Jacqueline Barber

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Jacqueline Barber
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IC Information
Full Name: Jacqueline "Jay" Barber
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 21 (August 22nd, 478 PC)
Hometown: Adlehyde
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Traveling Apothecary
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 50,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Caravan Kinship
Player: User:Ettlesby

"Need medicine, tools, or just looking for something pretty to impress your sweetheart? Just ask Jay."

A member of a somewhat-successful merchant family in Adlehyde, Jacqueline "Jay" Barber left home to make her own name in the world, one not connected to her family. Her upbringing has given her a proper respect for bureaucracy, leading her to make figuring out who's in charge a priority in any new area she visits. She is an accomplished apothecary, capable of cooking up a number of useful concoctions. In other words, a merchant with a penchant for potions.


The Barber family has lived in Adlehyde for quite some time, living a modestly successful life as merchants in the peaceful city. Jacqueline is the fourth child of Frederick and Madeline Barber, the former heads of the family. There were few expectations on her shoulders as her three brothers were the ones expected to handle most of the business once their parents passed it on to them, having already received most of the training. Her only task was to make the family look good and avoid doing anything that might reflect poorly on them. She began to grow dissatisfied and distant, until eventually she began to shut herself in her room for hours at a time, coming out only for meals or when she wasn't given any choice. She read many books during that time, filling her head with fantasies and visions of adventurous folk braving the sands. In the end, it only served to intensify her yearning for more.

She wasn't satisfied. She wanted more out of life, and she didn't want it handed to her on a plate. She felt a desire to achieve greatness on her own merits. And so, though still young, she declared her intentions to depart from Adlehyde on a journey to make her own stake in the world. Her parents did not agree with this decision, but they could see that she could not be dissuaded without completely crushing her spirit - having once experienced this same call themselves. And so they agreed, with one request - that she hold off on her journey until she has spent an acceptable time preparing for the road and, if at that point she still feels the urge to leave, they will let her go without complaint.

She spent quite a lot of time in training. She learned how to defend herself and how to use Crests, but during her studies she also found she had an interest in alchemy. It became the primary focus of her studies, and she hardly noticed the time pass by as she began to learn more and more about the way the various ingredients interacted with each other. In those years she spent in study, her ambitions had shifted. She was not interested in merely making a name for herself. She wanted to affect the world itself, to make it a better place. With her mixtures, she felt it was possible. She could think of nothing better than improving the world, and in doing so achieving the renown she desired. And by selling her mixtures along the way, she could make the money she would need to make her dream a reality and continue her travels safely.

It was only when she felt there was nothing more she could learn from what resources were available to her at home that she decided it was finally time to make good on her decision to leave. After a tearful goodbye with her friends and family she set out with a wagon, a horse, and a supply of ingredients, potions, and gella to get her started. To avoid relying too much on her family's reputation on the road, she decided she needed a new identity. And so, she became 'Jay' - potions master and merchant extraordinaire!

These days, Jay travels from place to place in a worn-down old wagon pulled by a nameless horse. Whenever she heads into a new town she is always sure to find a safe place to secure it, as it carries all of her possessions and wares that aren't on her person.

Will time vindicate her decision to leave home alone on a journey, or will she one day come to regret the choices she has made in life?

  • Due to the invasion of Adlehyde, the physical location for Jay's Curatives and Curios will be shut down indefinitely. Thanks for your business!

Powers and Abilities

Crest Sorcery: Jacqueline's primary form of self defense. She was trained by her mother, Madeline Barber, who is a talented Crest Sorceress in her own right. She was also the one who supplied Jacqueline with her current Crests. While she primarily seems to use Earth-based Crests, she has been seen using Crests of other elements, as well.

Potions: Jacqueline's specialty and main source of revenue. She always carries a number of potions on her person, with a wide variety of different effects. She's always looking to improve her product line, however, for herself and for the good of Filgaia. Most of her mixtures are offered for sale to any interested customers, though the more dangerous ones are kept for her own use only...or on request.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Barber Family

A trading family hailing from Adlehyde. Frederick and Madeline have since retired, leaving their three sons to handle the business.

