Josephine Lovelace

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Josephine Lovelace
Tokens josy.png
IC Information
Full Name: Josephine Lovelace
Nickname Josie
Pronouns: She/Her
Age (Birthdate): 33 (11/26, 469 PC)
Hometown: Marze
Hair Colour: White
Class: Deceitful Archaeologist
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Odessa, Tomamond
Player: Shrimpy
Fun Information
ARM: Gawain XR57 Mod (rifle)
Favorite Food: Sweet Pickles
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Dominant Hand: Left
Hobbies: Pigeon-fancying, bird-watching, ARMs, collecting crystals, free-style cooking
Good With: Repairing things, raising pigeons
Bad With: The prudent approach
Soundtrack: 8tracks Version
YouTube Version

"Wasn't counting on your mercy."

Not all archaeologists stay on the straight and narrow. Some of them fall in with the likes of Odessa. Until recently affiliated with the Black Wolves, she betrayed them in order to gain Odessa access to the site she has been so long in seeking on their behalf. A self-proclaimed optimist with a cynical streak a mile wide, the latter has been on display more with the archaeologist since that day -- or perhaps that was her true nature all along. With so much about her cast into reasonable doubt, much about Josephine's motives and even morality remain an open question, as she puts her skill with ARMs and archaeology to the service of Odessa's goals.


A native from the town of Marze and an archaeologist of some note in the Aveh region, Josephine seems to have found that archaeology wasn't exactly paying the bills and took up Drifter work to supplement her passion. According to her, she's found something big but there seems to be a rather significant bit of a catch involved with it.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 1

  • Arrives in Adlehyde completely broke, in search of a good job and a scholar she knows. The job comes first since she can't get where she needs without some money.
    • As a consequence, meets Lily and Leon and gets entangled in their situation.
    • Soon after, gets involved with the situation near Port Timney and encounters Malevolence for the first time.
  • Eventually heads north to Linga to meet with an old friend, who confirms that what she has is the real deal and is of Zeboim origin and then redirects her back to Adlehyde to meet an associate of his.
    • Unfortunately, Adlehyde is under attack by Metal Demons as she arrives.
    • After the invasion ends she finds Noah Hawthorne, her friend's associate and begins to make the necessary plans to get where she needs to go. First of all, there's the issue with the blockade.
    • Learns during this time that Lily can speak and read Zeboim.
  • Joins Lily and Leon -- along with Fei, Riesenlied and others -- on an investigation into the mysterious Gryndille. They find out evidence that Lily's dad is behind its rampage.
  • Heads back west, breaking through the blockade and subsequently sidestepping the events at the Guardian Temple entirely.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 2

  • Triangulating the ruin the tile had come from is trickier than it seems, and Josie again needs money, putting things on hold for a while.
    • This sees her taking up a job to guard a shipment of Fossils, which is where she runs into the Black Wings properly, as the lot of them get wrapped up in something far more complicated.
      • This leads to her borrowing and ultimately losing a Dragon Fossil that Riesenlied lends her in an attempt to bait out the culprits. Sadly, they get away. For now.
  • With enough money and supplies, Josie ventures properly back into the dig where she found the tile... and is able to determine that it didn't come from here originally. Someone brought it there.
  • Meanwhile, Lily, aware of the more pressing problems facing Filgaia, blackmails Josie to assist in finding and protecting the statues. Without much choice in the matter, Josie agrees.
    • She has a mixed success rate in actually doing this, of course.
  • Leon and company meanwhile track down a place (Ash Hare) that Gryndille apparently used to recharge, and found in its depths even more questions than previously. A coup is uncovered; Josie finds a tile matching the other in her possession.
    • Following on that unearthed plot, the new Black Wolves -- Josie herself now a member -- head north to Kislev to save the Kaiser. Josie borrows Leon's Gear for the battle against Lily's father, and then they are forced to fight Gryndille itself. It loses its arm in the process, which is left with the Yggdrasil.
    • After recovering from that battle -- and with the Kaiser now officially owing them a favor -- the Black Wolves investigate a recently uncovered Elw ruin... before returning to Wayside.
  • Which quickly receives attention from the Metal Demons (displeased with Riesenlied breaking from their cause) and Id. Josie receives serious injury in this battle and is recovering on board the Fereshte (the ship that Riesenlied uncovered beneath Wayside) when several things happen concurrently at the Elw ruin that cause anything in its vicinity -- the Fereshte included -- to become transported to Lunar.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 3

