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A lot of people outside of staff made Dream Chasers MUSH possible. This page exists to give credit where credit is due. We need to provide our thanks (and plea, should one of their attorneys read this, to not sue us) to the many directors, writers, translators, and companies who produced the games and shows that our theme is based on. This is a labor of love, and we wouldn't have had anything to love in the first place if they hadn't brought this over.

The following people helped us throughout development of the game.

  • The Incomparable Friend Computer: For hosting MUSH after MUSH. And for coming on to troubleshoot complicated problems, provide a sounding board, and giving us technical feedback. This game -- and other MUSHes you know and love -- wouldn't exist without her help. We're forever grateful.
  • Pink Moon Stick, director at Battle Fantasia MUSH: For providing code support, feedback on policies and theme integrations, and a sounding board. She provided a lot of the non-combat code that didn't come from Volund's suite -- and helped us customize it and make it work. She also consulted with us to make sure we knew what we were doing with designing our code. This game wouldn't exist without her... or maybe it would have. In the mid-2020's.
  • Volund: His code suite provided almost every bit of code one could ask for, and he came on several times to help troubleshoot for us. Also, the package he put together has made it possible for people to start their own games, and he was nothing but encouraging. Volund did a lot to democratize MUSH coding, and it's a great thing.
  • Belladonna, formerly of Persona MUSH: For providing some valuable code feedback and walking us through a couple of tricky problems. She helped us make Digger work. She also chatted about a lot of ideas.
  • Aurgelmir, formerly of Super Robot Taisen MUSH: For providing some deep theme support, filling in blanks that we didn't know, and acting as a sounding board for a few of our ideas. He retired from staffing (and it's well-earned), but he definitely provided assistance.
  • Battle Fantasia and Mega Man MUSH have wonderful wikis. We, um, borrowed a lot of code from them. I believe the credit goes to, respectively, Raising Heart and Dr. Leo there.
  • Lex, Koosh, Hats, Shirou, and the rest of you crazy ex-SRT players: For always reminding us that people waited eagerly and giving us someone to gush with.