Lily Keil

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Lily Keil
Lily 1.png
IC Information
Full Name: Lily Keil
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 25 (January 29? 478 PC)
Hometown: Nortune
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Black Wolf Lieutenant
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 610,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Black Wolves
Player: Bel

“That's not my problem.”

Lily Keil is the second-in-command and medic of the Black Wolves, an indepenent mercenary company that formed in the wake of an attempt on Prime Minister Shakhan's life, and one of two survivors of an elite Kislevi commando team of the same name. She was accused of high treason and espionage when displaying her secret Ether abilities, but her status as regards her home nation is in dispute since an effort to save the Kaiser himself... from her own father. She is known now as a dangerous, violent woman of unpredictable sorcerous power, an outspoken enemy of Gebler and a skeptic of conventional government. Her presence at an engagement is an almost sure sign of significant collateral damage, and she seems to show no hesitation to kill those sent in her path. Her occasional cooperation with some authority, support for those Metal Demon refugees who claim to seek peace, and continued presence in attempting to save the world on behalf of the Guardians all call her overall goals into question. More worryingly, she's been sighted at some battles effecting a transformation into some inhuman form that only increases her magical abilities. The simple truth is that war and the loss of her comrades has affected Lily deeply, and she will go to extreme lengths to keep safe her partner and Captain, Leon Albus--along with the others who have worked their way into her loyalties now.


Raised in Kislev after her adoption by a childless military family in Nortune, Lily Keil doesn't even remember a world before her new parents, and remembers nothing of the reconnaissance mission that saw her father, Dietrich Keil, lead soldiers to where she turned out to be. She had a difficult time adjusting to the new environment, but in time began to see Nortune as the only home she had ever known. She continued to have difficulty interacting with her peers, however, for many reasons. The first was her personality, but the second was the secret her parents helped her hide: she was gifted with a form of magic wholly unfamiliar to most. If she did not hide, she would be taken away from her family. For a girl whose whole world was her parents and their house, this was a terrible possibility.

Leon Albus, a boy only slightly older than she was, was the first to whom she let slip her secret, and his amazed reaction captured her heart early. They would become fast friends, preparing together to enter the Nortune Military Academy, and when she came of age she joined as well, as she'd intended. She succeeded wildly, second in her class behind Leon even with the extra work they put in practicing her magic and her multiple fields of study, focusing on medicine like her mother. She also proved a fairly popular girl, well-liked even before her father's promotions factored in. Internally, she knew this sociability was because of her time with Leon learning to better deal with people. She learned better to deal with Leon too; they didn't end the Academy as only friends.

Both would prove effective soldiers; her wide capabilities made up for her lesser combat capabilities as compared to the stronger Leon, and while she lacked leadership inclinations she had analysis and insight in spades. She could not save all of her patients, but no one can. When they were promoted to the Wolves, now First Lieutenant Keil accepted the position as Captain Albus's second in command. They would strike many blows against Aveh and save many Kislevi soldiers over time. War was hard on her in other ways; she hardened, and most of her progress socially was reversed except in bedside manner. Now and then, Lily was forced to use her magic to protect herself and Leon, but never in front of the rest of their unit.

And then they were attacked by Gryndille. Their entire squad, save for Lily and Leon, was killed, and Lily pouring out every mote of magic she could muster did nothing. She could not save them. The soldiers who came across them wanted to arrest them as traitors... and after that day, they would want Lily Keil, sorceress, as a Gebler spy as well.

They went to Adlehyde as Drifters and fugitives. On the run, Lily would watch out for the both of them. From there, Lily's opinion of conventional governments in general have only cooled; while she could have made a home in Adlehyde, the invasion of the Metal Demons would derail that possibility and send Lily even further back into her wartime habits.

Chapter 1, Act 1

Lily adapted poorly to civilian life, becoming quieter and more withdrawn, discarding much besides her need for vengeance. But this is also when she met many people who would become important to her in the coming days, though not in the ways she would've expected at the time. She began work as a Drifter, became accustomed to travelling in dungeons, and first encountered Malevolence in Port Timney. The infection of it that she would contract began in a dirty cavern, at a blood-soaked altar. It was with the Yggdrasil Alliance that she began to act as part of a group again. And it was in these days that war came to Adelhyde, and destroyed the peace she'd started to find. In the journey west, however, she would find a new mission.

Chapter 1, Act 2 through Epilogue

Bein' on the run, workin' for the Guardians, dealing with Malevolence, blowing up her robot son, deciding /not/ to blow up the planet with Id

Chapter 2, Act 1

A lot of thinking, stepping back; participating in the periphery of the war, she mostly focused on treating Leon Albus's wounds and working with the Al Bhed--and then on /not/ wrecking Spira by accident with her power. Questions of identity have come to the forefront here--What does it mean, to be Sharon Wyatt? Is this her true identity? And what does it mean to accept it as such?

