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IC Info
Full Name Elvis
Gender Male
Age 217
Birthdate Unknown!
Hometown Locus Solus
Role Antagonist
Hair Grayed
Eyes Jade Green
OOC Info
Theme Wild Arms 5
Voice Actor (JP) Daisuke Gouri
Voice Actor (EN) Christopher Sabat
Group None!
Faction Veruni
Player Alpha8087
"All of my fabulous research, reduced to a mere 'whatever'?! How could you say such things!?"
Very few Veruni are quite as strange as the mountain of a man known as Elvis. With a titanic strength that is only exceeded by his unmatched intellect, Elvis seems more interested in exploration and research than he is in enslavement and conquest; he has on more than one occasion completely ignored both his duties and Volsung's orders in favor of furthering his own academic pursuits and wandering the world outside the Veruni Control Zones. Though bombastically eccentric, absent-minded, and more than a little childish at times, Elvis treats all people as equal and seems to be the most reasonable and fair-minded of the Sentinels... when it doesn't come to his research, anyway, where he has a tendency to just take things that don't belong to him if he feels he could use them better. Currently, the man known to many as "the Professor" is off on a journey to uncover a way to reverse the debilitating epidemic threatening his kind with extinction, seeing Volsung's plan as a last result if he can find no other way. Now, if only he could find his research assistant...
Little is known of Elvis' beginnings, though spent the first half of his life born on and living on Locus Solus as it traveled the cosmos toward a new home. One he only heard stories of passed down from generation to generation. Early on, he was a very talented and gifted mind, able to grasp complicated algorithms.

His Veruni evolution over time granted incredible muscular physique as he began to practice physical activities while pondering equations and paradoxes. Elvis was officially recognized as the genius he was by writing a series of papers on the understanding of the genetic changes of the Veruni and how they diverged from their ancestors.

Elvis was ecstatic to be among those living upon return to their ancestor's home and learn of the wonders it held, ready to foray out into the world, though soon it was found to be... not the case. Quickly the Veruni leaders moved to take their homeland as theirs. The forces occupying Filgaia swiftly moved in and thwarted them, Elvis cared little for this move against humanity, as technically they are their relatives from a tangential path. The losses the Veruni felt from then weren't that big of a deal to him either. But one thing was.

A strange illness began to affect members of their civilization. Believed to be some sort of airborne effect in Filgaia's atmosphere, it was dubbed the VR Factor. Veruni scientists were stumped as to how to stop it. Having made a name for himself, Elvis was brought on to try and solve the VR Factor. His great strides even earned him a position in the Four Sentinels. There is one small problem to his research, and it comes in the form of Carol Anderson.

As Elvis began to venture out in the field himself to find answers, he came across Carol as some kind of human orphan. Elvis knows an intelligent mind when he sees one, and rather leave her to the elements, took her under his wing. Elvis has lost crucial time finding the answer for the VR Factor to taking care of Carol and teaching her many fascinating subjects and problem-solving tools to help her better.

However, recently Carol has taken off on her own again, and Elvis is beside himself. The VR Factor is still incredibly important, but so is his adopted daughter! In his travels, he seeks both, which could be detrimental to both searches.

As the years have progressed on Filgaia, Elvis finds his emotions are beginning to get the better of him for some reason as well. Elvis believes it could either be beginning effects from the VR Factor on himself, or simply him opening up to Carol more somehow.

As of recent, a potential lead was found in a ceremonial mirror called the Mirror of De Soto, taken from Mirapulse. Taking it to try using it in a nearby ruin to discover ancient knowledge, In the process of discovering its secrets, he was beset upon by a group of young humans looking for the mirror. He bested them, but happenstance (and a large boulder) caused him to drop and lose the mirror, then was left in the mine as it collapsed. After a lot of work, Elvis fought his way out of the mountain. Yes, he fought the mountain. And won.

At this point, he is continuing his research, waiting for another good chance to learn something interesting and new that could be the key to understanding the VR Factor. And of course, trying to find out the whereabouts of Carol.

Recent History
Like many others, Elvis was one of the unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate somehow) people who were randomly displaced upon Lunar by sudden teleportation. Cut off from supplies, manpower, and the rest of the Sentinels and Volsung, Elvis quickly found himself in a world he knew little about. Helpfully, he quickly reunited with Ambrosius, a faithful Veruni servant. He helped Elvis get his bearings on the land, and at least rudimentarily equipped.

