Gwen Whitlock

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Gwen Whitlock
IC Information
Full Name: Gwen Whitlock
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 19 (December 21)
Hometown: Boot Hill (actually Little Twister)
Hair Colour: Light Auburn
Class: Super Courier
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Vile Fiends
Player: User:Tanyuu

'If something's gotta be delivered, Gwen can do it.' That's what a number of people at the Adventurer's Guild say about the freckle-faced Drifter. With her dim-witted, steadfast horse Gulliver at her side, Gwen seems adept at getting packages to the roughest of spots, even in the Badlands, with few failures on her record. While she avoids anything illegal, some still wonder just what sort of deal Gwen struck with Lady Luck to be able to survive some of the parts she's been to. She's also a face at excavations, sometimes literally lending a hand with her ARM, the Mockingbird. While Gwen is quick to downplay the ARM seemingly embedded in her right arm, some wonder if that sleepy grin and cheery personality are all just an act...


Like many who hail from the Badlands, the happy-go-lucky Gwen's life wasn't easy. Born in Little Twister, Gwen was only five when she was rescued from a tragic house fire that claimed her parents. Due to the burns she received on the right side of her body, as well as her weak heart, her continued survival was only ensured with the help of a traveling doctor, who treated her and amputated her right arm.

Put in the care of an Ethos-run orphanage, Gwen often was inside due to her healing skin, helping in the kitchen and taking care of younger orphans as she got older. To pass the time, she'd listen to stories from Drifters and devour books she could get her hands on, especially stories of the Drifter Nightburn Acklund. When Gwen did venture outside, it was often in the company of a small group of kids. Often slowing her friends down due to her low stamina and dependent on them for protection against the town's scarier residents, Gwen began to wish to be the sort of person who decided her own destiny and came to the rescue of others, rather than the other way around.

When Gwen was eleven years old, she was adopted by a cranky Drifter and self-styled researcher named 'Frea', in a move that perplexed those that had worked with the 70 year old woman to some degree. With Gwen likely not to live very long due to her condition, it wasn't as if the orphan could do much beyond cook and clean. However, those who had eaten some of Frea's cooking probably thought it was the best damn idea the woman ever had. It also most likely saved Gwen from being eaten up by her hometown like many of her childhood friends.

Surprisingly, years later, Gwen was healthier than ever, sporting a new arm, and no longer suffering from the heart condition that plagued her before. Stranger still was the move that forced the two to move to Boot Hill, after a break-in by a bandit gang turned into a fire that consumed much of Frea's papers, research, and a part of her fortune. Clearly, the bandits were the ones who set the fire, but if anyone cared to listen to them, they said the lab housed a demon.

Now, with Frea retired, it's up to Gwen to gain the money to support them both. While she's been successful enough to afford a cart and a horsey partner named Gulliver, there's probably better ways of making money than delivering things to people. Yet, the courier life suits Gwen, especially since she has a few secrets that warrant her keeping on the move.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mockingbird: An Demon War era ARM in the shape of a humanoid arm, that function as a coil gun and electroshock weapon. Physically bonded to Gwen's body, it can register touch and pain, as well as be moved in the same manner as a regular arm. It also serves as a device to manage Gwen's weak heart, allowing her to gain an active life she once could only dream of. It now even allows her brief bursts of accelerated speed and power, though its capacity is limited by Gwen's own reserves of energy. As such, it's not uncommon for Gwen to start craving fatty and sugary foods after a difficult battle, as well as wanting to sleep.
  • Courier:: Gwen really is pretty great at her job. If it's on Ignas, and there's no pesky war zones or blockages, she'll try to get the package to the location. If she fails, there's usually a pretty good reason.
  • Well-Traveled: If Gwen's been to an area before, she'll probably know how to get back to it. While her navigation skills and memory aren't at an expert level, it's rare for her to admit to being completely lost.
  • Horsey: Gwen's a pretty good horse whisperer, if perhaps due to practically having Gulliver as her only companion for miles of desert.
  • First Aid: Have a wound? Have a bruise? Did Gwen accidentally hit you too hard? She knows first aid, and has a kit handy at all times.
  • Somehow Survived Her Childhood in Little Twister: ... seriously, there's a lvl. 90 kraken living in the well there, this counts as an achievement at the very least

Logs and Cutscenes

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  • Auntie Frea: Gwen's adoptive guardian, who gave Gwen her ARM/heart device, saving Gwen's life. A researcher and Drifter with decades of experience, she's retired to Boot Hill, where she often grants Gwen information and gives requests on what Gwen should look into. Of course, this is all because she's just interested, and not because she's secretly a Veruni. Nope.
  • Gulliver: Gwen's horse. Easy-going, hard-working, lots of brawn, very little brain. He considers Gwen his 'person', adoring on her and anyone who's spoils him. Gwen considers him her 'partner', as he's crucial to her job due to his stamina and speed.


  • Cecilia Adlehyde: "Thought of her at first as someone who needed to be protected, but there's a real inner strength to her."
  • Vin Barrett: "Probably have a letter I need to deliver him. Also, I really should stay away from any weird alcohol..."
  • Rosaline Calice: "She's got a heart of gold, and a very sad mission that I hope she succeeds in! Man, Ethos people are nice folks."
  • Ethius Hesiod: "He scares me, sometimes. I hope he really does mean well..."
  • Hiro (and Ruby): "Sometimes it feels like we've all known each other since we were kids. Maybe it's just how Lunar people are?"
  • Janus Cascade: "I mean, it's great n' all that he's made some sorta name for himself, but did it have to be this kinda name? man this is really awkward..."
  • Riesenlied: "Don't forget to look at the stars from time to time."
  • Rudy Roughnight: "Never seen a kid that young shoot n' use a knife like that! Got a kind heart. Makes me feel bad that he just doesn't seem to have the best of luck..."
  • Vash the Stampede???: "I dunno if he really is Vash or not, but I do know he's my friend."
  • Fei Fong Wong: "What actually happened in Lahan that day? I still wonder about that."
  • Mr. Rider: "Very professional! Sometimes feel a little outclassed when I'm around him, haha."