Ines Colina

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Ines Colina
IC Information
Full Name: Ines Colina
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 33 (November 28th, 467 FC)
Hometown: St Centour
Hair Colour: Green
Class: Geohound Gaucho
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Pearl

A surprisingly principled geohound and a renowned rider, Ines Colina is rarely seen without her massive black horse, Furacao. Seen as a freak since the start of her young life, she was finally run out of St Centour by a group claiming she was a monster at the age of fourteen. Eighteen years later, she only rarely looks back. Always a physically strong person, she taught herself some symbology from books and what few mentors she could find that would teach her, and found herself magically potent as well. Rejected by the more principled Adventurer’s Guild, and with few drifters willing to work with an inexperienced child, Ines turned to geohound jobs and did what she could to survive. Now that she’s established a name for herself, those needing the services for less reputable jobs seek her out- provided they meet her terms.


Born in St Centour, Ines left town under something of a shade when she was fourteen, after years of harassment for being a beastwoman. She spent four years working in ranches until they stopped wanting to employ her, and then started work as a geohound. In the next fourteen years, she developed a reputation as a geohound of note, reaching the point where she could be choosy about her jobs.

In the recent months, she has become enmeshed in the war with the Metal Demons in her quest for information about what happened to her hometown. Unfortunately, she did, as the people of St Centour were turned into monsters by the Metal Demon scientist, Alhazred. As far as she knows, Alhazred is dead, so it's a bit late for vengeance. She has thrown herself back into her work as a Geohound, with a slight tendency for throwing herself into more dangerous jobs. Or would have, but now she's on the moon.

Powers and Abilities

  • Symbology - Ines has a smattering of symbology, mostly tattoos given to her by her mother, but some she did herself. The symbols are somewhat dated, but work functionally. They grant her access to spells in the elements of earth, wind and metal.
  • Symbological Weapons - Ines has two weapons, a set of Boleadoras and a whip, that she had enchanted a small time into her career. They've served her well for a long time.
  • Accomplished Brawler - Ines has no formal combat training, instead having learnt to fight the hard way. She has the advantage of being naturally stronger than a human, but technique has never been her strong suit. She has also incorporated some symbology into her fighting style.
  • Furacao - A massive black stallion, Furacao may be the largest horse on the surface of Filgaia. He's an incredibly smart horse, and capable of defending himself. When mounted, Ines and Furacao are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Reputation - Ines has survived fourteen years of being a geohound, and has made a reputation for herself. In the right circles, Ines' experience carries weight. Those circles are, unfortunately, rarely legal.


  • Runic Whip - A whip, enchanted by Ines' mother. Activating the symbol in it's handle causes it to wrap around an object and latch on.
  • Bewitched Boleadoras - A triple weighted set of bolas, used in combat to tie up and entangle enemies.
  • Family Locket - A locket made of Kraken Nacre, with a necklace made of magic thread. Contains a picture of Ines' family, found in her old house. Allows Ines to focus and calm down.

Logs and Cutscenes

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  • Tomas Colina (Deceased) - Ines' father. He was a blacksmith in Saint Centour, and a caring father, who is believed to have disappeared along with the rest of the town. Was turned into a Metal Beast by Alhazred, and died in combat with Ines.
  • Maria Colina (Deceased) - Ines' mother. A symbologist who worked with her husband at the Saint Centour smithy. She is believed to have disappeared with the rest of the town. Was turned into a Metal Beast by Alhazred, and died in combat with Ines.
  • Lara Colina - Ines' younger sister. The last time Ines saw her was when she was four years old and recently crippled due to the action of the mayor's son. Believed to have disappeared with the rest of the town. Presumed dead.


  • Ida Everstead-Rey - A drifter Ines encountered when going after the Ruby Empress for information. Ines and Ida have become friends, and Ida was involved in the combat with what remained of the people of St Centour. She is also one of the reasons Ines got out of the Photosphere alive.
  • Jacqueline Barber - An unexpected friendship formed from many digs together. Ines thinks of Jay as a good person, and useful to have around.
  • Layna Manydays - Someone in a similarly dodgy profession, Ines gets on well with Layna. She initially met the pirate when she was looking for her family, but finds she enjoys Layna's company.


  • Talise Gianfair - One of Layna's crew, who Ines met while searching for her family. She performed as a songstress at the funeral of St Centour, and Ines was grateful for it.
  • Zed - A Hyadean, who fought against the monsters that had been formed from St Centour. She met him again at the funeral.
  • Seraph Lanval - A strange drunkard Seraph, Ines gets a little frustrated by Lanval not taking things seriously. Still, he's good to have in a fight, when he sobers up.


  • Ratatoskr - A Metal Demon, who seems to not care at all about the terrible things his people did. Instead he's just glorifying war. Ines tried, but she hates Ratatoskr.


The Glint Mirage

Ferroflora Undershirt - An armoured undershirt made of a strange, incredibly strong, metal fabric.

Lost Village Fereshte

A third of a spool of magic thread - One third of a spool of magic thread, found in the absurd recreation of the Village of Fereshte. Used in creating a locket.

The Ships' Graveyard

Kraken Nacre - Mother of pearl from the hardened shell of a deadly sea creature. Worth a lot to jewelers, and very good at holding enchantments. Used in creating a locket.

The Luca Markets

The Life and Times of Lord Mi'ihen - A book, that Ines opted not to buy.

Fiend Assault on Luca

O'aka's War Profiteering - O'aka overcharged for potions. It was not okay.

Gusong Monastery

The History of Gusong, Pt. 1 - A summary of the early life of a warrior monk. Ines read it, but has no real context for it. Yet.

Mushroom Rock Road

Phoenix Down - A wonderful restorative item to save folks from the brink of death. Given by a priestess of Yevon.

Mi'ihen Highroad

A Very Large Deposit of Guano - Extremely useful for making gunpowder, and a mean profit if they can sell the location to the right people.

Billion Blade Barrow

Weapon Familiar - Claymore - A two handed sword possessed by a spirit. The weapon can't be wielded, but will fight on it's own.