From there, it was a combination of searching for more Veruni, and worrying for Carol, thinking she may be here as well. While he was unable to find his precious assistant, he did find some Metal Demons-- while Elvis is not too keen on the alliance and finds their trustworthiness rather tenuous at best, he grouped himself in with them, as surely Volsung would have ordered so. He arrived on site to assist their efforts in reaching Guardian Statues, items that seal away their precious Mother.

The first and second Statues were sealed by Drifters. Defeats despite their efforts. However, they managed to come together to take Hive's Haunt, and claim it as a temporary base. Attempts to reach home using a jury-rigged satellite array were a failure, at least for his broadcast.

Attempts to steal useful supplies and items were more difficult on Lunar, as much more force was mustered each time. Worried it could become a problem eventually, Elvis decided to break in and steal a large amount of Silver from Pendrago Castle to fund future needs. And while he could have easily done it, something was happening at the time. A white and gold trimmed knight had begun marching through the halls, disabling soldiers. It turns out this individual was The Trial Knight, and had come to slay the boy emperor with self-indulged righteousness. And while the Sentinel would have minded his business, the combination of Malevolence interesting him, having his cover blown, and being attacked, he joined the fray with the would-be heroes. The young king was saved after all.

Elvis still stole the money after.

With those funds, he helped furnish Hive's Haunt and buy the beginning supplies to start his research anew on Lunar as it appeared he would be there for a long time. One day, going to fetch some of the last components from Azado, it turns out the city was under attack and aflame. Once again an obstacle blocked his progress, and thus he teamed up with other Humans to attempt to infiltrate the city under immolation, though the others looked to escape instead and save people. He didn't mind doing that as well.

Turns out when a city the size of Azado is on fire, there is good reason. It was heralding the coming of Sin, a creature of catastrophic power. It assaulted the city, and everyone assembled did everything they could just to try and make it go away. It did not work, and they were forced to retreat into the crater shaped hole it made in the ground to escape.

Deep underground however, a miraculous finding was to be had. A way home through an ancient Elw teleportation pad. And while this was exactly what Elvis hoped for, it wasn't connected to the best of locations. Everyone appeared in Adlehyde, a familiar Human settlement. That was under siege by the Metal Demons. Being in a bad predicament, Elvis did the logical thing and go with assumed allies. He fought against those defending the town, but in the end, Siegfried led them to victory, and the Guardian Statue was smashed. In doing so, it was the last one needed to free Mother.

After the fight, Elvis began his traversal, wounded, toward the nearest Veruni Control Zone. It was time to report back to Volsung, and redouble his efforts on both his research and finding Carol...

This section holds what Elvis thinks of those he has encountered along his never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

~Fellow Cast~
Character Title Thoughts
Volsung Our Future "Volsung, you have placed upon me a most crucial task-- the restoration of our people from this blight. I will not fail you. I do not agree with your methods with dealing with the Humans, but I will not challenge you. Though if I find a cure, I hope you will reconsider the path we walk..."
Persephone Widowmaker "Perse... It is difficult to lead our people into tomorrow, though you know how I feel; that the grievances a few caused you does not taint your perception of all Humankind. You hide yourself from everyone, but I sense more to you. I hope if you ever need someone to talk to, you'll come to me. I'll always listen."
Dean Stark THAT KID "YOU! You and your party have caused me numerous problems in my research! You have set me back farther than you know! ...Yet, there is something about you that intrigues me. The ability to face odds tuned against you without fear. You and your ARMs. I remembered your words from that Statue scuffle. I haven't forgotten them."
Avril Vent Fleur Queen of Spades "So, you are who I thought you were. If so, this explains why Volsung wanted to see you. I knew something was familiar about you. Your magics when you tense and anger. Yet you carry yourself wholly different from the how ancient texts describe. What became of you in the time you have been gone, I wonder?"