  • Josie arrives on Lunar with nearly none of her things and a single nightshirt between her and a scandal. She isn't pleased about this but with help makes do and sets about the business of earning money as she searches for the Fereshte.
  • Engages with several events including the siege of Lastonbell before finally hearing word that the airship has been located and reuniting with it.
  • Followed closely by an encounter -- and the concurrent unpleasant revelations about history and the state of Filgaia -- from none other than the last Metal Dragon, Lombardia.
  • The attack on Rolance follows, which sees her and the Black Wolves struggling to prevent the death of the young emperor. They succeed; following this, for reasons of money and to research the origin of the Filgaian armaments that have been increasingly in the hands of the Hyland army, Josie joins up with the Hyland side in a subsequent battle but learns little.
  • After disaster strikes in Azado, Josie is aboard the Fereshte when it flies in to lend aid to the burning city, and subsequently is present when Sin presents itself to the city.
    • She ventures into the exposed ruins afterwards and finds a way back to Filgaia...

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 4

  • ...only to find herself back in an Adlehyde that is under siege. Attempts to fight back culminate in the success of the Metal Demons as Mother awakens.
    • The Black Wolves consequently have a war meeting with Princess Cecilia as they make their plans: they don't have much choice to take the fight to Mother, even if Josie has significant doubts about their ability to win. In particular: they need to charter a ship to Elru.
      • This does not go well, at least initially. Among the foes they face are Boomerang and Grahf when they attempt to charter something.
  • Given the scope of the foe they have in Mother, Josie -- drawing upon her knowledge as an ARMs Meister and the knowledge of those around her like Shalune -- begins to rebuilt Gryndille's arm into a cannon. She also builds Lunata an ARM around this time, and gives the girl a few pointers on shooting.
  • Calling on their favor from the Kaiser, the Black Wolves head east to Elru.
  • While exploring Elru, Fei makes Josie promise him something dark.
  • Josie completes the work on the cannon, then after dubbed the Nostos Cannon.
  • Riesenlied is captured by the Metal Demons and comes back changed.
  • The charge into the Photosphere follows, with Josie taking the fight up towards Mother with the cannon; victory is had, but peace is not won. Events atop the Photosphere see Siegfried dead and reveals that Id is none other than Fei's alternate self. A fight ensues; Josie makes good on her promise. After a fashion.

Developments - Chapter 1, Epilogue

  • In the aftermath, Josie becomes aware that her father has become directly involved with matters in Krosse. She resolves to go there and see to things herself.
  • Gryndille is present; it recognizes Lily this time and calls her Sharon Wyatt; at long last the strange machine is destroyed.
  • Which culminates in her telling him one very specific thing... and him blasting her across the room with a spell. She's stabilized thanks to the efforts of others, but he vanishes before she can kill him. K.K. and Ragnell afterwards reveal their true intents, and the world is again thrust into harm's way. With nothing else for it, Josie follows them.
  • In Love's Cradle, she faces off not only against them but fragments of her own past as she attempts to save the world. They succeed, but...
  • ...shortly after, Vinsfeld's device sees her among those transported again to Lunar. To a part of Lunar they have never been before.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 1

  • Separated from the others, Josie steals the equipment from a Crusader and has time to perfect her acting skills and earn a little money.
  • The charade eventually ends when she runs into a few of the Black Wolves -- and ends for good once the Crusaders are excommunicated by Yevon.
  • Reuniting proper with the Black Wolves, the group joins up with the Al Bhed who hire them to kidnap a certain summoner -- Yuna.
    • In the meantime, Josie gains further insight into what's going on with Lunata.
  • Josie takes up Sphere-hunting to earn cash, and after a while, comes across a sphere with something she hadn't expected: the hint of another tile in the ruins of a lost city named Almaryyt. With some work she identifies where the tile may lie -- if the city's ruins still stand -- and ventures forth the claim it. Much to her delight, the tile is still there.
    • She's able with the help of Leon and Lily to afterwards work out the names of the tiles she has: Vayu (the one she had originally found), Agni (the one from Ash Hare) and finally Apas (from Almaryyt).
  • Attempts to capture Yuna go downright pear-shaped. Forced from the field by Yuna's summon after an attempt to capture her en route to her engagement party, Josie eventually slinks into Macalania Temple to recuperate.
    • Which is where things only get worse as first a revelation about Seymour is brought forth and then Odessa and Sin turn their attention on the gathering. Lunata, having taken up with Yevon, bars their path to follow Seymour as the temple begins to collapse.
  • Josie ends up -- after an attempt to assist Lombardia against Sin -- falling into the lake and finds a shrine in the depths of its waters... along with the wreckage of a strange boat called the Tomamond.
    • Among the items from the ship she finds a metal puzzle box with a traditional Aveh tribal marking on it. The others she's with similarly find strange items, along with passage back to Filgaia.
  • Penelope is left behind in Spira.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 2

