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IC Information
Full Name: Kamui
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): ??? (???)
Hometown: Unknown
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Maverick Hunter
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: ARMS
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Merilan

"It might be a while longer... but... wait for me, Gami. Because I'll be back. I promise."

Kamui is a mysterious girl dug out by Acacia and a team of Drifters from the Sealed Laboratory -Teshri-, an equally mysterious Ruin near Meria Boule that emerged out of the ocean not too long ago. Due to a... series of mishaps, she is currently working her debt off as a tabloid reporter for Acacia's publication of questionable repute, the Meria Bouletin. Though humanoid in appearance, Kamui is nonetheless obviously a machine with exposed wiring where her damaged limb ends. Not much is known about Kamui's origins or past history, even to herself -- she claims to not have access to her 'encrypted' memories, as she puts it. The only clue is her insistence that she is a Maverick Hunter, and that she has Mavericks to hunt, whatever those are -- not even she seems to know. Those who have seen her in action, however, tend to agree that she is lost technology: the X-Buster ARM she wields is no device of the present day.


A mysterious Ruin surfaced upon the shores of Meria Boule's southeastern peninsula, a half-day journey away from the town centre itself. A mysterious chamber of interlocking metal plates and highly advanced construction, deeply derelict and breached by what archaeologists surmise may well be centuries of exposure to the environment.

A team of Drifters led by Acacia Saitani ventured in... and they found a great capsule nestled the depths of the laboratory.

And when Acacia approached the capsule, whether because of the refractor in her hands or some other factor...

A relic of the past awoke.

Powers and Abilities

  • X-Buster Buster.png - An ancient ARM capable of powerful discharges of plasma energy in the form of spherical blasts and chargeable to higher levels of destructive power. The X-Buster is integrated into her arm, and is normally capable of shifting between hand and cannon... but because of extensive damage throughout the years, it's currently stuck in arm cannon mode.
  • Variable Weapon Copy - Kamui has shown to be able to mimic and pattern the abilities of those that she fights with. In some by-gone age, this power at its full potential may have been capable of copying abilities instantaneously... but Kamui herself has no knowledge of how the process is made. In the present day, Kamui can only very imperfectly copy the abilities of others, and only a close friendship seems to be able to develop the shape of the Weapon copy further.
  • Lumen Armour - Kamui bears on her body damaged components of a once complete suit of white armour known to her only as the Lumen Armour.
    • Foot Parts - During the Fiend attack on the Luca Stadium, a Dr. Lumen capsule appeared and granted her the Fourth Foot Parts, allowing greater manueverability in the air along with the ability to hover for a few precious seconds.
  • Suffering Circuit HeartFull.png - Kamui's internal core bears an emotion engine that lets her act on, feel and understand emotions like a human being. Whether this is a strength or a weakness... is something this Maverick Hunter must decide on her own.


  • Corrupted Memory Archive HeartEmpty.png - 87% of Kamui's memories are significantly corrupted and cannot be accessed. Knowledge of people, places, events and other things she may have experienced in the past are inaccessible to her. But sometimes, strong emotions rise up in her when she hears or meets some people. Why?
  • Access to Magic - As a machine, Kamui has no access to any of Filgaia's different sources of sorcery. She feels as if this may have caused distress to her in the past, but doesn't know why.

Sticker Collection

Kamui greatly treasures the stickers Marivel has granted her over the days. Currently she has unlocked the following stickers:

  • ACE REPORTING - For successfully doing one interview, and she only napped halfway past the appointment time!
  • GRAPE PATIENT - For being such a patient patient. Also came with a cherry lollypop, despite the name.
  • ICE MOVES - For having brilliant dance moves. Has a muisteriously familiar Reploid Penguin on it. I feel so sad, mui... I lost a very close friend.
  • YOU'VE GOT GUTS! - For being brave about her emotions, even in the face of tears. Has a powerful, gutsy man powerlifting a heart.
  • BAKING BUDDIES! - For brazenly asking for a sticker even though it was during a tough time. Features two Batton Bats hung upside down wearing toques.
  • THINKING A HEAD - For being a wonderful Blitzball. Features mui own head, mui!
  • TERRIFIC TRUTHTELLER - For being brave enough to tell the truth. It's not easy to admit you were ready to sacrifice your life, mui...

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4



Name Group Weapon Copy Name Weapon Hair Colour Bond Strength Comments
Acacia Saitani Master Breadline - A Special Weapon that fires... bread. Ruby Red WeaponFull.pngWeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png Master... live true to your emotions.
Marivel Armitage ARMS P. Fort - A Special Weapon that rains comfy pillows on enemies. Golden Blonde WeaponFull.pngWeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png You are... important. And not just because of headpats. True memories will never fade...
Seraph Clarine None A Cuteness - A Special Weapon where Kamui does... a cuteness. Pale blonde, white at the tips WeaponFull.pngWeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png She likes my Buster charge's light. She's scared of darkness. I want to keep her in the light, mui.....
Seraph Lanval None Sleepy Bubble - A Special Weapon that makes mui sleepy... Flowing strands of water-hair WeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png Weapon Get... but I do not understand him just yet. I want to...
Brad Evans ARMS ??? ??? WeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png He's really strong and knows a lot about vehicles. I like vehicles.
Clarissa Arwin ARMS ??? ??? WeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png She helped find me in the Sealed Laboratory. She's very nice, looking for someone... Felius doesn't like mui, though...?
Dash Caskett None ??? ??? WeaponFull.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.pngWeaponEmpty.png A nice boy in blue who helped me fight. Somehow, I know he has a Buster...



I'm going out for a bit.
Mavericks must be... retired.