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IC Information
Full Name: Hiro
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 16-18(Orphan. Does not know his True Age)
Hometown: Gwyn's Place
Hair Colour: Brown
Class: Evil Lieutenant
Bounty: 57,000
OOC Information
Theme: Lunar 2
Groups: Vile Fiends
Player: Hiro

An adventurous young explorer and archaeologist, Hiro grew up enamored by the legends of his world told to him by his Grandpa Gwyn and delving into ruins alongside his best friend Ruby. Everything changed though when he encountered a maiden by the name of Lucia atop the Blue Spire. Even though the Church of Althena has declared her the Lord of Calamity, he’s steadfast in his belief that her mission to find the Goddess Althena will save their world, not bring it to ruin. While being pursued by White Knight Leo and Althena’s Guard, Hiro and his friends were stranded on the world of Filgaia. Despite being trapped, he intends to make every effort to get them home so that Lucia can complete her mission.


Welcome to the Dragon Ruins. Dank and dilapidated and filled with monsters. Typically fairly silent other than bestial grunting until two shrieks echo through it's halls. A boy rushes out, a flying pink cat darting past him in a panic, following them are a pair of blazing inferno ghouls leaving a trail of flames in their wake. Sliding to a stop, they take a left turn. The Ghouls follow. Then they return to the same hall. The Ghouls follow. Right turn now. The ghouls follow.

Cue Internal Monologue

"Well, looks like you've caught us in another messy situation. Oh, by the way, if you haven't figured it out, my name is Hiro. And the flying cat is named Ruby. She says she's actually a baby red dragon, but I don't know if I quite believe her. She doesn't care though; we've been friends for what seems like forever! My grandfather Gwyn is an archaeologist who taught us how to explore ancient ruins like this...well, not exactly like THIS... Grandpa'd have a coronary if he saw me in this kind of danger! But, you get the idea. I think it's so cool that these dungeons and ruins that time forgot, can be found and explored by someone like me. The world I live in today is the result of things that happened long ago. Someday, I'll gather enough information from ruins like these to prove that!"

More Ghouls join in and get clogged in a narrow doorway. It's pretty sweet. Ruby Raspberries them. They take a wrong turn and a massive boulder starts rolling their way. Backpeddling they almost run afoul of the same ghouls. Somehow these two bonklers make it out by the skin of their teeth. Then a lot happens.

  • Met White Knight Leo, turned down his offer to join Althena's Guard.
  • Travelled to the Blue Spire after a Blue Light appeared, with Ruby and his Grandpa Gwyn. Explored it!
    • Met a girl named Lucia- from the Blue Star- who had phenomenal cosmic power on a mission to save our world by meeting Althena! Pay no attention to what Ruby says about that moment!
      • Lucia gets cursed.
  • Took Lucia to Larpa, met a scoundrel of a Priest named Ronfar! Except he was actually a pretty great guy.
    • Ronfar breaks the curse, but most of Lucia's power is still sealed.
  • Lucia leaves! And promptly gets captured by White Knight Leo
    • Broke her right out of the Dragonship Destiny- Leo must be pretty upset about that one.
  • After a journey through two forests, encountered Giban's Caravan, met a wonderful dancer named Jean!
    • Turns out Jean is a great fighter too! But doesn't want anyone to know about it. When her friends were in danger though she jumped into the fray- I may have helped a little.
  • Encountered this Mysterious Hooded Girl in Takkar. No time to join the Magic Guild though, we're on the run!
    • Mysterious Hooded Girl offers a way out of town! This can't go wrong!
      • IT WENT WRONG! IT WENT SO WRONG! And then it turned out she's really named Lemina Ausa, a mage from the Magic Guild of Vane.
        • We were conscripted, maybe?
  • Magic Carpet Ride! This sounds fun!
  • Well nothing to do but try to get home. Explored the Ruins of Memory. Found some really neat stories from another world.
    • I take it back. The only thing these stories are is embarrassing.
  • Met a legend. I sure hope they don't write down what happened though.
    • How did Leo and Althena's Guard get up here!?
  • Explored a lightless shaft and DEFINITELY DID NOT SEE THE APPEAL OF STEAM DRILLS!
    • Found the means to get home! Maybe? Lucia thinks so and I don't know how but I trust her on this.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship - Hiro uses a Sword Style where the basics were taught to him by his Grandpa Gwyn. Unfortunately he doesn't actually know the name of it. Fortunately Ruby was able to read some of those sections that his Grandpa couldn't. Unfortunately this means he is totally at her mercy when it comes to that! She changes the name constantly but it always has something to do with Red Dragons! Come on Ruby, be serious and just tell me! It's a balanced style, well suited for both offense and defense, excelling at neither. He typically wields his sword one handed with a shield.
  • Wind Sorcery - Black Magic Only - The Blessing of Althena is a real bargain isn't it? The green tattoos on his face were put there by his Grandpa Gwyn to represent his ability to cast this magic.
  • Boomerang - Hiro is surprisingly good at throwing a boomerang! Part of that is that he can subtly use wind sorcery to guide the direction of it, but even without that he'd still be really good at aiming it!
  • Ruby - Ruby despite Hiro totally not believing she is an actual Red Dragon can breathe fire, and often does that quite well at anyone threatening him, or calling her a cat, or just being themselves. The little pyro...
  • Budding Archaeologist - Even though he may not look it- see above experience- Hiro actually has a goodly amount of experience exploring Ancient Ruins on Lunar.