  • She reconvenes with the others, and ultimately has a talk with Lunata and is able to smooth things over.
  • The group she found the items in the ship in the shrine with decides to investigate further into things -- and the strange connections to themselves. The group dubs itself Tomamond.
    • It turns out the ship was from a lost city on Lunar called Lyonesse, which had succumbed to Malevolence.
    • It turns out that Ragnell -- who Josie had previously stood against in the Cradle -- is still very much working with K.K., who is also very much still alive. Tomamond has a fight against K.K. again, which makes it clear they are not yet ready to venture into Lyonesse.
      • They explore again Linaweyul, and within its depths Josie finds a new ARM.
  • Leon locates information about a possible location of interest, apparently named Shae Ving; Josie tags along, and in the depths they locate a strange metal ship, the Karlsefni. Connections to Lily-as-Sharon, the tiles, and other goings on from the distant past are found. Josie gets a possible lead on the location of the apparent last tile from the ship databases, but only has the latitude coordinates to work with.
  • Rumors about a group -- resembling the ones she had tangled with at Port Solde -- send her towards a certain fortress on East Blackrock with which they are apparently operating, along with Odessa. The persons in question escape, though the construct unleashed within is stopped, but...
  • With enough time and effort, Josie finds the fourth and apparently last tile. But what purpose do they serve? Can she work it out?
  • But with the appearance of Malevolence at the Baskar Village's Sacrificial Grounds, the question of the tiles may need to wait.
    • Particularly after a catastrophic turn of events, and K.K.'s appearance within the village.
  • Ultimately, Josie worked out where the tiles were the keys to and went there with the Black Wolves... only to betray them on behalf of Odessa, who she claims to have been working with all along. The thing that lay behind the door is now in Odessa's hands.
  • Engaged in the attack on Valeria Manor.
  • Present during the attack on the Cardon Forest Gate... and forced to flee through the Main Gate when Megaman Juno appeared. Vanished mysteriously after an attack near the end of the Battle of Home.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 3

  • Turned up in the dungeons of Bevelle after being captured at Home and while not connected with the attempted rescue of Yuna, met with the same sentence. With difficulty -- and with the aid of a certain wizard -- she escaped and reconnected with Odessa's operations in Spira.
    • Later was involved with the Odessa excavation attempted at Hoel, but was forced to flee after engaging Drifters there.

Powers and Abilities

Everyone's got their special talents. These are Josie's:

