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This page is a list of all Digs created on the MUSH. These use sortable tables for your ease of viewing. Digs are organized by the Chapter Act in which they opened -- note that they may still be available in later Acts!

Availability Definitions:

  • Standard - Indicates a dungeon with no particular time limits on availability outside game location. These may still eventually close ahead of the plot leaving the particular area they're set in, but there is no built-in time limit.
  • Plot - Indicates a dungeon available for repeat runs during a set period, often as a part of a plot, after which it becomes unavailable for use again.
  • One-Shot - Indicates a dungeon that is only run once. Whatever the particulars, a character running this dungeon only has one shot at it.

Chapter 1: To the End of the Wilderness

Introduced in Act 1

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Barfight (Filgaia) Ruin Drifter Standard This dungeon is meant to be used to simulate a barfight. It broadly represents trying to escape while everything goes to hell. It is fine-tuned for Filgaia, thematically.
Berry Cave Ruin Drifter Standard The Berry Cave is located in Adlehyde, in part of the land succumbing to the desert. Surf Village does its best to keep the cave guarded, after individuals have gone missing inside. Rumors swirl of monsters within -- but opportunities, too, for rare curative berries are said to grow inside. This lures Drifters to it, despite the ban imposed by the local village.
Ruins of Memory Ruin Drifter Standard The Ruins of Memory, located in the northern part of Adlehyde, is nestled against some mountains. These ruins are well-explored. The towering structure has been well-explored and emptied. However, pathways lead deeper, if one knows where and how to look. There, one can find relics of the past -- and grave dangers besides.
Leck Mines Ruin Drifter Standard The Leck Mines are an abandoned mine shaft. The interior is filled with twisting paths, dangerous rope bridges, and chasms. Part of it is crossed by the Parm Express, a railway that surges through this region. While Lacour considers it off limits, ruins of lost technology and abandoned ore lead more than a few Drifters to brave the mine shafts.
Ruins of Lahan Ruin Drifter Standard The town of Lahan was destroyed in a single evening. What actually occurred is unknown to many, other than the fact that this small rural town was completely flattened in a conflagration of fire and steel. The fires have gone out, and the people who once lived here are gone. But the mystery of what happened in this town remains, and the wreckage of destroyed Gears and other military equipment remains littered around the town. An exploration of the town may reveal something useful that has been left behind.
Sult Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard The Sult Ruins are an ancient Baskar structure that has long since sunken beneath the ground, leaving only a strange entrance in the shame of an elongated, blue and red painted stone head on the surface. There has been little interest in these ruins until recently, where mysterious forces have begun excavations of the ruins and have broken into previously unknown chambers. The identity of these strange soldiers is as much of a valuable bit of information as any relics which might be found in their depths.
Cucco Invasion Ruin Drifter Plot The Cucco, a chicken-like animal imported from Aquvy, seemed so safe and loving. The farmers of the Adelyn Ranchlands complimented them on their plumpness and docile nature. And then, tragedy struck. No one can be sure who caused the great wrong that started this war... but war has come. The skies are filled with the terrible white wings of the coming heard -- and their loud, piercing buckaws. Vengeance is coming.
Lolithia's Tomb Ruin Drifter Standard Also known as Lolitha's Coffin, the Tomb is a ruin that has been sealed for many years. Recently reopened during efforts to prepare for Adelhyde's festival, the Tomb sits at the bottom of a large crevice surrounded by a number of cranes and other pieces of excavation equipment. Those who wish to venture into its depths must be prepared for a harrowing journey downwards.
The Saucery Globe Ruin Drifter Standard Inspired by the recent shooting star that's descended far beyond the horizons of Filgaia, the Starfall Saloon has returned to the roots of its namesake and introduces its newest and wildest food challenge that will challenge even the staunchest of foodies: THE SAUCERY GLOBE.

Interested? Apply as a party and collaboratively take on a meal that will drastically savage Adlehyde's gross domestic product! Fats, sugars, proteins, carbohydrates... rise and become the ultimate food product that not even your wildest dreams can conjure!

Not even the Guardians can save you now, Drifter!
Old Petra Ruin Drifter Standard Old Petra -- as it is now known to Adelyn locals -- was once a bustling colliery village back in the heyday of the iron rush. But as the veins dried up, rumors of unsavory business and thuggery began to drive people away from the village. Bandits and monsters became a more and more common sight around this desolate village, and eventually, there was no one left to care for it. It simply became one of the many ghost towns that dot the wild frontier.
But more recently, rumors have been floating around about a resurgence of life in Old Petra. There are those who have observed people roaming around the town at night. Not a lot of people have bothered to look, as far out as this village is -- and the ring of danger still largely prevents people from wishing to come close. Is there something behind this unseeming village?
Otherworldly Hollow Ruin Drifter Plot Once known as the Batical Grotto, this system of caves is situated to the west of Port Timney, carved into the rocky outcroppings of the coast. These caverns are intricate deep; many a person has been lost within the depths, yet for its natural beauty it had been, at one point, something of a tourist attraction to those who could afford such simple luxuries. Now? These caverns are dark and dank and twisted, reaching down to the depths where no light can reach and permeating with a sense of dread that reaches even the most mundane of spiritual senses. Something in this place is not right. Something in this place has been warped. And from the creatures that have come from far and wide around southern Adlehyde to make this place their lair, to the way things grow more anomalous the deeper the caverns go, one thing is clear: something in this hollow is very, very wrong.
NOTE: this place has been infested with Malevolence. Those without properly developed spiritual sense cannot see anything denoted as such within the Grotto. Time to get some hands-on training with developing your bad juju sense!
Haunted Manor Ruin Drifter Standard The Haunted Manor is old. Records of its appearance go back thousands of years. Stories tell of a great mansion appearing on the edges of towns and villages where it clearly doesn't belong when the sun sets, and disappearing with sunrise. Never twice does it look exactly the same, and anyone still inside when it disappears is never seen again. Their haunted souls, folks warn, still inhabit the manor. If you see it appear near your city, the best thing you can do is not go in, but promises of riches have lured more than one adventurer into its depths!

The manor is composed of great halls and rooms which rearrange themselves with each appearance. Like a labyrinth, it's hard to tell for sure where you're going, and sometimes going back on your steps can even result in entering a different room than where you used to be. Its appearance is always far too grand for where it is. Appearing near a city may make it appear as a fortress, while being near a small village would have it as a proper mansion. Its ghostly sheen makes it difficult to spot even in the dead of night, but adventurers always have an eye for those things.

It's hard to plan exploring this dungeon. Dedicated adventurers might prepare for years before finally encountering it, and most won't even get that far. Luck and how quickly you can get a party together play a larger factor!
The Battle of Adlehyde Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Metal Demons have invaded Adelhyde's crown city! Chaos and panic rule the day, and Metal Demon troops and the Adelhyde army clash amidst the burning buildings and ruins that have been left by the fighting. Amidst this chaos are thousands of citizens still trapped by the fighting - as well as a number of Drifters who were caught inside when the battle started.
Rujm el-Hiri Ruin Drifter Standard The megalithic monument called 'Rujm el-Hiri' is a Ruin of much fascination and interest to Drifters, particularly those who wish to decipher the secrets of the past. It rests at the height of a knife-edge mountain range and presents a rather steep challenge to the inexperienced. Known to the Baskar locals as the "Singing Ruins" for reasons soon to become obvious, the monument appears to house hundreds of tombs from ages past. What secrets lie within this enigmatic Ruin?
Temple of Rejection Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Temple of Rejection is a remarkably well-preserved ruin from an unknown era just off the coast of Eastern Ignas. Nearest to Gounon, the temple was - and is - a destination for many of the human residents of the small winery town, who often offer apple wine up to the temple's entrance once a year in honor of the founder of their town, a man known as "Johnny Appleseed." The temple is a beautiful architectural marvel of days gone by, a naturalist achievement of form and function. Yellow and tan stone construct the massive temple, looking almost sacred as it builds up towards a tall tower at its center. The interior, in contrast, is a cool shade of blue throughout, almost icy in its design, with long winding halls and perfectly preserved pathways of designs strikingly reminiscent, yet different, from the Elw temples of old, making one wonder just where it might have come from and just how it has managed to be so well-preserved through the ages...

Though it is still frequented by sightseers, currently much fewer people delve deeper -- very recently, rumors have begun to spread that something has happened inside the temple -- something that has changed the place irrevocably. As if the place has come alive. As if the place is now filled with all too hostile, all too frightening intent...

Which, really, just makes it the perfect spot for Drifters. Right?

Lacour Coliseum Ruin Drifter Plot This dungeon represents an Exhibition Team Fighting match at the Lacour Tournament of Arms: Presented by Blastemol!® Teams of 3-6 can enter. The organizers are extremely vague about what you can win by entering...
The Tournament Globe Ruin Drifter Plot Lovingly crafted by the chefs of the Starfall Saloon, the Tournament Globe is a special edition of the Saucery Globe eating contest, inspired by the Lacour Tournament of Arms! It may not be as immediately dangerous as arena combat, but this ghastly gastronomic gauntlet presents its own, intense challenges. Available at the Starfall Saloon's Lacour Pop-Up Restaurant for a limited time only.

Sponsored by the Sparrowfeathers and Jay's Curatives and Curios. The Starfall Saloon will not be held responsible for injuries sustained in the process of consuming the Tournament Globe. All rights reserved.

The Guardian Temple Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Guardian Temple rests in the far west of Adlehyde, not so far from the Great Aveh Desert and the town of Milama. The Temple had been buried under the sands for ages, but like many things, the arrival of the Sorcery Globe affected it. The sands have been parted, showing an ancient structure of stone that still stands after countless years. However, it seems that Drifters were not the only ones to have found this remote temple...
The Battle Front Ruin Drifter One-Shot The war has come to Milama. The incursion of Kislevi forces, backed by the Golem Sado, have broken through Aveh's forces. Now, Aveh forces -- with some Gebler support -- are fighting Kislevi forces, who are intermingled with the Metal Demon forces still in the area. As they surge, they block the way back east, leaving a flight to the west as the best chance for escape. The battle is threaded through countless canyons and between outcroppings of rock, along with trenches and fortifications hastily dug by soldiers on each side.