Lucia Who is Definitely Not the Lord of Calamity

Top 10 Things Hiro Admires about Lucia...

"Do I really have to pick just ten?"

"You'd better not pick more if you know what's good for you mister."

...and Ruby's commentary on it.

1. Her selfless dedication to her mission, and her willingness to take on the world for the sake of it.

  • The words you're looking for are single-minded and suicidal Hiro.

2. The amount of wonder she finds in small things like seagulls or the vast blue sky.

  • Why can't she find wonder in something truly magical, like a fish market?

3. Her courage when it comes to facing challenges, often walking right through them!

  • Which she'll often forget she can do at the worst times, and remember at the most frustrating!

4. Her complete lack of ego or pride when it comes to retreating from something too dangerous.

  • Almost always without telling us and leaving us behind to face the danger she just ran from on our own!

5. Her intelligence which is shown as she effortlessly navigates her way through puzzles and traps.

  • Without giving us the courtesy of a warning or lifting a finger to help the rest of us!

6. Her dedication to continue onward even when she's exhausted or injured, often without even healing herself!

  • You might as well admire a horse running themselves into the ground! Hiro what's there to admire about letting yourself bleed to death when you have healing magic?

7. Her forthrightness when it comes to pursuing information.

  • How is her way of walking up to random people in town and demanding to know the way back to Lunar admirable!? We're trying to keep a low profile remember? Hiro!

8. The adorable way she can take everything everyone says so literally.

  • The fact that this girl is a threat to me at all fills me with rage and shame beyond imagining.

9. Her scholarly interest in old stories and tales of the Blue Star.

  • It was smut Hiro! Smut from a bygone era that should have stayed buried! Smut that she valued above all of us I might add!

10. Her lovely hair of the most wonderful shade of blue, the way the look in her lovely green eyes can change from heartfelt sorrow to passionate in an instant, her perfect nose, the cute little curve of her ears, her ecclectic fashion sense that perfectly complements her hair with red and black, the sound of her voice when she casts a spell, or says anything at all for that matter-"

  • Hey Hiro you've got a little something on your chin. Let me wipe it off for you...

The Vile Fiends

Jean - You know it's easy for me to say the here and now matters more than past sins. But then there's Jean here. I'm proud of how she's holding up under the weight of it. Despite what she used to be though, there's noone I trust more. In a way she's kind of like a big sister to me. Now that we're back on Lunar there's someone I'd like to give a piece of my mind as soon as possible about what he did to her....

  • Jean's the best. I would light a man on fire for Jean. Or dozens- why stop with just one? Also I wish I could give cooking duties over to her every time. Nothing against Hiro's scrambled eggs but she's definitely the most talented cook of this group.

Lemina Ausa - Lemina is just about the best magic teacher one could ask for and the most talented mage from Lunar that I know. Which is why it's a shame that almost noone thinks that! What's the deal people!? Vane has a storied history, and she's an /Ausa/. Just because the guild isn't in favor right now shouldn't her own talent and skills mean something? What am I missing? It's easy to write her off as money-obsessed but after seeing how people treat her I think I'm getting some idea why she's like that.

  • Still not allowing me into her magic guild! What's the deal Lemina!? Now that we're back on Lunar I /guess/ I can overlook the whole trip to Filgaia. We had some good times... met some good people... I'll still give your flying carpet skills a 0 out of 10 though.

