Dean Stark

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Dean Stark
IC Information
Full Name: Dean Stark
Nickname Dean
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 16
Hometown: Capo Bronco
Hair Colour: Blue
Role: Drifter
Class: Drifter (Wannabe)
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms 5
Groups: None
Player: Ayu
Fun Information
ARM: Twin Fenrir

A young man born to the peaceful but isolated village of Capo Bronco in Ignas, Dean Stark has spent his life yearning for adventure. His dreams of one day becoming a famous Drifter and Golem Hunter like his hero, Nightburn Acklund, got a jump start the day a mysterious girl named Avril literally crashed into his life. Now equipped with the pair of strange and powerful ARMs she gave him, Dean has taken it upon himself to help the unusual girl recover her memories, their only clue being the one thing she remembers: the name "Johnny Appleseed." Brash but determined, thoughtless but caring, and thick-headed but quick-witted, Dean is both endlessly optimistic and wild... but despite his enthusiasm, he remains a boy whose passionate and kind heart is destined to clash with the harsh realities of Filgaia he's yet to discover.



Powers and Abilities




  • Rebecca Streisand: Dean's best friend growing up. Since he's never known his parents, her family basically raised him, leading him to see her like a sister. And, like a sister, she's constantly bagging on him for being reckless and thoughtless. While he wishes she'd lay off sometimes and be more supportive of his dreams, he still cares about her a lot... though perhaps not as much as Rebecca wishes he would.
  • Avril Vent Fleur: A mysterious young woman that Dean and Rebecca found clutched in a golem's arm and subsequently saved. Dean took to her as immediately as he takes to most people, and has promised to help her regain her memories. She's sweet and kind and Dean cares about her like he cares about Rebecca. He'd do anything to help her and protect her, though she's just as often protecting him, too.
  • Shalune Amira: A golem mechanic and super-enthusiastic human being. Dean met her in Lacour while she was doing some experiments with Big Shal, and when he fanboy-gushed over it, they immediately bonded. He thinks it's so cool that she can fix golems!
  • Big Shal: Shalune's golem friend. Also Dean's golem friend! Everyone's golem friend. She let Dean ride on her. She also let Avril ride on her! It was the best day of his life. Big Shal's the best!
  • Lunata Croze: A sweet girl that Dean met at the same time as Shalune and Big Shal. She's more demure, but she's just as nice and he likes her just as much. He has no idea that she's actually Lululu Wait, champion of the Lacour Tournament of Arms.


  • Nightburn Acklund: The top Golem Hunter of the Golem Hunter Guild, and Dean's idol. He wants to be just like him when he grows up, including being a top Golem Hunter! They met once by chance, but for some reason Nightburn ran away before they could talk. Dean only yelled his name at the top of his lungs in a crowded area! What's the deal?? Still, he picked up a pack of matches that Nightburn happened to drop, and he's determined to return them to him!
  • Emma Hetfield: An ARM mechanic. Incredibly smart! She's really knowledgeable about golems in particular too, so Dean has a lot of respect for her. A little distant, though. If they just had a chance to Talk About Golems, he's sure they'd be great friends!
  • Riesenlied: A friend of Avril's, therefore a friend of his. The first Metal Demon that Dean ever met. She seems really nice and kind, and she helped Avril out a lot too, so he thinks well of her. He hopes that she can create a peaceful future for her kind.
  • Noeline: A friend of Avril's, therefore a friend of his. A Crimson Noble, apparently, though Dean never heard about this. She seems cynical, having admitted that the Metal Demons's bad reputation is deserved, but he's sure she's a good person.
  • Animal: A boy Dean met by chance while attempting to cross the Aveh-Kislev battlefield with Avril and Rebecca. He's super-strong and he can regenerate! Dean thinks that's super-cool, but he's a little worried about his willingness to eat himself. Don't eat yourself, Animal!!




  • Malfi: A Metal Demon that Dean fought at the battle near the Guardian Temple. He managed to beat her, but only barely, and it took every last scrap of willpower and strength for him to manage it. He has a much healthier respect for the power of a Metal Demon now. After they fought, he pulled her to a safe spot since there was more fighting going on around them, but any decent person would do that! Surely this will not affect their interactions to come.

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