Introduced in Act 2

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Krosse Kave Ruin Drifter Standard The Krosse Cave has long been a target for Adventurers and Drifters residing in the Kingdom of Krosse. However, a recent expedition opened up a new, unexplored wing in the Cave, with secrets yet to be found.
Great Aveh Desert Ruin Drifter Standard The Great Aveh Desert was the site of a major battle of the Day of Collapse - some say the final battle, in which Diabolos itself was struck down. Aveh and Kislev have been fighting over the desert and its secrets for years, but a small party willing to brave the dangers of the desert may be able to sneak in and claim some of its bounty for themselves...
November City Plant Labyrinth Drifter Standard Plants are the source of life for cities in the Badlands - ancient modules capable of spontaneously generating power, water, and even food. Given their obviously advanced nature, Plants can be a source of amazing technology.... but given how important they are to the cities they power, they are highly protected.
Serpent's Coils Ruin Drifter Standard The Serpent's Coils are buried in the sands of the Gunsmoke Desert. While built around a hill, the sand has covered the entrance entirely. The depths of these ruins, as a result, have not been fully explored -- and are notoriously hard to find.
Doomed to Obscurity Ruin Drifter Standard The evocatively-named Doomed to Obscurity is a massive stone complex located deep in the Badlands desert. The shifting sands have partially buried it, but local legend says that at one point, it was a shrine to the Earth Guardian, Grudiev. Though it's been picked over by Drifters, rumors persist of treasures still buried within. Other rumors claim that Doomed to Obscurity has become the site of one of the largest sandworm colonies in recent memory.
Cage Tower Ruin Drifter Standard Rising from a mesa deep in the desert, Cage Tower is a massive edifice that allegedly gets its name from the cage-like structure of metal girders poking out from its damaged stonework. Reportedly, it dates back to the height of the Metal Demon War, and it's rumored to contain both ancient technology and terrible danger. Inside, it's a mixture of stone, industrial steel, and strange crystalline technology.
Colisea Arcadia Ruin Drifter Standard The Colisea Arcadia is an ancient ruin nestled at the edge of the forests of Krosse. It is a huge, ramshackle structure on a flattened plateau, which has sunken into the ground. The entrances can be found in the rock, and require crawling down into access hatches on what used to be the roof of the place. The inside is a labyrinthine place.
Abandoned Frontier Town Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Badlands are dotted with small towns which are based around local mineral strikes, open pasture areas, or other valuable resources which can be exploited by a relatively small amount of people. Such towns tend to dry up and blow away on the wind once the strike is exhausted, or local conditions begin to degrade. This town, however, is not one of those towns. It has dropped out of contact with the outside world, and no one is certain why. It's up to the Drifters to discover why.
Mountain Palace Labyrinth Drifter Standard Located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Krosse, the Mountain Palace was the holdfast of an unknown ancient civilization dating back to before the Day of Collapse. While the ruin is abandoned, many Drifters have risked - and lost - their lives in search of treasures thought to lie buried deep within.
Nortune Sewers Labyrinth Drifter Standard The sewers beneath Nortune are dank, filthy, and oppressively dark. Few go down there if they have any choice in the matter, and rumors persist of strange creatures dwelling within. Most of the tunnels are canals of sewage, bracketed on either end by perilous walkways, but side-rooms connect the levels and house auxiliary pipes.
Gob's Hideout Ruin Drifter Standard There's nothing an organized group of outlaws like more than abandoned property. This particular manor, located south of Boot Hill, is as ideal as they come out in the Badlands. The aging wooden mansion endures the erosion of the elements admirably, proving a stable location in which bandits and ne'er-do-wells of all types like to go in order to rest up and appraise their ill-gotten gains. The location itself is named for one infamous bunch of Gobs that brought Boot Hill to its knees, as opposed to the name of whatever family once owned this property. There's always bound to be some decent bounty or haul of loot holed up here, as the metaphorical game of cops and robbers never quite seems to come to an end in these parts.
The Black Market Ruin Drifter Standard The "Gold Rush" is reported to be an underground network of illicit and unrecorded trades of all kinds of dangerous and highly lucrative substances. This includes but is not limited to alcohol, addictive substances, Dragon Fossils, Gear parts, and looted Mediums. Some even say the blackest parts of the network even deal in human trafficking. Little Twister holds one such outlet that could give you an in to this black market.

NOTE: This Dig is suitable for parties of Drifters who're employing a subtle approach, using disguises and undercover approaches to try to find their way into the vast market and try to mine for intelligence against Gold Rush. It is also suitable for Antagonists who are interested in gaining a legitimate 'in' to the market and obtaining the elusive membership card, which would undoubtedly let you get a huge leg up in your dark efforts.

The Dig is also not meant to be immediately sequential in time -- you may assume a small amount of time has passed between each Card if it would suit the narrative better.
Stone Forest Ruin Drifter Standard Rising from a rocky section of the Great Aveh Desert, the Stone Forest, as it's known by locals, features densely packed stone pillars. Interestingly, a few rare spires are made of crystal and glow as they capture and store sunlight. Indeed, their glow lingers on into the night. Entry is difficult and the heat and weather harsh, but rumors swirl about secrets tucked away inside the place. It's said that this was once a holy site to the Baskar, but most of this place's history is lost to the ages. Perhaps something still remains in the heart of the Stone Forest.
Gourmet Quest Blackmoon Ruin Drifter Standard The Isla Delloro Trading Company is moving into the gourmet food market and needs reliable supply of the finest delicacies of the deepest wilds. Drifters, by contrast, need money and would probably like to get that money in a place that isn't a dire hole in the ground laden with arrow traps.

This dungeon brings you to scenic Blackmoon Forest, near Dazil town on the Aveh border, where you will gather eggs, meat, mushrooms, rare plants, and might even make a big new friend!

Eerie Farmhouse Ruin Drifter Standard This farm, near the far northern border of Krosse with Aveh, has seen better days. Rumors swirl around the place about lost patrols, missing caravans, and the occasional spooky ambulatory evil carrot emanating from the place. It's been a few weeks since the place has managed to ship anything, either... maybe this is the kind of place a Drifter or four needs to check out, independent of Krosse's own investigations.
Akbar's Discount Dungeon Ruin Drifter Standard Everyone's heard of the great, massive temples erected to powerful gods, of the depths that protect untold treasures, of the catacombs that guard ancient evils and of the caves filled with forgotten wonders.

This is not one of those places.

Built by one of Filgaia's greatest businessmen, Akbar's Emporium was a renowned business center where one could supposedly acquire anything their heart desired for a modest to absurdly low price. The problem? This was hundreds of years ago. Little is left of the Emporium but its time-worn defenses and empty storehouses, having earned the ruins the nickname of Akbar's Discount Dungeon, a training grounds for new Drifters hoping that maybe, just maybe, some of the ancient, valuable merchandise once on sale still lies hidden somewhere inside.
Wayside Wellspring Ruin Drifter Plot All of Wayside is buzzing about an ancient edifice rumored to be behind the qanat, far beyond the Waterway. Those Drifters who've braved the artesian current have mostly come back injured -- if they returned at all -- but a few are showing off mementoes they claim are from a ceremonial site. The place is tricky, they say, swarming with monsters and rife with mysterious puzzles. Could it hold more momentous finds? Only one way to find out!
Ghost Ship EX Labyrinth Drifter Plot There are many legends on Filgaia of sunken ships and their cargos. Almost all of them involve vengeful spirits and deadly curses. The Ghost Ship is an embodiment of those legends, a ship long since sunk by a beast but whose captain and crew keep afloat to continue sailing the seas - seemingly forever. Every rare once in a while, the ship parks itself at a port in the dead of night between the hours of midnight and sunrise, or idles just in reach of one near the horizon. No one ever comes off the ship - it just sits there, inviting brave fools onboard. And during this time of year, they say the forces of darkness are stronger than ever...
Haunted Library Ruin Drifter Standard An old ruined town in the mountains houses a mysterious library said to contain lost wisdom of the time before the Day of Collapse, but also--more worryingly--to contain the souls of the unfortunate librarians who once walked its dusty, cobwebbed halls!
Spirit Quest Labyrinth Drifter Standard The world of the inner mind is as much labyrinth as any ruin. Whether you got here through some kind of strange occult ritual, by being shunted here by supernatural power, or just by drinking some really shady booze, you've come to a place where physics are really more of a suggestion than a set of rules. Here, the only limit to your adventure is your imagination-- but be careful, because dark things lurk the corridors of the mind. Conquer your fears, wrestle with your demons, and you might just get something useful out of this long walk through the soul. If you fail, though... Well, you won't die, but you're going to have a hell of a nightmare to take with you back to the waking world.
(This dig is intended to be used for things like spirit quests, dream dungeons and other similar concepts that occasionally pop up in RPGs. Players are encouraged to take great liberties with how physics works and to give some thought into how their tools might manifest in a world dominated by dream logic over physical law.)
Chase Sequence Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot You and a number of acquaintances of variable levels of familiarity find yourselves in a harrowing situation... someone or something you want is getting away from you! The harsh deserts of the Badlands become your racing grounds as everyone struggles to keep pace and claim whatever objective has their eye! (This dungeon contains a higher proportion of Agility challenges.)
Abandoned Hangar Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot A mysterious hangar, referenced in a journal recovered in Lahan. It took some time to find the way to it -- but now that they have arrived, Matilda and her friends may be in for quite a surprise.
Field Expedition Ruin Drifter Plot Eastbridge University is a prestigious school in Guild Galad, and its Department of Antiquities and Natural Sciences has once again sent a field expedition to Ignas. This intrepid group of researchers has picked up the torch from the last team, and hired additional guards. Though the expedition is well-staffed, there's a lot that needs doing, and its leaders are always on the lookout for skilled, respectable Drifters.
The investigators have a wide range of interests, and work at sites spread out across ten or so square miles of the Badlands. Their base camp sits in the center of this territory, and they make sure to return before sunset--before strange things start to happen. This place was a battlefield during the Metal Demon War, and rumor has it that not everything from that era is dead and buried.
Seven Sages Labyrinth Drifter Plot The Seven Sages Ruin is deep within the Aveh Desert and buried under a layer of sand. Periodically the sands shift just right and reveal a staircase hidden behind a sand dune leading to parts unknown. Few drifters have challenged the Seven Sages Ruin and fewer have escaped it but what news that has escaped about it reveals that is haunted by spirits from the Zeboim era.
The Sword-Saint Sanctuary Ruin Drifter One-Shot Located up an isolated mountain path (as all good mysterious ruins are) lies what was once upon a time a secluded, albeit thriving, martial hermitage. This place, known only in whispered and ancient records as Wakatu Temple, was said to be home to a legendary Sword-Saint. These mighty individuals were few in number, only a handful alive at any one time, but were said to be so skilled as to have forged a perfect union between sword and soul. Now that hero and their students are long gone, but maybe their teachings - or treasures - still remain.
The Decaying Labyrinth Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Decaying Labyrinth is a place of decay. A stone ruin built into the base of a cliff, people have avoided the canyons around it for generations; the Labyrinth poisons the land around it, blighting plants and killing animals - even people who are foolish enough to try and live nearby. Only recently has anyone ventured into the blighted zone deeply enough to find the hidden ruin. Whispered amongst certain kinds of Diggers working for the Baskar is the rumour that a Statue might be found there... which turned out to be true, before the Statue of Duras Drum was sealed away.
Hadal Temple Labyrinth Drifter Plot Previously guarded by the statue of Schturdark, this unknowable Temple is saturated with the power of Muse, and subverted by an ancient presence that has twisted the environment around it. A black set of double doors lead to a dark and watery labyrinth, where light is scarce, and a sense of undeniable wrongness hangs in the air. The tunnels are carved into the dark rock, and decorated with odd, twisted interpretations of sea life and other watery motifs. The air is cold and clammy.

Beware of what lurks underneath...

Winter Wonderland Ruin Drifter Standard A dodgy map leads Drifters to a land of snow-covered cottages, strange and cheery music, and gift-wrapped presents. Who is this "Santa" entity? What is the significance behind decorating an evergreen tree? Where is the teleporter that leads back home? Is this whole thing just a dream brought on by mulled wine and holiday stress?
Baskar Sacred Grounds Labyrinth Drifter Plot Odd things have been occurring in the aging, ancient sacred grounds surrounding Baskar territories in Western Ignas. A foulness in the air, the Baskars call it. They can -taste- it. Beasts behaving strangely. A slowly pervading sense of gloom that settles over the areas, seemng to sink into the foundation and slowly spread its dark roots. They are concerned.

And do those investigating, their concerns are well-founded. Malevolence has begun to crop up within various, old Baskar temples and ceremonial grounds; the decrepit walls of the ruins you find yourself in have begun to smoke with the barest signs of the foul corruption's yawning vapors. It has only just begun to settle in, but why here? Now? Just what does its presence signify? And why does it feel so strangely and distinctly sorrowful...?

OOC Note: this dig represents a random piece of Baskar property, so feel free to make up whatever you want!
Ordeal of the Nahual Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot A training ground for aspiring young Nahual from the village of Wehaca, this place has been here for longer than most can remember. Weaving itself seamlessly into the dangerous beauty of nature and stone-wrought structures and temple grounds, this achievement of architecture seems almost spun wholecloth from nature itself. It is here that the villagers of Wehaca come to train, come to eventually pass the sacred rites, to learn how to let the power of the Guardians become one with them.

And right now, this land is in pain.

A storm rages through the Ordeal of the Nahual, constant and ceaseless and unnatural. Rain pelts ferociously, wind howls relentlessly, thunder and lightning clap hellaciously. The Brothers' Storm, shades of the Guardians of Wind and Lightning can be felt throughout this natural phenomenon -- but it is all far too violent to be normal, and all contained locally to the Ordeal -- as if trying to push you back, force you out. Like a body raging against an infection. Something is here. And to the spiritually-inclined, it is easy to sense its foul presence, sinking into the increasingly swampy muck and mire of the elements-abused landscape. A distinct, hopelessly-flavored aspect of an increasingly all-too-common impurity: Malevolence. And its weedy roots of despair are spreading. Fast.

