Kahm Yugh

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Kahm Yugh
IC Information
Full Name: Kahm E. Yugh
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 26 (Feb 18)
Hometown: Etrenank
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Gebler Grouch
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Dream Chasers MUSH
Groups: Solaris
Player: Kahm

Born to a third-class Solarian mother, Kahm Ephram Yugh was destined for a life of toil and squalor until a particular event marked him as possessing an abnormally strong potential for the use of ether. For this, he (and he alone) was deemed a more substantial asset to the state as a soldier than a worker bee, he and was permitted to become a second-class citizen as a member of the military. Although his talent and natural skill lead him to be trained as an Element, he ultimately donned the dark colors of a Gebler Special Forces attache where he serves with a reputation for decisive action and little patience for military bureaucracy. Kahm's circumstances and experiences both within Solaris and on the surface have hardened to him to what he believes to be the brutal truths of this reality: That the strong must rule over the weak, lest further calamity befall Filgaia. He is particularly scornful of other 'lambs', blaming their warring, plundering, and ignorance as reasons for the planet's sorry state.


As an agent of Solaris, Kahm's background before he deployed is customarily opaque to most surface dwellers. He has been 'topside' for several years, enough time to achieve the rank of Captain in the special forces, and has seen action at some of the various hotspots that have flared up on Filagaia in that time, including the incident at Elru. Within Gebler, he is known to have been a Element candidate at Jugend prior to being given his commission. Less common knowledge (though available to any Gebler officer with the appropriate security clearance) is that he was born a third-class citizen, raised to the second-class entirely on the nature of his ether abilities and willingness to serve the state as a soldier.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ether: Kahm was born with a naturally powerful ability to manipulate and control the paranormal phenomenon classed by Solaris as 'Ether'. His designated Element is air, and in general his expression of the power takes the form of electrical manipulation in various forms, expressed most forcefully as directed energy (lightning bolts, etc). His use of ether is more often woven into his melee fighting style than what surface dwellers would recognize as traditional spell casting.
  • Blade Arts: As befits someone who received training as an Element, Kahm is proficient in a number of tactics that weave the use of ether with traditional martial techniques. Although he is proficient with a various small arms and bladed weapons (pistols, knives, etc), he favors the longsword as his personal weapon and uses his ARM, the anemo blade, to great effect in his fighting style. Kahm's method is to test and gauge an opponent's defense with careful, probing attacks before striking their weakest point with a ruthless combination of swordplay and ether. Anger, rage, and fury fuel Kahm's every maneuver in a fight, all directed by a carefully cultivated sense of discipline honed by his military training. Ideally, he always uses only as much power as he needs to in order to break someone, even if he could call upon far more.
I call your bet and raise Lunata
  • Anemo Blade: Kahm's personal weapon, the anemo blade, is a specially designed sword with ether capacitors embedded along the blade at a molecular level, allowing Kahm to easily and fluidly channel ether through it during his attacks. The weapon acts in a way similar to what more traditional mages might call a focus, emphasizing and honing his power in a way that enables much more fine control with less effort than would otherwise be acquired.
  • Hauteclaire (Gear): Kahm's gear, the Hauteclaire, is likewise customized for his personal operation. The technology behind the anemo blade as been applied to the machine's cockpit as well, nano-embedded with ether capacitors in an experimental array known as an Ether Communications (ECommu) frame, allowing many systems to be directly powered by Kahm's ether output. Among other things, this enables the pilot use of the infamous AEROD weapon system, and also allows for powered flight capabilities via ether propulsion (Kahm's specialty in the element of Air further assists with this). As a pilot, Kahm favors quick, aerodynamic maneuvers that feature high acceleration and pitched turns, often stressing the machine to its limits, dodging an enemy's attacks before applying a devastating counterattack with his gear's own blade. The weapons load-out of the Hauteclaire is as follows:
    • 2x Machine Gun Turrets (Installed in the shoulders)
    • 1x Nanocarbonite Anti-Gear Blade
    • 1x Ether Cannon (Latched to the right arm)
    • 1x High Capacity Ether Projector (Installed in the chest)



Image Name Information
Ramses.jpg Kahran Ramses As the supreme commander of Gebler forces, Ramses is Kahm's top superior and, with rare exception, speaks with final authority on all military matters. Kahm respects him both as a soldier and officer, and appreciates the latitude he allows his men to operate under. While he has concerns about extending the policy to non-Solarian contractors, he has taken it upon himself to ensure this policy does not tarnish Gebler's image.
Myyahicon.jpg Myyah Hawwa Lieutenant Commander, and informal second-in-command of Gebler as Commander Ramses's right hand. Whatever Kahm thinks of her personal relationship with the Commander, he respects her influence over Gebler as an excellent administrator. He has come to respect and trust her judgment in many situations, quite near to the point of actively seeking it out.
Elypor01.png Elhaym van Houten A fresh lieutenant with a first-class family name. Kahm had his doubts about her when he pulled her out of the Blackmoon Forest, and awaits to see whether or not her experience in Lahan will cripple her effectiveness as a soldier.
Placeholder.png Loren Voss Another recent first-class arrival from Etrenank, Loren seems to have his head on straight and is mindful of the consequences of his actions. Kahm is mindful to keep an eye on his interactions with Lieutenant Van Houten when he has the time; there are enough powderkegs among the -lambs- to worry about.
Cardia.jpg Cardia Ortell Another Lieutenant, though her rank is more incident to her true as the Lieutenant Commander's assigned bodyguard. Augmented, quietly capable. Kahm has not shared many words with her, but she distinguished herself in both ability and bravery at the battle of Adlehyde. A talent to keep an eye on.
Kenthauch.jpg Kent Hauch Kahm initially disdained working with Kent, and felt the usage of such 'resources' diminished Gebler's mission. Lately however, he's come to see the man and his retinue are dependable in their own aggressive way, provided they are fed and paid.
Elricht.jpg Elricht Sophard (NPC) A Solarian swordmaster and Kahm's old teacher at Jugend, now retired. He was more responsible than anyone else for taking Kahm's murderously detrimental rage and forging it into a disciplined, restrained sense of ruthless tactical combat and tactical disposition that rules the Captain today. His hands still ache with the pain of countless lessons when he thinks on the old hardass.
Melphina.jpg Melphina Yugh (NPC) Kahm's mother, a lamb kidnapped from the surface and forced to live as a third class citizen. Although dead for many years now, her memory and last words still guide the Captain in his objectives. Filgaia is unforgiving, and those who would rule it must be strong enough to withstand it.


