2019-06-17: Creating a Pleasant Reality

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  • Log: Creating a Pleasant Reality
  • Cast: Riesenlied, Ambrosius, Lydia Seren, Noeline
  • Where: Luca
  • Date: 17th June 2019
  • Summary: Ambrosius and Lydia happen upon the Fereshte. Janey has a request, but the conversation about allegiances troubles Riesenlied...

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

The news of Kilika's altercation with the Guard has transpired a while back now.

And part of it, that the Outreach nearly got nicked in the whole mess -- Riesenlied nearly got pulled in for questioning (or worse) with the Guard, and if it weren't for Kaguya and Noeline's timely intervention, it might've ended up messier than it wound up being.

But with that backdrop in mind... the Fereshte is back in Luca, resupplying for a time -- Riesenlied herself isn't quite certain if they'll be going back to Kilika again so soon, needing to be able to read the air in the room.

Riesenlied herself is staring out towards the town as breaktime comes up; she's got Janey standing next to her, looking a bit more quiet and pensive than she usually is.

"D'you think we'll be goin' back, mom? They kicked up a right fuss last time..." Janey asks.

"Well... we have several people we are in touch with the Travel Sphere, so we should wait for their word..." Riesenlied expresses quietly.

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Those passing through Luca's square might catch sight of a familiar man in a red poncho, in the middle of a conversation with a couple of Al Bhed. They speak in quiet tones - the Al Bhed occasionally glance to the sides, as if checking to see if anyone is listening in on them, while Ambrosius himself seems much less concerned.

Eventually, they seem to reach some sort of agreement. Ambrosius hands over some gil, and one of the Al Bhed moves aside to cloth to reveal a medium-sized crate without any labeling on it.

They go to pick it up with some effort...and Ambrosius takes it from them with as much effort as if it were empty.

"You have my graaatitude..." He says, placing the crate under one arm. "It has been a pleeeasure...doing business with you..."

He says and departs, walking away. In fact, he passes by where Riesenlied and her family are currently resupplying.

He doesn't appear to have noticed them yet, however, as his attention is currently on looking over the crate he's currently carrying with him.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia hasn't really been lending Kilika much of a hand having been busy with her own problems/Prissa's problems/freaking out about like 13 different things. At this point not telling people about Krelian for so long has made her feel like she can't tell people about him and that has encouraged her to herself to focus on her work where she can put aisde such thoughts for paying Prissa's bills and maybe even making some of her own cash.

And of course there's the whole IVAN situation.

And the PUDDLE situation!!

And she feels like she barely has kind of a handle on the former and no handle at all on the latter so she's going to keep walking that tightrope to the end or until she falls to the floor. Hopefully the rope isn't too high above the ground.

Lydia is actaully about as good terms with the Guard (in her own mind) as one can be but she ALSO has been trying to blitzball it up in Luca but Lydia is as surprised as anyone to see the Fereshte in Luca's harbor. Maybe she just didn't check her messages.

"Oh dang! it's Janey and mom(s)!" The (s) is because she's not sure if Noeline is around too. She glances around and spots Ambrosius who gets a more chill wave though she doesn't call out to him or anything.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

No sooner had the Fereshte landed in Luka than Noeline can feel herself letting out a breath of relief. For all that the Outreach might count as anathema to Spira, she can't honestly say she's ever been made to feel that way here on the outskirts. It was only when the Guard and the Yevon Church chose to butt heads that she felt an old sort of paranoia creep up on the back of her mind, her instincts telling her to get the Hyadeans out of there before the touchpaper is lit.

It doesn't feel good to leave things as they are. On the other hand, it's distinctly not their fight, and the Guard's ability to get themselves into hot water this far from home is something she's quite happy to leave up to them. "... when we can, we'll go back," she agrees with Riesenlied, watching the bustle of the town from Janey's other side.

"The more people we can get safe, the better - but I get the feeling a lot of Spirans are going to be less willing to move. They get attached to their island. If Sin couldn't move them, would this?" she wonders, a little pensive - before she sucks in a breath and shakes it away, ruffling Janey's hair.

"But you know we'll do what we can. For now, we just need to decide on what comes next," she sums up in a brighter voice, taking the time to lean over and rest a hand on Riesenlied's arm as well in support.