OOC Note: Anything in purple indicates the effect of Malevolence in the area, and is only visible to the spiritual eye.
Ruins of Garmia Tower Labyrinth Drifter Standard What remains of Garmia Tower still stands, somehow, even after a cataclysmic, unexplained explosion. Formerly under the control of the Church of Granas, this tower in the Arlian Woods is now overrun with monsters... and more. Radiating with both Malevolence and the dark powers of Valmar, the tower's influence is rapidly gaining on the surrounding forest. Brave the darkness and corruption within the tower and put a stop to it!
Ash Hare Labyrinth Drifter Standard Ash Hare is an ancient ruin in the far northwest of the Badlands, buried into the side of a mountain. The entrance is difficult to approach, requiring a long hike through narrow valleys and canyons. It is said to be truly ancient -- and the few who have approached it have often been turned back by rumors of a powerful guardian, said to lay low any who approach. Until recently, none had even managed to get inside of the ruin.
The inside is composed of stark, tall hallways built in a distinctive blue-grey metal. Many of the hallways have panel lines that remain darkened, and power seems to have been cut off from the area. Yet, some glow with a teal light. Even where the walls glow, however, darkness pervades the narrow, cavernous hallways of Ash Hare.
Titan's Roost Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Rising out of the badlands, this crumbling structure, a stone watchtower perched atop a mesa, is almost always surrounded by flying monsters of all types. It's said that it was once the home of the Great White Bird of Ignas, a terrifyingly huge flying monster known for abducting children and pulverizing cattle. Another legend suggests it is home to the ghost of a dead knight of ages past, now taken monstrous avian form. Whatever the truth, it's evident enough that the Roost has been infested with monstrous avians of all sorts - and the lingering miasma of dark power permeates the place. Many an adventurer has challenged this killer bird-infested tower and failed to return. What treasures might the Roost hide?
Hope Springs Ruin Drifter One-Shot An abandoned frontier town ravaged by a fire last year, Hope Springs has since been turned into a bandit camp. Seemingly affiliated with the Black Ties, the gang led by Tobit Calice has started terrorizing the region seemingly overnight. Even from afar, the spiritually attuned can sense traces of Malevolence in the air, and a disquieting aura hangs over the camp. Moreover, its inhabitants seem to be planning something big...

(OOC Note: Text in Malevolence purple denotes horrors only visible to the sufficiently attuned! Normal text is otherwise visible to all.)

Fortune Gear Labyrinth Drifter Plot Perhaps you took a train ticket and said 'wherever fate will take me'.

Perhaps you closed your eyes and stepped through whichever door would take you. Perhaps you simply turned and wandered in whatever direction the desert unfolded.

Whichever the case may be, it is only with an embrace of the uncertain that one can find their way to Fortune Gear -- indeed, seemingly by the whims of cheer chance. But is it destiny that one find their way to this ancient Ruin, folded upon layer and layer of sand beneath the earth since olden times... or is it a stroke of true misfortune?
Krosse Military Checkpoint Labyrinth Drifter Plot One of a number of military installations dotting the plains of Krosse, they have seen little use beyond checkpoints for the military thanks to Krosse's relatively peaceful recent history. Lately, however, these checkpoints have been seeing a large amount of incoming and outgoing activities, as outsiders and people without identifying papers of Krosian citizenship have been shuttled to and from these installations with increasing frequency. Where they're going from these places is an open question... but that's exactly what potentially hostile investigations are for, right??
Lost July Labyrinth Drifter Standard July was one of the Seed Cities, until it vanished in a blaze of light fifty years ago. No explanation has been found for what occurred, though it has been blamed upon Vash the Stampede. The damage inflicted to Lost July was severe, and the city is lost in the southeast of the Badlands. Buttressed against the mountains, the ruins of Lost July form a partial ring around a huge blast crater. How one man could cause such devastation?
Krosse Catacombs Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Krosse Catacombs have served a variety of purposes over many years. centered underneath Krosse Castle but stretching well beyond that, these underground series of chambers and passageways have served as a resting place for those who came before -- and as a prison for the very worst of Krosse's criminals. It's myriad of purposes are reflected in its alternating architecture, from grandiose stonework of old eras gone by to be remembered long into the future, to the drab, crumbling masonry that denies all light and hope and color. Of recent, rare, large subterranean creatures known as Crypt Wurms have made their homes in the long-abandoned areas of the Catacombs; largely sealed off and separated from the active portions proper, these massive, eyeless, limbless beasts are known for their horrifying tendril-laden maws and their tendency to hole up in forgotten, underground mines and ruins. Thankfully, they're as reclusive as they are rare.

More pressing then, perhaps, is the presence of the Royal Guard here... and the overwhelming sensation of phobia-laced Malevolence that can be faintly felt even from the Catacombs' entrances...

The Pit Ruin Drifter One-Shot The Ironbell Mines of Krosse have been long abandoned, and for good reason: the people who lived here, in their desperation, stripped all that they could of the area's natural resources. They digged deep, they digged greedily... and they went much, much too far before they ultimately gave up on any hope of sustaining their town's future.

Now, the mines below the town are a chasm that seems nigh bottomless. It is a long trip down from where you are dropped, deep into the very darkest depths of the mines, where not even the light of the outside world can reach. Nothing but soot and blackness greets you. Heat and fury and futility. This place is unstable, and the presence of Malevolence soaking through every inch of it has led to a wellspring of Hellions, living rock, and surges of discordant, spiritually-soaked lava from beneath the very crust of the planet, surging upward. It is like another world -- a world wreathed in the futile anger of a dead land, and the hopeless muck of the mire.

Welcome to the Pit.
The Pleasing Garden Abyss Drifter Plot The Pleasing Garden is an Elw Ruin hidden high in the mountains south of Lost July. Accessible only through a tunnel located underneath the destroyed city, this ruin is a true rarity: an Elw ruin with somewhat operational Elw technology. It consists of numerous floating platforms built high in the sky, floating independently. Some of these have buildings of ancient stone constructed upon them, and the namesake of the place is clear in the various plants that grow in still well-manicured plazas. The way between the platforms is through glowing orange teleporter tiles.

Introduced in Act 3

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Big Trouble in Little Meribia Ruin Drifter One-Shot After the sudden transfer of a large number of people to Lunar, many have found themselves deposited in the middle of the port city of Meribia... on market day. Individuals appear in flashes of light, holographc Elw runes briefly floating in the air about them. This draws a lot of undue attention -- and it's time to make your escape from the guards chasing after you!
First Battle of Glaivend Basin Ruin Drifter One-Shot After the sudden transfer of a large number of people to Lunar, many have found themselves deposited in the middle of Glaivend Basin. A massive battle was being fought between the forces of the Kingdom of Hyland and the Rolance Empire. It seems that Rolance's forces have fallen, though, and this has led to a route. Individuals appear in flashes of light, holographc Elw runes briefly floating in the air about them. Both panicked, fleeing Rolance soldiers and vengeful Hyland soldiers have noticed -- and escape is paramount.
Aifread's Hunting Ground Labyrinth Drifter Standard Aifread's Hunting Ground is a remote wilderness area in northwestern Rolance. It is an area filled with dangerous beasts, located far from the more civilized, safer regions near Pendrago and Lastonbell. The monsters here are legendary and dangerous. Prized hunts are common, and hunters from all over Glenwood and Meribus will risk their fortunes and their lives to find the biggest game here. It is also said that the pirate Aifread hid his treasure here, but that may be just a rumor.
Weylish Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard The Weylish Ruins are located deep within Aifread's Hunting Grounds. The ruins are little more than a battered, windswept pavement with a few shattered pillars above ground. However, a large stairwell leads down to ruins from the Asgard Era. Strange, magic-powered seals make it difficult to explore -- not to mention the creatures that hide within, including a few particularly frightful Hellions.
Mystic Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard The Mystic Ruins are an ancient legend spoken of in the Magic City of Vane - supposedly a sanctuary for one of the most powerful mages to have ever lived on Lunar, thought lost after the fall of the city and the near-destruction of the Magic Guild. Now, rumours abound that the entrance has been found, with millennia-old secrets waiting to be discovered.
Sluice Forest Ruin Drifter Standard The Sluice Forest is a lake created centuried ago following the fall of the Magic City of Vane. The island's fall broke into an underground aquifer, which flooded a nearby forest. Vane has held back the flooding via the construction of a series of sluice gates, but these still need to be worked and repaired every so often for fear they will fail. That said, centuries of low-level magical effect fields make this a messed-up place.
The Bandit Butte Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Bandit Butte is the most lawless place on the Meribian continent; bandits and highwaymen have taken up residence here, far from the reach of Althena's Guard, who often offer bounties to would-be adventurers in the hopes of cleaning out the butte once and for all.
Starfall Ruin Drifter One-Shot The Tzadkiel, Gebler's most advance battleship, has taken significant damage in battle and experience a sudden shift in astronomical location the planet Lunar. Multiple critical ship systems are failing and otherwise going haywire as the crew frantically attempts to keep the ship functioning while losing altitude. Everyone must do their best to mend problems where they can!
Tintagel Ruins Labyrinth Drifter Standard Lost to history, the Tintagel were once a dragon-worshipping cult long thought to be completely wiped out. These ruins are what remain -- a dedication to the obscure practice of dragonism, these ancient pathways are still largely intact despite their age, the muted rust red and browns of stone architecture winding through many multi-level chambers caked with forgotten dirt, dust and moss... and riddled with deadly traps to protect ancient secrets long buried. Like it was some kind of ruin, or something. Crazy.
Meribia Sewers Ruin Drifter Standard The sewers beneath Meribia were laid down in the city's infancy, and have been in operation for well over a thousand years. Given their age, it's no wonder that they've become a haven for all sorts of strange beasts, and rumors persist that they also serve as a hideout for criminal organizations. While they're competently-designed and in good repair, they're still dark, dank, and full of unpleasant surprises.
Flooded Cavern Labyrinth Drifter Standard This cave network was revealed when part of a rock face in a river canyon was eroded by rising waters, both exposing a cave in the rock face and flooding that cave as the river lapped in. The caverns seem quite extensive - and some of them seem to have been carved by the hands of man, despite no record of a city or fort ever being here. In fact, rumour has it that whatever is in here is so old, history has simply forgotten it. To top it all off, the cave is reputed to be home to a Cave Dragon, a monster said to pull humans into the deep waters and devour their flesh. What secrets might these caverns hide... and what treasures lost to time might have been raised by the floodwaters?
Azado Quarry Ruin Drifter Standard This quarry has provided much of the stone for Azado's attempt at a new, massive shrine. Due to the disproportionate presence of Althena's Guard troops, however, rumors have swirled around the quarry's activities, with common suggestions including worker riots, hauntings, and archaeological finds. Strict information control from Althena's Chosen has made it hard to sift the truth from the lies. (Note: Dig assumes the party is *not* part of Althena's Guard.)
Trial Cave of Vane Labyrinth Drifter Standard Like nearly everything about Vane, the Trial Cave outside of the city has fallen into disrepair. Where once trainees -- and the fact that it was the only path from Lunar to the skybound city -- kept it mostly clear of monsters, now it has become a breeding ground for monsters. Unlike many things in the area near Vane, though, the Trial Cave has hardly been picked clean of its riches... Step on the Spring of Transmission and have fun! Remember, not everyone deserves to be part of the Magic Guild of Vane!
Gaferis Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard Lost underground amidst the fields of Pearloats Pastures, Gaferis Ruins was at one point a crypt used to preserve the soldiers and heroes who fought and died bravely in the many wars that have been inflicted on, or inflicted by, the Rolance Empire. A shrine to the fallen no more, Gaferis has been long forgotten, the earth-and-rust-colored stonework of this place is crumbling and decayed in many places, its former glory lost to the wages of time. Now a home to insectoid Hellions, lost dead, and angry, territorial Troll Hellions, there are still many treasures and forgotten secrets to be mined from these ruins -- for those willing to risk the dangers.
The Nameless Spire Labyrinth Drifter Plot Situated somewhere on the fringes of Rolance, hidden in Biroclef Ridge, the Nameless Spire is a mystery even to Rolance's citizenry. Only recently rediscovered, this place is abound with rumors, with many saying this place hails from a time before the mighty Rolance Empire even existed -- possibly, during the wars that led to its foundation. Rumors are all they are, however, as every claim has been unsubstantiated -- many who have tried to investigate the Spire have never returned, and those who have claim the place is haunted, that the entirety of the tower is alive. Which would be foolish. Right?

