Avril Vent Fleur

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Avril Vent Fleur
IC Information
Full Name: Avril Vent Fleur
Nickname Avril
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Looks about 20. Maybe?
Hometown: ???
Hair Colour: Silver
Class: Johnny Appleseed?
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 1,000,000,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms 5
Groups: Wayside Outreach
Player: Shrimpy
Fun Information
ARM: Absolute Zero
Favorite Food: She doesn't remember
Least Favorite Food: She doesn't remember
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies: She doesn't remember
Good With: Machinery, ancient technology
Bad With: Dark places
Soundtrack: YouTube

"Promises must not be broken so casually. Promises must be kept."

The girl who fell from the sky, cradled in the immense hand of a Golem and carrying with her a pair of impossibly advanced ARMs... and headed east to discover the truth behind a name. As it has always been, Avril Vent Fleur's existence is one defined by mysteries since Dean Stark and Rebecca Streisand found her, but now there is at least one mystery less: she is apparently 'Johnny Appleseed', the leader of the Veruni. Where one mystery is resolved others are born, however; torn now between a sense of obligation and the understanding that her lost memories make fulfilling such obligation unwise if not impossible, Avril continues onward in search of understanding fully who she was and what role now awaits her. Kindhearted and serene regardless of whatever she may face, Avril is nonetheless as pragmatic and painfully direct as the blade she bears, a factor continuously tempered by those with which she travels. However, her seeming role of lost Veruni ruler and prodigious talents makes her of extreme interest to certain powers that be... and her people, it seems, who would rather their leader return home. By any means necessary.


A girl found in the hand of a Golem without her memory, who set out on a journey to discover who she was and find the person named 'Johnny Appleseed' with the people who found her.

As it turns out, both these quests have more or less come to the same end: she is Johnny Appleseed, the lost ruler of the Veruni.
And as long as someone like Volsung seeks to restore her to her throne, she, still lacking her memories, has opted to flee such responsibilities -- without understanding herself and her past, she feels, she will only become a pawn. Only the current freedom afforded to her permits her to better understand who she was and what she must now do.

Thus hiding from Veruni and others alike, she continues to search for clues to what she cannot remember...

...and has joined those currently transported to Lunar -- to Spira -- via Vinsfeld's machinations.

Where Avril has again been forced to contemplate the monster known as herself.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 1

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 2

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 3

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 4

Developments - Chapter 1, Epilogue

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 1

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 2

Powers and Abilities

  • Swordplay - Avril instinctively knows some basic forms for a school of swordplay unlike any currently known across Filgaia; where she learned it is uncertain (at this point the other salient question may be 'when'), but it most closely resembles the graceful ritualized forms of a dueling school rather than anything meant for the battlefield.
    • Absolute Zero - A strange and quite unique ARM that can alternate modes between a sword and a laser beam whip. It's definitely not at all a weapon from the current era. Due to synchronization, it appears that Avril is the only one who can use it to its full power.
  • Original Medium: Sea - Avril is in possession of the Original Sea Medium, an artificial Medium that can draw forth the power of the Sea Guardian Lucadia; unlike copies, this can theoretically be used by anyone. Through this Medium, Avril can borrow Lucadia's power to heal and support herself and allies.
    • Medium Affinity - Avril can sense the presence of Original Mediums for some reason. OOCly speaking, this is an excuse for RP!
  • Manifestation - Avril can at times draw upon a part of her true power. While this state is no longer entirely out of her control, it is quite taxing on her mentally and physically. Due to the nature of her gaining control over joining that state, it is possible there may be other complications in time.
  • Ice Medium - Received from the Guardians themselves. This stone tablet bears the symbol of Aru Solatu, the Ice Guardian. With it, the Ice Guardian can be summoned, and even being in possession of it strengthens Avril somewhat.
  • Magic - Learned during a private epiphany Avril had post the battle in the Pleasing Garden ruins. As Veruni magic does, it bears some vague resemblance to Ether. So far, she's able to use it to manifest and control icy shards. When calling upon her true power, she also presents the ability to manipulate cold light.
  • Ancient Technology Intuition - As the ancient queen of the Veruni, Avril has intuitive knowledge about certain pieces of ancient mysterious technology, particularly some of the most ancient and most mysterious. Particularly of ancestral Veruni make.
  • Spiritual Awareness - Avril's got an extremely good sense for things beyond normal sensory perception. Seraphs and Malevolence, that includes you. Once again, the reason why is a Mystery. She has, she suspects, a connection with the Ley on some level.
  • Deja Vu? - Avril has amnesia and can't remember anything except a certain name. But Avril has the very, very odd sense, despite this, that she's met certain people before and has been certain places before. Indeed, she even has the sense that there are people she needs to speak to, or places she needs to be. This, she suspects, is a part of her apparent connection with the Ley.
  • Mysteriousness - it's extremely high



