2020-07-14: That Fierce Old Thing In The Dark

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  • Cutscene: That Fierce Old Thing In The Dark
  • Cast: Avril Vent Fleur
  • Where: ???
  • Date: July 14th, 2020
  • Summary: Avril ventures inwards.

BGM: (Point Lobo - Further and Further Inward) http://mysterymeep.net/Shrimp/Further_and_Further_Inward.mp3

She walks again the ghost continent known as herself.

How long has it been? Has it seconds? Hours? Years, or more? The landscape here does not change. The skies are heavy with clouds. The land is cloaked in white, rimmed by a sea awash in ice. She knows, as she does, that if she looked behind her, she would not even see a footprint.

This land cannot be marked, will not be marked.


for here.

Yes. There is one scar in this land. Right here, this place she has been so long (so little) seeking. This place, where she had broken through in the past. Where she will break through again.
Where she must break through.

There is no klaxon of warning now. No pulse that bids her leave this place. It is ruined, broken, gone.
"I am sorry," she says, because it almost feels as if it should be said, somehow.

Then she reaches out for the gap in the ice only to recoil as it -- as the fierce old thing in the dark -- reaches back.

And she hesitates on the brink, again, as she so often has. To go further is to risk much. To go further is to risk her 'self'.
Whatever she may be now.
But to turn back and walk away is to also risk 'herself'.

The scar is spreading. It will eventually cleave the entire world of 'herself' in two.

So. In the end.
There is only one choice.
(There has always been the one choice.)

Avril reaches out for the rend in herself once again, and feels as if in echo, the thing in the dark reaches back.
Her self.

"Please. I must know."

The ice about the scar slowly begins to flake away. Soon it is more than a crack. Soon, it is more.

Here is the door. Here is the passage inwards.

Here there is before her where she now stands the entry into the abyss known as herself.

Avril takes the first step and heads into the dark.