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IC Information
Full Name: Belize
Gender: Non-Binary
Age (Birthdate): ? (?)
Hometown: Bevelle
Hair Colour: Blood orange
Class: Yevonite Summoner
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Final Fantasy X (Original Character)
Major Group: Yevon
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Ayu

Belize is one of the rare non-Guado in the service of Maestor Seymour--a Summoner priest besides--and has been ever since he saved them from a Fiend-inflicted shipwreck on their return journey to seek out the lost temple of the water aeon, Leviathan. That mission was a success, and Leviathan now heeds Belize's calls, but the price was too steep: their dear Guardians and the ship's entire crew now sleep eternally at the bottom of the sea. Frustration, grief, and anger have transformed Belize, already proud and stubborn if once friendly and just-minded, into a bitter individual prone to fits of violence. Fortunately, their admiration for Seymour's placid calm keeps them from going off the deep end... *too* badly.


Powers and Abilities

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4


Chapter 2, Epilogue


Chapter 3, Act 1





Leviathan: Leviathan's fayth was, in life, an NB of the sea. They captained the greatest ship of that age and sailed the seas of Spira (and possibly beyond, for that time era) working as a transporter, a treasure hunter, an explorer, and more. Nothing gave them greater joy than the wind at their back and the spray in their face. The advent of Sin wrested their beloved seas away from them, and they have never forgiven Sin--or those who brought it into being--since. Indeed, it's because of their anger over losing their love and their livelihood that they consented to become a fayth and use their soul to empower Summoners to defeat Sin.

They are fiercely independent and care less for authority figures and more for doing what they believe is right. However, they're more than their fair share of a glory hog, too, and they respect those who'll stand up to monsters not to do the "right thing" but for the thrill of fighting the strongest. They'll give their help to a Summoner for any and all of these reasons. Those who merely simper at the heels of Yevon and do the pilgrimage because that's what's expected of them earn their scorn. They refuse to help anyone who has no will of their own, who only go with the flow. Leviathan's fayth IS the flow, and if a Summoner doesn't have their own counter-flow, then they'll sweep them away. The fact that the temple in which they were revered has sunk beneath the ocean is irrelevant; they absolutely refuse to compromise on their principles. They are the strong and proud Lord of All Waters, in life and after.

Their personality is bombastic, commanding, and rough--even spiky--around the edges. While they can seem mean or rude, they aren't cruel, though. They simply push and push and push the Summoner with whom they've bonded, like the moon on the tides, until that Summoner is the best they can be. They work best with a Summoner who can push back, or else can take their pushing and use it to grow higher, like the ocean waves during a typhoon. A Summoner will have few greater supporters than Leviathan, in fact. They've chosen to believe in you, so you damn well better believe in yourself.

In combat, Leviathan commands the waters of the ocean and all the raw force they possess. They are an elemental spirit much in the way Ifrit, Ixion, and Shiva are: water heals them; lightning is their bane. A creature of mostly sorcery, they create waterspouts, whirlpools, cavitation bubbles, and especially their signature tsunamis to attack. However, they are also HUGE, nearly as big as Bahamut, and so can use their body for slamming, crushing, or shredding attacks as well. They also have a beam breath, which is functionally an ARM in how it works, so they have a good variety and balance in terms of their attack options. They're swift and agile and can swim faster than most ships; it's possible for them to carry a Summoner and some companions, though given how many spines they have, it's not a very comfortable trip.

The version of the Hymn of the Fayth that they sing is a powerful, booming baritenor, akin to a mix of Ifrit's passion with Ixion's depth. It would be easy to imagine hearing it on shanty night on the open seas. They smell, perhaps surprisingly, of gardenias. (In their time, their favorite lamp oil was made with gardenia fragrance.)