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"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."

-- Aldous Huxley

An important part of the console RPGs at the thematic core of Dream Chasers is advancement. Characters start off wet behind the ears, still learning their abilities, and with a lot of growing to do. We want a similar experience here, one that allows your characters to improve until they can surpass challenges that were unthinkable when they started out. So we’ve built the combat systems to allow for that kind of growth, with stat ranges that cover the planned lifetime of the MUSH.

We’ve also made a couple of design choices to help fit this theme. The first is that Antagonists will be a little tougher than Drifters; the "Rival" and "Fiend" tags give them a bit more CP and AP to spend (though their Digger points remain the same).

The second is that all protagonists are roughly equivalent in combat power when they start off. There are MUSHes where it makes sense to have widely divergent power levels for protagonists, but typically those levels don’t change much over time. It doesn’t fit our intended feel to start some protagonists off with an advantage… and there are reasons why they may not be accessing their full capabilities. To take one example, Citan Uzuki has years more experience than Rudy Roughnight, but, Rudy’s just started his adventure and is giving it his all, whereas Citan has reasons to conceal his true strength.

When you're ready to spend your hard-earned Character, Attack, and/or Digger Points, please send in an Advancement Application. Advancement applications will be processed once a week, under the same schedule outlined on the Character Application page.


Characters can give and receive +votes for RP. While they can give as many +votes a week as they like, for the purposes of generating Character Points, Attack Points, and Digger Points, only two count. This makes it so players with more time than others do not shoot dramatically ahead of everyone else.

The minimum and maximum number of CP, AP, and DP that a character can have is determined by the game's current chapter and act. When a new chapter/act starts, characters will be bumped up to the minimum points for the chapter/act; we may do this more frequently if required. When a character reaches the current maximum, they will cease gathering CP, AP, and DP until the next act or chapter begins.

There are average stat ranges for each chapter. Exceeding or going below these values will require justification; doing so dramatically will require considerable justification.

Chapter 3 Character Point Limits

  • Minimum Character Points: 300
  • Starting Character Points: 300
  • Maximum Character Points: 325 (Act 1)
  • Average Gunslinger Stat Range: 30-55 (60 with PS:Access, 70 for PS: Fiend)
  • Average Digger Stat Range: 8-20
  • Maximum Power Level for an Attack: 8 for Signatures (9 with PS: Fiend), 9 for Mystic Artes (10 with PS: Fiend)
  • Maximum CP per Week: 2

Command List

  • +vote <name>: Vote for that player.
  • +vote/room: Votes for everyone eligible in your current room.
  • +votes: Lists who has voted for you this week.
  • +votes <name>: Lists who has voted for <name> this week.
  • +voted: Lists who has voted for you this week.
  • +voted <name>: Lists who <name> has voted for this week.
  • +xp/+cp/+ap/+dp: Lists your current Character Points, Attack Points, and Digger Points. These are derived from +votes.

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