Elhaym van Houten

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IC Information
Full Name: Elehayym van Houten
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18
Hometown: Etrenank (Solaris)
Hair Colour: Red
Class: Gebler Soldier
Bounty: N/A
OOC Information
Theme: Xenogears
Groups: Solaris
Player: Mesarthim
Originally from one of the most influential of Solaris' First Class families, Elhaym (Elly to her close friends) was expected to rise quickly in Gebler's ranks thanks to her natural aptitude for manipulating Ether, her family connections, and her impressive intelligence and quick wit. However, her planned promotion into the prestigious Elements was derailed by a shadowy incident, and she instead was assigned to serve as one of the Gebler squadron commanders in Aveh. Following a botched mission in Kislev to steal a prototype Gear, she came into contact with Fei Fong Wong, setting in motion an unexpected chain of events that would alter the course of the  world. 


Elhaym was widely considered to secretly be the fruit of an illicit affair between her father and a surface-dweller maid. While her hair color is abnormal, the official story is that it is a harmless somatic spontaneous mutation.

Elly has presented herself in disguise in several incidents on the surface. Fortunately for her, names like Elizabeth, Elbertina, Elloysia and other similar phonemes mean that "Elly" is up there with "Jen" and "Ed."

Powers and Abilities

Elly has an extremely high tested Ether potential and has been trained in Gear operation and intelligence work, despite a less than impressive first outing. Fortunately, even if perhaps she didn't steal the Kislevi super-Gear known to some as Weltall but officially known as SLIDE-1, she has been way better at acting like a simpering idiot and bamboozling lambs into telling her things.

She is also taking extension courses through Gebler's network, under the advisement of the extremely trustworthy Lt. Cmd. Hawwa. She has already been able to perceive Seraphs and constructions of Malevolence.


KAHRAN RAMSUS: Respect for the commander

KAHM YUGH: Elly has felt acutely embarrassed about her behavior in front of Kahm and tries to make up for it by being an extra-professional, super-competent, ultra-successful agent.

MYYAH HAWWA: The warm benignness of the Lieutenant Commander has made Elly feel even more of a drive (so to speak) to produce results and advance herself. She has excoriated herself for backsliding from encouraged behavior, as well as being acutely sensitive of her class privilege. She feels as though she has a lot in common with Myyah.

KENT HAUCH and his BLACK TIES: While Elly isn't very happy about gradually feeling that she has the inherent nature of a "Destroyer," Kent Hauch has shown that there is a certain camaraderie there. She has also been surprisingly comfortable around an arsonist gang centered around immaculate men's fashion, which is something she tries not to interrogate.

LOREN VOSS: Elly wants very badly to get along with Loren but is also rankled by his obvious wariness and distrust towards her, even if she cannot exactly blame him for this hesitation. He's like a little piece of home that came out to the surface with her. That isn't a good thing.

CARDIA ORTELL: Elly envies Cardia's grace and stoic calm as well as the fact that she gets to work with Myyah. (Also that this probably means Cardia gets to sit in the air conditioning a lot. Elly misses air conditioning.) This is tinged with a certain sort of horror for how extensive her cybernetics are.

FEI FONG WONG: Elly feels a strange comfort in the swirl of guilt (at messing up his life and at possible planned operations that will exploit his fondness for her), thanks (he did save her - twice!), and unadmitted personal attraction to this handsomely buff art major who wanders the wastes.


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