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IC Information
Full Name: Bera
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 28
Hometown: Bevelle
Hair Color: Blonde
Class: Samurai
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: FFX
Groups: None
Player: User:SunandMoon

Despite the rumors of bad luck that follow in Bera’s footsteps, few would argue she isn’t one of the better freelance Samurai in Spira. The young woman who wields a blade of elemental power is often sought after for jobs that the Crusaders do not help with, and her constant travels often place her in areas to help smaller communities with fiend problems. She may be like a broken mirror, bringing bad luck to some who see her but her prices are cheap and her skill high enough that many are willing to use her services.


Bera is the youngest of two siblings, whose father was a Summoner that died on his Pilgrimage. Her mother was lost when Sin attacked Luca, leaving her and her brother orphaned. Both were taken in by Yu Yevon's clergy at Bevelle where they were trained in different directions. Bera's brother was taken to be trained as a summoner through his talents soon saw him taken on to help the upper clergy. Bera herself was trained to be a Warrior Monk.

Bera placed high in her classes compared the others she was trained with, despite the seeming bad luck that occurred around her to others but never her. Her skill and talents saw her brought into the Warrior Monk's fully by the time the High Summoner Braska brought about a new Calm. For most the Calm, she worked within the Warrior Monks handling her duties and jobs with efficiency. But after a number of missions five years into the Calm, she resigned and left the Warrior Monks becoming a mercenary. For the remainder of the Calm, she traveled the majority of Spira assisting with tasks that the Crusaders and Warrior Monks did not fighting back fiends and bandits.

When the Calm broke and Sin returned, Bera began to work with Crusaders further from Bevelle and other major cities to give them the needed power and skill to handle Sinspawn during her travels. It was during these missions that she began to hear rumors of something happening within the Crusaders that maybe shouldn't be, and would eventually lead her to a path that would force her to confront her past and account for her present.


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To be Filled

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 2, Act 1