One need only approach it, however, to see the truth. The tower's structure changes, day to day, both exterior and interior, and the layout is never quite the same. But more importantly -- this spire is suffused with Malevolence, whispers haunting the halls of this place, a strange feeling of obsession carrying through every inch of it. The interior of the Spire is a tribute to the beauty of pre-Rolance architecture, Baroque in its stylings, and largely decorated in reds and golds as if to befit a nobleman, with an almost unhealthy amount of paintings and artwork found in this place amidst the spectral Hellions that dwell within it. Yet this place holds no adherence to the common rules or logics of the outside world -- and what is up is down here, what is down is up, rooms may be slanted in strange angles, and many times you may find yourself walking on the walls as easily as you would be the ceilings.

And all the while, SOMETHING haunts this place, whispered words filling the air as you traverse it: "where is she?!" "get her out of here!" "I'll kill her!" "she ruined me!" and many more flit past one's ear every now and then -- a strange, singular obsession that seems to dominate this place. But why? And who is the object of their fixation?

(OOC: As noted above, physics and gravity and things like 'logic' do not apply here: you may pose walking on the floor in one room to walking on the ceiling in another, or any other similarly strange, MC Escher-ish happenings as a flavor thing if you'd like. Have fun with it!)
Mount Zulan Ruin Drifter Standard Mount Zulan is one of the tallest mountains in the Zulan Massif, and supplied the town of Zulan with a variety of rare herbs. Recently, though, an unnatural winter has gripped the mountain and its environs, inflicting no end of misery on the population of Zulan. Rumor has it that a single, mighty beast is behind the change in the weather, and driving it off might provide the villagers with relief. This is no easy task. Mount Zulan is full of treacherous rock faces, dark caves, and dangerous wildlife. The unending winter has only made things worse.
Uzda Il-jam ~ Proving Ground Labyrinth Drifter Plot This place does not exist.

There is no map that indicates this island should be here. No history books that once mention its existence, let alone these pristine yet ancient ruins that seem to dominate this verdant land. One even gets the distinct impression that they would not even be able to find it unless it wanted to be found. And yet, here it is. Uzda Il-jam, a ruin in name only, for how well-preserved it seems to be.

A certain sense of pervasive serenity fills this place, a tranquility that seems to resonate at a spiritual level. This structure is ancient, its style not one that can easily be dated by any of even the most learned scholars of Lunar's storied history, a fact that just makes it all the more unusual -- like a building out of place, and out of time. An anomaly. It seems to blend almost perfectly into the nature that surrounds it, as if it were a part of it; stonework flows in almost unnatural smooth, rounded designs, and tree roots and other greenery weave in and out of stone walls here and there, as if they were support for the structure itself. Soft blue light runs through the entirety of the architecture of this place, ebbing with every faint pulse that seems to add to the soothing quality of the ruins. And yet, for however peaceful this place is, there are many things unusual and inexplicable about it: the fact that this structure seems far larger on the inside than it could possibly be judging by its exterior; that, unlike with many ancient ruins, the defense systems seem to mostly be incidental to warding out intruders and opportunists; that the challenges of Uzda Il-jam seem to hold greater purpose -- as if the place was meant specifically to -test-, as if the entire area served the challenges of its chambers, and not the other way around. A fact only exacerbated by how there seems to be much, much more to these ruins than even this large structure would suggest...

(OOC NOTE: To those who can sense it, Uzda Il-jam and the island itself seem to rest over an Earthpulse.)

(OOC NOTE 2: Any challenge cards marked 'Crucible' require group splits ICly. How you split up your group is entirely up to you, but it is a necessary part of the IC mechanics of the cards.)

Linaweyul, the First Ordeal Abyss Drifter Standard Linaweyul, the First Ordeal of Uzda Il-jam. What is most striking about this place is how otherworldly it all seems; after stepping through the shining door within Uzda Il-jam's depths, one is transported into what seems almost like another world entirely: surrounded by a soft haze of bright, golden-white, giant yellow crystals float through the endless indistinct void around you like shimmering islands in a sea of shining nothingness. Currents of gold run upwards through the air like vertical streams pulsing lifeblood through this strange system. At the very heart of it though, where you stand, is a long road made of that same yellow crystal, smoothed down into a traversable path with only a singular, linear destination. It is a long, ascending path -- so long the end is not even in sight from its beginning, and one might wonder if it simply goes on for eternity.

But though it might be a straight path, it is not one without hurdles: interspersed throughout this crystalline road, one will find a series of shining, white-yellow barriers blocking their way, each carved with a strange and esoteric symbol. Upon touching the barrier, they and anyone near them are transported in a rush of light somewhere else -- to a challenge, a detour in the road with no branches, that must be overcome before the barrier blocking one's path opens up the way further into Linaweyul. Only by succeeding at this strange place's stranger tests can one make it further inward along their path. And if such strange wonders lie along the path, what, then, awaits at the end of it...?

(OOC NOTE 1: Linaweyul is a singular path with barriers that transport you to other locations to take a challenge. This applies to all of Linaweyul's challenge cards, including its entries and its finals. If you succeed at the challenge, the barrier fades and you proceed further until another barrier blocks your path. If you fail, you are transported back, unharmed (save for lingering conditions), and must touch the barrier again to be transported to another, randomized challenge. Only by successfully completing a challenge card does a barrier open and allow further progress!)

(OOC NOTE 2: To those who understand the Ancient Tongue, 'Linaweyul' means 'cowardice'.)

The Artificer's Workshop Ruin Drifter Standard In the wetlands of eastern Meribus sits a tiny workshop, long abandoned after the disappearance of its last caretaker. Rumour has it that it once belonged to the storied Artificer of Moor Anys, and within the workshop are the fruits of the Artificer's labours. It's hardly a large place, but ancient protections remain in place. Otherwise it'd be robbed blind by now.
Forbidden Canyon Labyrinth Drifter Standard Nestled deep into the mountainous peninsula south of Meribia is this deep, treacherous cleft in the rocks. Rumour has it that some incredibly enticing treasure waits for the brave at the end of the Canyon. However, nobody knows what it is, for the Canyon is populated by filthily powerful monsters capable of wiping out even the mightiest of adventurers with the greatest of ease. What manner of discovery might lie in wait?
Emrys Mire Labyrinth Drifter Standard Located far to the east of Lastonbell, most who travel in the direction of Emrys Mire do their best to avoid the place and the corruption that seethes within -- the fungus-laden Mire is known be cursed. Resonant travelers will surely recognize these phenomena as the work of Malevolence. According to tales of the place, once this swamp -- long before it was a swamp -- was home to a powerful mad wizard referred to only as 'the Wyllt' in tales, but whatever ultimately became of the wizard and his demesne is at best uncertain: the stories conflict on whether he was slain by a mighty hero or died attempting a great but evil magic. It's the legends of the evil wizard's treasure naturally that serves as an attraction to two audiences most of all: the foolish and the bold. But the swamp conceals far more than it ever stubbornly yields, and every year that passes, more history is consumed by the mire.
The Heist at House Armagnac Ruin Drifter One-Shot House Armagnac is host to a grand auction where priceless antiques recovered from nearby and far Ruins and labyrinths alike will be privy to the watchful eyes of Rolance's nobility. But the peace is stirred when the heir to House Armagnac receives unsettling news -- a calling card from la Fille du Temps, the Phantom Thief Amaranth! Quickly, the House Armagnac heir has recruited adventurers in an attempt to stop the thief. What will happen on the fated night?
Escape from Lastonbell Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The siege of Lastonbell broke with the sudden destruction of part of the city's wall. The result is a surprise attack on a city that had not been prepared for it. Hyland soldiers swarm into the city of Lastonbell, seizing key points and fighting a Rolance garrison that is collapsing under its own weight, as the command structure is taken down by soldiers that rush into the breach.
Felkirk Ruins Labyrinth Drifter Plot Just a year ago, this small church town in the countryside of Rolance was abandoned when heavy rains washed out the village's farmland beyond hope of salvage, leaving behind only a few dilapidated buildings and an old stone church of Althena. Recently, however, odd occurrences have been happening in the area - huge surges of light, bizarre phenomena haunting the countryside, buildings physically moving, buildings there one second and gone the next, that sort of thing. Those few unlucky souls brave enough to explore it have variously not come home or returned on the brink of madness, unable to distinguish between what is real and what horrors live on in their memories - or worse. Even approaching the ruins is enough to fill the soul and heart with the first tuggings of lunacy. What could have happened here, and what secrets do the ruins hold?
Mount Manfred Ruin Drifter Plot Mount Manfred is the second-highest peak in the Zulan Massif, a desolate, windswept place where only the mad and desperate go. Even the hardiest Zulan foragers refuse to go there, fearing it to be cursed--and those sensitive to Malevolence can easily tell why. The entire mountain has been engulfed in a Malevolent Domain, and while its focus lies in some sort of structure atop the peak, its effects can be felt for miles around.
The only way to reach the structure, whatever it is, is to cross treacherous mountain paths strewn with the remains of abandoned settlements. A seemingly-eternal winter has blanketed everything in ice and snow, and the chill wind rivals the harshest winters on Mount Zulan. The air is thick with Malevolence, and its emotional tenor is cold, tense, and anxious.
Burwich Village Ruin Drifter Standard Nestled high in the Goddodin Hinterlands, Burwich Village is an enigma. It receives more rain than Goddodin, but it also gets visitors very rarely. In fact, the Drifters who found their way there from a map in the Weylish Ruins find a peaceful hamlet that is untouched by war. It is a lovely place to relax -- and grateful for the help with day-to-day errands -- but something lurks under the surface.

NOTE: This Dig assumes you are spending a day or more in Burwich Village; it will, at times, imply a passage of time and takes longer (ICly) than most Digs.

The Intercession of Saints Ruin Drifter One-Shot Plot dungeon for "The Intercession of Saints."
The Feral Menagerie Labyrinth Drifter Standard Located in the dense southern forests of the Glenwood, the Feral Menagerie was once part of a compound of laboratories and military holdings known as Withertallow Keep. The Menagerie was dedicated to the research of various plants and animal species, in the hopes of understanding how forces both malevolent and natural could influence their development. It has been years since the Menagerie has attracted the attention of adventurers, but rumors of monsters and mysterious machines roaming the aged facility have disturbed nearby villages. Worse, rumors abound that the Menagerie is not alone-- that a dark presence has fallen over all of what was once Withertallow Keep. It's said that the creatures of the Menagerie have taken up dominion of their former prison. Now, it is you, adventurers, who will be the lab rats. But there is a chance that some of their experiments might yet be reclaimed, and there is sure to be knowledge on topics both botanical and bestial held within-- and the unique nature of these creatures is sure to produce some very interesting material for study..
Common Sense ~ Castle Pendrago Ruin Drifter One-Shot A race to reach the Trial Knight within Pendrago Castle before they can enact whatever they have planned against the young Emperor of Rolance! A dig for the scene, Common Sense. Will be leading directly into Leviathan on Saturday!