  • Frederick Barber: Dear ol' dad. A little overprotective, but he means well. Possesses a glorious mustache, though he is saddened that only Jeremy seems to have the knack for keeping one out of the three sons.
  • Madeline Barber: Mother. Was a talented, drifting Crest Sorceress back in the day, but has since settled down...though she could still wipe the floor with most of the youngsters these days! Learning Crests was her idea, and Jacqueline has been glad she accepted it ever since.
  • Jeremy Barber: The oldest brother. Tends to consider himself the smartest of the siblings, but that honor would probably go to Jacqueline or Johnathon. Fairly unsufferable unless you satisfy his ego first, but ultimately harmless. Generally believed to be the official head, though his actual duties are few. Only one of the four siblings who knows how to properly use an ARM, but he is surprisingly intelligent about how he handles it. About as tall as Jacqueline.
  • Johnathon Barber: The middle brother. Easy to get along with, and Jacqueline finds she relates to him the most. Fairly modest and quiet, and the least ambitious of the siblings. Handles all of the paperwork, logistics, and any necessary back-door dealings. The tallest.
  • Jimmy Barber: The youngest brother. Jacqueline used to consider him a bit of a brat, but when he wholeheartedly supported her decision to leave she obtained a newfound respect for him. Physically the strongest of the siblings. Not the brightest, but not unintelligent. Generally the most approachable of the three if you can get past his size, and as such usually acts as the face while being fed info from the others. The shortest, but still looks like he could probably wrestle a large animal to the ground.


  • Heather Éclair: A timid girl with large glasses, and an Adlehyde native. After the destruction of Jay's Curios and Curatives, she decided to devote herself building her own potions business with Jacqueline's blessing. While she's gotten a number of useful skills out of it, she's got a ways to go. Also knows how to prepare and mix a good number of the potions Jacqueline's created, but has no particular talents when it comes to coming up with them herself.

The Caravan Kinship

The bonds Jacqueline have formed in her journeys have solidified into a party of capable friends and allies. They will face the world together...but what truths will lie on the path they follow together?

  • Catenna: "She's really quite dedicated to the Guardians, Celesdue in particular. It kind of makes me feel bad for not being more loyal to them, too. I'll have to redouble my efforts in the future, then. She's also a really good cook, if you like spicy food...which I do! I just need to eat more of it, you know? ...Catenna...you were there for me when I needed someone. I hope I'll be able to do the same for you, someday. Until then...I'm glad to have you with us."
  • Cyre H. Lorentz: "Cyre is...an incredibly knowledgeable fellow, if a bit difficult to handle sometimes. I certainly respect his knowledge of the Guardians, and as an ally on the road. His ability to gather ingredients for me is second-to-none, as well. There are some...aspects...of him I'm hesitant about, however, and if he tries to give Lunata anything suspicious...!"
  • Ethius Hesiod: "It's hard to put my feelings about him into words, but mostly because I'm not entirely sure what those feelings are. Sometimes he seems like a decent man, and even shows signs of caring... but sometimes...sometimes he goes and murders a man who's already surrendering. For better or worse now, though, we're confidants. I would prefer him on my side than against me. But...please, for the love of the Guardians, don't bring anything that's rotting into my presence again. Or, worse..."cook" in front of me! Lunata, Catenna...save me with your cooking!"
  • Kourin: "I'm proud of you, Kourin. It couldn't have been easy, to leave behind the Guard. And now they'll be after you, as well. I'll do everything in my power to keep them away from you. For now, though, I look forward to traveling with you!"
    • Spirit: "Good boy, indeed. It'll be kind of nice, having Spirit aboard. I just hope he won't mind being cooped up while we're on the road..."
  • Lunata Croze: "Lunata's been my best friend for...ages, really, and her family has always been kind to me. I'm aware that she looks up to me, but... I wonder sometimes if she realizes how much I rely on her, too. Her encouragement helps keep me going when I might otherwise be inclined to give up, or take the easy route to my goals. Lunata...you've grown to be so strong, even though everything seems to be conspiring to make your life so very difficult. I'll do my best to look after you, and...I'm sure I can trust you to do the same for me."
  • Matilda Whitehead: "It's always nice to meet a fellow apothecary, and a talented one at that. She has teaching that I've never received. And now she'll be joining me in my travels, as well! I think that together we'll be able to come up with a lot of useful new formulas...I'm looking forward to seeing where our travels take us! Though...there seems to be a resignation to her, in regards to the dark truths of the world. I can only wonder what's happened to make her feel that way..."
  • Shalune Amira: "Shalune is...an affectionate little goofball. I have trouble believing sometimes that she's actually the older of my Lunies. Lunata can never know. The time she took away seems to have served her rather well. She's become very knowledgeable, and even gained some new talents. I wouldn't trust anyone else as our mechanic. ...P-probably...
    • Big Shal: "Our biggest friend. It's hard to tell if certain aspects of her behavior are preprogrammed, or if she is actually capable of her own thoughts and actions... It concerns me a little, I admit, but at the same time she seems very dedicated to Shalune's safety. I can admire that."