Name Type Rating Effects Description
Sea Medium Agility 2 Quicken The Original Artificial Medium for the Sea Guardian, Lucadia. Not just for combat use -- Avril can briefly borrow grace and swiftness of the Sea Guardian through the Medium to tackle difficult jumps and move quickly.
Mirror of De Soto Wits 1 Cleanse The mysterious Mirror of De Soto, 'retrieved' from the Veruni. As well as being a perfectly functional mirror, it also taps into the Ley by the power of the full moon... and allows Avril to access a little bit of her still-hidden abilities.
Remote Golem Override Brute 4 None Briefly summons forth a buried Golem's arm (or foot, or whatever) to smash or bash something, once. Even on Lunar.
Absolute Zero Beam Brute 3 Fanfare Uses the beam whip mode of Absolute Zero to effect against an obstacle.


Name Type Rating Effects Description
Turbocharger Agility 3 Quicken, Sacrifice Sometimes you absolutely need to move fast in a Gear. For that, there's always the TURBO button. Does a number on fuel, though.
Power Stabilizer Brute 1 Strengthen, Fanfare A Gear subsystem that gathers and reroutes power in anticipation of a pre-calculated output of force.
Gear Blade - Gambanteinn Combat 2 Stalwart Brandishes Skadi's massive Gear blade against a foe.


Name Major Group Affinity Avril's thoughts
Dean Stark Wayside Outreach Affinity-5-cloud.png "You're important to me, in a way I cannot seem to define."
Fei Fong Wong Black Wolves Affinity-3-green.png "It has been difficult for you as well, has it not?"
Ida Everstead-Ray None Affinity-3-green.png "The rest is up to you. But you need not walk this path alone."
Lunata Croze Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "Something... seems to not be right...?"
Matilda Whitehead Odessa Affinity-3-green.png "Matilda... why?"
Noeline Wayside Outreach Affinity-4-blue.png "That power that was able to sleep within you... why do I know it so well?"
Riesenlied Wayside Outreach Affinity-4-blue.png "Thank you. You have done so much for us. I hope to be able to repay this debt."
Rebecca Streisand Wayside Outreach Affinity-5-cloud.png "I'm so very glad that we were able to meet..."
Shalune Amira Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "Big Shal... really is quite incredible."
Cyre H. Lorentz Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "I do not know how we might repay you."
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "You also do not remember your past..."
Gwen Whitlock Vile Fiends Affinity-3-green.png "Thank you. For all you have done."
Rudy Roughnight Dawn Chasers Affinity-2-yellow.png "Thank you. I feel as if that time in Little Twister may have gone poorly without you."
Lily Keil Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "We are akin, and yet, not at all alike. How very strange..."
Xantia Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "You really do remind me of Dean."
Ambrosius Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "You are, as well... my kin."
Chuck Preston None Affinity-3-green.png "I am glad we were able to save your life. But, have we met somewhere before...?"
Greg Russelberg None Affinity-3-green.png "Whatever was it that happened to you, Greg? And... you seem familiar to me, somehow."
Kaguya Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "I see. So that is what you intend..."
Talia Wayside Outreach Affinity-2-yellow.png "It is difficult to change one's path, is it not?"
Id None Affinity-1-orange.png "You... how do you know me?"
Janus Cascade None Affinity-1-orange.png "I will not forgive you for tricking us or hurting Dean."
Lady Harken Hyadean Remnant Affinity-2-yellow.png "You taught me something about myself. Next time, I will show you what more I have learned."
Elvis Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "I... am sorry. Once again."
Volsung Veruni Affinity-1-orange.png "...Those eyes..."
Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus Odessa Affinity-1-orange.png "I can understand your feelings, even your methods. But is this truly the only path forward for Filgaia?"
Lydia Seren Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "I am sorry. I understand how you must feel. But there is nothing that I can do for you people. For that I a deeply sorry."
Ivan Althena's Guard Affinity-2-yellow.png "You are... Talia's brother?"