  • Sharpshooting/Trickshooting - According to her, it's a hobby. When it comes to sniping or pinpoint accuracy with a bullet, or doing dumb tricks with a rifle (and other ARMs!), Josie's the person to demonstrate.
    • Gawain XR57 Mod - A highly modified (it seems to have even been a right-handed model at one point, but is now configured for left-hand use) gunsmoke rifle, of the type commonly known to aficionados as the 'Gawain'. Josie's favored ARM, and well-used. Now including some anti-Gear components.
    • Iron Cobra 325 - A sidearm given to her by Lily. Apparently taken from a dead bandit. A typical Aveh-style sidearm, reliable but nothing special.
    • Reaper's Hand - A heavy sidearm built on a standard gunsmoke core, but using metal scavenged from Rephaim's lost arm; some additional recoil dampening support provided by Shalune. Can alternate between two modes: six normal revolver rounds or a single buckshot round.
    • Nostos Cannon - Built from Gryndille's arm, it is now a somewhat-reduced-in-weight (but still heavy) electromagnetic railgun-class cannon. It fires huge slug shells, but has enormous energy requirements. At present, Josie has three rechargable fuel cores that can power it, but they need time and sunlight to restore themselves. When she uses it, she loses much of her mobility as it has to rest on the ground or similar to avoid a recoil problem.
      • Currently left on the Karlsefni after her betrayal.
    • Agares the Bitter - One of the Devil Arms from Linaweyul. It's a shotgun. Details forthcoming.
  • Archaeology - Her job, her passion. She knows a lot of anecdotes about archaeological discoveries (and discoverers) and obviously the dos and don'ts of site digs. Which she apparently follows or ignores as it suits her, to judge by her behavior. Josie's even published some papers, but that was years ago.
    • Dubious Contacts?? - Apparently knows people in shadier markets in Ignas due to having sold artifacts some time ago. Suspicious...?
      • ...Is this because she's been working with Odessa all along...?
  • Symbology - The daughter of an (very in)famous Symbologist and an accomplished Symbologist in her own right, while most of Josie's spells are not combat-focused, she's still able to get a lot of mileage out of them nonetheless. Most of her spells are utilitarian, or orient around stopping/stunning rather than direct damage.
  • Care and Keeping of Pigeons - And technically, this can sort of extend to most non-predatory birds in general, but Josie's very good at managing (preferably tame) pigeons. She knows how to handle, raise, feed, and even treat (non-surgically) avian wounds/illness and is familiar with the most common ailments, particularly those that affect certain breeds. She also has at least passing familiarity with most fancy breeds on Ignas. Yes, even the Kislevan Beauty Tippler.
  • Mechanical Aptitude - Machinery is another hobby of Josie's, and she's capable of figuring out and repairing basic machines -- though largely she just enjoys taking them apart to study how they work (usually they go back together again too). More complicated devices take more doing, and as of yet, she has no capacity with electronics due to inexperience. She has a particular interest in ARMs of all types...
    • ARMS Meister - ...because she's an ARMS Meister of some proficiency. Sometimes she makes guns for people even!
  • Iron Liver - did you see how much she can drink? it's a lot



Name Type Rating Effects Description
Lucky Screwdriver Wits 2 Enlighten Josie's favorite screwdriver. Good for a whole lot of things, including: picking very big locks, digging things out of small spaces, poking at dubious objects, and sometimes actually screwing or unscrewing things. It's a flathead, if you were wondering.
Well-Used Mattock Brute 2 Strengthen The archaeologist's best friend. A pick-mattock to be precise. A sturdy if well used piece of gear that can both dig and smash. Helpful for getting rid of stubborn rocks and debris.
Liquid Courage Combat 3 Rally Josie's best friend. For those times when everything's gone pear-shaped and you still have a bunch of monsters to handle. Now ice-cold thanks to an enchantment!
Pack of Cigarettes Wits 1 Cleanse Featuring a smooth flavor and soothing to the nerves. Beyond the obvious use, the smoke and ash produced can also be applied to various purposes/puzzles.


Name Nicknames Major Group Affinity Josie weighs in
Elhaym van Houten Red Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "This is how the world really works."
Fei Fong Wong Junior Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "Knew you couldn't handle this."
Jude Moshe N/A Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "We've all got our secrets."
Leon Albus Lion Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "I figured you wouldn't."
Lily Keil Tiger, Rose-of-Sharon Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "..."
Noeline Sugar Wayside Outreach Affinity-2-yellow.png "I wonder..."
Riesenlied Sunshine Wayside Outreach Affinity-2-yellow.png "..."
Muni Muni one muni is already enough Wayside Outreach...? Affinity-2-yellow.png "It's too Guardians-damned friendly for a dragon!"
Xantia Sparky Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "Next time, we're gonna be trading blows."
Emeralda Jade, Jadelet Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "Don't like beating up kids..."
Cassidy Cain Cass None Affinity-3-green.png "A sister from another mister, eh?"
Lunata Croze Little Bear Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "Forgiveness, huh..."
Timotheus Lovelace N/A None Affinity-0-red.png "If I ever see you again, I'll kill you."
Katriona Lovelace Kat None Affinity-6-heart.png "I miss you, sis."
Shalune Amira Lunie Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "Tch..."
Ambrosius N/A Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "A fellow researcher? Probably more responsible than I am, heh."
Gwen Whitlock N/A Vile Fiends Affinity-2-yellow.png "Don't I know your auntie?"
Ida Everstead-Rey Sweetheart None Affinity-2-yellow.png "Welcome back to civilization, sweetheart."
Jacqueline Barber Jay Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "Don't suppose you'd give me a discount at this point?"
Matilda Whitehead N/A Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "Nothing personal. You just remind me of some real bad times."
Ethius Hesiod Owl Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "We've got some unsettled business... but I'm willing to let it slide. Call it a favor returned."
Talia Princess Wayside Outreach Affinity-2-yellow.png "Funny how fate works, eh?"
Neriah Parringer N/A Crucible Affinity-1-orange.png "Don't get in my way."
Isiris Shango'Ra N/A None Affinity-0-red.png "Next time, it's right between the eyes."
K.K. N/A Crucible Affinity-0-red.png "...Shut... up..."
Elvis N/A Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "Ain't you the helpful one. Not every day a lady gets a hand like that with her ARM."
Celine Jules Celie None Affinity-2-yellow.png "Really grown up, haven't you? Now I'm feeling my years, heh heh."
Lady Harken N/A Metal Demons Affinity-2-yellow.png "I think we can see eye-to-eye, just about."
Seraph Boudicca Ghost Girl None Affinity-2-yellow.png "Now ain't you a sweetheart! It almost makes me wanna save the world more often."
Seraph Ragnell N/A None Affinity-2-yellow.png "I ain't the forgiving type, but I've only got the time for so many grudges. I'm gonna let this one slide."