Friends, Comrades, and Customers

  • Arleph Ardan: "A doctor, apparently, and a talented practitioner of Symbology. He seems to be familiar with Ethius in some regard, though I'm not sure what that is...still, he seems knowledgeable. I wouldn't mind working with him on a project someday."
  • Asteroid the Kid: "She's an...interesting one. Whether it's challenging us to a game of a soccer or helping us rescue our friends, our interactions have been widely...varied, to say the least. She has a violent side to her, but I can't tell if she legitimately means harm, or what her reasons are... Still, I can't dislike her, though it is concerning that she considers Virginia her 'Dark Mistress'..."
  • Bart Fatima: "He's the captain of the Yggdrasill, and he and his people did a lot for Adlehyde during the invasion. He helped with the excavation of Lunata's Gear, as well, and is presently storing it for her. He seems like a nice enough guy, and Lunata and Shalune seem to have lent him their support. If that's the case, then he has mine as well."
  • Fei Fong Wong: "He seems nice. He's gone out of his way to help Lunata and Shalune, and he's helped the rest of us on several occasions before, besides. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and I appreciate that."
  • Emma Hetfield: "Professor Hetfield is incredibly knowledgeable, and I've always respected her. I...couldn't be prepared for the reality, though. Still, this next leg of my journey wouldn't be possible without her expertise."
  • Gwen Whitlock: "'Super Courier', huh? Maybe I ought to pick up a title like that. ...On second thought, maybe not. Seriously though, Gwen's good people, but she's pretty scary when she gets angry! I've only seen it happen the one time, though - when Rudy was attacked by that miner - and I would've gotten angry too if I wasn't so concerned for his health. That prosthetic of hers is really neat, too. I'd like to know more about how it works sometime - it might help me develop medicine to help other folks who have one."
    • Gulliver: "I'd like to think our companions really bonded while the rest of us were inside the Mines. My horse has to carry my wagon and my wares around everywhere, so I think it's good for him to make some friends every now and then! It was probably a lot more comfortable for him than just having to wait for me by his lonesome."
  • Josephine Lovelace: "Ah, Josie. She's got an attitude I can get behind, that's for sure. Her pigeon has attitude, too, but that's neither here nor there... I'd definitely like to go adventuring again with her sometime. Or drinking. Either way, really. Or maybe both? But not at the same time, that'd be a little reckless, and I have my limits..."
    • Penelope: "Those eyes...I can never tell what she's thinking."
  • Lily Keil: "Lily is a very complicated individual. She's a soldier and a medic, and there's an edge to her that you'd expect from someone of her background. Despite that, I still find her fairly easy to get along with, and I'd like to consider her a friend. The darkness that plagues her still worries me, however, as a supplier of medicine to her and as a friend. It certainly isn't helping her condition. I can only hope something is done about it before it goes too far...but if she doesn't wish it, it'd only make things worse...what an unenviable position to be in..."
  • Maya Schrodinger: "There's Only One Family Named Schrodinger, indeed. I don't know if Filgaia could handle another Maya. She's good with ARMs...good with magic...honestly, it makes me a little jealous. Well, as long as she doesn't start pulling potions out of nowhere like her ARMs, then my niche is still secured. I definitely look forward to doing more business with you in the future, Maya. The other members of her bunch seem interesting, too!"