~Veruni and Fellow Antagonists~
Character Title Thoughts
Ambrosius Faithful Servant "Ambrosius, we have gone to hell and back in these past months, eh? I hope you will continue to serve our kind well. Others will rise to claim such a spot as Mother. We best be ready for them."
Kaguya The Afflicted "My, Kaguya, how you have grown. You have established yourself well on a world we do not know, and your services for the Veruni are duly noted. Hearing you are pained by the VR Factor makes my research all the more fervent."
Siegfried Hallowed Hero "I suppose I was wrong about you. Perhaps you knew you would always have something to fight for, until the very end. Your choice in your final hours saved your people. You were a good man, Siegfried. I hope your people remember your sacrifices."
Alhazred Implacable Mind "HAH. Admittedly you deserved exactly what you got. You like to deconstruct living beings? Looks like someone got to experiment on you instead."
Malfi Survivor "I suppose what I think of you is now more important than ever, Malfi. You survived hardships, a foreign planet, and overwhelming hostile odds. Now you must survive without your deity. I feel the odds are in your favor."
Yarobeleedt Unfortunate Soul "...Tch. You just couldn't give it up, could you? At first I reviled you, but on reflection... I still did. But you didn't deserve the fate you dealt yourself. I wanted to fix you, restore your bodily capabilities. Maybe then, I thought, you were be understood better, as if your abnormalities are part of why I disliked you. I suppose if you fall so far, with only a single rock to cling to, it would seem infallible to even the most prudent reasoning. Rest well, Yarobeleedt."
K.K. Walker of Brimstone "Your interests run deep, Trial Knight. I didn't think much of you from our encounter in Pendrago Castle. Our meeting in the Photosphere has me intrigued however. I have my theories about you, though I will require more observation before reaching a thesis."
Seraph Ragnell Devil's Advocate "You're one of those Seraph creatures, are you not? One of the types I cannot see quite well, along with Malevolence. You were at the meeting at the Photosphere, along with the Trial Knight. In time, perhaps next we meet, I will be able to perceive and understand you better."
Neriah Parringer Cause of Duality "Perhaps I mislabeled you from previous meetings. You revealed a truth in the Serpent's Coils-- perhaps in your path, you cannot afford to trust in others actions. I can understand that. In the interest of fairness though, if you hit me, I will hit you! Otherwise you won't need to worry about me causing you issues."

~Drifters and Others~
Character Title Thoughts
Fei Fong Wong Gemini Soul "So, you have your own ghosts to hide, I hear. A strange circumstance you deal with, though after the Photosphere, do you think you can keep it a bit under control?! I thought Kartikeya was nuts. Also, and some point in the future, I am going to punch you in your arm VERY HARD."
Ida Everstead-Rey Shared Purpose "In delving for secrets best kept from prying eyes, you have found yourself fused with a part of a Metal Demon. It has yet to be seen if it can exert control upon you or not, but I have seen it work in your favor in combat at the Photosphere. I hope it works for you, for you will have to bear this for the rest of your days. Embrace power you have been given. Treat it as a blessing rather than a curse, and you will go far, young lady."
Gwen Whitlock A Familiar Role "So Frea has a charge as well? Heh heh. It feels like it is some sort of way to help bond with the Humans, though was certainly not something I expected when I first adopted Carol. Gwen seems to be quite able to take care of herself and is in decent company among her friends. Still, it would be remiss of me to not check in on her from time to time."
Matilda Whitehead Medicine Woman "A Human, that has worked closely with Veruni to make a cure for our people? Most interesting! It seems other Veruni have a goal of working together with Humans to find a cure, the optimal path to take. Thank you, Matilda, for your efforts.
Riesenlied Suffering Angel "A Tainted, working closely with Humans? Intriguing. Though you are in pain to your own defects. I have plans to cure your ails, and unlike Alhazred, keep yourself in the process. Perhaps in curing you, I will find insight to curing my own kind. You also pledged to help my own cause, which is a rare sight these days! You have my thanks in that regard."
Noeline Angel's Guardian "You seem to have a close connection of some kind to Riesenlied. Every time I see her, I usually see you. Most curious. Perhaps I can learn more about you in the coming days."
Jacqueline Barber The Little Chemist That Could "You make a good batch of potent potables, little miss! Though you seem green to combat. It would be best to let the grown-ups handle such tasks!"
Josephine Lovelace Crackshot "Quite the aim with that weapon of yours. You seem rather hardened to the rigors of daily life in the wilderness. Though you should be careful where you roam, or a young lady like yourself may end up in a bad situation!"
Lily Keil Iron Maiden "You have quite the attitude, huh? Young ladies should not act this way, or participate in combat! ...Though you seem to be able to take care of yourself, for certain. I haven't punched a lady in well over several decades, though I knew you could take it. You have an air of veterancy about you. Your powers are quite staggering for a Human, as well!"
Shalune Amira Young TInkerer "You've taken a Golem and made it your own, you say? Hah! Most resourceful for a Human. You remind me of the days when I was more hands-on with Golemcraft and inventing. I miss those times."
Powers and Abilities
Elvis' primary form of power is obvious on first sight. His Veruni evolution has granted him incredible muscle mass and strength, far and above the average Veruni specimen. Direct contact is his method of fighting, keeping the distance between him and his enemies close. His fists are his primary choice of weapon, though knees and kicks do get thrown from time to time. He is known to employ suplexes from time to time as well. Humans can recognize his fighting style, even to this day. It isn't some hidden technique or special alien operandi. Humans still employ this fighting technique, just his capabilities make their use far more devastating.