Ronfar - Ronfar may be kind of a scoundrel, but he has a bigger heart than he lets on. He saved Lucia after all, he defied his former best friend Leo. He seems to really be hurting over some past failure that led him to leave the Church of Althena. His incredible healing skills are always a great asset, doing anything from regular healing to breaking a dark curse that could disable Lucia! Hiro thinks a lot of him, and looks up to him, he just wishes that he'd lay off the lecher act.

  • I've decided to list just Ronfar's positive qualities to save time... he's very flammable.

Ruby - Ruby is wonderful. The best adventuring assistant a guy could ask for. We grew up together and she's my best friend in every way that matters. Maybe we don't always get along, but we care about each other in the way that matters right?

  • Hiro I'm not your adventuring assistant, I'm your girlfriend! And another way to phrase not always getting along is 'fighting like an old married couple' which by the way- if you're proposing; well I'd give it proper consideration! Even if you couldn't get anything else right, the rest of it was surprisingly sweet you big dummy.

Gwyn - Grandpa Gwyn brought me up right and taught me everything I know about old legends, and navigating ancient ruins. I owe him everything and more. I wish I could make a trip to see him now that I'm back...

  • I'm gonna miss the old codger a lot. He did right by me and Hiro.

Friends and Allies

Virginia Maxwell - She's back. And it was all thanks to Maya. Ginny I hope you're going to be alright... what you were responsible for in Krosse was heavy but... you're strong enough to get through this.

  • It feels like she got off a little easy. But how much can you really hold someone accountable for when they're a Hellion? Honestly I'm just relieved she's back and I hope she's grown from this.

Maya Schrodinger - Our story was kind of a hard one to swallow, but Maya had our back anyhow from the start. So we're gonna have hers. It's hard to say what the future holds for us, but as things stand now I really can't see one without her.

  • Maya... when I met her I didn't know what to think, but now there's nothing I wouldn't do to help her out.

Gwen Whitlock - It's strange thinking of Gwen as a kid growing up in Little Twister- having to hide a secret like that from everyone. It's really no wonder that she kept most people other than her Auntie Frea at arm's length. ... That wasn't intentional. One of the strongest people I know. I'm happy to count the Blue Star's own Super Courier as one of my friends... and she keeps proving it by getting us out of jam after jam. She's pretty much my best friend from another world. It feels like when I'm always feeling down Gwen is there, and I hope I'm there for her in the same way.

  • Gwen's also the best. I would light a man on fire for Gwen. Huh. I say that a lot don't I? Guess it just shows how much I care...

Gulliver - Geez this poor horse has been put through the wringer for our sakes.

  • What a shameless beggar.

Seraph Ragnell - You know, when she told me that she hated humans; I didn't know what to think. After hearing some of her story though it sounds like she has every reason to hate us. Humanity just has to start accepting responsibility for its own nature rather than shirking it. The things I saw in that mindscape though... I wonder... what all has she been through that she doesn't even want to talk about?

  • Ragnell is great company. A great partner in pranking others. Can hold her own in a fight - calls people on their dumbness. What's not to like?

Fei Fong Wong - Fei's a good friend who really just has gotten a raw deal. It's kind of unfortunate since the guy hates fighting, but is always forced to anyhow. But despite all the tragedy surrounding him, he sure is resilient. If I was responsible for even half the things he blames himself for, I don't know how I'd handle it... and yet he still finds room to show kindness and compassion to his enemies. He's helped us out countless times so I consider him top notch, and Ruby adores him.

  • Fei's a smart cookie but he's still the kind of person who gets into so much trouble he needs a lot of people to look out for him. So I guess that's going to be me. I can't leave it just to Elly! Poor girl would die from overwork. Anyhow, anyone bothers him is going to find out real fast how flammable they are.

Lunata Croze - Wow. This girl... and I thought we were unlucky, and yet the position she was put in. I'm pretty proud of her for how she's handling it though, trying to figure out the mysteries behind it and coming into her own. I'm happy to count her as a friend. ... I still kinda wonder though, during our fight, who was it took over? Why did she want to keep it a secret? What did she want? After seeing what happened to her defending Ge Ge's statue... I find I'm pretty scared about what kind of future she has ahead of her.

  • Look I know you're a good girl and all but... stay away from Hiro with your spooky death powers. I mean it!

Riesenlied - Riese... you've got more courage on your worst day than I do on my best. I've heard some rumors about what happened to Wayside, and hope you haven't been discouraged. You'll find the New World yet, I know it.

  • ... Take good care of Odjn. Please.