Clair de Lune ~ West Nota Ruin Drifter Standard A beautiful moonlit garden that only unfurls its vines at the setting of the sun, when the horizon is tinged with the beauty of dusk. Within, all kinds of wonders can be found - to those perceptive enough to be able to sense the resonant guideposts leading to the centre of this blessed Domain. But beware, for rumours are abound that this place is connected to la Fille du Temps, the notorious Phantom Thief. Some have even said that it is possible to earn some of her treasure here... what mysteries and enchanting beauties await within?
The Soul-Alchemy Laboratory Labyrinth Drifter Standard One of the primary subjects of study at Withertallow Keep was that of the soul. Scholars at the Soul-Alchemy Laboratory worked fervently to understand the why and how of Seraphim and Man alike. Their ultimate goal is lost to time, but their experiments remain... Though now hideously twisted with the turning of the aeons. Or maybe they've always been that way? The knowledge to be gained here is esoteric indeed- spells and artifacts of old magic dedicated to the manipulation of the elements and the infusion of greater powers into inferior shells. Of course, there was also a lot of conventional alchemy going on as well, and anyone interested in learning a few new recipes could do worse than to come here. Just be careful, soul-alchemy is a dangerous business even when practiced properly-- years of neglect have left the test subjects and raw materials rather... volatile.
Sinner's Cellar Ruin Standard Drifter The Copper Rapier Inn, situated on a swampy road between Meribia and Old Vane, was a tavern of the most ill repute imaginable. Althena's Guard shut it down once and for all following the Goddess' ban of alcohol, and burnt it to the ground. The people of Lunar bid it good riddance, though a select few admitted - grudgingly - that the beer in its final years was one heck of a guilty pleasure.
While the tavern-slash-blight-upon-Lunar is long gone, those who have scavenged about the area have reported finding a cellar underneath its ruins. Those who return all agree on this: the cellar is unreasonably large, nonsensically mazelike, rapidly falling apart, and has a dreadful, Malevolent air that makes one feel resigned to one's misery. What riches yet remain stowed away by its previous owners may not be worth the risk, but an opportunity is an opportunity. (Hey, there might even be some of that beer left!)
Castle Rabenstein Labyrinth Drifter Plot Castle Rabenstein sits at the very top of Mount Manfred, and is the epicenter of the Malevolent Domain engulfing the mountain. Constructed by some unknown party in years past, it has since turned into the largest upwelling of Malevolence on the continent of Meribus. Currently, the castle serves as the lair of three powerful Hellions, and their minions--ghostly, automaton, and otherwise--patrol its labyrinthine halls. The rooms and corridors inside seem to connect in arbitrary ways, often disregarding basic contraints of space. While it lacks the raw emotional resonance of the surrounding terrain, it is still a Malevolent Domain, and the traumas of its masters have taken on strange and frightening forms within its walls. Exercise caution.
The Umbral Mirror Ruin Drifter One-Shot Where are you?

Who are you?

Inside the Umbral Mirror is a strange, dream-like space that pulls people's identities apart into their component pieces. The landscape is a series of distorted, shadowy pictures, images from the lives of those who've been trapped inside it. The one consolation, perhaps, is that one's physical form is highly malleable, following dream-logic instead of anything more coherent. Perhaps it can help.

Darkwater Cove Ruin Drifter One-Shot Darkwater Cove is a small cavern, located on Meribus. The Cove is a home for pirates, including unscrupulous ones who have been engaged in kidnapping. Alisha, Ragnell, Thessaly, Garan, and Ethius have followed the trail here...
Azado Burning Ruin Drifter One-Shot Mysterious Hellions, all of the fire elemental sort, have attacked the city of Azado. A firestorm rages amidst the city, putting all of those who live here at risk. Those either caught in Azado or coming to its rescue have a grim task: finding the ones they can save, and evacuating them to the sewers. Please note that this Dig should be followed almost immediately by 'The Flooded Ruins.'
The Flooded Ruins Ruin Drifter One-Shot This Dig can be done either after Leviathan Wakes or directly following Dig 119. It assumes that, due to a tidal wave that has hit Azado, you have been pushed underneath the city and ultimately presents a way to return to Filgaia -- and to save the people over Azado from the dangers above.
The Clockwork Observatory Labyrinth Drifter Standard Once, the astronomers of Withertallow Keep were some of the most well-versed on the face of Lunar. Now, their ancient workshops have been turned to the study of dark and ill-portuned stars. The Clockwork Observatory is at once a place dedicated to the study of the order of the celestial bodies as well as a workshop purpose-built to produce and maintain the machines at work all throughout the rest of Withertallow Keep. The mechanical monstrosities, enormous clockwork assemblies and the instruments they all power are as much of a threat as any of the foul spirits now inhabiting the place, but if you have need for records of what dwells in the sky or esoteric machinery that you can't find anywhere else, this is the place to look. But beware, a Malevolent intelligence has turned the observatory's mechanisms toward maintaining an order far more unnatural even than the endlessly ticking clockwork. Who can say anything of what the Withertallow Astronomers witnessed in their day-- or of what horrors may have followed them back from beyond the distant stars?

Introduced in Act 4

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Profane Grounds of Linga Ruin Drifter Standard For decades, the Sacred Grounds of Linga have been a curiosity and a magical menagerie for the students and staff of the Academy City, but in the months that Ignas's strongest Drifters have been absent, the reeking stench of Malevolence has been belching forth from the cave, which has spawned a mutated brood of flora and fauna alike.

The Academy City of Linga has offered a bounty to any Drifters willing to brave the depths of the cavern and remove whatever is causing this affliction, thereby returning the Sacred Grounds to their previous glory.

Krosse Kave - Kleaned Out Ruin Drifter Standard Krosse Kave has long been a destination for Drifters across Ignas... so much so that it has been totally cleaned out of every trap, encounter, and potential discovery! Seeing an opportunity, the Adventurer's Guild has laid claim to Krosse Kave, and is now using it as a testing ground for neophyte Drifters.

While these trifling challenges are far beneath your experience level, the Guild regularly hires veteran Diggers to reset the challenges and shuffle them around a bit - it's a nice way to earn some coin and give back to the community.

Leck Mines - Flooded Labyrinth Drifter Standard Located near the outer edge of the Kingdom of Lacour, the Leck Mines have been abandoned for several years, though many a Drifter has gone into the depths in search of lost technology or abandoned ore. Shortly before Ignas's Drifters returned to Filgaia, an earthquake rocked the region, somehow diverting an underground river and causing the Leck Mines to flood.

The King of Lacour has charged the Adventurer's Guild to plunge the depths in search of the cause of this incident... but only the bravest Diggers would willingly plunge into a flooded mine, hopping from air pocket to air pocket, knowing that one wrong turn could spell their end...

Cage Tower - High Security Ruin Drifter Standard One thousand years ago, Cage Tower was a laboratory devoted to the study of the Metal Demons' biology and technoloy. Its lowermost levels conducted clandestine experiments aimed at unraveling the secrets of Metal Demon physiology. With calamity on the horizon once again, the Tower has once again drawn the eyes of those who would understand the Demons and their motives. Dark, labyrinthine, and full of technological hazards, this former laboratory holds both great risk and great reward. Explorers must remain cautious, as the creatures that once killed the Tower's staff have reawakened along with their distant Mother.
Ruins of Altered Memory Labyrinth Drifter Standard Deep under the Ruins of Memory, another set of levels await. Here, the connection to ancient Elw sorceries and technologies is clearer, for a sorcerous effect in this portion of the ruins causes temporary alterations to one's memories -- and turns the very memories of those who enter against them...
Outlaw Shanty of Lahan Labyrinth Drifter Standard Far from being the ghost haunted ruin that had once been contaminated by malevolence, Lahan has regained some degree of life as a lawless waystation on the outskirts of the frontier between Kislev, Aveh, and Adlehyde. Getting in is hard, and leaving with your shirt is even harder - the town has become a rough and tumble shadow of its former self, and outsiders are rarely welcome inside of the shoddily constructed walls of the town. To enter is to take one's life into their own hands, but who knows what an intrepid group of explorers might find inside?
Bream Chasers Ruin Drifter Standard Lunata Croze has made a mistake.

Borne out of a pique of what some may only describe as madness, others pure brilliance, the Bream has escaped out of her oven and is now out at large throughout the world. Perhaps you've stumbled into it out of sheer luck, or perhaps out of a dogged pursuit after the ruby-red delicacy that is said to contain luxurious gastronomical pleasures like no other...

Will you be the one to make your Bream come true?

Bream Chasers is a light-hearted foodie dig containing bizarre foods and copious amounts of puns! WARNING: Don't come with an empty stomach!! (OOCly. ICly, you may want to be hungry.)

Binding Depths of Serpent's Coils Ruin Drifter Standard Below the Serpent's Coils there is a network of glittering, pristine caves, just visible through cracks in the walls of the ruin's lower levels. Beautiful and majestic, these caverns are surely home to amazing, ancient mysteries.

Unfortunately, in the time our Drifters have been away from Filgaia, almost every part of that sentence has been made a lie. The caverns below Serpent's Coils now teem with strange monsters, creatures like pig and lizard beastmen but armed with crude, ancient weaponry and even cruder malice. Worse, the air is wrong somehow. It's not Malevolent, but the sense is oppressive; something foul has taken root here.

A large crack deep in the lowest levels of Serpent's Coils will allow one to enter these Binding Depths...

Stalactite Cave Ruin Gear Standard It's a known fact that there are many hollows at points under the sandsea of the Great Aveh Desert. Mostly, these just become graveyards for sand cruisers unlucky enough to suffer damage at the wrong time in the wrong place. But sometimes, even a Gear can go missing. And sometimes, rather than a slow suffocating death, what's found is the network of stone caverns in the stone floor under the desert sands.

It's possible to escape if stranded in the Stalactite Cave, but such a fortunate/unfortunate soul must keep their wits about them. Countless dangers await on the path ahead towards the surface once again, but it might just be possible to find down here what the desert has claimed throughout the centuries and take it for oneself.

Monastery of Saint Syndaia Ruin Drifter One-Shot Built on a narrow ledge against a sheer cliff-face in the far north, this ancient, nigh-unassailable monastery predates the Metal Demon Wars and is named for an obscure saint nobody remembers anymore. But the monastery itself has since become a place of nightmares, forgotten to most but feared by those in the know, for a deep, unnatural cold has gripped both it and the mountain valley into which it faces, locking everything in snow and ice. It's said that a monstrous fiend has taken up residence here, and that any who venture into

the once-holy place are frozen forever.

The Glint Mirage Labyrinth Drifter Plot Glint Valley was one of countless badland boomtowns that quickly went bust after its vein of precious metals abruptly died up. Left to rot on the frontier, it seemed inevitable that someone or something would move in and get up to no good...

The so-called "Glint Mirage" occupies the valley the town was named for. Once home to rocks, a gold mine and a dried-up river, the valley has now become a shining beacon in the mid-day sun -- literally. Travelers spy it from a great distance, but no one can approach it without being misled or struck blind by the gleam off whatever now fills the valley. Approaching at sunset seems to be the easiest way to get there, but it would take a certain kind of courage for an explorer to delve blindly into such an unknown...

Titan's Roost - Revisited Labyrinth Drifter Standard Rising out of the badlands of Ignas, this crumbling structure, a stone watchtower perched atop a mesa, is almost always surrounded by flying monsters of all types, most of them violent and crazed, some of them not. Once the home of a terrifying white bird which haunted the countryside, in the past year another creature has taken it as its home: A dire raven of demonic attribute and unfathomable power, which has been known to trick villagers into giving it their children and adult daughters. Rumour circulates in this part of the Badlands that just recently, a fair maiden from a local village has been taken, just the latest of several - and a bounty has been put out as the villagers plead for her return. But what brave adventurers will climb the tower to seek to rescue the Fell Raven's victims?
Drowned Sanctum - Outer Ruin Drifter One-Shot This dungeon is for a Caravan Kinship sidequest.

Located deep underneath the sea, the Drowned Sanctum was once an academy floating on an island, dedicated to researching Sorcery and the planet. It has long since sunk to the bottom of the sea, however, where it remains. A powerful sorcerous barrier prevents water from intruding into the interior, making traversal safe as well as keeping the atmosphere regulated...though that may be of little comfort, with constant reminders of where you are through the windows. The Sanctums outer ring, styled after a great mansion or library, housed the plant-life that was kept and nurtured here...but with the disappearance of its human inhabitants it has gone out of control, overrunning most of the facility. Even in rooms closer to the interior, it is not uncommon to see vines or entire bushes poking out of the walls.

Drowned Sanctum - Inner Ruin Drifter One-Shot This dungeon is for a Caravan Kinship sidequest.

