Cyre H. Lorentz

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Cyre H. Lorentz
IC Information
Full Name: Cyre Hunahpu Lorentz
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 19
Hometown: Wehaca Village
Hair Colour: White
Class: Nahual
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Player: Stormgear
A notorious trickster, mischief-maker and rabble-rouser, Cyre H. Lorentz is a relatively new face among drifters, but he’s already building a reputation as something of a problem child. Hailing from a sleepy little place nobody has heard about in years, this shaman seems to be in no hurry to settle down anywhere, often showing up one day and vanishing the next. Some say he’s avoiding a troubled past, others that he’s just a spastic, flighty tramp, those in the know understand that he’s got a wanderer’s heart, and that he always scampers before the local Gazels can shove their scriptures under his door.



Powers and Abilities

Survivalist: Hunting, fishing, herbalism. While he's not a specialist in any one of the fields a guy needs to rough it for long periods of time, he's still considerably better than the average drifter. Cyre typically uses these skills to make a living between big payouts.

Medicine Man: Cyre knows a few useful recipes for whipping up potions, poultices and other alchemical goodies, though his skill is rudimentary compared to a specialist's. He does, however, know how to brew a few very niche concoctions, primarily those that help focus the mind and the senses.

Wind Shaman: Cyre is a shaman native to Wehaca village, and carries with him a medium of Fengalon from which he derives all of his magic.

Nahual: [Redacted]


Caravan Kinship

Jacqueline Barber: A good, hardworking soul who's largely responsible for why I'm not actually nearly as broke as I should be. She's a good sort, the kind a guy can't help but respect. A real shame about her store, though; that place was nice. Why's she so suspicious of my recipes though, I wonder?

Lunata Croze: Maximum cute, like watching a small animal except somehow more adorable. More importantly, she's got something to do with Ge Ramtos, and that's never a simple situation to be in. As her beloved senior in the ways of the guardians, it's up to me to help her out! Would headpat furiously.

Shalune Amira: Your scooter needs to go faster. It doesn't go nearly fast enough. Also what's with the golem?

Matilda Whitehead: We've been on some pretty crazy adventures together, huh? Looking forward to the next one, may it be as terrifyingly dangerous as the last dozen.

Catenna: A mysterious, dusky beauty from across the distant sea. Gets all blushy whenever I so much as twitch an ear. She probably thinks I haven't noticed, but I have, and it's adorable. Intelligent, too, but keeps a lot of her feelings and impulses bolted down tight. Well, that just makes it more fun to tease them out. Legs/10, would probably allow to pet.

Ethius Hesiod: Adventuring buddy who took like three weeks to tell me his name, what the hell. Weird, too. But at least he's reliable, and not a bad guy besides, so that's all fine in my book.

Spirits and Shamans

Sorey: A nice guy! Very well-informed about something I had no idea was even a thing. Has... some kind of weird thing about my ears? I don't usually get that from guys. I get the feeling he's not really used to people.

Edna: Short. Shorty McShortface. Tiny pipsqueak. Extremely dangerous.

Dezel: A fellow wind-souled wanderer! Not often I find another so much like me. His teeth are pretty sweet too. Maybe we'll run into each other again, hey?

Asteroid: Weeeeeeirdo. Not a super weirdo, and not a bad person, but just kind of... Kooky. I guess Rigdobrite Priests are just kind of like that, though?

Miscellaneous Drifters

Rosaline Calice: Ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Super cute. Would pet. Despite the whole Etone Nun thing.

Layna Manydays: Oh captain, my captain, you've heard me sing! Among other things. We seem to run into each other a lot, but I don't think I've ever actually sat down with you for a drink. We should fix that.

Gwen Whitlock: Second verse, same as the first. A good girl, but I can tell there's something that troubles her. Also, wicked cool arm.

Super Devout and Awful Nun Lady: Ugh, just terrible. Fun to tease though. Not so fun to debate with. It's like arguing to a wall.

Ryudo: A good guy with a nice, practical head on his shoulders. We'd probably get along well. Maybe have a few drinks or something next time we run into each other.

(More to come!)


Adventuring!! (The Wind Sings of a Journey - Legend of Mana OST)

There's a lot of ground to cover out here. Let's get a move on and see what we can see.

Digger!!! (Colored Earth - Legend of Mana OST)

What do you mean we forgot the rope!?

Main Theme: (Sophisticated Fight - Sora no Kiseki Zanmai)

Just take it easy and things'll probably turn out alright.

Battle Theme 1: (The Fate of the Fairies - Sora no Kiseki Zanmai)

A fight, huh? Might as well have a bit of fun with it!

Battle Theme 2: (Twilight Wanderers - Ys VS Sora no Kiseki OST)

Well, probably not the best time to be holding back. Let's make the most of things.

Access Theme: (Elemental of Wind - Masoukishin F OST)

The Tiger God Descends

Hometown Theme - Wehaca Village: (Nostalgic Song - Legend of Mana OST)

A song for a home left far behind, for gods and spirits, and the melancholy evening breeze.

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