Clarissa Arwin

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Clarissa Arwin
Clarissa wikiart.jpg
"Don't I have a duty to keep Mother's dream alive?"
IC Information
Full Name: Clarissa Arwin
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18 (482)
Hometown: ???
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Dandelion Shot
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms XF
Major Group: ARMS
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Hats

A kind young Drifter with a good heart and a cool ARM. Growing up on the open road with her ruin raider of a mother, Clarissa is a young explorer with a deep curiosity about the world, but she doesn't have the same sort of avarice for money and power many Drifters and Geohounds fall prey to. Instead, she dreams of a Filgaia which is green and verdant again, and she hopes to do what she can to make that a reality. Armed with the mysterious ARM known as Strahl Gewehr, which only she can wield for some reason, Clarissa is dedicated not only to helping wherever she feels she can, but to pursuing her nemesis, the notorious Drifter Rupert Dandridge, and recovering Iskender Bey, the weapon he stole from her mother. Clarissa is tough at heart, but compassionate and honest - indeed, there's not much in the world she hates other than lies. But she herself may be a walking lie: Her resemblance to Alexia, the late Princess Royal of Elesius, is so perfect that people from those lands can't help but think she's royalty.


Clarissa's hometown is a bit hazy, but she's the child of a well-known ruin diver by the name of Melissa Arwin.

For the past couple of years, Clarissa has been pursuing the infamous Drifter known as Rupert Dandridge, who stole a weapon called Iskender Bey - an advanced blade-ARM favoured by Clarissa's mother. Clarissa has operated mainly in the vicinity of Aquvy, both pursuing Rupert and seeking certain ancient secrets she believes will save Filgaia, though her pursuit took her into the path of the nascent organization known as ARMS.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strahl Gewehr: Clarissa carries an unusual ARM known as Strahl Gewehr. Rather than a standard bullet-shooting firearm, Strahl Gewehr fires extremely long-range energy blasts which appear more like magic than technology. Clarissa has had the ARM for most of her life, though she couldn't tell you where she got it - only that it's been with her for a long time and has been her lucky charm since she was a little girl.
  • Encouragement: The purity of Clarissa's belief in her companions shines through any time she cheers them on. Her conviction is such that even an encouraging word from her can tangibly bolster weak spirits or aid flagging hearts. Her cheers, in other words, actually buff.
  • Ice Rod: A staff Clarissa found in a chest on the Thunder Plains. It's a simple staff with a minor ice enchantment. It's Clarissa's weapon of choice at close range, even if she mostly uses it for improvised bopping.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Character Mood Relation Comments
Felius Arwin Clarissa cheery.png Truest Companion "I almost don't remember a time when he hasn't been by my side. I could never ask for a more loyal friend, and I know that I can trust him, no matter what we go through. We may not be brother and sister by blood, but he means that much to me! Sometimes I wonder what he dreams about...."
Marivel Armitage Clarissa cheery.png Definitely LIEviram "Marivel is one of those people who makes me feel complex feelings. I was nervous at first because of how freely she lies. But I think she's doing things for good reasons, and she came clean about who she was. I feel like I've learned so much from her about being a Drifter, and about what it means to protect Filgaia. I admire her a lot...."
Acacia Saitani Clarissa hmmm.png Intrepid Newshound "Wow, an actual journalist! That must be a really cool career. I wonder where her career will take her. I just wish she didn't think that Rupert was my boyfriend or something. Hmph...."
Ashton Anchors Clarissa content.png Draconic Drifter "I've never seen someone with dragons for shoulders before! I'm glad Mr. Ashton was there during that battle in Elluria. He seems like someone who has a good heart."
Brad Evans Clarissa hmmm.png Strong Shirt Man "I wonder why Felius seems so quiet when he's around."
Eleanor Klein Clarissa cheery.png Elfin Lead "She's very inspiring and has a kindness about her. I feel like I've come a lot closer to understanding her now. Eleanor... she's really a loving person, isn't she? I'm glad to have her as as friend, and I care about her a lot."
Ida Everstead-Rey Clarissa content.png Idles "She's incredibly smart, isn't she? But also incredibly tough. I think she has a lot of determination, but I also think she takes things really hard. But isn't that just the nature of people?"
Kamui Clarissa cheery.png Mechanical Muffin "She's really got a lot of guts... but she's also very gentle inside, I think. As much as I want to hug her a lot of the time, I also really admire how tough she can be."
Seraph Clarine Clarissa content.png Shimmering Seraph "Clarine has such a kind personality. I don't fully understand all that I could about Seraphim, but I'm glad that she's been there for us."
Zhang Xiumei Clarissa cheery.png Super Fighting Friendo "She's so adventurous at heart. As much as Varius is rough around the edges, Xiumei herself is very dedicated and strong, but I think there's a soft centre to her, too. She's the kind of person I'd want to have with me if I ever got into trouble."