Located deep underneath the sea, the Drowned Sanctum was once an academy floating on an island, dedicated to researching Sorcery and the planet. It has long since sunk to the bottom of the sea, however, where it remains. A powerful sorcerous barrier prevents water from intruding into the interior, making traversal safe as well as keeping the atmosphere regulated...though that may be of little comfort, with constant reminders of where you are through the windows. The interior segment of the Drowned Sanctum houses all of the machinery that kept the Sanctum afloat back when it was still in use, as well as some of the more intensive experiments. It differs greatly in appearance from the outer ring with a much more industrial look. The security systems have been deactivated, making traversal easier.

Stone Forest - Storm Season Ruin Drifter Standard While typically dry like much of the Great Aveh Desert the Stone Forest, a natural feature of the landscape rising from a rocky section of the Great Aveh Desert, is infrequently met by fierce rains particular to this region. Even now, the storm clouds are gathering above the densely packed stone pillars and few glittering crystal spires. It is said that once this was a holy site to the Baskars but has long since been abandoned. Who can say what the torrential downpour might help unveil? Of course, such a terrible seasonal storm will make navigating the site even more treacherous than usual.
The Mad Manse of Baron Faughter Ruin Drifter Plot Baron Faughter was a self-declared nobleman who controlled lands in the foothills of the mountains west of Nortune during the early post-Collapse years. As the Kislev Empire gained strength and prominence, the lands controlled by House Faughter slowly shrank in size, eventually absorbed wholesale into the Empire following the death of the childless, heirless baron.

The baron's abandoned manor has always prompted stories of strange lights and noises, but in recent days rumours have abounded of a sudden flurry of activities. Could the place be haunted, or infested by Malevolence? Only one way to tell...

(Note: this is our annual Hallowe'en-themed novelty Dig and, as such, is intended to have only the loosest grip on what can be described as canon.)

Xibalba - Catacombs of the Nahual Labyrinth Drifter Plot Tucked away in the mountains near the village of Wehaca are countless gravesites dedicated to the Nahual who led and protected the people living there for generations. One in particular, however, is unlike the others. Legends speak of a temple among the graves, a place where the spirits of the Nahual still stand watch over the holy ground within. But in recent days, an unsettling malaise has settled over the sacred burial sites. Strange beasts lurk nearby, and miasma fills the air every evening. Wehaca has suffered enough, and the proud people have finally asked outsiders to do what they can't, and locate and eliminate the cause of this recent corruption. But challenging the temple-catacomb of Xibalba is no simple task. Not only does it bristle with deadly traps, but deep within, dark forces churn and fill the temple with dangers of a more supernatural kind.
Ship Graveyard Ruin Drifter Standard Deep in the western ocean, several oceanic currents converge on a single spot of calm. They bring with them debris from all across the world, including the hulks of abandoned or half-destroyed ships. Over time, both currents and marine life have knit these vessels together into a single drifting mass. The Ship Graveyard is a perilous place, but the possibility of ancient ARMs and lost treasure are a potent lure for daring explorers. Anyone who dares set foot in the Graveyard had best be prepared for the hazards that await: territorial marine life, unstable decks, and--it's rumored--even the souls of those who died aboard the ships within.
Lost Village Fereshte Ruin Drifter Standard A long time ago, the village of Fereshte was one of the most prominent steppe tribes within the Arctican region of Elru - they were nomads and healers, travelling around the frozen wilderness with an open hand and a strong heart. They were vital to the continued survival of the scattered tribesmen of the tundra, for their worship of the Guardian of Life, Odoryuk, allowed them to provide crucial services in such unforgiving lands. Central to this service was the chosen of Odoryuk, called the Heritor, who wielded a Medium of Life and devoted their life to the service of the Guardian.

This all vanished when the Veruni descended upon Filgaia.

The tribe was reportedly vanquished overnight, their lands and people eradicated. The Heritor was slain, and the Medium reportedly lost. Those that escaped the slaughter were absorbed into other tribes, and the name was lost to the annals of history...

... yet, why does the village stand before you, as if nothing had ever happened? They say "Life will go on," yet... by no means should life continue in this way.
Memorial Sanctuary Labyrinth Drifter Standard For a long-abandoned ruin, located deep in the wilderness beyond the city of Laila Belle, this place has a staggeringly high level of tech. From the steel walls that see less rust and decay than they should for a ruin of this age, to the star-spangled corridors, to the shadows cast everywhere as if from a magic lantern projector, to the Elw-like design sense, it makes one reflect on just how many secrets have been lost and buried with the decline of Filgaia.

For the longest time, it was impenetrable thanks to a strange password prompt at the only known entrance asking for the name of the hero who wielded two guns and brought the world together, but it seems a certain team of Drifters finally decoded it. At least, /someone/ did, because the Memorial Sanctuary has seen signs of activity and possible trespass of late...

Luna Temple Labyrinth Drifter Standard This is a temple long lost to time, embedded deep in the mountains of Elru, accessible only by a cave - forgotten since even before the time of the first Metal Demon War, and perhaps even earlier. To venture in here is to brave a confusing maze where which way is up seems to change every time you turn around. Beyond the creatures which dwell in this place, the temple itself is almost a single great trial, and the nature of that trial seems to change with every visit. What mysteries does this forgotten structure hide?
Hadal Depths Ruin Drifter One-Shot The wintery cavern that once imprisoned the Primarch of Muse is a nexus of powerful Ley energies--the same energies used to seal him beneath the earth. While Rahab has long since escaped, his presence still lingers in the rime-coated ruins. What dangers await those seeking the Ley Point within?
White Lotus Trials Ruin Drifter One-Shot The tomb of Luisa Rey lies deep within the catacombs beneath the White Lotus Falls Monastery. These strange, oddly-pristine chambers were laid down after the Metal Demon War, and may possibly have Elw influences. While more than capable of deterring tomb-robbers, their main purpose seems to be to test those who would seek out the legacies of long-dead heroes. Curious.
Photosphere - Alien Catacombs Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The assault on the Photosphere has begun. Though the loyalties of many Metal Demons may now be questioned, Mother's control of the vast majority of the Metal Beasts goes yet unquestioned. Through a myriad of narrow hallways, creating a labyrinthine structure, the Photosphere's innards are open to infiltration and attack.

(NOTE: This is an assault through the Photosphere. For rescuing Tainted, please look at 'Photosphere - The Gutter.' You can run both dungeons, though it may take some innovation to explain how you get from one to the other, but this is easily doable.)

Photosphere - The Gutter Ruin Drifter One-Shot With the assault on the Photosphere well underway, the squalid ghetto known as the Gutter is at highest risk from the collateral of the battle ongoing within. As errant bullets, explosions and other blasts from battles joined stray downwards, gantries and supporting structures all inevitably fall downwards -- towards where the most vulnerable and discarded of the Hyadean populace, known as the Tainted, struggle to survive.

This is not a place the Tainted can afford to stay anymore -- and it will be up to the Outreach and any would-be altruistic Drifters to help the disenfranchised victims of the Metal Demons' class strata to assist those that have been left by the wayside.

(NOTE: This is a Photosphere sequence dig aimed at those who have a preference at doing rescue and heroic, altruistic work. Drifters and their allies will be assisting disabled, victimised Tainted to evacuate and escape from the dilapidated ghetto that they've been long forced into.

For more information on the Tainted and the Gutter, refer to and the Gutter room description!)
Photosphere - Escape Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Escape the Photosphere before it comes down upon you! Or not!
Photosphere - Dive to the Heart Ruin Drifter One-Shot At the apex of the battle for the Photosphere, Riesenlied descends to an altar at the bottom of the Gutter where the Leyline gathers. She is to believe that Mother would provide salvation for the wounded heart of Filgaia, to mend the fractures present within the Ley, but the reality is much more different than can be imagined by one bereft of heart.

Descend, and take back who has been stolen from you.

Let not hate win today.

Now and forever...

Photosphere - Shadow World of Shattered Cities Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot This is a new dig made by Id! He hopes you enjoy it.

Introduced in Chapter 1: Epilogue

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Xibalba - Necropolis of the Nahual Labyrinth Drifter Standard Tucked away in the mountains near the village of Wehaca are countless gravesites dedicated to the Nahual who led and protected the people living there for generations. One in particular, however, is unlike the others. Legends speak of a temple among the graves, a place where the spirits of the Nahual still stand watch over the holy ground within. With the escape of the Primarch of Wing, the Catacombs of Xibalba should have gone silent, but the local Wehacans have found that something still stirs within the depths. The spiritual chaos which unfolded within its depths seem to have awoken the spirits of the ancient dead from their slumber. The gates of the underworld now stand open to receive challengers worthy of claiming the treasures that lay within.


Is it still grave robbing if the dead no longer sleep...?

Arctica Castle Ruin Drifter Standard A panoply of crumbling spires still lies amidst the tundra of Elru, enshrouded by the silence of death as a waning Filgaia slowly reclaims the land where once the proud Kingdom of Arctica stood. Few, if any, have laid eyes on what remains of this land since news of its swift destruction spread across Ignas, until now.

Drifters have returned to Elru, and there is little warding them away from the outskirts of the Kingdom. While the Metal Demons may have struck the place with the force of a falling star, their objective was a simple one, and much of human value remains hidden among the silent ruins for the finding. Yet, Drifters skulking through Arcticas remain may notice theyre not alone. Though none of the Kingdoms citizens still draw breath, shadows flit through alleyways in the gloomy twilight, and some say the tragedy of the Kingdoms collapse bears such power that it still binds a soul or two to this land

Arctica Castle is a ruin-level exploration of the remains of a land rent whole by the Metal Demons ire, almost frozen in time at the very moment it fell. One might expect to find some clue about the Metal Demons and Mother here, or some relics of a people lost to time. Its hard to tell: the Kingdom was a big place.

Ancient Hillside Facility Ruin Drifter One-Shot These ancient ruins from the Zeboim era are only accessible by sea, involving a short dive in Gears before reaching the buried air-filled ruins. Consisting of a paramilitary facility originally set into a hill and now long-buried, it undoubtably contains technology beyond that easily available on Filgaia.
Wehaca - Homeland of the Godwalkers Ruin Drifter Standard Malevolence may be a common threat on Lunar, but it is an exceptionally uncommon one down on the Blue Star. One small desert community has had it worse than most in that respect, and the arrival and subsequent purge of Malevolent taint has changed the landscape and the lives of the people living there irrevocably. But the people of Wehaca are a hardy bunch, an offshoot of the greater Baskar culture who take a more intimate approach to their relationships with the Guardians. They are protectors of the land and the Baskar way of life, but in these trying times, they can use all the help that they can get. Helping them out may not be the most profitable enterprise in the world, but a good deed is a good deed, and you might find that the Wehacan wilderness has ample treasures to offer those willing to brave its dangers...
Krosse Castle - Military Wing Ruin Drifter One-Shot The way into the throne room is sealed -- passage inwards prohibited by an insurmountable magical seal. Information gathered suggests a means of breaking that seal might be found within the castle's military wing, where the fanatical members of the King's Royal Guard reside. Routing them may well prove an effective blow against the King's powerbase as well as providing a means to reach him and the Anomalous Orb nestled deeper within Krosse Castle...

... but the paranoiac Malevolence that slithers through this wing and its denizens will doubtless make this a most dangerous mission.

Krosse Castle - Research Hall Ruin Drifter One-Shot The way into the throne room is sealed -- passage inwards prohibited by an insurmountable magical seal. But perhaps a means might be discovered to partially unseal the door and pass inwards, and perhaps the now silent and still research wing of Krosse Castle, until recently the resting place of the enigmatic Anomalous Orb granted unto the king, might prove a fruitful avenue of investigation.

But Malevolence crawls the walls of this place: surely such an investigation won't prove easy.

Streets of Krosse Ruin One-Shot Drifter In the wake of Krosse's troubles last year, the capitol city faced a bountiful of trouble and violence. The city endured a lot of hardship and fear, and the situation reached a tipping point. Many of Krosse's citizens, now seeking refuge from the danger that plagued their Castle, are still trapped within the confines of their own city; as the Malevolent Domain persists, battles against Hellions and other menaces that they can scarce perceive are still common, and frantic barricading, looting and scavenging has turned the city into a veritable maze.

