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IC Information
Full Name: Ambrosius
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): Really Quite Old (Unknown)
Hometown: Locus Solus
Hair Colour: Pale-Brown
Class: Ardent Anthropologist
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Veruni
Minor Groups: Ebony Wings
Player: User:Ettlesby

"To think that...they were caaapable...of building this... This priiimitive culture is so...faaascinating, yes... But... it could use some...refiiinement..."

According to Ambrosius, he was once a member of a nomadic tribe that wandered the world until one fateful day they were slaughtered by bandits, leaving the few survivors with nothing but the clothes on their backs. He wanders the world now, looking for his place in life now that his previous one has been torn from him...if you believe what he says. This story, however, is a fabrication. Beneath the brightly-colored 'traditional garments' covering his body this man is actually a Veruni spy, tasked with monitoring and recording the culture, goings-on, and history of civilizations currently outside of Veruni well as reporting or claiming any weaknesses, useful secrets, or tools that his leaders could use to further their goals. He has always been a rather nosy individual who records practically everything(though he would claim that everything is just so interesting that he can't help it), so this assignment is perfect for him. The 'historical fiction' he writes (typically featuring a strong, intelligent, and handsome Veruni protagonist appearing at various points in human history to solve their problems with ease and show them what they've been doing wrong) is a prime form of entertainment among his comrades, though not necessarily for the reasons he'd like.


The story Ambrosius usually tells is that he was a member of a tribe that wandered the Badlands until the day most of them were murdered in an attack by bandits. This left him alone in the world, and so he fills that void by wandering the world and learning all he can about history, and those who came before him.

This, of course, is a lie.

He is actually a Veruni, and old enough to have witnessed their initial invasion of Filgaia. To his regret at the time, however, he was not old or trained enough to actually participate in the battles - he served only as a mechanic and a reserve soldier. He did become quite adept at working with machinery as a mechanic, however, earning him some respect despite his family's rather low rank in Veruni society. He promptly lost this respect, however, when he began using the information brought back by the surviving soldiers to produce various stories about aspects of human culture. This information invoked in him a desire to learn more about humanity, a desire that never fully went away.

His time from that point on was mostly spent repairing machines around the capital and the ship, to the best of his ability...up until the point Volsung took over. The new leader's change in direction gave Ambrosius an opportunity. He was quick to volunteer to head out beyond the Veruni Control Zones as a spy...and also to indulge his love of history and culture.

To him, everything seems to be quite 'faaascinating'. If he realizes he says this a lot, he hasn't let on. He also professes a fondness for Gounon's 'Johnny Appleseed' apple wine, like most Veruni, and makes a point of sharing it with new allies at the earliest opportunity.

Powers and Abilities

Conversator: An ordinary revolver that is always at Ambrosius's side. He considers it his 'trusty side-arm', but it is clearly not Veruni in origin...

Veruni-style Ether: Ambrosius is quite adept at Sorcery. His combat specialty is Water ether, though he knows how to use some other elements for non-combat purposes. These are usually to help him handle whatever machine he is currently interested in looking at.

Veruni-style Close-Quarters-Combat: Ambrosius may be best at mid-to-long range, but as it would happen he is not too shabby in melee, either. If the enemy closes in, he has no problems drawing out his knife...or, if it comes down to it, just hurling them bodily away.

Logs and Cutscenes

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  • Volsung: Ambrosius carries a deep respect for his leader, despite his young age. He is an ambitious individual, and his machinations have given Ambrosius an opportunity to prove himself...and to see the world outside the walls.
  • Prima: Ambrosius respects the skills of the young ninja. He thinks she might have a little too much energy, but he supposes that's better than the alternative. She's reliable, however, and he's glad to have her assistance in his endeavors.
  • Kaguya: To Ambrosius, Kaguya is a sorrowful individual. Her disease serves as a reminder to why his mission is important, and despite it she seems to be continuing strong. He can only hope they find an answer before she succumbs to it.


  • Riesenlied: The commander of the Ebony Wings - and, as a member, that makes her his commander as well, in a way. He carries a deep respect for her and her intelligence, and is glad to be working alongside her. He would not have expected that the Metal Demons would produce an individual like Riesenlied from everything he'd heard of them before.


  • Noeline: Appears to be a close friend of Riesenlied. As far as Ambrosius is aware she is the Crimson Noble she claims to be...though her deep connection to the Metal Demons does make him a little suspicious. Still, she would appear to be very good at her job.

Respected Ones

  • Emma Hetfield: Ambrosius generally has a higher opinion of humans than most of his kind, but he still looks down upon them somewhat. As such, it was surprising for him to come across a human he viewed as actually intelligent. For that, Emma has his respect.
  • Gwen Whitlock: An unusually complicated human. Though he would like to view her simply as Frea's project and nothing more, there's something about the easy way in which she interacts with people like him that makes it difficult not to like her as a person. He certainly never would have imagined he'd find himself sharing a bottle of mead with a human in some isolated corner of the fairgrounds, much less coming across the same human in the wilderness and then sharing a meal with them.
  • Ida Everstead-Rey: Similarly to Emma, Ambrosius views Ida as an intelligent human and, therefore, worthy of his respect. A part of him believes that they would both be useful allies to have, but has made no efforts in contacting them for that regard.


  • Sephilia Lampbright: A child with a most unusual plush doll. Ambrosius can't help but be curious as to how this 'Lord Foxington' actually works, and whether or not the principles could be applied to other things. His opinions on the girl herself are largely neutral, however.


  • Catenna: Ambrosius tries to keep a level head. There is, however, something about Catenna he finds infuriating. No matter how much he tries she does not appear to listen to reason - or at the very least what he views as reason - and throws any mercy he tries to offer to her back into his face. A mutual understanding would appear to be impossible...that is what he first thought, however, but further interaction has lead him to believe that, while they may never be proper friends, they do not necessarily have to be true enemies...
  • Ethius Hesiod: A very suspicious individual, who attempted to halt his retrieval of the crystal in the Otherworldly Hollow. His mannerisms are inscrutable to Ambrosius, and that makes him a dangerous foe.