Drifters currently know Kahm under the alias of "Marcus Rider", a private investigator of the Smith & Luio Agency out of Bledavik (itself a legitimate front business maintained by Gebler for exactly this sort of chicanery).

Image Name Information
Gwenface.jpeg Gwen Whitlock Kahm has run into Gwen several times in various operations. While capable a local resource, Kahm doubts her willingness to assist his efforts in Adlehyde, though she also seems reluctant to openly obstruct them. For now, he has little reason to take more than a neutral disposition towards her.
Fei.jpg Fei Fong Wong The criminal who destroyed Lahan and seized military property, still at large. Although Kahm has become occupied with other missions since Fei's escape from imprisonment, the Captain still regards him as a loose end in sore need of tying up.
Citan.jpg Citan Uzuki A traveling doctor Kahm encountered in tan of Hilton. A traveled, educated man who seemed to at both times hint at much while also appearing nothing other than a very ordinary, if slightly eccentric man. Many details suggest he could be the 'Doc' from Lahan he has been searching for many months, but there is too little information to go on right now.
Maya side profile.png Maya Schrodinger A drifter with a family name of some apparent significance in Bledavik. Kahm considers her with some potential as a local resource for certain operations, not unlike the black ties.
NfzMkfq.png Virginia Maxwell Virginia was of unexpected assistance during an expedition with Lieutenant Van Houten at the Ruins of Memory. Though a -lamb-, she seems possessed of unusual talent in the native crest sorcery of the surface. Worth keeping an eye on.
Riese2.png Riesenlied A supposed Elru native of unusual appearance, even as a demihuman. Kahm continues to monitor her to see if her story pans out. Turns out it didn't, and she's one of the metal demons that infiltrated Ignas under human guise before they assaulted Adlehyde. That alone would make her worth purging, but the fact that she claims to hold different goals than her brethren suggest potential disunity within the demons. Worth observing for a while longer.
Noeline.jpg Noeline Kahm used to find little suspicious about Noeline, except now he very much does so. Riesenlied has remained tight-lipped other than to say that she shares her goals, but Kahm is no fool. If one demon could look like a human, it stands to reason that another might...
Morgan.jpg Morgan Newkirk A Kislev gear battler Kahm met in a saloon. The fact that he is a long way from home is of intrigue, as is his possession of interesting technology. He's also a drifter, and has at least proven himself useful on several occasion when hired to investigate ruins and tombs.
Placeholder.png Ethius Hesiod A mysterious man who came to Kahm's attention after he repeatedly harmed or destroyed ancient relics of Filgaia, particularly the golem Diabolos. Their words did not peaceably, and he has warned the man to obey his strange instincts at his peril.
Jude02.png Jude Moshe Another drifter-mercenary, really-who Kahm employed for the duration of on dig. His abrasive demeanor and tendency to cause friendly fire incident have not put him into the Captain's good graces.
Xantia.jpg Xantia A amnesiac young girl with an unknown gauntlet attached to her arm and a ridiculous appetite, Kahm is unsure what to make of her strange story and chipper attitude. Far more interesting is the technology behind the gauntlet, which has been confirmed as not of Solarian make. That can only mean one thing...
Placeholder.png Stork Bluegaze A baskar tribesman of indeterminate age and in the constant company of an enormous, aggressive bird he claims as his spiritual familiar. Certainly one of the odder pairings Kahm has witness on the surface, but the bird is fairly useful in a fight.
Josephine profile.png Josephine Lovelace An archaeologist Kahm encountered when he was scouting the ruin of an old gear that had been exposed by a recent landslide. She seems both intelligent and rigorous, which are troublesome qualities in surface dwellers. Such types tend to poke their nose where they shouldn't..


Image Name Information
H8G5oG4.jpg K.K. A mysterious knight in white armor who hails from an unknown land and speaks in riddles and half-truths. While Kahm initially pondered the meaning of their meeting, the so-called Trial Knight's recent attack on Lieutenant Commander Hawwa has made him (or her) an unqualified enemy.

Weapon Stories

Anemo Blade

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Gebler R&D Team Journal: January 5
Held a sprint design session for the newest tech requested by HQ. Pretty interesting-we've used this technology in gears before, but haven't tried scaling it down to personal equipment. We'll be getting some additional data from a team at the Ezekiel next week to help us along. Excited to see what they've learned!
Everything is Under Control
2 Gebler R&D Team Journal: March 23
Have to admit, it's more challenging than we thought. The details provided by the science ministry were illuminating, but we're having some trouble putting the theory into practice. We've got a prototype nearly completed though, so we're hoping for a late-game breakthrough to show this off to the brass!
The Time Between The Seconds

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