(The Streets of Krosse are part of the Krosse sub-plot along with the Krosse Castle Digs. It is meant to be more straightforward, heroic and slightly more light-hearted, with many opportunities to rescue refugees and clear a path through town to the Castle.)

Fallen Sanctuary ~ Love's Cradle Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Fallen Sanctuary. Once a bastion for the Guardians, where the Baskar and even Elw before them communed with the Guardian Lords of old. Now, forgotten save or a handful.

But not everyone.

Deep within the Sanctuary, hidden pathways lead to secret wings dedicated to the Guardian Lords. Here, at Love's Cradle, beautiful stonework is erected in veneration of the Guardian of Love Raftina. Nature blends with hand-made architecture in the way of the Baskar and the Elw before them. A peaceful serenity could have been found here once, within the powerful pulse of the Ley...

... but for every beat of Filgaia's power, Malevolence nips at its heels, seeping from the Anomalous Orb resting deeper within. Twisting the fabric of things. And the combination of Ley and Malevolence dredges deep into the planet's memory and the Drifters who plunge into its depths, produces strange, anomalous knots in reality, figments of the past...

... challenges to be overcome.

Can you fight through it, to reach the Trial Knight and Ragnell at the beating heart of Filgaia's love?

BGM: Gods Bound by Rules -

(OOC Note: This is an event digger tied to the K.K. plot, and ICly leads directly into the scene Birth of a Wish!)

(OOC Note 2: Any card marked 'Anomalous' represents a shift in reality brought about by the Anomalous Orb, using the Ley and the Drifters' memories to pull them into warped versions of previous events in Chapter 1! Failure on any card marked 'Anomalous' will result in the party being shunted back into reality, into a random part of Love's Cradle, further from the Anomalous Orb.)
Birth of a Wish ~ In The End Ruin Drifter One-Shot What else is there, in the end of everything...?

Chapter 2: One Who Bares Fangs at God

Introduced in Act 1

Name Type Scale Availability Description
The Luca Markets Ruin Drifter Standard Luca is the largest city on Spira. Its market matches that. Ranging from the stalls at the edge of the docks to the more fixed stores in the center of the city, Luca's markets are a labyrinth of stalls, stands, and storefronts that can cater to every need. If one knows where to look, one can find most anything on Spira. This includes copious amounts of trouble.
Besaid Trails Ruin Drifter Standard The island of Besaid is a remote, southern island in the continental archipelago known as Spira. While Besaid Village is the main settlement, it is nestled up high in the hills of the island, and a series of trails and switchbacks lead from the piers to the village and its Temple. Although the more well-worn routes are safe, Fiends are far from unheard of, and ancient ruins provide both danger and opportunity.
Cult of the Amen God Ruin Drifter Standard Rumours in Luca suggest an odd cult has set up camp on the old Mi'ihen Highroad, where strange lights and noises can be seen on dark nights; it is whispered that in addition to being heretics, these cultists may be using strange machina. Rumour places the arrival of this cult at roughly the same time Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus sent you to Lunar; whether it's Odessa or something unrelated, it may be worth investigating.

NOTE: This Dig prioritizes Wits challenges.

Fiend Assault on Luca Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot In the midst of the Blitzball Finals, fiends appear in the city of Luca! With bursts of strange light, pyreflies coalesce into the monsters known as fiends. Some, hound-like, bound through the streets and stands... while armored, insectoid-like fiends rampage through tunnels, and bird-like ones swoop down from the skies. The fiends must be stopped and people protected, and Luca's local Warrior Monk detachment seems ill-equipped for the task.
Sunken Monastery of Gusong Ruin Drifter Standard The Sunken Monastery of Gusong is a three centuries-old monastery and training facility for the Warrior Monks, located on Kilika Island until Sin's coming left most of it flooded and the eastern side in rubble. The recent attack on Kilika has opened a tunnel into the Sunken Monastery, allowing this ancient place to be entered for the first time in nearly 300 years. However, many parts of the monastery are still underwater, and that makes swimming necessary to get through.
Mi'ihen Highroad - Night Mission Ruin Drifter One-Shot The Caravan Kinship has to move their titular Caravan to a place of safety. Thankfully one of their number knows a good place, but in order to avoid the watchful eye of Yevon and their suppression of machina, the Kinship must move in the dead of night...
Community Blitzball Ruin Drifter Standard There are times that men must fight. And there are times that everyone must play blitzball.

This is one such time.

This is your story.

Note: Win or lose, most rewards for this Dig are the friendships you make along the way.

Mushroom Rock Road Ruin Drifter Standard Mushroom Rock Road is a section of the Mi'ihen Highroad. This off-shoot led, at one point, to the Crusader forward base... and the site of Operation Mi'ihen. That disastrous operation has left Mushroom Rock Road a dangerous place to cross -- as well as filled with many who have fled the operation's aftermath, and still require assistance.
Kilika Restoration Ruin Drifter Standard Kilika Island houses the famed Kilika Temple and a seashore village of the same name, recently struck in catastrophic disaster with the appearance of Sin. While the Sinspawn have been eradicated and the threat of Sin has passed, the village and surrounds are in dire need of recovery and assistance. The Althenan Guard and the Wayside Outreach are but two such groups, along with several local Kilika-bound fleets, and all of them are always looking for more hires to help with such efforts.

(NOTE: This is a light-hearted Dig involving sailing in to assist in repairs around Kilika village, with possible short excursions into the Jungle. Drifters are encouraged to decide which ship their group is coming in with!)

Mi'ihen Highroad Ruin Drifter Standard The Mi'ihen Highroad leads northwest and then northeast from Luca, and is a major step on the road to Bevelle and many points of interest in the central and northern reaches of Spira. Named for the elevation of both its roadbed and its namesake, the Highroad is often haunted by Fiends due to its sheer scope. It is typically travelled by the fleet-footed chocobo... but if you walk it, you may learn more of Spira, and what has touched it throughout history.

There are rumors, however, that new troubles have haunted the Highroad, and some begin to whisper the name "Drifter" -- as if it were a curse...

Luca Sewers Ruin Drifter Standard The sewers beneath Luca are dark, dank, and old--built up over centuries of habitation, they're a veritable labyrinth beneath the city proper, and connect to it in surprising ways. Lately, they've taken on a degree of tactical importance as well. With Althena's Guard occupying the city, would-be rebels use the sewers to transport material and people in and out. Tread lightly, though, should you choose to enter.
Thunder Plains Ruin Drifter Standard "Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are torn asunder." So it is said of the Thunder Plains, sometimes called the Gandof Thunder Plains for High Summoner Gandof, an expanse that stretches between Guadosalam and the Macalania Forest. Marked by an eternal storm, this is a battered land where little dwells except Fiends. Once, a series of lightning rod towers were built to ease passage through this hostile landscape, but several have fallen into disrepair; travel here has once again become difficult. Still, for those who seek passage to Macalania Forest and beyond, there is no other choice.

And the plains naturally conceal their own share of secrets and mystery.

The Battle of Luca Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Following their attack on Luca's port, Althena's Guard begins their invasion and conquest of the city, aided by their strange and terrible machines. They must be stopped. The people must be saved. The city defenses and defenders must be assisted. Will you help?

Note: The cards assume participants are not with or allied with Althena's Guard.

Mi'ihen Caverns Labyrinth Drifter Standard Though the chaos of war has masked their efforts, whatever dark forces have used the Mi'ihen Highroad as their staging ground have been working too long to go unseen. A party of Drifters can, with luck, pluck, and courage, descend into the limestone depths that stretch beneath the southern shores of Spira and find the horrid truth of the recurring bandit attacks.
Mi'ihen Highroad Battle - Against Althena's Guard Ruin Drifter Standard After Althena's Guard conquered Luca, it was only natural that the

conflict between the Guard and Yevon's Warrior Monks would spill onto the Mi'ihen Highroad. But Yevon needs assistance, and they are hiring any able adventurers willing to assist them in the countless skirmishes. They are, it's said, even willing to take on the aid of otherworlders, particularly after their assistance in the attempt to defend Luca...

(NOTE: This dig assumes that you are assisting the Warrior Monks/Yevon. Those fighting /against/ Yevon should do the other dig!)

Mi'ihen Highroad Battle - Against Yevon Ruin Drifter Standard After Althena's Guard conquered Luca, it was only natural that the conflict between the Guard and Yevon's Warrior Monks would spill onto the Mi'ihen Highroad. The Guard -- and any hirelings assisting them -- are making moves onto the Highroad. Yevon is working to stop them -- and rumors abound of forces appearing behind the Guard's ranks, forcing them to investigate and put a stop to things.

(NOTE: This dig assumes that you are assisting Althena's Guard. Those fighting /against/ the Guard should do the other dig!)

Lapisera Mines (Limited Edition) Ruin Drifter One-Shot In the foothills on the northern side of the Thunder Plains, the Lapisera Mines are a long-forgotten and longer-abandoned mineshaft that was worked by a Spiran city-state destroyed some seven centuries ago by Sin. The mines have portions that periodically electrify, thanks to the nearby Thunder

Plains. In the depths, though, something has appeared...

OOC: This Dig is a limited-run Dig for ARMS and Odessa.

Macalania Woods Labyrinth Drifter Standard To the north of the Thunder Plains lies the Macalania Woods, a junction point for travelers seeking to reach Macalania Lake and its temple, the Calm Lands, or Bevelle. Current weather conditions -- in particular an early snow from the lake region -- have made a few of the destination points impassable at present by travelers and pilgrims alike, but for the explorer, the forest holds its own set of wonders... and dangers.

No less than an enchanted forest, Macalania is a mazelike growth of crystalline trees, thick with Pyreflies and thus Fiends. Many have ventured into the forest over the last thousand years or more for necessity or curiosity, but it's said that not everyone who enters necessarily makes it out again.

Ride ze Shoopuf Ruin Drifter Standard Spira is at War.

The armies of Yevon's Warrior Monks rage with the faithful of Althena's Guard. Elsewhere, deadly Fiends roam around the most actively hostile of Spira's landscapes. And a shadowy army of Otherworlders have scurried along out of sight, enacting machinations that may have a dark shadow on the already-shadowed land of Sin...


But, you know, none of that matters today.

No one has infinite energy, patience, resolve, stamina. No one can be at it forever, Digging or fighting. Burnout is an inevitable end that Drifters and adventurers all strive to stave off, and it is important that one has a release valve to their dangerous lifestyles.

Which is why the Moonflow has been dazzlingly popular. For a limited time only, the Shoopuf Station is offering an Exclusive Degustation Course courtesy (??) of mysterious and weirdo chef "L.CROZE", offering an exquisite on-board dining experience of the plentiful bounties of Spira's fruits, vegetables, grains and meats!

So the only question now becomes.......

Ride ze Shoopuf?
Almaryyt Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard The history of Sin's wrath is best made plain by the lost cities it has left ruined in its wake. Almaryyt was one such city, once: only faded echoes remain of the building-made-city, the structure that stood strong and proud by the sea, another fallen to Sin for the crime of their fantastic machines. Recently rediscovered, mechanical life has begun to stir in the ruins of Almaryyt; bold adventurers have taken to the fracturing halls and layers of the city in search of what secrets and treasures it might still hold. But be careful: Almaryyt may still have a spark of life in it, but it is still a dying city filled with hazards.
Kilika Jail Bust Ruin Drifter One-Shot Mariel has been captured by the Guard. Those who captured her don't know who she is -- or why she is important... save for a few, who perhaps are not telling the others everything. The Caravan Kinship is helping free her. This is a limited, run-once Dig for Mariel's breakout.
Lapisera Mines Labyrinth Drifter Standard In the foothills on the northern side of the Thunder Plains, the Lapisera Mines are a long-forgotten and longer-abandoned mineshaft that was worked by a Spiran city-state destroyed some seven centuries ago by Sin. The mines have portions that periodically electrify, thanks to the nearby Thunder Plains and the remains of the mining rails that stretch throughout the tunnels. A recent incursion has opened the Lapisera Mines, but also caused a destabilization that has flooded some parts of it... and disturbed the resting place of an ancient and powerful fiend.
Clash at the Cliffs Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Most unexpected help has arrived from the West. Lombardia, Queen of the Metal Dragons, has taken to the skies for the first time in five centuries. Now, off the coast of Macalania, she does battle with Sin. As mighty as she is, she cannot fight the Clysmian without help.