  • Morgan Newkirk: "A dangerous man...he wasted no time in making his intentions known. He's got a lot of charm, certainly, but I'll have to be careful not to let myself get swept up into it as well. Dinner would be nice sometime but don't get any ideas, Mister Morgan. Still, he does seem reliable, and he's got a good head on his shoulders. I don't know if we all would've made it out of those caves without him, and I hear he did a lot for Adlehyde before and during the invasion."
  • Noeline: "I'm sorry for being suspicious of you before, Noeline. You've done a lot of good work for the people of Adlehyde...and you helped me, as well. I won't forget what you've done for us."
  • Rena Lanford: "She seems a little young, but her healing abilities can't be denied. We could always use more people like her in the world. Not only that, she helped rescue my family. If you need help in the future, Miss Lanford, feel free to ask."
  • Riesenlied: "Riesenlied...I trust you. I can only hope our people can someday get along. Until then...I'll do everything I can. After everything that happened, I'm glad you're still my friend. It's safe to say that the Caravan Kinship wouldn't have recovered nearly as quickly without the help of you and your friends."
    • Odjn: "Oh, Odjn's a delight. And...surprisingly adorable. Just as surprising as finding out that there are still living dragons, as...diminutive, as they are. Will you sing a song for me someday, Odjn?"
    • Muni-muni: "Oh no...this one is adorable, too..."
  • Rosaline Calice: "E-Ears...ah, I mean... Rosaline is nice. She's a little shy but, honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. Some people just aren't that big on social interaction. She certainly seems more at home inside a dungeon, at least, and it's always good to have someone like her in the party! I should think about getting more archaeology books in."
  • Rudy Roughnight: "Oh, Rudy...no one should have to go through as much as he has at that age. It's like the world seems set on throwing difficulty after difficulty at him. He's a very quiet, kind boy who deserves better - even though he seems a little too willing sometimes to throw himself into battle. I don't know how it happens, but every time I go anywhere with him he seems to get hurt...does this happen all the time, even when I'm not around? It worries me. I think he could use a hug, but I don't know how he'd take it..."
  • Sephilia Lampbright: "Ah, that precociously adorable girl with the plush doll. ...Don't tell her I said that, I know she'd be upset with me. Our initial meeting was...less than ideal, but she's grown on me since then. I do sometimes worry about her, but it sounds like she has some good friends looking after her so I suppose I shouldn't be too concerned. Still, to be pursued by the subject of one of your childhood horror stories...I don't think anyone deserves that. Her situation is bad enough as it is, stranded so far from home."
  • Sorey: "He seems very knowledgeable, and a pleasant person to be around. I wouldn't mind getting to know him better. And...he helped me evacuate my family from Adlehyde during the invasion. That's something I won't soon forget."
  • Xantia: "You could be forgiven for thinking nothing affects this ravenous bundle of energy, but I've seen a few cracks in the armor here and there. She seems concerned about her amnesia...and Rudy's as well. She could probably use a hug too, if she'd just sit still long enough to receive one."

