." Jacqueline says, nodding in agreement.

"I don't know about family tradition, but I won't deny I always loved the idea of teaching others..." She comments. "If I hadn't gone into the merchant business, I probably would've given it some more serious thought."

Eleanor says she studied at Sielje's Academy and Jacqueline nods, impressed.

"Oh! That's impressive. I've heard so many good things about them... I've always wanted to visit Sielje, even if only for the books." She comments. They must have so many that she couldn't read anywhere else... "It always sounds so lovely to me..."

Jacqueline smiles, though, and nods emphatically.

"Yes, I feel the same way!" She agrees, and listens as Eleanor explains her predicament.

"Not.../on/ me, I'm afraid. It's a little difficult to get them to keep in this climate. ...But, I might still have a supply back at our vehicle. We can store things a little more safely there...but the restrictions on 'machina' means it's harder to get it out and about." She says apologetically. "But, if I find I do have any, I'll let you know through one of the Spheres!"

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

"Of course." Clearly, Eleanor approves of helping. She's happy to clarify a little as she pulls her notebook too, "I have two that i favor for this--one that helps to compensate for impairments in the midst of battle, and one that enhances one's blows. I don't rely on a great deal of directly offensive magic, so a backup is a bit of a relief to have."

Eleanor wouldn't trade her own education--but she finds a lot to like about the idea of an apprenticeship to family, passing on knowledge directly, the unique things that might come. Indeed, "If you find the time, I recommend it. We have a great many books and studies at the larger schools... But many of the most fascinating innovations come of smaller traditions that we might otherwise never encounter. If nothing else, I'd love the chance to sit down with you sometime and compare notes."

"The library is everything you imagine, I'd say--I could be /lost/ there even in just one section. ...If you're ever in the region, when we find a way home--I'd be more than happy to bring you by and show you around. I've done enough post-graduate research there that they like seeing me still."

It has become, for Eleanor, at least as much meeting a new old friend as it was the search for what she was actually here for. But naturally, she won't deny the merchant a chance to ply her trade--or forget a few things she needs. "Ahhh, that's fair. If you do, by all means--But it's all right, otherwise. A vehicle though, you say? Now that sounds interesting. ...if... yes, difficult here. I can hardly imagine; hiding my weapon is more than enough to keep up with."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Ahh, I see, I see..." Jacqueline considers, nodding to herself - those were definitely good spells to have access to in an emergency. "I can certainly understand why you'd want to have those on you! It's a good call."

Advanced preparation was key for any Crest Sorceress, after all - spotting potential trouble far in advance and taking measures to limit it was in the job description.

"Do you have the Caps with you? I can get that sorted in a jiffy." She asks, then nods as Eleanor describes Sielje to her.

"I'd love that! I don't often get to talk Crest Sorcery with someone who really knows what I'm talking about...my friends are all Shamans or Symbologists, so while we can connect on some common ground, I can't really get into the fine details as much as I'd like..." She comments. "Of course, it's probably much the same for them, I imagine..."

Eleanor describes Sielje's library and Jacqueline clasps her hands together.

"Ah, that sounds wonderful...I could spend entire days in a proper library. ...I-if food and drink weren't a concern, that is..." She adds the last bit with an embarrassed chuckle, but shakes her head. "...I'd like that, though! I'll absolutely have to take you up on that offer."

She nods, then, as Eleanor decides it's alright. Jacqueline does make a mental note to check, though.

"Yes, it's probably for the best..." She says. "You know those large vehicles they have in Guild Galad? Picture something like that, but a bit bigger - enough to comfortably house a group of people - and in brighter colors. You can...imagine how difficult that must be, I'm sure."

Eleanor's accent placed her somewhere in Aquvy, so it seemed reasonable to Jacqueline that she would at least have heard of them, if not seen one herself.

<Pose Tracker> Eleanor Klein has posed.

"I'm considering shifting some of my preferred Crests sometime, too--to accentuate my teammates--but I haven't fought with them enough yet to really be certain what I'd add," Eleanor admits. The Caps, though--"Yes! I do, they're right here." In short order Eleanor has produced the glittering gems, both empty of magical energy for the moment, and passed them over.

"I do have some interest in Symbological theory--I considered specializing in it, instead, at one point. But shamanic magic... I envy you a bit there--I'd have so many questions!" A smile after that though. "You're probably right, though."

Eleanor is more than happy to see someone enjoying her pitch--but she giggles faintly at the caveat. "Sadly, they were too good at detecting snacks to sneak any in when I was still new enough to imagine it might be a good idea. But there /are/ some lovely eateries in the area around the school proper, too. Just... if someone tries to offer you a 'meal replacement' spell--take it from me. It isn't worth it."

"Oh!" It seems it's a good enough description for Eleanor to imagine it, anyway. "My, yes. It must be quite a sight. Our defense forces back home have a couple of those as well, for carrying soldiers, but I get a friendlier impression from this 'Caravan'." The Caravan Kinship is named for having one! ...Right? It seems to be Eleanor's assumption, anyway. "I'm glad you've found some solutions, in any case. I hope eventually I'll get to see it in action!"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline gives a knowing nod, at that.

"You'll get the hang of it soon enough, I'm sure. It can take a little while to really find that synergy...but I believe you can do it!" She says with an encouraging smile. She was in her position before, too - back when the Caravan Kinship was still setting out and few had heard of them.

Eleanor passes over the Crest Caps and Jacqueline looks over the glittering gems for a moment consideringly. Compensating for impairments, and enhancing one's blows... Well, she might as well start with what she's most familiar with.

Jacqueline picks one of them up, clasping it in both her hands and shutting her eyes as she concentrates. For a moment, nothing happens...but then, the power of the Leyline can be felt, just a touch, and Wing's light shines through. Soon enough it is joined by Geo as well and the two lights mix, intertwining, dancing together in harmony before joining together as one.

After a short time the light fades and Jacqueline sets the Crest Cap down, now filled with power once more. She repeats the process with the other. It follows much the same pattern, but this time where Geo's light shined, Fray emerges instead.

Some of it was Guild-enforced obfuscation, hiding some of the more secretive techniques while prettying the process up a bit more, but it was still an intensive process that took heavy concentration to get right - even a single lapse of concentration could result in a dangerous backlash or an improperly-formed spell.

"There you go! That's both of your Caps situated." Jacqueline says with a proud smile, handing the second Cap back over to Eleanor.

She listens, then, as Eleanor comments on Symbology and shamanic magic.

"One of them tried to teach me once...I'm afraid I couldn't get the hang of it. It's a lot different from Crest Sorcery. You really have to form a connection there..." Jacqueline comments. "I'm sure they'd love to have a chat with you about it sometime, though! If I may be so bold as to say, my friends may be some of the best Shamans on Filgaia."

She wasn't sure if that was true, technically...but she /believed/ that it was, and that's the important thing.

Snack detection...truly the most dangerous of magics.

"Alas..." Jacqueline murmurs, shaking her head melodramatically before giving a light, good-natured chuckle. "I'll certainly have to check those out, though...a-and I'll take your word on that spell..."

She didn't want to imagine what kind of drawbacks /that/ would have.

She nods, though, with a fond smile regarding the Caravan.

"Yes...it's what we're known for, so we don't want to scare anyone off. We call it the 'Carakin', for short, after our group." She says with a smile, and then nods.

"Maybe you will! Running it on Spira would likely be a poor choice, but maybe once we get back on Filgaia...I guess we both have something to look forward to now!" She comments.