Cecilia Adlehyde

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Cecilia Adlehyde
IC Information
Full Name: Cecilia Adlehyde
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 17 (State Secret)
Hometown: Adlehyde Castle Town
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Crest Sorceress
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Dawn Chasers
Player: User:Duplicator

The daughter of King Justin of Adlehyde, Cecilia is the inheritor of a legacy she doesn't fully understand. As a child, she was sent to study Crest Sorcery at Curan Abbey, and she spent most of her early life in the tutelage of its nuns. Under their care, she's become both a kind, gentle young woman and a powerful Crest Sorceress, though there was little they could do for her tendencies towards absent-mindedness. Now, Cecilia is free to do as she pleases, and she's torn between her role as Adlehyde royalty and her desire for control over her own destiny. Her birthright might be more of an issue than she realizes -- as the oldest woman of the Adlehyde Dynasty, she has a powerful rapport with the Guardians of Filgaia. Not long ago, the Guardian of Water spoke to her in a daydream, warning her of dire events to come. Cecilia hasn't been able to make sense of it, and while it troubles her, she's resolved to seek out the signs that the Guardian revealed.


Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde is the current princess of Adlehyde, and the oldest woman of the Adlehyde family. The Adlehyde dynasty, it's said, descend from the original noble houses that rallied the world together during the Metal Demon Wars, and are said to have close bonds to the Guardians. This is embodied in the Teardrop, a sacred treasure of the family, which the Princess protects.

As a princess and now as a Shaman, Cecilia struggles to find and maintain an identity amid a life where it seems like everything about her was decided by somebody else.

She is not in any way, shape, or form engaged to Bart. Are you crazy? Margie would feed her to a shark.

Powers and Abilities

Cecilia is a Crest Sorceress, using small square stones engraved with various combinations of elemental crests as foci to draw out the power of Filgaia's magic. She is capable of adjusting the stones' engravings through the assistance of a Magic Guild professional, making it possible for Cecilia to prepare for nearly any situation if she knows it's coming. Being a princess, she has a decently large number of Graphs to her name, but even she can't easily supply herself with the 32 she'd need to keep every possible spell on her at all times.

Cecilia is also a Shaman, a spirit medium chosen by the Guardians themselves. Cecilia can easily perceive many supernatural secrets, and with the Teardrop, can easily sense the many spirits that preserve the world. She's far from blind without it, but it serves as a great beacon to those spirits attuned to Filgaia's life force. She bears a medium tablet of the Guardian of Water, Schturdark, gifted to her by the Black Turtle himself when she rescued him from an evil book in Curan Abbey's Sealed Library. After her encounter with the Guardians at Guardian Temple, Cecilia was gifted the Mediums of all three other Elemental Beasts, Fengalon, Grudiev, and Moor Gault.

Cecilia may or may not also have been trained in some staff fighting techniques at the Abbey. Nuns get up to some stuff, man.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Dawn Chasers

Claude C. Kenny - A Drifter from a strange land who agreed to travel with Cecilia on her journey to recover the Teardrop. Claude has confided his great secret to Cecilia, but its scale is so huge that Cecilia can't really wrap her head around it. She instead focuses on providing support with something she understands quite well: The hardship of bearing up under expectations thrust upon you.

Rena Lanford - Claude's original traveling companion. Originally seemed reticent to join fully with Cecilia and the Dawn Chasers, but Cecilia and Rena both managed to hit it off by the simple expedient of Cecilia loudly complaining about food.

Tethelle Cirdian - Probably Cecilia's most loyal comrade, Tethelle joined up with Cecilia when Cecilia revealed to her that she was being guided by Schturdark. Tethelle, on a journey for her own Guardian, felt that this must be the destiny she sought, and now they're together quite often. Even moreso now that Cecilia is under threat from uncertain sources...

Rudy Roughnight - A Drifter Cecilia met while she was investigating Schturdark's prophecy. He has a kind soul, but something horrible haunts him in a way she has trouble grappling with.

Jack Van Burace - A Drifter Cecilia met around the siege of Adlehyde. Cecilia said the words "We're going to attack the home of the Metal Demons" out loud and he just sort of appeared, it was weird. Jack is troubled by demons as literal as figurative, and has proven something of a liability on the occasions Cecilia attempts to actually talk to the friendlier Metal Demons. Cecilia trusts his blade, but she fears the man he could become if he lets the nightmares control him...


Ida Everstead-Ready - Ida is an occasional Dig partner that Cecilia keeps contact with. They have discovered their share of terrible secrets together.

Bartholomew Fatima - A good if irregular friend. Cecilia has known Bart for many years, although their contact has been intermittent between him being dead and her being in cloister. Since she returned home they have been in semi-regular contact owing to Bart emerging from his whimsical work of high treason to come visit Adlehyde for the Ancient Cultures Exhibition. She hasn't seen much of him since she set out for Lacour...

Lucia - A mysterious woman Cecilia has met a few times. Although in some ways unfamiliar with each other, Cecilia found common bond with the strange woman through the simple medium of hamburgers. Lucia seems to know far more about Cecilia's predicament than she expected, fighting hard to save the Teardrop from the Metal Demons. Lucia was hurt gravely in that effort, and only barely recovered. Cecilia had some hand in that, though she wonders if it is worth much. Ragnell has suggested Lucia would be a valuable ally and source of information about the mysterious relic. It's not like Cecilia doesn't see the wisdom in it, but...that simply isn't what the woman means to her.

Alisha Diphda - Cecilia has had to allow that the people from Lunar really do believe the things they say, but she still doesn't entirely accept their seemingly insane story. By the same token, Alisha's assertion that she is a princess of a kingdom Cecilia's never heard of - when Cecilia was fairly certain she knew all the other royals of any importance left on Filgaia - is a difficult pill for Cecilia to swallow. Even if it is true, they are very different breeds; each dedicated to her people, but each in very different ways. Despite it all, she finds it difficult to relate to Alisha.

Gwen Whitlock - A courier who helped Seraph Ragnell save King Justin from dying on the spot after Harken ran him through. She's a kind-hearted girl with the luxury of wilder emotions than Cecilia can usually spare. Cecilia appreciates that about her, though she has occasionally glibly forgotten the inner battles Cecilia herself is facing with the Demons. Still, a friend.


Kent Hauch - A powerful martial artist in the art of the Hot Body, and a mysterious presence that Cecilia spoke with just the once. Fargo seems to be a driven man whose goals are not so unlike Cecilia's - but he is also a member of the openly criminal and cruel gang of Black Ties, a group Cecilia knows to be undermining the safety of her home.

The Metal Demons - Really as a unit. Cecilia, on some level, has no wish to war with the Demons. She's met Riesenlied, Noeline, and Zed (...sort of). She knows they are not all fundamentally opposed to the continuation of life on Filgaia. But she cannot forget her father's eyes as Harken ran him through. She cannot forget Berserk's throaty cackle as she gave him the Teardrop. She cannot forget the screams of her people, nor the hollow exhaustion in the voices of the Guardians as they by equal parts commanded and begged her to save the world. Gwen spoke to her once of a future together with the Metal Demons. The anger like tar that bloomed in Cecilia's stomach at the thought troubles her. It seems like an impossible dream...