Ashton Anchors

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Ashton Anchors
Double Dragon Duelist
IC Information
Full Name: Ashton Anchors
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 20 (September 28)
Hometown: Meria Boule
Hair Colour: Brown
Class: Sorcerous Swordsman
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 365,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Star Ocean 2
Major Group: ARMs
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Ashton

A young man originally from Meria Boule, Ashton Anchors is a young Drifter who travelled to the Ignas continent in order to fight in the Lacour Tournament of Arms. A skilled swordsman who wields two short blades in combat, Ashton was training for the Tournament by accepting jobs from the Adventurer's Guild. But an encounter in the Salva Drift resulted in the young swordsman having a pair of dragon heads - one fire, the other ice - grafted to his shoulder blades. Ashton is now traveling in search of a means to end the curse... or so he says.


Entranced by tales of Drifters as a young boy, Ashton was quick to apprentice himself under the Adventurer's Guild. A natural both with sword and sorcery, he was a rising young star who developed his own unique school of fighting. Within months of striking out on his own, Ashton had already developed a reputation as a skilled monster hunter and mercenary.

Unfortunately, his ego got the better of him while hunting a two-headed dragon in the Salva Mines. Distracted at the worst moment by the intrusion of Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford, the dragon got in what could have been a mortal blow. But the monster's soul and Ashton's Symbological sorcery mixed in an unexpected way, fusing the two together into a single being.

The blow crushed Ashton's ego, giving him a constant reminder of his mistakes. A literal weight on his shoulders - two dragon heads.

Named Creepy and Weepy, the pair have become Ashton's partners, companions and (debatably) pets. The trio now act as one, trying to continue the swordsman's work as an adventurer and seeking a cure to lift the curse that fuses them together.

Character Notes

A is for Affable - he has a talent for making friends and is eager to do so. "My mother taught me that an enemy can only do one thing - hurt you. A friend can come to your aid in a thousand different ways. Be it a shoulder to lean on, a blade at your side or even just someone to share a meal with. So it is always in your best interest to have as many friends as possible - and to be sure to finish your enemies off."

S is for Shifting Blame - while the presence of the dragons has dampened his ego, he still has one. It comes out most often in how he tends to blame his failures on others; or just as often his bad luck. "I'm not saying I don't make mistakes. I'm only human, of course I do. But more often than not those mistakes are because someone else caused it to happen. That is, when it isn't just the universe out to get me."

H is for Helpful - the force that drives the man. "When I was young, I saw how Drifters were always helping others. From stopping monsters to finding ancient things that made life better, Drifters brought more good into the world than nearly anyone else. The myopic view of a child, perhaps, but that's what inspired me to become one and still what I try to be in my life."

T is for Twin Dragons - the literal weight on his shoulders. Creepy and Weepy's wild ways make their precise role in his life vary from moment to moment. "Sometimes, those two are my most boon companions - assisting me in battle, providing sage advice and comforting me in dark moments. Then seconds later they're demanding I get them hats and shouting in my head that they want candy. ...Is this what it's like to have children?"

O is for Overconfident - which he is, despite trying to push his ego down. "No situation is unwinnable. Victory may cost more than what you're willing to pay, but that doesn't mean there isn't a solution. Part of why I've been successful is that I'm good at finding those solutions when others give up."

N is for Nomadic - for the road is where he rests his head. By the nature of being a Drifter, Ashton lives a mobile life. He doesn't have a home of his own, wandering from place to place in search of work and adventure. While not outdoorsy and preferring towns, he's still quite capable of wilderness survival and lives light. "Over each hill is a new adventure to try and a new monster to fight. How could I turn that down just because the ground is harder than a bed?"

A is for Amusing - because he just can't help himself. One of the few areas where Ashton's ego comes up short is when he has the chance to get a laugh. He's entirely willing to delve into self-depreciating humor to make someone smile. It's the approval-seeker in him. "If you're unable to put a smile on the face of a friend, are you truly one? Sometimes that's all that's needed to help someone out."

N is for Nonpartisan - for adventure knows no politics. Ashton has zero desire to become involved in grand political games and intricate schemes. He doesn't even care for the rivalries between Drifter groups. "I fight monsters, not wars."

C is for Curse - the drive behind his actions. Finding a cure to the curse that has fused the dragons to Ashton is his greatest goal in life - for obvious reasons. "I've grown attached to Creepy and Weepy since the incident. But I still yearn for the chance to be normal again. To have people on the street not stare. To not have to explain my existence. To just be... alone again, even for a few minutes."

H is for Humanity - something that he questions. A monster hunter who is now sometimes mistaken for being a monster, Ashton is unsure of what he is. "Am I human still? I don't feel it and people don't react to me as if I am. But if I'm not human, what am I? Not dragon, not Tainted, not beast and not demon. If I'm lucky, I'll find a cure before I find the answer is one I can't live with."

O is for Overprotective - because instincts are hard to break. Ashton's job is to protect those who need protection, and he sometimes forgets his place. It's all well and good to nobly step between a monster and an innocent, but he has a bad habit of stepping between monsters and Drifters who are just as capable (or more capable!) at defending themselves. "I understand that not everyone needs protecting. But sometimes even the strongest do, and they're the worst at admitting when they need it. And would you be able to live with yourself if someone got hurt and you failed to help?"

R is for Romantic - because that's where the heart lies. While Ashton feels he's beyond any kind of relationship right now because of his curse, he has a soft spot for love stories and romance. "While I would never saddle someone with the problems I have, it warms my heart to see others in love. And when I can lend a small hand to that? I'm more than glad to do so. What better cause is there?"

S is for Small Scale - where he prefers to operate. Ashton's been on a few world-saving adventures, but he doesn't seek them out. He's much more comfortable on the smaller, local scale and dealing with individuals rather than organizations. "My father once told me it's better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. And he's right - seeing the face of someone who's life you just changed is better than the cold thanks of a random bureaucrat and a handful of coin."

Powers and Abilities

Ashton is a Symbological Swordsman, which is fairly unique in and of itself. A highly capable sword fighter on his own, he has a variety of Symbological tattoos that he can harness by channeling them through his blades. Without the weapons to focus it, his sorcery skills are lackluster and few. However, his abilities with them are quite flexible - he's shown not just elemental channeling but also bursts of unnatural speed, the ability to create illusionary duplicates, conjure shields and short-range teleportation.

He also is a Dragon Warrior, with Creepy and Weepy on his shoulders. They possess fair intelligence of their own, a certain animal wisdom and the ability to breathe both fire and ice.

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