She turns back to watch the docks, where an overly tall figure is hefting a crate as if it were nothing. Despite her worries, she can't help but snort to herself quietly. "We really should give him some tips on staying inconspicuous at some point," she notes, nudging their daughter lightly to draw her attention in that direction.

On the other end of the scale, Lydia is very conspicious and very proud of that fact; Noeline lets out a brighter chuckle, raising her head as she returns the wave and then beckoning her over. "It's us," she calls as if to confirm the obvious, enjoying the back and forth of it. "Were you worried?"

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

"... a lot of people do not have money to move," Riesenlied admits quietly, sorrowfully. "Especially not after the devastation Sin visited them, in Kilika. Their livelihoods... were all there. But--"

Riesenlied cups her mouth as Noeline nudges Janey and she spots the tall man in the poncho, and Lydia as she cries up. She looks a bit nervous as Janey jumps up onto the railing and pumps her hands together. "Uncle Ambro! Lydia!"

She kicks the ramp into place and just swings on down to them in the pier on a rope, ever the acrobat. "Hehe, it's been a while! Mom was..."

A pause. "I remember mom was talkin' about seein' if you couldn't work with us, Uncle. But I guess life got busy."

Rather telltale, Riesenlied is attempting to hunker down into some kind of roosting cucco, horns draped around her head and sleeves up around her head. Is... is she incredibly embarrassed??

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

It can be difficult to get through to Ambrosius when he is intently focused on something. Janey's voice manages to do so, however. He looks up...and then stares, as if surprised to see her.

"Miss Janey...?" He asks. "Iiindeed, it has... You all are here as well...?"

Apparently he had missed the memo. He looks up, and spots Riesenlied, Noeline, and Lydia as well. He gives the three of them a nod of greeting, and looks back down toward Janey.

"I am afraaaid so..." He replies, a bit sadly. "I was recalled...shortly after... and then... Well."

Well, things got hectic, to put it simply - he probably doesn't need. It made reconnecting difficult.

"Still...it is good to see you again... I trust you all are well...?" He asks.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Janey!" Lydia hefts Janey up into the air because she's a killer cyborg and sometimes that lets you do ridiculous maneuvers like this. "Did you get taller somehow? Oh no--am I shrinking??" She quips before setting Janey back down. "Glad to see you're doing well!" She looks towards 'Uncle Ambro' for a moment before back to her sister. "You know...you and Mikaia have been suspiciously well behaved this trip. I haven't heard of you sneaking off to a ruin even once. I'm starting to get a bit nervous here..."

Is she...is she trying to get them to misbehave?!

She looks to Noeline and adds, "Me worried? I'm never worried, heh heh heh...!"


"Did the Guard actually kick ya out? Oro didja just figure it was good timing?"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

"... there's that, as well," Noeline admits, letting out a sigh. "We would certainly help them as much as we can, but there's only so much we can do. It's not like Filgaia where drifting around is more common." She lets it go to help Janey onto the railing - or rather offer, because in the end it's not like the girl needs her assistance - and instead gets caught with her eyebrows raised towards Riesenlied's withdrawn pose.

With a huff of air, she breaks into a grin towards Ambrosius. "'Well' is hard to say, but we're getting by... I think. We were just discussing what do to in regards to Kilika, but..." she trails off, trying not to laugh as she pokes the Riesenball. "Is something the matter?" she teases lightly.

She at least takes the handlebars of her partner's wheelchair, carefully bringing her down off the Fereshte and towards the conversation, giving Lydia a long look tinged with amused concern. "That's good to hear. You can tell us all about how you're not worrying later, perhaps," she puffs up playfully, but sobers a little as she nods. "The Guard gave us amnesty, but it certainly seemed like a good idea to leave for the time being."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied's turning into a stressball continues for a bit longer, before Noeline goads her into asking what's the matter.

"... uuu ... I did pitch the idea, but I got nervous about a few things that came up ..." Riesenlied truthfully admits, as her horns go complete dog-ears and waddle-flop around her cheeks. "I got pretty stressed about it, and then everything happened before I could make a decision."

It might perhaps have to do with the news that the Veruni keep Baskar people in the mines, on that board.

"I'm sorry, Mister Ambrosius... I owed you a better answer," Riesenlied sounds apologetic in that way of hers when she's taking on a bit more guilt than she should.