Character Mood Relation Comments
Amaterasu Clarissa hmmm.png Tall Mystery "She seems to be very menacing at first, but she was also kind enough to let us explore the ancient ruins of her people, and didn't mind me seeing the secrets there. I wonder what her story is?"
Belize Clarissa hmmm.png Stolid Summoner "They seem very dedicated to their cause and their faith. It's hard to get much out of them, but I think I was starting to see flashes of their emotion once we got to know each other a little. I'd like to learn more about what they're all about."
Dash Caskett Clarissa content.png Super Fighting Man?! "He seems like a very nice person! He has a really cool ARM."
Erzebet Lefanu Clarissa sad.png ERZEBET MARA LEFANU "As much as she's done horrible things - and not just to me, but to innocent people - I still can't help but feel bad for her. I can tell that Erzebet is a really smart person - a lot smarter than me, for sure. But something's not right with her, and I'm sure that ARM of hers has something to do with it. I feel like we're becoming rivals, a bit... but I'm not sure I want to hate her."
Ethius Hesiod Clarissa hmmm.png That Lump "He's even quieter than Felius...."
Jacqueline Barber Clarissa cheery.png Kindness Singularity "Jacqueline is such a nice person! I can tell she wants to do her best for people and help Filgaia as best she can. That means we're the same in a lot of ways! I think we can be great friends...."
Layna Manydays Clarissa content.png A Real Life Pirate!! "Oh my gosh, a real-life pirate - and she doesn't seem to be a jerk, either! She seems like she's very cool and sly. In some ways she reminds me of my mom. I mean, with additional criming."
Matilda Whitehead Clarissa sad.png F.O.E.? "There was such a sense of sadness around her. Almost a nihilism. It's like she's just lost hope in things. I feel so bad for her...."
Naelle Sylkirk Clarissa hmmm.png Moon Kitty "...Meow meow...."
Ratatoskr Clarissa huffy.png Squirrel Vegeta "What a brat! But I think he's not evil. Just... really annoying!"
Rupert Dandridge Clarissa mad2.png F.O.E. "Enough already! Just return my mother's sword!"
Seraph Lanval Clarissa content.png Ragamuffin Ghost "He really does seem like a bit of a ragamuffin at first, but I also think he's very kind! I don't know much about Seraphim, though."
Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus Clarissa sad.png Don't Play With Matches "At first I wanted to think Commander Vinsfeld had intentions that came from a good place, even if his means were misguided. And he has such a beautiful way of speaking. But his heart is so full of grief and anger that I think he's forgotten what real compassion looks like. I don't think I'm even angry at him. I think I just... pity him. Or I would, if we ever see Filgaia again...."
Yuna Clarissa content.png Shining Summoner "She's so dedicated to her mission, and I can't blame her. The sacrifices she's had to make on the road to confronting Sin must've been incredible. I hope she's able to achieve her goals...."