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IC Information
Full Name: Kaguya (Alias: Kaguya Alathfar)
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 132, effectively 22.
Hometown: Locus Solus
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Trouble
Role: Drifter
Bounty: Now KAGUYA sets the bounties!!
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Veruni, Althena's Guard
Player: Bel

"Is this really what you want to stake your life on?"

The hero of the battle of Tryfan Vale, Duchess Kaguya Alathfar is a bombastic presence among Althena's forces. Bright and admittedly a bit rough-spoken, her sharper edges are usually chalked up to her youth and her background commanding the mercenary company that helped to make her name. She's made her holdings and the places she's travelled greener, with strange and beautiful flowers apparently from her faraway home, despite her obvious illness. ...Indeed, despite said illness, she remains a staggeringly powerful combatant, trained in strange martial disciplines and possessed of powerful ARMs, magic, and knowledge. She lends these abilities to the Guard, heading up Hyland's forces as part of the White Knight's coalition--but it's no secret that she often has her eye far off, to where her lost love apparently remains at sea. ...The truth, though, is that the 'strange land' from which she comes is beyond the sky, and that Kaguya is no beastwoman but a Veruni scientist who has infiltrated human society. Her next move is anyone's guess.


It's a secret to everyone <3

Chapter 1, Act 1

Girl sets out.

Chapter 1, Act 2

Girl gets mad.

Chapter 1, Act 3

Girl makes a move--and wins. Meets Sin... and doesn't follow.

Chapter 1, Act 4 and Epilogue

Girl plots, and prepares.

Chapter 2, Act 1

Girl shows off, learns too much. Gets madder.

Chapter 2, Act 2

Girl decides who to blame.

Chapter 2, Act 3

But it's not that simple.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Kaguya is a Veruni scientist, with a primary focus in botany, trained and knowledgeable not only with specific plants familiar to the Veruni but also in techniques and in the way plantlife works /generally/, and with increasing experience in Filgaian flora as well. In addition, she has personally developed and altered many strains of plantlife for various qualities. Obviously none of these are ominous because she introduced herself as a simple flower seller.

She's also familiar with a number of highly advanced ARMs, and has expanded into gunsmoke as well. She can repair even advanced weaponry as well as install it, though this requires the necessary parts; mass production of anything but gunsmoke is beyond her, but she is capable of designing and repairing Gears--including the terrible Golems that Althena's Guard has deployed, her own design that came about in collaboration with the mage-engineers of Neo-Vane. Mostly she uses this to make various gadgets, gizmos, and bombs for herself, including special ammunition for her primary ARM. She can also synthesize raw materials, though she will complain about having to make her own copper wire the entire time.

Like many Veruni, she has an inborn talent for magic! But more about that later. She also has superior strength and durability as compared to a human, despite her terrible illness. She can perform feats of strength and athletics that seem to defy physics... But there's a problem with that, too. More on that later. Notably, however, she has essentially an allergy to the planet; too much time in 'fresh air', among Filgaian life in general, and her body is wracked with various symptoms, because the simple truth is that she is dying of the VR Factor, a spiritual sickness that she has managed to hold at bay through powerful drugs and various means--including staying on Lunar, though that was not a /cure/ or even a full reprieve--for a while... but can't forever. At this point, having returned to Filgaia, it's worse, and to keep comfort she insulates herself from the world in various ways when outside for long times.

She knows many martial techniques, primarily focused on a variant of Veruni self-defense training learned from her older sister Amaterasu. Having refined it and incorporated Glenwood techniques such as the powerful Demon Fang, Kaguya refers to this new style as the Perfect Orbit Style, reliant upon staying limber and staying on the centerline to avoid telegraphing maneuvers. Its power leans on manuevers like the six-inch punch and an attentiveness and flexibility in battle--and is powered by her absurd physical strength. However, as she's returned to Filgaia, she's found that the VR Factor from which she suffers is taking a greater toll than ever, and so she's starting to lean away from reliance on these maneuvers because they're starting to become painful to employ.

Finally she can actually /use/ those ARMs. She's a decent shot but doesn't really rely on precise aim so much as heavy firepower and wide-range shot. She can deploy bombs too, as well as many combat items she picks up and hoards over time, from potions to monster fragments that make elemental effects to whatever, and can generally alter a few things on the fly to improve or tailor to her situation. A favorite trick of hers is to take fragments from her bombs and the active material to use in alternate ways. She finds and makes most of her own stuff, and her best gear can fire blasts of energy, bring down large structures, and transport living matter across moderate distances, though she has limited quantities of the most powerful stuff.

She has stranger, more potent abilities. It is for the best if they never see use. Unfortunately, this is not a kind world.

But Kaguya's flowers bear a special mention. Her favorites are flowers, particularly the Atida, an orange-hued blossom whose petals stretch long, back towards the stem. Her other favorite varities include a pale brown flower that has many warm petals, beautiful despite the drab colors... and also deep thorns. A yellow flower with more sprigs of petals that bunch up over time, and thin stems. A lovely blue with a set of petals that seem almost to spiral out as their pattern, all unfolded now that they're in bloom, also has thorns. Kaguya appreciates thorns in flowers; they should have something to protect themselves, after all. Each of these are varieties that she has personally made hardy for spreading on Filgaia itself.


Name Affiliation Affinity Comment
Ashley Winchester ARMS Affinity-3-green.png "Nice guy. Very polite. Tried to bribe me, has cool ARMs."
Clarissa Alwin ARMS Affinity-2-yellow.png "Kinda irritates me, but hey, maybe she'll hang onto that innocence. Maybe we'll 'talk.'"
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Affinity-1-orange.png Who are you to decide? Who am I to decide? Get closer and find out. Makes me mad.
Marivel Armitage ARMS Affinity-4-blue.png "They're not doing so badly so far. Time will tell if it's good enough."
Rebecca Streisand Avril Vent Fleur Affinity-4-blue.png "You get it, at least some. You're doing pretty well so far."
Seraph Clarine ARMS Affinity-2-yellow.png "She seems nice. But she doesn't seem to hesitate. "
Seraph Harmaus Truth Affinity-4-blue.png "Very creepy. Very interesting too."
Ivan Carakin??? Affinity-4-blue.png "It's not like I care or anything. It's just useful to know an assassin. Shut up."
Talia ??? Affinity-0-red.png "The only reason you have a chance to get stronger is the people with 'power' who decide to use it for you."
Lydia Seren Caravan Kinship Affinity-5-cloud.png "That's great about space. You're holding up pretty well all considered."
Claude C. Kenny Dawn Chasers Affinity-2-yellow.png "You're supposed to be annoying in the 'goes for the face' kind of way, not in the 'tries to be nice' kind of way."
Venetia Vuong ????? Affinity-2-yellow.png "You totally went after the small weak one, and I kind of respect that."
Ambrosius Veruni Affinity-4-blue.png "You were always good to me. But do we feel the same about what's happening? Maybe we do..."
Josephine Lovelace Odessa Affinity-3-green.png "I like her! For an old lady."
Lan Lilac Not Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "When we take them out, it'll be for you, too."
Gwen Whitlock Vile Fiends Affinity-4-blue.png "I remember your name, you dork."
Hiro Vile Fiends Affinity-4-blue.png "He doesn't mind that I hang out with him to see Ruby, and that's cool."
Loren Voss Solaris Affinity-1-orange.png "You're gonna eat the /wet/ dirt, Voss."



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