Lydia's concerns don't go amiss from hers, though, as she looks to their daughter too. She's been around her long enough to know--

"Alley-oop!" Janey laughs as Lydia pumps her into the air, and does a little flip as she lands down with a three-point landing. "Maybe. I'm still in my growing period, after all!"

There's a big grin as she hears about their behaviour. "Well, Micky's been busy with her alchemy." She looks around and rummages through her coat pocket. "Here, have an incriminating picture of Micky for blackmail later."

It's a photo from when Mikaia's alchemy lab blew up and she has an afro for hair...

"Me, though? Eh, ah... hmm. I wanted to ask y'two somethin'... but it can wait..." Janey scuffs her feet a little.

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Ambrosius observes Riesenlied for a moment as she worries. He shuts his eyes, considers for a moment, and shakes his head.

"Do not blame yourself... There were a number of faaactors...in play..." He replies. "In the end...perhaps it was only a pleeeasant fantasy..."

He would've enjoyed it...but in the end, he knew it would've only been a temporary situation.

"Still... That does not mean we cannot remain friendly..." He adds, with a hint of a smile. He glances toward Noeline, then, with a frown of consideration.

"...You were staying in Kiiilika...?" He comments. "Then... you chose a good time to leave... It was only just reeecently attaaacked by a horde of Fiiiends from the seas... We held them off...but there is no telling when it will next occur..."

He looks down toward Janey, though, as she talks with Lydia...and then hesitates on asking something, scuffing her feet. Ambrosius chuckles in a good-natured manner.

"It is alright... I am not so busy...that I cannot take time out to chat..." He replies, setting down the crate he was carrying. He looks toward Lydia, then. He imagines its much the same for her.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia's cheeks silver as Noeline seems to see right through her. "Ehehh.... I wouldn't worry too much...about how little... I'm worrying." She laughs awkwardly as if that is that and there's no reason to press this line of conversation any further ho ho ho ho. Especially since she just... can't... She can't. Whenever she thinks about it, she gets filled with anxiety and trepidation and she just wants to abandon the line of questioning altogether. Maybe it's not even really all that important in the end.

Janey is the perfect escapism here. She smiles at the kid and says, "Well we're always growing, right? You've got great moves. Mikaia's lucky to have--"

Janey offers Lydia some blackmail and Lydia takes it, looks at it, raises both eyebrows so fast they nearly fly off, and then adds, "Okay maybe you are history's greatest monster. I won't tell Mikaia of your dark betrayal I promise."

She is smiling as she says it though so there's that! She stands herself up and tilts her head when Janey mentions wanting to ask them something. Both of them!

Honestly she can't imagine what someone might ask that involves both her and 'Uncle Ambro', a guy Lydia is like on chill terms with but also kind of tried to murder her gods or something along those lines.

"Yeah I'm honestly looking for a good distraction anyway." Lydia admits before looking to Ambrosius, "Oh--yeah--I heard about that. Uh. I had a suggestion but, I dunno, it might be too tough to do. I already told them about it though so in case it's a bad idea I'm gonna keep it to myself."

She does not sit down but nods once to Ambrosius since well they do agree on this at least.

A pleasant fantasy, he says.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline pauses, remembering the tales that they both heard of the mines in the north; she frowns uncertainly, lost on what to suggest. It's easy to consider the Veruni as a scattered group rather than a distinct organization, especially after seeing Kaguya integrate into Lunar society - but that's cold comfort, and avoids the question rather than answering it.

Her hand rests on Riesenlied's arm, first and foremost, to reassure the other Hyadean that she understands the reticence. "... in the end, that friendship is the most important thing. I don't think that any of us are so inflexible that we can't help each other out from time to time, or at least say hello," she notes with a rather wry smile. "And Janey would surely like it if you came by from time to time to see how she's doing, at the very least."

She pauses, and then her eyebrows raise in clear surprise as she grumbles. "You're kidding. Kilika's troubles never seem to end. I should hope that the Guard, after occupying their village, at least deigned to help out with a threat like that," she comments, her voice suddenly sharp as if she's expecting bad news on that front; she glances at Riese, her brow furrowed. "If we load some extra wood, we can probably make some barricades. Still..." She's quite aware that any fortifications are only going to entrench the Guard, as well.

