Jacqueline Barber

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Jacqueline Barber
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IC Information
Full Name: Jacqueline "Jay" Barber
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Early 20s (August 22nd)
Hometown: Adlehyde
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Traveling Apothecary
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 495,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Caravan Kinship
Player: User:Ettlesby

"Is everyone alright? I've got some curatives here, if anyone needs them. Just leave it to me."

A member of a somewhat-successful merchant family in Adlehyde, Jacqueline "Jay" Barber left home to make her own name in the world, one not connected to her family. She is an accomplished apothecary and Crest Sorceress, and forms her trade around these skills. After the invasion of her home town, Jacqueline formed a merchant group called the 'Caravan Kinship' with her friends and set out on a journey to make the world a better place, one sale at a time. The role of leadership sometimes weighs heavily on her shoulders, but she does what she can for her allies and the people she meets along the way.


Powers and Abilities

Crest Sorcery: Jacqueline's primary form of self defense. She was trained by her mother, Madeline Barber, who is a talented Crest Sorceress in her own right. She was also the one who supplied Jacqueline with her current Crests. While she primarily seems to use Earth-based Crests, she has been seen using Crests of other elements, as well. Of late, she's begun to train herself to use Crest Sorcery of every element in order to broaden her horizons as a Crest Sorceress.

Potions: Jacqueline's specialty and main source of revenue. She always carries a number of potions on her person, with a wide variety of different effects. She's always looking to improve her product line, however, for herself and for the good of Filgaia. Most of her mixtures are offered for sale to any interested customers, though the more dangerous ones are kept for her own use only...or on request.

Vehicle Proficiency: From her wagon, to the Carakin(in land or amphibious mode), to a Gear, Jacqueline seems to be quite talented with vehicles of all kinds. She seems to adapt pretty quickly to their use.

Mediums: In her travels, Jacqueline has come into the possession of various Mediums. Her initial Medium, the Stone Medium of Grudiev, was given to her by the Guardians at the Guardian Temple, but the others she found in various places. As a devoted Guardianist, she appreciates their aid and calls upon it when needed.

  • Stone Medium of Grudiev: Jacqueline's initial Medium acquired at the Guardian Temple, and the one she feels the closest to. To her, Grudiev represents not only the land's strength and stability, but also its nurturing side - and as such, when she calls upon Grudiev's aid, it typically results in protection for her allies.
  • Stone Medium of Celesdue: A Stone Medium acquired atop Mount Colshrie. While Jacqueline has yet to call upon Celesdue's assistance in battle, it represents a connection between herself and Catenna, who she has come to see as both a friend and a sister.
  • Artifical Copy Medium of Lucadia: A copy medium found in the Memorial Sanctuary. While it can offer healing in a pinch, Jacqueline primarily uses the Jump power it bestows to cover ground quickly.
  • Artificial Copy Medium of Dinoginos: A copy medium found in the Desecrated Shrine. In additional to the general boost to durability it provides, Jacqueline often uses it to lock down her foes and prevent them from moving.

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Barber Family

A trading family hailing from Adlehyde. Frederick and Madeline have since retired, leaving their three sons to handle the business.

  • Frederick Barber: Dear ol' dad. A little overprotective, but he means well. Possesses a glorious mustache, though he is saddened that only Jeremy seems to have the knack for keeping one out of the three sons. Very business-oriented, but somehow manages to keep a human touch despite that.
  • Madeline Barber: Mother. Was a talented, drifting Crest Sorceress back in the day, but has since settled down...though she could still wipe the floor with most of the youngsters these days! Learning Crest Sorcery was her idea, and Jacqueline has been glad she accepted it ever since.
  • Jeremy Barber: The oldest brother. Tends to consider himself the smartest of the siblings, but that honor would probably go to Jacqueline or Johnathon. Fairly unsufferable unless you satisfy his ego first, but ultimately harmless. Generally believed to be the official head, though his actual duties are few. Only one of the four siblings who knows how to properly use an ARM, but he is surprisingly intelligent about how he handles it. About as tall as Jacqueline.
  • Johnathon Barber: The middle brother. Easy to get along with, and Jacqueline finds she relates to him the most. Fairly modest and quiet, and the least ambitious of the siblings. Handles all of the paperwork, logistics, and any necessary back-door dealings. The tallest. Also decently talented with Crest Sorcery.
  • Jimmy Barber: The youngest brother. Jacqueline used to consider him a bit of a brat, but when he wholeheartedly supported her decision to leave she obtained a newfound respect for him. Physically the strongest of the siblings. Not the brightest, but not unintelligent. Generally the most approachable of the three if you can get past his size, and as such usually acts as the face while being fed info from the others. The shortest, but still looks like he could probably wrestle a large animal to the ground.


