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The purpose of this file is to list feature characters that may not be applied for by players. This list will be updated periodically; if a character from the list becomes playable, then this will be announced on the MUSH +bboards.

General reasons for feature characters being inappable are provided, and include:

  • Dead: These characters are dead, and we have a no-zombie policy.
  • Gone: Reserved for characters who have experienced circumstances that prevent them from being applied for. These characters are not dead, but neither are they present in a way that would be conducive to RP.
  • Timing: These characters are currently not available, but are expected to open up as aspects of their theme's plot are integrated.
  • Inaccessible: Similar to Timing, this is reserved for characters whose themes are integrated, but are currently off the grid (or in most cases, planet).
  • Power: Some characters have a power set that is: a) so unconscionable that they cannot be threatened by anything ever, b) dangerously abusable, or c) otherwise unsuited to the game. Others have extreme political power -- they literally rule the world.
  • Knowledge: Dream Chasers is a MUSH that places a premium on uncovering the secrets of its backstory; giving away this information would ruin half the fun for players and admin both. In some cases, such as Myyah Hawwa or Citan Uzuki, staff have decided that the benefit that comes from having those characters played by trusted players outweighs the risk. In others, we err on the side of caution.
  • Nature: Reserved for characters whose nature does not permit them to be played. You'll probably figure out what this means. If not, no need to spoil it.

If there is a character below who you would really like to play, worry not -- over the course of the game, many of them will be opened to players on a temporary basis as part of an ongoing Tiny Plot. So there will be opportunities. If you feel we should reconsider and have an idea, please ask! At worst, we say no.

Please note that staff reserve the right to declare a character not named here to be inappable if they are later judged to meet the conditions above. We are imperfect, occasionally forgetful beings.

Inappable Feature Characters by Theme

Final Fantasy X

  • Auron (Dead (again))
  • Jecht (Power, Nature, Dead)
  • Omega (Power, Nature)
  • Seymour (Dead (again))
  • Tidus (Gone)
  • Trema (Timing)
  • Yo Mika (Dead (again))
  • Yunalesca (Dead (again))

Grandia 1

  • Effective January 28, 2021, this theme is retired; contact staff if you wish to apply from it.

Grandia 2

  • Millenia (Nature)
  • Zera Innocentius (Dead)

Gun x Sword

  • Effective January 28, 2021, this theme is retired; contact staff if you wish to apply from it.

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • The King of Red Lions (Nature)

Lunar 2

  • Althena (Power, Knowledge)
  • Blue Master Lunn (Dead)
  • Dragonmaster Ghaleon (Power, Knowledge)
  • Grandpa Gwyn (Inaccessible)
  • Zophar (Power, Knowledge, Nature, Inaccessible)

Megaman Legends

  • Gatz (Nature, Inaccessible)
  • Geetz (Nature, Inaccessible)
  • The Master (Power, Knowledge)
  • Matilda Caskett (Dead)
  • Sera (Knowledge, Inaccessible)
  • The Servbots (Nature)
  • Yuna (Knowledge, Inaccessible)

Star Ocean 1 and 2

  • Ilia Silvestri-Kenny (Inaccessible)
  • Roddick Farrence (Inaccessible)
  • Ronyx J. Kenny (Inaccessible)
  • The Ten Wise Men (Power)
  • Welch Vineyard (Power, Knowledge)

Tales of Berseria

Due to the nature of this theme's integration, all of its mortal cast have long since died. In addition, the following characters are inappable for other reasons:

  • Seraph Eizen (Power, Nature, Inaccessible)

Tales of Zestiria

  • Georg Heldalf (Dead)
  • Seraph Maotelus (Power, Knowledge, Nature, Inaccessible)
  • Seraph Zenrus (Knowledge, Inaccessible)
  • Sorey (Gone)


  • Lazlo the Trip of Death (Nature)
  • Zazie the Beast (Power)

Wild Arms (all)

  • Alexia Lynn Elesius (Dead)
  • Antenora (Dead)
  • Beatrice (Power, Knowledge, Nature)
  • Belial (Power)
  • Berserk (Dead)
  • Caina (Dead)
  • Hrathnir Elesius III (Inaccessible)
  • Judecca (Dead)
  • Lilka's Sister (Dead)
  • Melissa Arwin (Dead)
  • Mother (Dead)
  • Ptolomea (Dead)
  • Volsung (Power, Knowledge)
  • Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus (Dead)


  • Deus (Power, Knowledge, Inaccessible, Nature)
  • Emperor Cain (Power, Knowledge)
  • Grahf (Power, Knowledge, Nature)
  • Isaac Stein (Dead)
  • Krelian (Power, Knowledge)

Myyah Hawwa is a unique case. She has immense theme knowledge, but given her lack of overwhelming power, applications will be considered for her. Prospective applicants should be aware that they may not know everything Myyah knows due to how plots are constructed and the necessary malleability of some theme and timeline details on the backend. Close and ongoing cooperation with staff will be required.

For all these reasons, applications for Myyah will be subjected to the highest level of scrutiny.

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