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The plots that occurred during Chapter 2 are listed here. See Chapter 1 Plots for those that occurred during Chapter 1: To the End of the Wilderness. When you add a log that is part of a plot, please add the following to the end of your log:

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Chapter 2: One Who Bares Fangs at God

Act 1

Operation Mi'ihen

The Crusaders have forwarded a perilous plan to defeat Sin. But, unfortunately, it only ends in tragedy...

The Goddess Wills It

Althena's Guard brings their crusade to Spira, in the name of destroying Sin. What will come of it?

The Runner

The Fox Company pursues a rumour of a ghost ship roaming the waters off Spira... one that turns out to have more ties to Talise than she expected, and presents her with a new mission: The search for the Relic of Althena.

This Is Her Story

Yuna heads to Macalania to celebrate her pending wedding to Seymour. But various parties have their own opinions about that -- and what of Yuna?

In From The Cold

Odessa interrupts the engagement party... and they are not the only one to crash the celebration. Various tragedies and shocks themselves unfold.

Act 2

The Lifeweaver's Call

The call for help comes from a strange place -- Jacqueline's book. With the help of a map, the Caravan Kinship follows the plea for help to the strange Feywilds.

Threats to Us All (Act 2)

It starts with a Gear attack on Honeysday, and leads to a horrible trap sprung on those who investigated it. Who has caused this to happen, and for what reason?


Zed has a cursed sword. He would like it to not be cursed anymore. Simple, right? Wrong.

The Original Sin

Desperation from the Aquvy Baskar births something which should not exist.

Embers of the Past

Something rests uneasy in the forgotten corners of the world. With its brethren, it seeks reawakening.

The Secret of Eternity (Act 2)

Not at all deterred by his failures at Krosse, with a new sponsor, Timotheus Lovelace turns his attentions towards the nature of Hyadean flesh... and the secrets it holds within it.

War and Peace

The Filgaia Summit begins... but such a gathering does not go undisturbed. Certainly not by Odessa (or other parties).

Through the Gate and Back Home

After Megaman Juno is released, a flight is forced through the Main Gate, which proves to be a portal back to Spira, specifically to Home, the dwelling place of the Al Bhed... which is under attack.

Act 3

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Cid of the Al Bhed has asked for help in breaking up a wedding -- Yuna's, to Seymour, specifically. But will all go as planned?

A Farewell to ARMS, Act 3

The date has been set, and Eleanor Klein's wedding to Montgomery Curie approaches. But, is the life that awaits her what she truly wants?

The Lost Aeon

Belize of Yevon, shaken after learning the truth of Seymour's ambitions, seeks to bring back the fayth from the sunken temple of the lost aeon, Leviathan. However, Althena's Guard won't simply sit back and let this happen... nor will Yuna and her friends let Althena's Guard have their way.

The Fire Thief

Gwen, months ago, had come into contact with Setanta, the Primarch of Fray. This, coupled with influences beyond and outside her control, culminates in a dramatic moment in Luca's port as she becomes host to and thief of flame.

Threats to Us All (Act 3)

The one who organized the attack on Honeysday doesn't seem to want to let those she framed escape her grasp. What is Ming's goal?

An End to War

The war in Spira between Althena's Guard and Yevon reaches a climax at Bevelle... and hurries towards its conclusion.

The Dragon of Celesti

A dragon has appeared in the lands of Celesti, having seemingly crossed over from Lunar. The dragon is, as it turns out actually a drake -- a Seraph on the verge of becoming a Fell Dragon. Is it still possible to save them?

The Colour Out of Space

Odessa deploys a particular weapon at an inopportune time, trapping the Master of Guild Galad -- and an entire train -- in a strange alternate dimension!

Dies Irae

It starts with an attack on the Ethos Headquarters in Saint Heim Papal State and only proceeds from there as several conspiracies and plots come into collision. And there almost seems to be something... personal in it where Bishop Stone's role in things is concerned...

The Lottery in Babylon

Seeking contact with Shevat, many ascend the now accessible Babel Tower to that city floating in the heavens. But Shevat is not a paradise, not anymore, and faces problems from various fronts, one of which soon arrives on its doorstep.

The Song of the Lioness

Elly finds herself the recipient of an ancient bequest, from one woman to another across the centuries. But is it one she's willing to accept?

To Zanarkand Once Again

Yuna's path takes her at last to the end of her journey, but she does not travel alone. Allies and enemies alike follow in her footsteps. But what lies waiting, out there at the end?

Act 4

A Farewell to ARMS, Act 4

The date has been set, and Eleanor Klein's wedding to Montgomery Curie approaches. But, is the life that awaits her what she truly wants?

The Legend of the Keqili

Riesenlied has found traces of a tribe descended from the Feresehte. But what yet remains of them, and will they welcome her once she seeks them out?

Generosity and Recklessness

Alcidamas has done the impossible and carved out a toehold in the wastelands of Celesti. But the truth is even stranger, nor will the cycle of events, once started, end with Alcidamas.

A Savage Journey

Something is amiss in Guadosalam, and all signs point to Seymour being behind it. But what is the man planning -- and will anyone stand up for the Guado?

Questing the Shrines

A number of shrines, each dedicated to one of the elements, are scattered across the surface of Lunar. It has become necessary to partake in their trials, but is their potential to strengthen the spirit truly the only reason?

Our Hope

Ganondorf seeks to consolidate his revival by vanquishing his own enemies, the Sages. However... there is another.

Towers of the Heimdall Gazzo

Vinsfeld has possession of an ancient superweapon, and even worse, has developed the means to enhance it further. This needs to be dealt with before it's too late.

Black Roses

Harmaus has found the ideal garden in which to plant the Malevolent Seed he has been promised. What will come of this particular bed of roses?

Hoddmimis Holt

The Prophets attempt to realize their ambitions for the sake of Filgaia -- or so they claim -- but such an end will likely result in nothing good. They must be stopped.

The King of Evil Resurgent

The terrible overlord Ganondorf Dragmire has been unsealed, and has, with his allies in Odessa, begun consolidating his position. He seeks to conquer the world, and perhaps more yet. It remains to be seen if anyone can stop him, but there are those who would try.

The Lord of Calamity

The identity of the Lord of Calamity is now apparent as are his intentions, and what's more, there is another who lies entrapped within the Lord of Calamity's Domain. There are those who cannot abide this, and aim to set right what was put wrong.

The Bonds That Tied

Shevat and the Al Bhed would make allies of one another, but there are complications to be had before the summit between the two parties can begin. And that is before another attempts to ensure that such a joining of forces is thwarted utterly.

The Fifth City

The Vile Fiends and their friends travel to Pentagulia, completing their quest.


The final battle against Sin is at hand.

Assault Horizon

ARMS and Drifter allies make their assault on Heimdall Gazzo. But an unexpected threat also looms...


Mazed in Memory

A miracle occurred, and yet, an escape is still necessary from the tangle of space and time called 'the Memory Maze'.