2019-06-16: Puddle!

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  • Cutscene: Puddle!
  • Cast:< Lydia Seren>
  • Where: <???>
  • Date: <2019-06-19>
  • Summary: <Lydia's dreams come true...but then!>

That night...

Lydia sat on her pile of gold, leaning back arms crossed like a dragon who has amassed a hoard. She spread her arms around sending glittery treasure scattering about.

"Heh heh heh!" Lydia laughed heartily. "I have made it! I now have all the money I need to build my machines! Soon I will travel the cosmos! And also be able to eat whatever I want and get all the cute outfits I can find!"

"Money money money," Lydia then sang in a sing-songy voice. "I love money. Buy my people's freedom with capitalism, honey! Well time to get back to work!"

She tried to stand but could not. Trepidation hit her as she tried to lift herself up once more. Then, a fierce panic seized her. She looked down towards where her feet ought to be but only found silver sludge. Lydia freaked out immediately.

"Guhhh! No! I just made my dreams come true!"

"Oh hi!" Emeralda appeared, oozing about in the form of a puddle. "Being a puddle is so great.!"

Then Krelian appeared! Just out of nowhere!

"Oh hi Lydia!" Krelian said smiling at her. "Or I guess I should say the collection of tiny machines that make up Lydia. Have you tried becoming a puddle yet?"

Emeralda oozed around with a big anime smile on her puddle. "Being a puddle is amaaaazing Lydia! Everybody should give it a try!"

"Noooooo!" Lydia cried out. "I don't want to be a puddle! I don't want to be a puddle!!"

But the more she didn't want to be a puddle, the more she melted, moving past her feet towards her arms and finally towards her head.

"Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!" Krelian chanted.

"Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!" Emeralda repeated.

"Noooooooooooo...glubbbbbb...!!" Lydia cried out before even her face melted away leaving only a silver puddle and a pair of sad eyes and frowny face bobbing within the puddle.

"Congratulations, Lydia!" Krelian says. "You have become the puddle you were always meant to be. This is the destiny I have envisioned for you! You shall be the first puddle...!"

"Wow." Emeralda said, a little insulted.

"Second puddle amongst many!" Krelian said before flapping his arms and flying back to Solaris. "And I'm going to turn Lunata into a puddle toooo Ga Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

"Glubbbbb..." A miserable Lydia said and then a shadow appeared above her, looking down upon her.

"I'm sorry, Lydia." Ivan said. "But I hate water so we can't be friends anymore."

"Noooo!" Lydia cried out. "I can stop being a puddle, I can stop being a puddle...!"

"I'm going to go back to being a knife not that I ever stopped," Ivan then promptly turned into silverware and flew away to stab her friends, leaving the poor puddle alone with Emeralda.

"Wow I guess you can't stop being a puddle," Emeralda added. "I guess you'll have to be a puddle forever! Sorry Lydia! I guess being a puddle is a biiig responsibility!"

Ethius approached her puddle body.

"This doesn't belong on Lunar or Filgaia," Ethius says gesturing with a vaccuum. "I am going to put this with all my holiday decorations and nobody will see it ever again! Dissccreeeetttiiiooonnnn!"

"Pudddle noooooo glubbbb!" Lydia cried out as she was sent into the abyss.

Lydia woke with a start, sitting up within her room on the Caravan, panting for breath. She felt wet. She tried to raise her arm up to feel around at her head but she could not move her limbs. After steeling her courage she looked down and saw that her arms had melted into silver sludge as she rested. Silver drops from above dripped down upon her arms and Lydia focused, focused until her arms reformed into a solidified state.

Reaching up, she touched at her face. It was still there.

But when she pulled her hand free, a faint silver residue remained on her fingertips.

Little silver drops.