With a rake of her hand through her hair, she forcibly puts the thoughts to rest for the time being, and instead straightens up with a glance towards Lydia. Her look is sympathetic, for a moment - then she bows her head in a slow nod, accepting their daughter's wishes... for the time being, at least. "... a project?" she blurts instead, natural curiosity taking over as Janey makes the suggestion.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

In the end... perhaps it was only a pleeeasant fantasy...

Riesenlied tries to hide it, but she's about as amazing a poker face as that one time she did actually try to play poker with the Outreach and everyone had to pretend to lose just so she wouldn't wind up bawling at the end.

"... ... a few Guards tried to accost me and a child. Kaguya was there to intervene, then Noeline came to take me away," Riesenlied murmurs distractedly, though she looks markedly down even from that.

Just a pleasant fantasy...

The news of the horde of Fiends attacking seems to lower her spirits even more. "If only we were there to help... thank you, Ambrosius..." Noeline's hand comforts her a little. Friendship was the most important thing...

Janey looks about as uncomfortable with Riesenlied's spiralling mood and adopts Lydia's strategy of escapism. "Well, I gotta keep appearances as Lord of Calamity, right?" she cheekily grins, in that nattering way when she's pretty wired up with tension.

"Right. Well, I'm gonna just go out and say it."

She looks to Ambrosius' crate for a moment, but doesn't opt to go sit or stand on it. Instead, she puts her hands up to her head like she's cupping them.

".... I want .... to get my pair of ears back. D'you think... it's possible to make fake ones?"

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Noeline's response gets a nod from Ambrosius.

"Iiindeed... You may always call upon me...if you requiiire my aid..." He replies, and then sends Janey a smile as well. "And...I am certain I could find the time..."

Ambrosius glances toward Lydia, then, as she mentions that she had already heard about the Fiend attack and had a suggestion, but doesn't share it. He doesn't press her on the matter, instead glancing toward Noeline.

"I am afraid I am serious..." He replies. "But, they did assist... the White Knight and his team...were an iiinvaluable asset..."

He looks toward Riesenlied, his gaze hardening for a moment as she recounts how some of the Guard tried to accost her.

"Did they." He replies, his tone serious...but he relaxes a little, when Riesenlied says that Kaguya and Noeline interevened. "...I am glad to hear that."

He might've been ready to track someone down if it hadn't been cleared up.

And before he can dwell on it any longer, Janey decides to go forward and ask her question.

She wants her ears back. Ambrosius frowns for a moment, and then studies her consideringly.

"...Certainly. It is possible." He replies with a resolute nod. Like he would say anything else, when faced with a question like that. "Among the Veruni, it is not unheard of for one to replace what they have lost."

Janey's situation was a little different...but even if the technology didn't presently exist, he had every intention of figuring out a way to make it possible. He looks toward Lydia, then - Janey was asking both of them, after all, and he respected her viewpoint as a fellow engineer.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

If only Lydia respected Lydia's viewpoint as a fellow engineer.

Well no, that's not fair. Lydia knows a fair bit about mechanics for someone who is utterly self taught. When it comes to maintaining a ship like the Fereshte, she's probably bar none, but engaging in near constant jury-rigging of a ship to make sure it doesn't twist itself apart is a very specific skill and building cybernetic /ears/ is another very specific skill.

One that Lydia doesn't have.

"Eheh..." Lydia says, rubbing at her neck faintly. She seems to be considering it.

Marivel would probably be appreciative of Noeline's attitude here but they might be more similar that the 't' in Noeline's title leads one to believe. Lydia on the other hand just kind of looks a bit down about it all. WOULD the Guard help? She doesn't like looking straight at the more negative aspects of the Althena Guard because it's the only place she is really aware of that isn't a Baskar Tribe or village that has a leader that's beastman. Is this why her people don't have more of them? Are they just really bad at everything like folks seem to believe??

She refuses to believe that so she has to presume there is some misunderstanding here. Maybe she can clear things up with Leo. Tell him that the Fereshte should be allowed to stay in Kilika because they're all super cool people. Maybe he'd listen to her.

At least Kaguya intervened. That brings a small smile to herself. She still believes in you, Kaguya! Sorry!! Ivan too!!!