NPCs of Note

  • Timotheus Lovelace - A powerful Symbologist and former man of significance in Marze (after the business in Krosse), now vanished for parts unknown following said business in Krosse. Well-known in Ignas-based Symbology circles, and by anyone familiar with the Marze-Linga split (and attendees of campus in Linga if their professor hates him a lot which is plausible!!). Josephine's father. Still distressingly spry despite being over 80. Also not a nice person and a huge asshole of an archmage, as several people have found out. Now with one less eye than he used to have. Seems to still be around, unfortunately.
  • Katriona Lovelace - Josie's older sister, about whom she has spoken little. What is known is that she was the black sheep of the family, but that she and Josie were close, that she was killed in a fire (the same that scarred Josie's right hand) and Josie saw to her burial. Apparently their father refuses to acknowledge her existence...
  • Penelope - A fancy pigeon. Allegedly a loyal trained bird. Allegedly also a pacifist, but this appears to have been a lie. Smarter than she seems (but still a normal pigeon). Often sulky, may be going through pigeon adolescence or... something.
    Penelope's List O' Hated Things:
    • Salt Shakers
    • Jacob the Mechanical Pigeon
    • Cat
    • Lily's (former) Malevolence aura
    • Tatzelwurms
    • The headwear of the Yevon priesthood

Digger Discoveries

Does not include any outcomes where the winning result was 'a successful escape'

Chapter 1

What Where Status
A mysterious statue Sult Ruins Sold for cash, proceeds split among group
Lahan reports Otherworldly Hollow Reviewed and ultimately given to Leon Albus for safekeeping
Damaged Gear parts Ruins of Lahan Some partially disassembled out of curiosity, viable ones sold for cash to Bart
Hydroponic section panel Berry Cave Inspected briefly but did not review further
Dragon fossil Ruins of Memory Used with the ARM she made for Lunata
A useful pendant Rujm el-Hiri Claimed by Lily
Rare fungi Doomed to Obscurity Sold for cash
A cool whip Krosse Kave Claimed by Animal but Josie sold some mundane weapons for cash
A blank book Akbar's Discount Dungeon Attempted to sell this (it did not sell)
A corpse Doomed to Obscurity Collected quite the interesting note
A questionable favor The Black Market Obtained a favor from Fiddy
A broken console Cage Tower A broken console; more investigation needed
An assortment of ancient tech Ash Hare Robot arms, tools, and other assorted things; Josie probably has a few pieces in her possession
Defaced artwork The Nameless Spire Mysteries abound, particularly regarding one man's apparent loathing of a woman named Bradamante; left for others to handle
Magical goods and paraphernalia Emrys Mire Collected with intent to sell... and lost in the fall of Lastonbell
Broken silver chain Burwich Village Pieces of a chain of broken silver necklace. Mysterious!
Baby chimera Feral Menagerie An actual baby chimera. Fei took it into his care
ARM parts Cage Tower - High Security Used to build a shotgun-type ARM for Lunata
Remains of a helmet Leck Mines - Flooded Remains of a Metal Demon helmet; may have belonged to Siegfried
Angel Quill Stone Forest - Storm Season A pretty and lucky carved stone; Josie left it for another to take
Kraken Nacre Ship Graveyard Kraken nacre; Josie sold her share for a profit
Recipes abound Bream Chasers Dinner /and/ a recipe, not bad
Emeralds Learn A New Trick Sold for cash