Odjn - Ruby's best dragon friend. The two are really kinda fun to watch together...

  • The two of us make up Filgaia's best dragon combination ever! Even though I'm from Lunar I still claim it for the two of us!

Mikaia and Janey - Two orphans that Riesenlied has taken in. They're always fun to be around, watching kids be kids... but having seen a glimpse of what they went through just makes me so angry.

  • The freaking Church of Granas had better stay leagues away from these two kids. I mean it. I am not in the mood to see them suffer any more.

Noeline - Riese's right hand gal, though I don't know if she'd actually admit that. She pretends to be self-interested but the two have a relationship I can only envy. I kind of wonder how she's holding up though... supporting Riese can't always be easy given all she goes through.

  • She's a fun sparring partner... verbal sparring that is. The other kind she'd probably kick my butt. Probably. ... Alright definitely.

Zed - Part of me is glad he finally turned on the Quarter Knights. Not sure if they're for the right reasons but hey! Beggers can't be choosers? I guess. It's good to have my rival fighting on the right side...

  • Hmmph!


Talise Gianfair - Tal's a great person to have your back when you're in trouble, a reliable adventuring partner. We even share a love of the old tales and lore on the Dragonmasters. I'm real glad she was there to protect Lucia from the real Lord of Calamity.

  • Strong. Reliable. Immediately thought that me being a Red Dragon was the coolest thing. For once Hiro you're definitely right, Tal's great!

Sephilia Lampbright - Sephy's an interesting girl, and a good hand to have with you on an adventure! I'm not really sure what to make about Foxey- uh Lord Chauncey though. He's cute but he can grow to enormous size and decimate creatures with his giant claws? Yikes! Still it's good to know he's looking out for her! I hope we can help her get back home someday...

  • You know before I asked myself if she should really be playing with dolls at her age, until I saw Chauncey get serious and tear apart giant rats! How did she get a doll like that?

Marguerite Fatima - Margie's a fun girl to be around, but she can be surprisingly serious too when it comes to matters of faith. The look in her eyes when I discussed our world and our mission... I had to reassure her that even the goddess Althena needs people to help her out.

  • The clingiest girl I have ever known. Though it's not like I totally hated it or anything.

Lily Keil - She says she's not a good person. I'm not quite sure if I believe that. I'll keep my promise somehow.

  • I'll watch your boxing matches with Hiro /any/ time.

Leon Albus - What kind of story did Argent Divider have before you found it? What kind of story are you writing for it now? And what happened that made you and Lily fugitives in the first place? You say you did pretty terrible things but... you still seem like a good man to me.

  • Meh. If you didn't want me to tell people not to be so trusting around you you shouldn't give monologues on how mega-ruthless you are!

Tethelle Cirdian - Wow, fighting her in the tournament just taught me how far I had left to go. It felt kind of embarrassing beating such a consummate swordswoman with magic tricks I'd learned but...

  • ... Why do I get a feeling that Hiro would have gotten chopped to bits without the Blessing of Althena?

Fargo Foobach - What happened that made you so cynical? ... The Drifter Hunter looked at me like he was scared to death of me, but it felt like if I got a little less lucky I'd have been a charred husk on the arena floor.

  • ... Spookily dangerous.

Shalune Amira - An invention, and soup for all occasions! Shalune is really fun to be around, to see her get enthusiastic about tinkering and her inventions. It's all pretty fascinating! ... Beyond me, but fascinating! Her loyalty and friendship with Lunata is always so sweet too. The two really stick by each other no matter what.

  • Big Shal is SO COOL! Geez though... tough break getting stuck with a friend who got forced into being a death cultist though...

Ge Ramda - Thanks for the incredible sword! Wonder what the story is behind it... guess I'm going to find out.


Kourin - Kourin's a sweet girl who apparently has gotten a raw deal her whole life. I'm an orphan so it feels like the two of us should have a lot in common but I've always been in the care of my Grandpa. Her on the other hand... apparently she was taught that she isn't worth much by Althena's Guard and I can't help but feel like it's another example of Althena's Chosen have turned rotten. I'm glad she's in a better place now and has found some measure of happiness.

  • My rival, except she isn't much of a rival because she's absolutely no threat to me! Hiro doesn't have even the slightest clue about her feelings. But he definitely knows mine exist... I mean I say it to him all the time so it has to get through to him. ... right?