It's certainly POSSIBLE to make fake ears for Janey but can SHE do it? She'd be willing to work with Ambrosius, sure, but what if he's doing the hard work and she just gets in the way? She just doesn't know enough. She's honestly frankly useless. And what if Ambrosius doesn't even know how to do it? Sure, he's a schmott guy but he may not be THAT schmott.

But there is, Lydia thinks strangely in this moment, at least one person who is so good at it he was able to make Lydia into who she is today. And Lydia would do anything for Janey.

"Well I know it's possible..." Lydia says, bringing a smile upon her face again as she avoids looking directly at Ambrosius, as if she expects him to see right through her too. "But it might be tricky, especially in Spira! But... I promise to not rest until I figure out a way, okay!" Pause. "I mean like metaphorical rest I'm totally going to still sleep because you don't want us making ears while we're sleepy obviously but you get what I mean. We'll figure something out!"

She forces her head towards Amrosius with a too-wide smile.

"Right Uncle Ambro????"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Whether it's her more upbeat nature or her more aloof nature, or simply the fact that she'd rather do her best to keep spirits high, Noeline still puffs out a light breath regardless. "There is nothing stopping us from working together, either," she adds gently, squeezing Riesenlied's shoulder as she reminds her. "Just because he cannot take the name 'Outreach' does not mean that we're all that apart."

Ambrosius' news about the Guard is-- well, calling it a relief would be entirely wrong. But she does at least nod slowly, recognizing the fact that they helped at the very least. "We'll do what we can for them when we're back," she tells herself more than she tells Ambrosius, knowing that the Veruni isn't terribly attached to the place.

Janey's request obviously surprises even her; she blinks across, her eyes wide and her eyebrows soaring as their daughter speaks up. "I-- well-- if we can help at all, you should at least let us know," she puffs after a moment, though there's warmth in her eyes. "Not that I'm anywhere near as good at these two when it comes to building things, but I'm sure Cetiri would enjoy a chance to help a granddaughter out."

And another granddaughter, she adds quietly as she watches uncertainty flick across Lydia's face. "... it's not like there's a rush," she reminds with a light snicker. "If you managed something like this it would surely be a first - and it so happens you seem to be pretty good at those, don't you think?"

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

"I'm not saying now, sure... just..." Janey scratches her hair, checking back behind her like Mikaia's gonna hear about her troubles at any point and if there's something Janey's incredibly stubborn about, it's looking bulletproof for Mikaia even if it might not be the healthiest relationship.

"Been noticin' I don't hear anywhere near as well. I kinda shrugged it off for a while but....."

Janey puts her hands to her pockets.

"Would be nice, y'know? I never shied away from lookin' like a beastgirl. It's a point of pride."

She grins.

"Even if it were cardboard ears, it'd be a start! So I know you got this, Lydia, Uncle Ambro!"

Speaking of people who... don't got this, though, Riesenlied struggles to let out a timid, "Y-yes..." to Noeline.

It does seem odd that Riesenlied seems so dejected, even as Ambrosius and Noeline resolve that they'd still be friends and work with each other. Was she just taking it too close to heart when he said it was a 'pleasant fantasy'? There seemed to be such a deeper resignation behind it. Maybe it's how Spira has been turning out in particular that's knocking her down harder than usual.

She's beating herself up a little too, since she knows Lydia and Janey both need her support right now. She looks to her daughter as she expresses, "Oh Janey... I wish I'd thought of it earlier..."

Janey grins a bit wider as she expresses, "Ah, it's fine, I was bein' a right mule about it too. And, heh, of course, mom! I'm not lookin' for perfection here. Just... y'know, I think, something that helps cup the sound t'make hearin' easier'd be great? Doesn't even have to be earcups, to be honest!"

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Ambrosius sends Noeline a nod. Indeed - his only real attachment to the place is Kaguya and the Guard. He would prefer it to be safe, certainly, but unless it was a direct result of his actions it didn't exactly weigh on his conscience, etiher.

His attention strays toward Riesenlied for a moment, a brief frown on his face. Her dejection did not go unnoticed, but he does not comment on it just yet. Instead, he smirks knowingly in response to Lydia.

"Iiindeed..." He replies, then glances toward Noeline. "Involving Cetiri would be wise, yes..."