A record of 'manifestations', for possible future reference. It is a mystery.

Digger Discoveries

Does not include any outcomes where the winning result was 'a successful escape'

Chapter 1

What Where Status
Data readouts and a mysterious plaque Temple of Rejection Nothing for Avril but the weird sense of deja vu
Ancient papers Sacred Grounds of Linga To follow up on; Nisan may know more
Literature and social commentary from the Metal Demon War era Ruins of Memory Retrieved a few books at Ethius' insistence
Purple Participation Ribbon Lacour Coliseum Avril may already be a winner
A Useful Pendant Rujm el-Hiri Pendants claimed by Cyre and Fei
Guardian Mediums Guardian Temple Avril has claimed the Ice Medium
Gears The Battle Front Avril has a Gear now
Strange Coins Mountain Palace Did not take
Soldier's Tags Abandoned Frontier Town Dog tags claimed by Ida; to look into
Krosse Arms and Armor Eerie Farmhouse Returned to Krosse
Money and... Prestige? Field Expedition Accepted, but at what cost?
Metal-working Kit Eerie Farmhouse Taken
A waterwheel Wayside Waterway Perhaps reported back to Wayside
Cold hard cash Meribia Sewers Used to prevent the trio from sleeping on the streets
A basic book of spells Vane Trial Cave Using it to guide her magic practice
A hidden spring Forbidden Canyon Everyone had a nice bath
Spiritual empowerment Uzda Il-jam ~ Proving Grounds Now able to resist moderately powerful Domains
Dark insight The Umbral Mirror Gained a realization of a coming disaster
A trio of gems Emrys Mire Left in Ida's possession probably; seems to hint at a past disaster
Memory storage crystals Ruins of Altered Memory Crystals that seem to be able to store memories; they're empty
Broken pauldron Leck Mines - Flooded A Metal Demon's pauldron -- it may have belonged to Siegfried
Malevolent herbs Profane Grounds of Linga Strange, Malevolence-tinged herbs
Ever-burning torch Ruins of Altered Memory An apparently eternally-burning torch; taken by Fei
Ancient Remains Binding Depths of Serpent's Coils A strange skeleton
Seeds and information The Glint Mirage Ferroflora seeds... and some intriguing information
Original Artificial Medium of Life Lost Village Fereshte Rieselied found the Original Artificial Medium of Life
Original Artificial Mountain Medium Memorial Sanctuary Avril received the Original Artificial Mountain Medium (given to Dean)
A Well-made Crossbow Lost Village Fereshte A well-made Fereshte crossbow

Chapter 2

What Where Status
A letter from Burwich Mushroom Rock Road A mysterious letter from Burwich... what could it mean?
A Phoenix Down Mushroom Rock Road A strange feather that may save someone on the edge of death, it seems.

Weapon Stories

Absolute Zero

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Heart frozen, The Power of Teamwork
2 a gradual thawing for all eternity; smiling kindly, The World We'd Like To Live In
3 [Unknown] ????
4 [Unknown] ????

Skyfallen Gear Skadi

Chapter Story Unlock
1 How long have I walked, I wonder? The tracks are as a maze before me -- I know they have meaning but whatever that meaning may be is elusive. Yet, I’ll continue to walk until I meet my destination. Something That Can't Be Expressed
2 Where is my destination? Even the shape of it escapes me, but I know that I must reach it. There is someone I must meet. Should it take me to the ends of the world I will proceed on this path. A Little Light Reading
3 How much colder will it become? This path wears cold as ice. This path seems fit to consume me, erode who I am until nothing is left. But I cannot turn away. No matter how much colder it becomes. To Feel Such Regret
4 Long I’ve walked. My destination unknown. In defiance, I proceed across the ice and to the ends of the world. I have tracks I am following, as far as I must go. After all, I have someone I must meet.

I made a promise.

Das Rheingold

Gear Blade Gambanteinn

Chapter Story Unlock
1 [Unknown] ????
2 [Unknown] ????
3 [Unknown] ????
4 [Unknown] ????

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