Chapter 2, Act 2

A journey to Shae Ving, a strange ruin in the Sielje mountains, would provide more answers and questions both. The scope of Lily's search has expanded considerably, but with the addition of a ship on which to travel--an ancient ship that she nevertheless knows how to use. A confrontation with her adoptive father seems more and more inevitable by the day, as far as she's concerned, and a clash with it between her two identities.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Lily Keil is a witch. Once, she was known as a medic and a commando, and she retains those skills--battlefield medicine, surgery, stealth, knife-fighting, firearms, and so on. Since the first meeting with Gryndille though, she's become known for her magic, which is both dangerous and unsettling. It is recognizeable to those who know it as Ether, but she doesn't rely on Solaris's elemental classifications or casting styles. No Crests, no Symbols, and no formal training absent simple practice. Her power is highly destructive, and collateral damage is a significant concern when she gets into battle. While she uses no ordinary means of calling up her power--and indeed does so casually--she relies heavily upon detailed advanced math to direct that power and choose the amounts to use, and can benefit from pre-written formulas and lists of reference constants to simplify the process of casting. Notably, she has no particular immunity to her own spells, and can easily harm herself with her magic. When casting, she also gains strange circuit-like patterns gleaming on her skin.

Also, she has a Dog, who is a medium-sized black-furred canine she raised from a puppy found in the desert. Dog is combat trained, and occasionally helps Lily in fights. In any case she is a very Good Girl.

She also has a strange transformative ability, but mysteriously, she hasn't used it since the transit to Spira. More to the point, though, she has a number of skills and a good bit of knowledge that she can't recall ever having learned; she is a fluent speaker of the Zeboim language and surprises herself with knowledge of sciences that she never studied in detail. She's no ARMS meister, but a decent mechanic, trained in demolition (she /did/ study those), and is working towards engineering (she is actually studying this, even if she finds she has some of the necessary background without recalling why.)

As for her magic, she primarily uses four elements, two of which correspond to elements more typical of Solarian Ether: Fire, Darkness, Ice, and Light. But they're strange expressions; ice is normal enough, but her use of darkness includes disintegrations and gravitic powers as well as shadow, and her expression of Light is more properly golden nuclear fire and fields of magical force, with absolutely no purifying or 'holy' power at all. She can't do water magic aside from ice at all, and her fire magic includes both flames and healing and general work with life force.

It's spooky. Just focus on the Dog.

In Digs she brings smarts, magical power, and a few strange and mystical Tools.


Name Affiliation Affinity Note Excerpt (Translated)
Leon Albus Black Wolves Affinity-6-heart.png "Keep him safe."
Fei Fong Wong Black Wolves Affinity-5-cloud.png "Trust."
Josephine Lovelace Black Wolves Affinity-5-cloud.png (Illegible, erased and rewritten too many times.)
Noeline Black Wolves Affinity-5-cloud.png "Combat gear is no substitute for fashion sense. Not if I want to keep up."
Riesenlied Black Wolves Affinity-5-cloud.png "Mirror, mirror. Walking now?"
Elhaym van Houten Black Wolves Affinity-4-blue.png "How did Solaris produce /her/?"
Xantia Black Wolves Affinity-4-blue.png "No regrets, no giving up. Learn."
Lunata Croze Black Wolves Affinity-4-blue.png "Belief, huh? Still, need more research."
Shalune Amira Black Wolves Affinity-4-blue.png "Show her robotics findings. Check in on her."
Emeralda Kasim Black Wolves Affinity-3-green.png "She can pilot a Gear, she can probably handle a ship. On open ocean, maybe."
Jude Moshe Black Wolves Affinity-3-green.png "Disagree about ties."
Cecilia Adlehyde Adlehyde Affinity-3-green.png "Safe for now. Remember Asgard, trust. Odessa plots?"
Lydia Seren Caravan Kinship Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "Never forget."
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "Reliable."
Jacqueline Barber Caravan Kinship Affinity-3-green.png "Can handle secrets."
Marivel Armitage ARMS Affinity-3-green.png "Nice house."
Hiro Lucia Affinity-3-green.png "Good kid. No, not kid anymore."
Avril Vent Fleur Herself, Veruni? Affinity-3-green.png "Not the same. Remember promise though."
Dean Stark Avril Affinity-2-yellow.png "Good kid. Nostalgic."
Elvis Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "More than meets the eye. Might discuss research."
Rikku Yuna Affinity-2-yellow.png "Check in on her. Find a way to Spira to check on her people if possible around Odessa and Colonel."
Yue Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "Not so disappointing. Think about whether to ask her."
Zed Hyadean Affinity-2-yellow.png "Column I, but can be helpful."
Loren Voss Solaris Affinity-1-orange.png "Something's wrong."
Gryndille Enemy Affinity-1-orange.png "I made this?"
Marie Keil Enemy Affinity-1-orange.png "How long did she know?"
Dietrich Keil Enemy Affinity-0-red.png "Be ready."



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