He takes a brief moment to consider the logistics. Janey wanted to hear better. This made sense, he could understand why she would be having trouble.

"...Then that is where we shall start." He says with a nod. "If we can improve your hearing...that is the most important part. The rest can wait until we have access to better supplies."

Now, he looks upon Riesenlied once more.

"...I am sorry. I did not intend to upset you." He says, his tone apologetic. ...But even so, that did not take away the meaning behind his words.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

C-could Cetiri help? That's a relief. Much better than asking the other guy. Why did she even think about him in the first place? Gross! She hates that guy! "Heh! Between three very smart people, I bet we'll lick this problem in no time! I'm honestly embarrassed that we didn't even think to try it before! I guess this is the sort of bright thinking that happens when you don't have to worry about the end of the world quite so much!"

Though despite those words she can't help but worry--what if she can't do any of this junk? Failing Janey is the most troublesome outcome that she can think of but sitting with her hands under her butt while Cetiri and Ambrosius do all the work, yeah, that's a close second! She barely even hears Janey pointing out she's not super picky as she dives into the depths of SUPER ANXIETY. Why does every safe harbor just have to be another pitfall, Lydia??

Lydia's desire to look bulletproof is pretty similar to Janey's. It might be why they get along so well honestly.

Noeline offers some reassuring words and Lydia smiles towards her. "Heh, well, I'll do my best at least. If anybody's worth doin' my best it's Janey and y'all so."

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline pauses as she regards Janey for a moment, then finally lets out a quiet laugh. "... I suppose we'll keep it a secret from Mikaia, then," she drawls, but there's a warm smile there too. "And, of course, it goes without saying that this is only something you have to do if you want to. However you are, however you want to look, you know we've got your back," she puffs up.

Gently, she nudges Riesenlied towards that statement, reaching across their link to nudge her forwards. It might be escapism, as Lydia says - but the way she sees it, it's something more hopeful to focus upon for the time being. Impishly - and quite obviously joking - she adds: "You could always go for something more imposing. What about a big crown?"

She glances to Ambrosius with a nod, and then looks across to Lydia, gauging her expression again before she nods. "I can't think of anyone better. I'd venture to say you know better than a whole lot of people how to handle prosphetics. Besides, look at it this way - the worst thing that can happen is that things stay as they are. However little or great we manage, it will still be helping."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

"That's right!! It could be a big crown, fit for a Lord of Calamity! Ahahahaha!" Janey puts on a bout of laughter that's a little bit too big for her britches, putting her hands to her waist like she's some kind of Number 9. ... not a mighty one, though. That'd just end in tragedy.

Riesenlied looks to Lydia again, breathing through her own anxious troubles. "You've done so much for the Fereshte... I'm sure we can work together towards something Janey will definitely like. I know you have this, Lydia..." as she nods to Noeline's own encouragement as she urges her to chime in.

It's at that point that Ambrosius catches her glance, then moves forward to apologise to her.

"... ah ..." Riesenlied hesitates further, biting her lip. "No, it's... I'm the one who... should be sorry..." She lowers her head. "Orders are orders. And... you risk a lot more to..."

She doesn't quite manage to finish it, head stirring again. She looks at Lydia again, doubling down that she can't falter here right now.

"... and here I am, dwelling on this when you're offering your help for Janey. I am truly sorry."

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Ambrosius chuckles knowingly as Lydia asserts that, between the three of them, they'll have it handled in no time. He cannot, however, hear her internal monologue, so he does not yet seem aware of her lack of confidence.

She looks toward Noeline as she suggests a crown, and then toward Janey as he agrees. There's another good-natured chuckle.

"Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any particular preferences, of course. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes." He comments.

He looks between Noeline and Riesenlied then, as the two of them offer Lydia encouragement. ...He doesn't add any himself, though not out of any sort of malice.

But then Riesenlied apologises to him. He looks a little surprised at first, but then offers her a slight, reassuring smile.