Some books upon the Locus Solus spoke of old hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Pugilism. Fisticuffs. Honorable combat where one only brought their strength, skill and grit to the table. Elvis has had the better part of a century to hone this skill to a master's craft. He is a fighting machine capable of taking impossible odds or gigantic creatures on his own.

Elvis tends to only use his handwraps, the Power Gloves, for a reason-- With his titanic power, even advanced Veruni weaponry cannot hold up with repeated use. Time and time again he tried to adopt a powerful weapon style, much like his fellow Sentinels and Volsung. And every time the weapon broke. Standard Veruni ARMs are too unwieldy for him as well, and altering their size to work with his massive hands just makes their inner parts more delicate.

Perhaps one day he can build or find something that won't break on him with every third or so swing at full power.

But what Elvis lacks in ability to use ARMs, he makes up for use in sorcery. Veruni are a kind that commonly utilize ether-like magics, and Elvis is no exception. The Sentinel has mastered Water and Earth magic, and they in turn strengthen him. They are the elements of impact, and with them, Elvis' punches can shatter countrysides, tear fissures in the ground, cause the earth itself to rise up and swallow enemies. Water recedes from points of striking, or geysers up from deep underground, or strangulate foes with incredible pressure.

And while this is powerful enough, Elvis is known to summon the powers of both elements together and activate a powerful explosive energy within himself, called his Detonation Aura. While embodying this energy, he becomes ever more frightening, causing tremors or floods with single strikes.

Research, Equipment, and Discoveries
These are the items and equipment noteworthy in Elvis' possession. Includes Tools, Gifts, and Key Items.

PALB_3106 Power Gloves (Brute, Rating 3, Fanfare) - Elvis' weapon of choice. Compared to his peers, his weapons are far underwhelming in scope, but they hold great importance. Elvis invented these synthetic handwraps to aid him in combat, as when going full-bore, he tends to injure himself, and these gloves help absorb some of the shock his hands receive from attacking, but it also softens his striking power in trade. Woe be to anyone when the gloves come off!

Copious Research Notes (Wits, Rating 2, Enlighten) - A set of large tomes made for Sentinel-sized hands. Heavy and metal-bound, their pages include quick references to a very broad amount of subjects, and it is rare that one of those books can't be opened to help solve a puzzle or complicated situation in a ruin.

Malevo-Lens 1.27a (Agility, Rating 2, Quicken) - A monocle, hemmed with platinum-like metal and a light blue crystal lens. A piece of technology Elvis currently is still working on. Set to see in the dark, and important spectrums of light such as infrared and ultraviolet, it was made to detect sources of Malevolence in creatures and objects. A work-in-progress, Elvis can be seen hovering over the device, tinkering with it from time to time. Looks quite fetching on him, at least!

Lunar VR Notes - A book delivered by Matilda and penned by both her and Kaguya. Well-organized and documented, this shows the progress of VR on a Veruni subject on Lunar, as well as experiments to find a suitable resistance drug to VR's deleterious effects.

Here is where the subjects Elvis is looking in to, solving, or attempting to research and understand fall, and those who have made significant contributions. Items are in order of importance.
Subject Progress Thoughts
The VR Factor
"Strides have been made in conquering the VR Factor since leaving my home. Avenues closed I was wasting time on labs, and a singular path lay ahead, the only open research chain. I must beseech a Guardian on what to do! Though our kind reviled them for so long, this may be quite a challenge..."

Notes: The crippling illness that drives some Veruni to such extreme measures as to subjugate and remove Humans from Filgaia, believing they must re-assert themselves as the prime form of life to cure it. It is certainly believed that there is a magical or spiritual attachment to this disease.

Elvis has found that Filgaia is rejecting the Veruni for being a foreign entity, and they must reconnect on some sort of magical or spiritual level for this to work, and believes Humans are intrinsically, and the Veurni's ancestors were as well. However, no possible method thusfar has been found, nor has there been any promising leads.