Chapter 2

What Where Status
Hi-Ether Mushroom Rock Road Gifted to Josie by a fellow (??) Crusader. Still in her possession!
Another tile Almaryyt Ruins Another one of the tiles that Josie is seeking. Now in Odessa's possession.
Machina machinery parts Thunder Plains Machina machinery parts. Josie used these eventually in some minor maintenance on the cannon.
An ice enchantment Shrine of the Water Trial An ice enchantment, applied to Josie's flask of alcohol now.
A sword of light Fila Del Fia A gun that shoots a beam of light; not in Josie's possession.
Elemental mirror The High Seas A mirror that has an elemental enchantment on it and can briefly manifest that element. Not in Josie's possession.
Ancient Knight's Emblem Under Traffic An emblem that once belonged to a Merian Knight, ages ago. Not in Josie's possession.
Scientific Insight The Feywilds Information on botany, zoology, and ecology -- all very significant in scope. Deciphered somewhat with the Karlsefni's computers but still puzzling. Jointly in the hands of the Black Wolves.
A coin sword The High Seas A coin sword, used in certain spiritual rites. Not for hitting people with.
A Devil ARM Linaweyul One of the Devil Arms, Agares the Bitter, a black shotgun.
Tile 'Prithvi' Auberfort Mountain The fourth and apparently last tile of the set Josie has been seeking. Also some emotional trauma. Now in Odessa's hands.
A very alert staff Macalania Woods A staff that hones one's awareness of danger. Not in Josie's possession.
Spiran weaponry Thunder Plains - Drums of War Abandoned Spiran weaponry. Josie maybe has a new knife, possibly.

Weapon Stories

Gawain XR57 Mod

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Once upon a time, there was a little village by the forest. Everyone who lived in the village were so nice and kind to one another. And in one house, you know, there lived a mommy, and a daddy, and a little girl. They loved their little girl so much, because she was the best and brightest little girl in the whole world. The Door Was Open
2 But the mommy died. The little girl and her daddy were so very sad! The little girl decided one day, 'I'm going to do my best to make my mommy proud of me!' and so she studied very hard.
Eventually, the little girl grew up and became a young lady. She left home and worked very hard.
The Desire That Has Lead Us
3 The young lady worked so hard because, you know, she had a dream. She wanted to find out the truth about everything in the world! And the more she dug, the more she kept on learning.
That young lady wasn’t so young anymore but she kept digging and learning and working hard.
Dragons and Illusions
4 [to be unlocked] ????

Iron Cobra 325

Chapter Story Unlock
1 I'll never forgive them. Ever.
Why should the burden fall on me?
Darkest Need
2 I'll never forgive him. Ever.
Why wasn’t I good enough for you?
The Vinegar of Our Lives
3 I'll never forgive her. Ever.
Why couldn't you stop?
A Bitter Promise
4 I'll never forgive myself. Ever.
Why wasn't I there?

Reaper's Hand

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Death waits. This is the absolute law of existence: those who live and breath will in time perish. It matters not how far one roams or how justly they may live: they will die. But fear it not. Drown Deeply
2 Birth and death oft walk hand in hand. A child breathes their first and a mother may thus breath their last. What is the meaning of such an event? What death can be called just? But fear it not. Dragons and Illusions
3 Some may succumb in their beds from age or disease. But others are torn from life early by the hand of another. What value has the circumstances of such an event? What death can be termed good? But fear it not. Again and Again
4 Fear it not. This is your meditation to follow: sow what you will. Inherit what you must. And know whatever roads you tread, you will find it there at the end, awaiting you. Birth of a Wish

Nostos Cannon

Chapter Story Unlock
1 [to be unlocked] ????
2 [to be unlocked] ????
3 [to be unlocked] ????
4 [to be unlocked] ????

Agares the Bitter

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Once, I wished you had never been born. The Keys to the Door
2 [to be unlocked] ????
3 [to be unlocked] ????
4 [to be unlocked] ????

Logs and Cutscenes

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