"...It is alright." He replies. "But do not forget. It is as Noeline said - though I am not officially one of yours, I would still like to count myself among your friends and allies."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

At the very last it's something to do besides worrying about the war, krelian, lunata (IS SHE GOING TO BE A PUDDLE NEXT), and a billion other things. This feels like something she can maybe sort of help with and she's going to stick to it. Even if she has to bug the krelian in this equation. Maybe swing a bat at him until his knowledge falls out. That sounds like the right way to go about things. But that'll be plan B(at). Right now they'll start with Plan C(etiri). Sure, Janey might be willing to ACCEPT cardboard ears but she's cetainly going to aim for higher. It's for Janey after all!

Lydia gets reassurance and Lydia realizes at this point that maybe her anxiety is showing. She laughs it off a bit and adds, "Hey, thanks. It's cool. I've got it. I know I uh, gotta do my best. If I wasn't worried a little, I'd probably figure something was wrong with me! It's somethin' important after all!"

She looks to Ambrosius. "I get it, I get it. You got your job and all but we know where your heart's at. So it'll be fine. We can fenagle this thing and make everythin' shine a little bit brighter, yeah?"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline reaches over to gently ruffle... Riesenlied's hair, not Janey's this time. "... don't be silly. You've already done a whole lot to look after the two of them, and I'm rather certain they'll vouch for you," she chuckles quietly with a shake of her head. "It's alright to dwell. It's alright to have had a rough time of things, for that matter. They're not going to demand you set your own worries aside."

She leaves her hand there, gently rubbing between her beloved's horns as she lets out a distinct snort in Ambrosius' direction. "Are you quite sure about that offer? I should warn you, Janey's list of wishes is probably going to be seriously long and involved," she puffs out a breath, sniggering to herself as she does so.

Looking back towards Lydia for a moment, she frowns for an instant, still feeling something slightly amiss-- but she's been asked not to pry into it, and so she doesn't.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

It isn't just Noeline that feels something's amiss. Riesenlied purses her lips again, as Janey glances over her two moms and Lydia again. She grins wider as Lydia laughs it off, saying, "I'm still able to have a conversation like this with all y'all, so it's not like I'm mega-sufferin'. It's somethin'... I wanna do for my future."

She rubs her nose, though, looking back towards Riesenlied, then Ambrosius. "... s'right. It wasn't any different back then either. Uncle Ambro's always done his best to come to our rescue. Even during that pivotal time, mom...! You got more to say to Uncle, right?"

Riesenlied looks a bit alarmed, looking to Janey.

"... ... that's right. When Alhazred caught me... you were there, too, Mister Ambrosius. ... and now, what was once a pleasant fantasy for me ..."

She sucks in a breath and looks to Janey, Lydia and Noeline. The faces of her dear family around her.

"... it's starting to take shape as a pleasant reality ..."

She trembles a bit, but puffs herself up a little as her horns gain a bit of rise once more, as Noeline pats her between her horns. ... is that like a secret scratching spot?

"... s-so I won't give up either. Not until it's a pleasant reality for the both of us, Mister Ambrosius. I owe you that much."

Janey has a bigger grin, as she cackles to say, "That's a little more like the mom I know!"

<Pose Tracker> Ambrosius has posed.

Ambrosius chuckles slightly at Noeline's comment.

"It is a sacrifice I am willing to make." He replies, with seriousness.

But, Riesenlied has something to say, at Janey's urging. He listens intently. He would not dare interrupt her. And, at the end of it...he smiles, genuinely.

"I look forward to that day." He says, with a humble bow of his head. With that, he moves to pick up the crate he had set down before, but not before looking toward Lydia.

"...Yes. That is my wish, as well." He says, picking up the crate. He turns, then.

"For now, I should perhaps be off... but I will see you all again soon. After all..." He says, looking back. "I now have an important task to see to."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Something is amiss.

Even Lydia feels it but she can't articulate it, not in her own head or especially out loud. It's like there's just this block that she just can't think past.

But she's with her family now so how bad could all that be? It'll work out somehow. It has to. Even if she's lost on her own future, Janey should be free to get lost on her own future too. Even if it means being a Lord of Calamity for that matter.

A pleasant fantasy becoming pleasant reality, Lydia thinks.

"Maybe the real thing can be even better than what we imagined." She says quietly, her own way of agreeing with Janey's words. It's always rough when Riesenlied is going through a tough time like she has been on and off since Siegfried fell.

But, ahh... when she's the mom they know.

"See you around, Uncle Ambro." Lydia quips out after him.