Elhaym van Houten - An Element? I don't know what that means but it seems to mean first rate Sorceress. When we were in a real pinch we only got out of it due to her. I'm glad her and Fei are such good friends...

  • Hiro you dummy they're not /just/ good friends. Elly's a great girl, and a good match for him. But why do I have a feeling that I missed out on learning something /real/ important about her? Ah I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

Cyre H. Lorentz - A first class shaman and a good guy to have your back in a fight but what's going on with him? Ragnell mentioned something about him losing his village...

  • RUDE GUY YOU MEAN! Don't lump me in with you cat!

Asteroid the Kid - Astie is a pretty interesting person... I don't really know much about her, but there was a time when I was hoping she'd build us a way back to Lunar. Her devotion to Kaguya and Ginny is really endearing though.

  • I don't know if she's a Beastman or what? But hey her portal guns are neat and she believes that I'm a dragon!

Complicated Feelings

Kalve - Ida and him seem to have some kind of strange bond, and his philosophy is really interesting. Though I'm not really sure what to make of it.

  • Always knew there was something weird about this one.

Gamma - So not really a beastman after all. Huh. ... Still one of the coolest Hyadeans I've met but do you intend the same as the rest of them?

  • Guess I got that answer to how Zed has such cool friends after all... wish I hadn't.

Ida Everstead-Rey - Ida is... I don't know. I wish I could understand her feelings. I wish I knew why she thinks so little of herself. Fighting her just teaches me that I still have a long ways to go when it comes to understanding anyone's feelings. The only way to bring her back from being a Hellion is if she wants to be and I'm not sure I'm up to the task... but I'm gonna try.

  • My favorite Metal Dragon Expert became a Hellion and I'm feeling personally attacked by this fact...

Kaguya - If anyone has a good reason to be angry at the world and the Guardians it's her. And yet I can't really endorse her kind of revenge... which makes me feel a little hypocritical. I can't help but want better things for her but she just keeps making things worse...

  • So yeah. I FEEL BAD FOR HER! But she's proof that revenge gets real ugly real fast.


The Lord of Calamity - The Trial Knight really said it when he told us this foe is beyond us. The sheer power he wields makes it feels more like it'd be fighting a force of nature than a person. I'm not sure I get everything they said about the Shepherd and them being linked. What did they mean by that? I mean the Shepherd always rises to defeat the Lord of Calamity but... still. Now that they're back on Lunar... I kinda hope we don't run into him again until we're ready. Though how do you get ready for something like this!?

  • Aha... ha... this malevolent domain thing is really just about the worst thing to deal with. I do /not/ want to go near this guy everrrr again.

K.K. - I really don't know what's up with the Trial Knight. They're always /around/ malevolence and using it to further their goals but I don't feel /any/ on them. What they did in Lahan and Krosse and to Ginny was inexcusable and yet it always feels like they're just playing some game with humanity's worst nature in a way that doesn't make them seem directly responsible. What do they know about Lucia? And why do I get the impression that they used to be someone real different? In the end I find myself twisting myself up in knots just trying to figure out anything about them.

  • What is the deal with them!? Some days they're willing to corrupt whole kingdoms for bizarre motives. Other days they're stalling the Lord of Calamity and saying 'It's not like I'm helping you humans or anything!' Was it really that you just wanted them off Filgaia - or what!? NNGH so frustrating... and frightening.

White Knight Leo - So now that he's fought the real Lord of Calamity he's definitely going to clear Lucia's name right? Gotta admit, it was pretty amazing watching him and Sorey against him. Maybe they didn't take him down, but it felt like I was watching one of those legendary battles I always read about.


Corwynt - Corwynt is one of those guys where I think he's mostly a good guy, but his sheer zealotry just seems to blind him. Still he gave me something important to think about. ... I don't appreciate how he just trash talks Jean and Lemina though. You should respect them because they deserve respect, not because you respect my convictions. ... I don't know what to think of the accusations he made. I don't want to think on them. Jean will tell me when she's ready. At least the guy seems to recognize now that some things are bigger threats than we are...

  • REJOICE! ... Because I'm gonna light your butt on fire the next time I see you if you talk trash about Jean again.

Garan Dantear - He seemed like a pretty honorable guy, though did he really have to trash Lemina like that?

  • Fighting him seems like fighting a train. In other words, don't do it Hiro.

Thessaly - ... Who was it that was responsible for us being unable to flee like that? That power sure didn't feel like one of Althena's litanies...

  • S-Spooky.