  • Heather Éclair: A timid girl with large glasses, and an Adlehyde native. After the destruction of Jay's Curios and Curatives, she decided to devote herself building her own potions business with Jacqueline's blessing. While she's gotten a number of useful skills out of it, she's got a ways to go. Also knows how to prepare and mix a good number of the potions Jacqueline's created, but has no particular talents when it comes to coming up with them herself.

The rest of the relationships section is under construction!

A Small Sample of the Goods!

  • Haywire Draught: A bright orange liquid with a neutral scent. When exposed to the air it quickly begins to solidify. Tends to seep into an ARM's inner workings and solidify there, gumming up the works and reducing performance until it is all burnt away. Tends to leave a stain in clothing or even hair if left on for too long.
    "Are bandits coming at you, sending lead and gunsmoke every which way? Give them a dose of this and those pesky bullets will be too afraid to leave their chamber, giving you plenty time to alert the authorities or hightail it out of there! Warning - Do not ingest."

  • Monster Repellent: A black liquid with a foul scent. The powerful odor along with other chemicals involved in its production result in a mixture quite effective at driving off most common monsters and many beasts - either due to the horrible smell or by provoking in them a sense of danger that they need to escape from. Also highly flammable, useful in case of encounters with monsters it has no effect on or in situations where something flammable is needed.
    "Gremlins got your goat? Balloons bringing you down? Not any more, with Jay's classic-recipe repellent! Guaranteed to drive off any frustrating fauna looking to sink its teeth into your delicious and vulnerable flesh! Just splash some around your feet - or on the pesky critters themselves - and those beasts will be half-way to the next continent in no time at all!"
  • Tiny/Trusty Tonic: A pale-blue liquid with a sweet scent. The only difference between the two is the size of the dosage. Its healing properties are minor, but it can provide relief from pain and temporary mending until proper medical treatment can be found.
    "Oh no! That thug put his knife right into your gut! Don't panic just yet, though, you came prepared! Take a taste of Jay's Trusty Tonic and feel the pain melt away in seconds, giving you plenty of time to show that villain what-for and then pay a visit to your local doctor! Warning - not a replacement for real medical attention. If you are stabbed, please seek help immediately."
  • Invigoration Elixir: A pale-green liquid with a sweet scent. Allows the user to move quickly and with more accuracy, though only for a short time. Leaves the user feeling refreshed afterward. Ingesting too much in a short time can prove detrimental to one's health, however, and as such it is recommended to keep usage to a minimum when possible, and to leave a fair amount of time between doses.
    "Sometimes we all just need a pick-me-up in life. One swig of this invigorating elixir and you'll feel energized like never before, ready to handle whatever problem comes your way! Warning - Use sparingly."

Criminal Activity!?

Despite her innocent appearance, Jacqueline has done some questionable acts that, when looked at as a whole, portray a darker side. Is the appearance of a mild-mannered apothecary really just a front for a criminal mastermind? (Probably not.)

  • Infiltrated the Bledavik Royal Palace alongside a team of fellow criminals, harassed the guards present, and kidnapped Princess Cecilia. This earned her the title of Chemical Warfare Specialist, and a bounty of 50,000 gella.
  • ...And many more! There are too many to list here by this point.


Jay by Hibi.png
Jacqueline in the middle of an alchemy session. Art by User:Hibi!