Fellow Businessfolk

  • Ida Everstead-Rey: "I've known of the Everstead-Reys for a while, of course, but I couldn't have possibly imagined I'd run into her the places I have - like in the middle of a barfight! She's been pretty reliable every time we've worked together, so there's definitely more to her than her family name - not that I ever thought that in the least, mind you! I wouldn't mind getting to know her better, but things have been kind of hectic lately, to say the least!"
  • Lemina Ausa: "Not only does she seem pretty talented with Sorcery, but she's also looking to establish her own Guild! I can definitely appreciate that kind of ambition. Maybe once she gets the Guild up and running, we can work out some kind of business deal. Magic potions for cheap in exchange for advertising?"
  • Rose: "The Sparrowfeathers have been gaining good ground - and Rose seems like a pleasant, cheery individual who's easy to work with, which I'm sure only helps things along! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, Rose. She's someone I'm glad to know, both as a business partner and as a friend."

Complicated Feelings

  • Virginia Maxwell: "Even someone like her can become a Hellion...Malevolence is truly terrifying. I hope that you can be freed from its grasp someday..."
  • Zed: "I...suppose I can give you the benefit of the doubt. You've been helpful and...I honestly have a hard time picturing you as someone capable of real malice. But you're on thin ice."


  • Berserk: "Lunata's mother nearly died because of you. You're beyond my ability to fight, but I can only hope you receive a fitting end."

A Small Sample of the Goods!

  • Haywire Draught: A bright orange liquid with a neutral scent. When exposed to the air it quickly begins to solidify. Tends to seep into an ARM's inner workings and solidify there, gumming up the works and reducing performance until it is all burnt away. Tends to leave a stain in clothing or even hair if left on for too long.
    "Are bandits coming at you, sending lead and gunsmoke every which way? Give them a dose of this and those pesky bullets will be too afraid to leave their chamber, giving you plenty time to alert the authorities or hightail it out of there! Warning - Do not ingest."

  • Monster Repellent: A black liquid with a foul scent. The powerful odor along with other chemicals involved in its production result in a mixture quite effective at driving off most common monsters and many beasts - either due to the horrible smell or by provoking in them a sense of danger that they need to escape from. Also highly flammable, useful in case of encounters with monsters it has no effect on or in situations where something flammable is needed.
    "Gremlins got your goat? Balloons bringing you down? Not any more, with Jay's classic-recipe repellent! Guaranteed to drive off any frustrating fauna looking to sink its teeth into your delicious and vulnerable flesh! Just splash some around your feet - or on the pesky critters themselves - and those beasts will be half-way to the next continent in no time at all!"
  • Tiny/Trusty Tonic: A pale-blue liquid with a sweet scent. The only difference between the two is the size of the dosage. Its healing properties are minor, but it can provide relief from pain and temporary mending until proper medical treatment can be found.
    "Oh no! That thug put his knife right into your gut! Don't panic just yet, though, you came prepared! Take a taste of Jay's Trusty Tonic and feel the pain melt away in seconds, giving you plenty of time to show that villain what-for and then pay a visit to your local doctor! Warning - not a replacement for real medical attention. If you are stabbed, please seek help immediately."
  • Invigoration Elixir: A pale-green liquid with a sweet scent. Allows the user to move quickly and with more accuracy, though only for a short time. Leaves the user feeling refreshed afterward. Ingesting too much in a short time can prove detrimental to one's health, however, and as such it is recommended to keep usage to a minimum when possible, and to leave a fair amount of time between doses.
    "Sometimes we all just need a pick-me-up in life. One swig of this invigorating elixir and you'll feel energized like never before, ready to handle whatever problem comes your way! Warning - Use sparingly."

Criminal Activity!?

Despite her innocent appearance, Jacqueline has done some questionable acts that, when looked at as a whole, portray a darker side. Is the appearance of a mild-mannered apothecary really just a front for a criminal mastermind? (Probably not.)

  • Infiltrated the Bledavik Royal Palace alongside a team of fellow criminals, harassed the guards present, and kidnapped Princess Cecilia. This earned her the title of Chemical Warfare Specialist, and a bounty of 50,000 gella.