Claude C. Kenny

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Claude C. Kenny
IC Information
Full Name: Claude C. Kenny
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 25 (January 23, 10372)
Hometown: Paris, Texas, Earth
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Hero of Light?
Role: Drifter
Bounty: None
OOC Information
Theme: Feature Character
Groups: None
Player: Bel

“I don't know about being a 'hero', but I'm willing to help.”

Claude C. Kenny is a perfectly ordinary young man from a perfectly ordinary place that he just never happens to talk about. Confident, skilled, and generally kind, he gives off a good impression, is polite to authority figures, and is generally a Good Man. He's also willing to break the rules, out to see how strong he can get, and hates arrogance. In reality he's an officer of the Pangalactic Federation, stuck on Filgaia thanks to a transporter accident across the galaxy. His inexperience has largely given way to maturity, and now he's out to protect those he cares for and save the world--well, worlds. He's gone a long way from trying not to interfere in the planet, and that might be a problem later... But for now, he's thriving on a world where he can be something other than his father's son.



Skills, Powers and Abilities


Name Affiliation Affinity ???

Logs and Cutscenes

This player's Claude starts on 12/12/2023! Previous player was Wedding Dress.

Chapter 2, Epilogue Logs

Chapter 3, Act 1

Chapter 3 Cutscenes