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IC Information
Full Name: Amaterasu
Nickname Mat
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 159 (doesn't look a day over 140 though)
Hometown: Locus Solus
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Veruni Radicals Commando
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Veruni
Player: Shrimpy
Fun Information
Favorite Food: Kaguya's vegetable fried rice (and refuses to admit it)
Least Favorite Food: Cheesecake (can't stand the texture)
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies: Martial arts, collecting old maps, calligraphy, sewing
Good With: Martial arts, calligraphy
Bad With: Sewing. Never ask about the quilt.
Soundtrack: Youtube

"As you wish."

Formerly a security officer aboard the Locus Solus, Amaterasu has been serving her people for quite some time: first during their initial invasion foray, nearly a century ago, and then since as a special operative in the secret war between the Veruni Radicals and Moderates. She has earned her place as a trusted soldier in the Radicals faction, and serves under Fereydoon's command. However, it may be her devotion to her sickly sister Kaguya that most defines Amaterasu... and provides her with much of the reason she needs to stay her course. No matter what.


Born aboard the Locus Solus, Amaterasu has seen both the void of space and ruin of Filgaia. Her talents were honed early on towards the arts of battle, and she has eagerly cultivated them since to defend her people: first a security officer, then a soldier to battle the threats without, and most recently a soldier battling the threats within Veruni society... by any means necessary.

Developments - Chapter 1, Acts 1-4

  • Throughout most of Chapter 1 serving the Radicals as a special agent eliminating Moderate troubles from within Veruni society.

Developments - Chapter 1, Epilogue

  • Stopping by a shrine where the retrieved Mirror of De Soto had been laid to rest, she encounters a trio of individuals in the process of stealing said mirror. Engaging them goes awry and they escape, much to her displeasure.
  • Shortly after this incident, she investigates the presence of a human military unit in northern Elru and is among those transported to Lunar.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 1

  • Soon after arriving in Spira, Amaterasu reunites with her sister, Kaguya, who explains the situation to her.
    • She pledges her blade and powers to Althena's Guard, claiming to be Kaguya's older sister (true), a warrior (true), and an elf (not true).
    • This also sees her face off against Sinspawn and then Sin itself at Operation Mi'ihen. Sin's presence manages to rattle the largely unflappable Veruni.
  • At the invasion of Luca, Amaterasu faces off first versus those in the streets and later against the mighty waitress Lunata while the Guard's Golems take the city defenders.
  • A disturbance outside the city a short time later draws her attention; to her displeasure it turns out to be CR-S01, aka Yue Rohay, traitor to the Veruni whose prison has somehow translocated itself to Lunar generally and Spira specifically. She takes responsibility for monitoring Yue immediately.
  • Most of her operations keep towards the Luca region generally afterwards as she works to try to hold what territory they have; she is of the opinion that they need more people to field if their aim is to push further north.
  • Shortly after a battle with Odessa near Macalania Temple she has a verbal altercation with her sister, where each delivers a salvo of their grievances with one another... and Amaterasu reveals a fact to Kaguya: it is impossible for both Veruni and humans to coexist on Filgaia.
  • After this she emerges to take on Sinspawn, rescuing Yue and her Minder on the field beforehand. She stays back as Sin and Lombardia duke it out with Ambrosius, her sister lingering just long enough to say one thing to her before vanishing.
    • Ambrosius and she patch up in the wake of Sin's final assault, and she urges he catch up with the others before she takes on the Sinspawn that roam the lands. She is not seen again after that.

Powers and Abilities

  • Melee combat - Amaterasu's training goes back to her childhood, and she took part in some of the earlier battles of conquest after their landing upon Filgaia. More recently she has taken the fight to the Moderates in their midst -- suffice to say, Amaterasu is an old and accomplished soldier and is very good at what she does.
    • Valkyrja - Amaterasu's spear and weapon of choice, a hallmark of Veruni technology. With both a collapsing yet stable shaft -- allowing for compact transport -- and a laser-light blade, Valkyrja provides Amaterasu with unbridled reach and devastation for whatever may stand against her.
  • Veruni martial arts - While she much prefers to use a weapon, Amaterasu is still a master of several forms of Veruni martial arts, and has acted as a teacher to some of the younger Veruni, her sister included. If pressed, she can resort to such means; she prefers the styles that make use of kicks, the better to utilize her long legs.
  • Magic - As with many Veruni, Amaterasu can make use of an Ether-like magic. Hers is darkness-aspected, and focuses on a mix of healing and support for herself and her allies, and debilitation or disorientation for her enemies.
  • Golem - Amaterasu has access to an excavated Golem which she can field if needed. Due to its limitations, Amaterasu prefers to only use it when necessary -- Inanna, while devastating on the field, is unfortunately rather fragile. Even more unfortunately, while the Golem can be repaired, there doesn't seem to be any way to reinforce its armoring, even with all the technology the Veruni possess -- however it was built, the trick to making its defenses stronger appears to be lost to time.


Name Type Rating Form Effects Description
All-Surface Boots Agility 2 Self Quicken Boots that allow the user to walk on any surface when activated, regardless of gravitational conditions. A miracle of research from an until-recently space-faring race.
Shielding Module Brute 1 Self Rally, Resilient A device in her armor that allows her to boost its defenses. Useful for when you have to stand your ground... or strengthen your armor in anticipation of feats of strength.
Stopwatch Combat 4 Self None A perfectionist, sometimes Amaterasu wants to see just /how long/ it will take her to obliterate a foe.


Name Major Group Affinity Amaterasu's assessment
Kaguya Veruni Affinity-6-heart.png "Your continued safety is the only thing that matters. ...But you did not hear me say that."
Elvis Veruni Affinity-3-green.png "Sentinel, it is an honor."
Ambrosius Veruni Affinity-3-green.png "I have heard much of you. You do your people proud."
Yue Rohay Veruni Affinity-1-orange.png "The Traitor. I have heard of you. You are my responsibility now. Just remember -- should you act against us, I will strike you down without hesitation."
Minder No. 7 Veruni Affinity-3-green.png "I do not profess to understand the aims of your superiors. Nevertheless, I will see you come to no harm."
Marivel Armitage ARMS Affinity-2-yellow.png "You are no simple creature, are you."
Lunata Croze Yevon Affinity-2-yellow.png "So this... is the power of a waitress."

Digger Discoveries

Chapter 2

What Where Status
Information about the Veruni Memorial Sactuary Amaterasu heard the plea of her ancestors, but did she heed it?
A book about Lord Mi'ihen Luca Markets Amaterasu did not take a copy.
Zenobia's bromide Cult of the Amen God Amaterasu was forced to flee before the prize was had...!
An Elixir Mi'ihen Highroad Battle - Against Yevon Possibly in Kaguya's collection!
A recording Sphere Ride ze Shoopuf With Amaterasu; has it been used yet...?

Weapon Stories


Chapter Story Unlock
1 [locked] ????
2 [locked] ????
3 [locked] ????
4 [locked] ????

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