Kaguya and Matilda Whitehead Have found promising research upon Lunar that they have together passed on to Elvis. For one, medicinal cures on Lunar that appear to be more cost effective to implement that help resist the effects of the VR Factor, but not cure it. As well, the VR Factor is considerably suppressed or weakened on Lunar. Elvis surmises it is due to a distant proximity to Filgaia, and it has less effect on someone that far away. This further supports the correlation of a spiritual or magical illness.

Avril Vent Fleur has offered insight in the form of a Medium, a momentary check of the Original Sea Medium showed the ability to connect with the powers that be within Filgaia. A possible way to re-acquaint the Veruni to Filgaia could be through Guardians, though they do not get along by any means. Still, a lead is a lead.

Riesenlied Has offered help to deal with the VR Factor where she can, and in turn, Elvis will help her. Her caretaker(???) Cetiri, seems well-versed in the ways of Hydaean research, which could be a boon.

Subject Progress Thoughts
"You suffer from an odd degenerative effect that is quite difficult to diagnose. It renders you weak and frail. Let us work together, and see what you can become, rather than what you are now!"

Notes: Riesenlied, a young Hydaean (Honestly she is probably way older than Elvis, he goes by appearances) Elvis met along his journeys, has a crippling health effect placed upon her. There is an impurity with her that renders her weaker and unable to transform as effectively as her other kin. It seems much worse than others he has seen in most cases. Though so many look to her as their anchor, and in turn she puts herself on the line despite her body being incapable of handling such trauma. It is time to fix that.

Elvis' goal is to render her into a state where she is no longer suffering from such ailments, perhaps even purifying her system, or achieving what she was meant to be.

With some samples given by her and Cetiri, thus far Elvis has found that there is an interesting molecular compound in her system, one that must be to blame for the reddish tint of her blood, unlike her fellow kin. All diffusion processes however do not work to separate it from her blood. It clings unnaturally to any and all samples. A very strange setback for the research. However, two things may help that have been observed.

Alhazred, in all his insanity, was able to manipulate her body in such a way to cause it to transform. While this was horrific and irresponsible, it did reveal the truth that changing her structure is not impossible. Sadly, whatever methods used died with him. Elvis likes to think they were too traumatizing to warrant proper use anyway, and the knowledge was corrupt at start.

Ida Everstead-Rey Came across an old fragment of a Hydaean, which grafted with her, with Elvis witnessing them working in tandem. While not pretty as of yet, it provides an interesting thesis as to the possibility of Riesenlied having some amount of Human in her, or possibly some other race, in the fact that if such an event was possible such as a hybrid action, then it could have happened elsewhere, long ago, and Riesenlied's current state is an advanced form of such an event.

Subject Progress Thoughts
"Oh... lovely. Back around this thing. Maybe I can find out more about it this time, at least."

Notes: A gargantuan creature of some magical origin. It revealed itself to the Human city of Azado, then promptly cratered it. No apparent reason behind it, as no one was around announcing it was being controlled.

It spawned countless creatures that attacked any living thing that was anywhere nearby. It controlled space as if a plaything. Its fleshy patterns and structure didn't match anything seen before. With no material and nothing but jarring memories to go off of, for now this is one research subject that won't make much headway...

Until now, that is. Having been relocated on Lunar in the Spira region, Elvis can now found out a good deal more about the creature, and hopefully understand it. Already from overhearing common conversation, it seems to be something of a religious icon. More in the taboo sense than anything, but plays a key role in the belief of their religion. In that if they do not obey the tenants set down by their ancestors, the creature shall smite them down until all repent.

What a ridiculous notion.

Subject Progress Thoughts
"I am beginning to visualize it more and more. An odd, negative energy, capable of wreaking chaos with little effort. More data is required."

Notes: An off-kilter type of power sensed, just barely, by Elvis on Lunar. Creatures, areas, even individuals seem to be affected at times. Some are even able to sculpt it in to powerful spells and sorcery. Whatever source it stems from, Elvis will require a specimen. Most likely a live specimen, to try and find out just what makes it tick. Perhaps he can invent something that will help him see that energy then!

Development on the Malevo-Lens (Patent pending) has been halted temporarily due to recent events, though was able to observe more closely how it works. Viewing Neriah Parringer and K.K. brandish it has made it more readily visible, albeit barely.

Within the Profane Grounds of Linga, it was observed that Malevolence reacts strongly to negative emotion, even those who have passed who left negative emotions behind. Perhaps this is a key in how it operates. Some kind of spiritual energy, or rather, the darker spectrum of such power?