Amelia Rose - Seemed like a pretty swell person to get to know. Too bad she's almost as zealous as Leo about coming after us... Silver is a great dog though! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy!

  • Another member of Althena's Guard who just won't let us have a moment's peace. There I was just minding my own business- about to order the fish special when she comes waltzing in and starting trouble. And she has the gall to blame us for what happened? Ugh! Also stop looking at me like that you flea-bitten mongrel!

Skylr Paer - I really... don't know anything about her. An archer in Althena's Guard? I was too busy trying to hold off Sorey to really get a sense of who she is.

  • Some kind of Shepherd? No not the legendary kind, I just heard her talking about raising sheep in the middle of a fight? What the heck? What kind of people are Althena's Guard recruiting!? I don't want to see what she can do to Hiro if she lines up a clean shot on him...

Agatha Pyrelight - I gave her a chance and the first thing she did was tell the real Lord of Calamity to work his will upon Lucia. I'll never forgive her for that. Though I'm not exactly certain what exactly I would do against her. She seems too powerful.

  • Freaking scary.

Janus Cascade - This guy... I don't understand how he keeps managing to smooth things over with people. He's such a ruthless opportunist that he's willing to tank humanity's chances against Mother for a little money. But at the same time... I don't like what he does but all the things he says aren't quite wrong either? He's kinda dangerous in how he gets in your head like that.

  • Why do people keep trusting him!? I don't get it! It's like he can talk even his worst foes into anything!

Sorey - The Shepherd. He's a pretty great guy. We may have been at odds time and time again over the subject of Lucia's malevolence, but him seeing she's not the Lord of Calamity changed things right? I sure hope so. Because I admit, he's someone I admire and everything a hero ought to be... having to go up against him was not easy for me.

  • WELL I HOPE THAT IS ALL OVER WITH! Because /honestly/! I'm a Red Dragon, shouldn't my word be enough to vouch for her?

Alisha Diphda - She's everything I imagine a Princess to be. Strong, dependable, puts her people and her duty first. Unfortunately she doesn't believe me at all when it comes to Lucia. I feel really terrible about what happened in Surf Village and don't blame her for thinking the worst of me and Ruby. Here's hoping things have improved because as one of Sorey's squires... I find myself coming to admire and fear the power she can bring together in equal measure.

  • O-Oh good now she has the power to crush us like bugs! Ahaha... ha...

Rose - You're not exactly what I expected of an assassin, then again the idea of an assassin who hangs around the Shepherd is weird to me. Is it really that you're judging for yourself, not taking any side but your own justice? I respect that, but if the end result is still murder... does it matter?

  • Well... she did help escort us out of the city though... and her first priority was the civilians with us...

Lailah - She looked so torn over attacking Lucia and me... and yet she still did it. What is going on with her?

  • The very picture of a dignified lady, like myself... which explains why she wields fire. Too bad she's directing it at us!

Mikleo - I think I could almost see... someone. I could definitely hear him. I don't blame him for hating me though after what happened in Surf Village. Let's just hope we can find some measure of understanding now...

  • Silverfish is the most frustrating guy- who just so happens to be a Seraph. What kind of idiot Seraph doesn't know a Red Dragon when he sees one though? Obviously he flunked out of Seraph school. Also lay off Hiro you jerk! It wasn't his fault!

Edna - Didn't expect the Shepherd to be hanging around with someone that considered a warzone to be party fun times. Ragnell said it was just her way but...

  • Hiro seriously don't antagonize her... I don't think it'd end well. ... Besides I still mostly like her style.

Siegfried - What kind of person did he used to be? Did someone who once dreamed of a better world become one of humanity's worst scourges? I find myself facing the worst parts of myself whenever I fight him... and hoping I never lose sight of what's important like he did.

  • Hiro don't run straight at this guy! Especially not when he's in the middle of a crowd of other high ranking Metal Demons! Geez. Riese probably saved your life there.

Lady Harken - What is WRONG with you that you just think of people as pests? Jean... whatever happened in your fight with her- don't blame yourself. Someone like her, you have to do everything it takes to stop her.

  • How is she so fast!? What happened during her fight with Jean? I don't get it!

Berserk - How do you even fight someone like this? It truly feels like his strength is unstoppable. Like he could face down a whole army and win. And yet, if he thinks it gives him the right to do whatever he wants... he needs to be. Rumor has it he was killed up there in those Elw Ruins. I can't really find myself mourning the guy, but part of me isn't happy it came to that.


Logs and Cutscenes

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