Subject Progress Thoughts
"Well, that doesn't look healthy. A sickly energy corrupting the landscape? AND it spawns chaotic creatures? Best to know what I can, then."

Notes: First and only time thus far encountered, deep inside the Serpents Coils, an energy lay. A thick noxious violet energy coated the floors in areas. shapes, eyes, even a massive creature was made of the substance, and it twisted whatever it touched, in an almost acrid and intoxicating way. Both eerily similar and so far away from Malevolence, Malice required no special sight to bear witness to. Its presence cloying and oppressive. The weighty dregs of this formless substance were quite the obstacle.

Thankfully, it has been the only time it has been seen, though who knows where else it may lay? Elvis so far surmises based on its traits it may only be found in the deep dark corners of Filgaia. Unless a sufficiently powerful force can manipulate it otherwise...

This is where the findings and discoveries from Digs Elvis has been on are listed.
Location Status Discovery Thoughts
Artificer's Workshop Failure. A Massive Dog Treat! "That was PAINFUL. I did take a sample of that massive animal snack; perhaps I can extrapolate how the molecules of the treat were manipulated to try and replicate that enlargement technology for my own use."
Pendrago Castle (Common Sense) Success! An Interrupted Trial (And Money!) "My cover was blown! But I needed the funds. I helped save the Human's monarch ruler for the region afterward, so I deserve it anyway! Trust me, for as much as was in their treasury, they wont miss the amount I took."
Clair de Lune Success! Fashion Voucher "Uh. What am I supposed to DO WITH THIS?! The Festina Lente is probably back on Lunar. Could always use a touchup to my current outfit, I suppose. And the card has a touch of strange energy to it. Hm..."
Azado Burning Success! SURVIVAL. "That was a TERRIBLE IDEA to go in to a FLAMING CITY in search for DOCUMENTS! Whose idea was that?! Oh right, mine... Well, considering the destruction that affected the countryside shortly thereafter, we might not have survived if we didn't go in to the city after all..."
Flooded Ruins Failure. A Way Home! (Barely...!) "All the water from Azado destroyed above had to go somewhere. Elw ruins in Lunar though? That is peculiar. Filgaian influence here... Almost drowned reaching that portal. Also, it might have been the murky water but I SWEAR it looked like Carol was the one activating it! I MUST FIND HER!"
Binding Depths of Serpent's Coils Success! Three Unbreakable(?!) Bottles "Well, that was an interesting foray. Learned a bit about some of my comrades, AND fought some kind of new entity. Remniscent of Malevolence in a distant way. Creatures spawn from it, are made from it, and expel it on expiration. Seems to taint the lanscape it is in. and unlike Malevolence, it requires no special senses to see. As for these bottles, well, I will surely find a use for them."
Profane Grounds of Linga Success! Fragment of a Malevolent Weapon "I came out of this one empty handed, but at least my sight for Malevolence has increased somewhat. The one named Ida claimed the strange weapon piece. It practically frothed corruption. What will she do with it, I wonder?"
Lost Village Fereshte Success! An Enchanted Crossbow "Avril sought information on behalf of Riesenlied in that time-locked place. I was quite fascinated by the Veruni Golem wreckage being there, though it was difficult to tell if she found what she was looking for. That crossbow seemed interesting, though was certainly too small for my hands."
Titan's Roost - Revisited Success! Cash Money! "What better way to test a new device than on a field excursion! And to train a group of Humans on finer dungeon etiquette! We rid that place of tainted creatures, saved a young lady, and scored a hefty amount of treasure! Unfortunately, the Malevo-Lens still needs work..."
Memorial Sanctuary Success! A Strange Message... "With the lack of operatives to help keep watch on the place, the Memorial Sanctuary has become infested with foul creatures and haywire equipment! I will need to dispatch a force to tend to the place soon. Though I have been in there quite a few times, the message found was not one I have seen before, and seemed too important to forget..."
Fallen Sanctuary - Love's Cradle Success! A Familiar Warmth "We must proceed at whatever cost is appointed to us. The world's balance is at stake..."
Elvis is often seen with a massive book and quill in hand, recording things he knows little about. Things jotted down, wither actually true or not, will go here!

Did you know, in a Human wedding ceremony, it is customary to throw a swashbuckler, freebooter, or other swarthy individual into a body of water for good luck? Better luck from a high position.
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