This is a limited time Dig, meant to be run once. It represents assisting Lombardia in her fight against Sin from afar. Please note, you cannot run this Dig and Dig 189, ARMS - To Macalania Temple, on the same character.

ARMS - To Macalania Temple Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot ARMS arrives outside Macalania Temple, having learned that Cocytus, the leaders of Odessa, are present within. However, the approach to the temple across this part of Macalania Lake will not be an easy one for them -- Odessa has mustered their forces to prevent ARMS' entry. But ARMS will not be deterred so easily.
Lefay - Shrine of the Water Trial Ruin Drifter One-Shot ARMS arrives outside Macalania Temple, having learned that Cocytus, the leaders of Odessa, are present within. However, the approach to the temple across this part of Macalania Lake will not be an easy one for them -- Odessa has mustered their forces to prevent ARMS' entry. But ARMS will not be deterred so easily.

Introduced in Act 2

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Ruins of Lab -Tishrei- Ruin Drifter Standard News has gathered all throughout Meria Boule of a new ruin that has washed up onshore upon the southern peninsula, at the peak of the Blunderbuss Coast. A curious derelict hexagonal in shape, Drifters and archaeologists surmise that it may be some kind of offshore facility -- and with that promise comes the scent of treasure. However, initial reports state that it is heavily infested by Reaverbots, and other bizarre, ancient technological dangers...
Kattelox Ruins Labyrinth Drifter Standard Decades ago, the sprawling underground ruins of Kattelox sparked a boom that attracted Diggers and Drifters, leading to the formation and growth of its modern Dig-oriented community. Today, surrounded by the urban sprawl of Kattelox City above, the Diggers' Guild continues to employ both new and seasoned Drifters alike still seeking to plumb the seemingly never-ending depths of its corridors... as well as to understand the mystery of the inexhaustible supply of Reaverbots within. Is the legend true, and the Mother Lode - a mythical refractor said to be able to power the world for centuries - hidden within?
The Thames Ruin Hybrid Standard The (in)famous Thames, depending on your point of view, is a well-known central hub within the Great Sea Region of Aquvy. Helmed by an eccentric walrus beastman who only answers by the title of "Captain", the idiosyncratic and lively citizens of this once-aircraft carrier turned operations rig make their living performing on- and off-shore salvage operations for ancient Gear parts and lost technologies, selling them off to the Ethos or the Diggers' Guild.

Why don't you join these fine folks of the sea in a day of their lives?

(NOTE: This is a Hybrid scale Dig taking place over the course of a full day on the Thames. Some cards are marked as Hybrid, which involve one or more members of your party using either their own Gear or a supplied one during the Entry assisting the on-foot members. For the purposes of your loadout, you may do this dungeon either as an on-foot mode or a Gear mode.)

Under Traffic Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Under Traffic is a large underground cavern that leads between northern and southern Meria Boule. The main stretch of the cavern is a mostly straightforward path, with a few twists and turns. However, the side tunnels of Under Traffic are a complex network, some of which lead to more remote locations in both the Damzena Desert and Merian plains. These tunnels are home to treasure and dangers... and bandits, as well as unfortunates who have gotten lost in them and require rescue.
The High Seas Ruin Drifter Standard Guild Galad is hiring. Or more specifically, the cartographic institute is -- they're looking for Drifters to accompany an expedition across the many smaller islands of Northern Aquvy in order to map the region more accurately. Whatever the results, they'll be paying and you'll be fed -- and all you have to do is help the crew out on things they don't have the skillset to do (you assume this means handle monsters). Plus you get to keep whatever treasure you find, which is always a plus. Are you in?

OOC: This dig includes cards marked 'Land' and 'Sea' -- Sea cards take place on the sea, Land cards take place on an island. Additionally, since this is an expedition-type dig, you're free to assume it takes place across several days and doesn't necessarily happen all at once.

Faraway Lands Labyrinth Drifter Standard "Faraway Lands" is the local name for a power station built during the Zeboim Era. This facility lay in the recesses of the Damzen region, and is said to hold a number of valuable resources -- but the dangers are so great that few have returned, and few have even managed to enter, because of its formidable defenses. However, for those brave (or foolish) enough, tremendous wealth awaits, including the substance known as Kizim Fire.
Seafloor Salvage Ruin Gear Standard Shipwrecks are a common occurrence in Aquvy. For those unable to be easily dredged, the only solution is to get someone with a machine that can go deeper. Something like a Gear, perhaps. The Thames is seeking Drifters with Gears (or similar machines) to assist them on some undersea salvage expeditions, making the offer of first pick of any salvage reclaimed to those assisting.
Desecrated Shrine Labyrinth Drifter Standard There is an ancient shrine a distance from the small farming town of Honeysday that has stood there as long as anyone can recall and local history can recount. It has been considerable time since the shrine has been used in any capacity and so it has long since fallen into disrepair -- or perhaps it might be more accurate to say the shrine has gone unused until fairly recently. Not only did the shrine allegedly have an inhabitant about a decade prior but it has become a nest for Gobs of late, which have taken to marauding and theft from Honeysday and its fields. This has put the villagers into an awful situation when it comes to making their crop quotas.

Perhaps someone might be willing to see what they can take back from the Gobs?

Dragon Roost Cavern Ruin Drifter Standard Dragon Roost Cavern is at the center of Dragon Roost Island, consisting of the caves and tunnels around the magma-filled caldera at the island's heart. The cavern is hot, but its winding paths also offer the safest way to climb to the top. The paths into the cavern are hard to locate, which means few Diggers have managed to infiltrate its depths. However, rumors abound that Bokoblins -- minions of Ganondorf -- have recently moved in, and this has raised concerns about the safety of the cavern... and what it may be used for.
Meria Boule Festival Games Ruin Drifter Standard Every year, Meria Boule puts on a festival in town. There's of course food and vendors stalls and all the various things one would expect of a festival made available. And so of course there are festival games. For the price of a few tickets, one can gamble them to earn more and trade them for fun prizes. A light-hearted way to spend a few hours!
Mount Colshrie Labyrinth Gear Standard Among the mountains of the Sielje Region, one of the ones of note is Mount Colshrie. Constantly buffeted by storms and possessing of dangerous terrain -- not to mention height and cold -- most venture on it only if they have a Gear in which to do so. And they do so specifically because of a number of things: the luminescent crystals on the mountain, the large beasts with valuable pelts, the unusual geology, and last but not least, the ruins on the top. Named Cythraul the Demon Tower by scholars, the ruin is said to date to the era of the Metal Demon War... but confirmation of this dating is poor.

After all, very few make it to the top of the mountain.

Fila del Fia Abyss Drifter Standard Lying in a crater in the Damzena Desert, the common story is that Fila del Fia was once a city that floated in the sky before some catastrophe occurred that sent the whole thing crashing down. In truth, this is just one story -- no one knows what rests within Fila del Fia, for none have returned to speak of it. Instead stories and legends continue to circulate about it like moths around a flame at night: some say a great power rests at its heart. Others claim that a terrible monster rests within and that the whole thing is best left alone.

Might you attempt to untangle the truth?

The Shadow Vault Labyrinth Drifter Standard A temple dedicated to the Guardian of Darkness, Leitea Salk, located on a solitary island on the seas of Aquvy. The entire structure seems to have

been carved out of smooth, black stone lined with ancient writing, and no light is able to reach its interior. Though it has been sealed for countless years, it has only recently been opened once more...and no one yet knows what may lurk inside. Some say even the shadows themselves may come alive.

(OOC: In the Shadow Vault, your light source is tied to your Exhaustion, and may test it to its very limits! The Shadow Vault feeds on light. The longer you stay and the higher your Exhaustion, the weaker your light sources become...until they run out entirely. This doesn't have any mechanical effect on your performance, but feel free to reference this difficulty!)

Altair's Farmstead Ruin Drifter Plot The sleepy farming town of Valparino near Meria Boule isn't anything particularly special. Just about the only thing the village is known for is its prolific exports of produce. Troublingly, it seems that exports out of the small farming community of Valparino have recently come to an abrupt halt, and the soldiers sent to investigate have staggered back to headquarters rambling about ambulatory gourds, rampaging scarecrows and some kind of possessed cornfield. Unconvinced, the various agri-businesses and grocers of Meria Boule have decided to pay for slightly more experienced explorers to figure out what's really holding up their deliveries.
Kattelox Ruins - Streamline Mine Labyrinth Drifter Standard Rumors circulate around Kattelox of a section inside the ruins, a vertical trench that spans miles underground. Cubic sections quarried out of the walls. Old minecarts, digging equipment for large scale mining. Much like other areas of the ruins below the island, it lay unused, left to the rigors of time. Giant Reaverbots are said to roam the tunnels in search of something. Not that that souldn't worry aspiring Diggers-- the primary rumor circulates around a found foreman command center at one end of the mine. It has a small refractor up for grabs if you can tussle with the advanced defense systems surrounding it, and is otherwise unprotected. Sounds like an easy enough job, and a good way to explore another section of what lies below Kattelox.
Crimson Castle - The Masterless Island Ruin Drifter Plot An island off the coast of Guild Galad where monsters roam. According to local legends, it used to be the home of a Crimson Noble whom has long since vanished from the pages of history. Of course, before you can visit that home, you have to find it. All that stands between you and it is the island itself which harbors its own dangers and secrets. The makeup of the island seems to be largely mountainous and forests but it isn't very large. How bad could it be?

First dig of the Crimson Castle series, it's suggested you run this first!

Shae Ving Labyrinth Gear Standard Shae Ving is an ancient Zeboim-era ruin in northern Aquvy, in the Sielje Region. This ancient installation is part of Heoh Rott, a collection of long-sealed and remote ruins, not unlike Ash Hare. The entrance is high on a mountainside, and the ruin itself is a labyrinth of immense tunnels -- accessible by Gear, and by Gear-scale freight train cars that move through a network of tunnels to various stations. Those who explore Shae Ving might find ancient secrets -- though the dangers are considerable.
The Lifeweaver Beckons Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot It happens suddenly. The Lifeweaver's Codex abruptly flies open to a blank page, where a mysterious plea for help and a map rapidly etch themselves into the worn parchment. Someone is calling for aid deep within the infamous Forest of Moore, a supposedly enchanted woods in the far corner of Meria-Boule. It's said that nobody has successfully delved into the heart of the foreboding, perennially mist-shrouded forest, and those who have returned alive from the attempt have spread rumors of terrible mutant monsters lurking within. But if someone is truly in need to aid, then can the Caravan and its allies really turn them away...?
The Lifeweaver's Whorl Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Forest of Moore, also known as the Moore Feywilds, is a strange place. Anyone who's grown up in Meria-Boule knows the bedtime story of the enchanted wood and the fairy king whose jealous wrath once endangered the region-- and of the brave sorcerer who gave himself to the wood to seal the threat away. The forest has been a foreboding presence for as long as anyone can remember, even in these days of Filgaia's decline. The kingdom has ordered it sealed away for good reason. Its winding paths, persistent fog and strange magnetic field makes navigating the forest almost impossible, and the monsters within imperil even the bravest of explorers. And yet, in recent days, a change has befallen the forest. Some daring and foolish explorers have braved the fringes of the wood and have reported seeing a strange palace hidden in the deep fog. Perhaps there's a nugget of truth in the old legends after all... Or perhaps a more sinister secret yet lurks in the mists...?
Crimson Castle - Monster Party Labyrinth Drifter Standard You have found the Crimson Castle and gained entry! The main hall has become a haven for ghouls, ghosts, and assorted monsters, fiends, and assorted outcasts. Though not predominantly hostile to drifters and adventurers, the Dark Queen Marivel does not enforce any law but her own here and even that she has been lax on as of late.

The second dig of the Crimson Castle series, it's suggested you run this second!

Can you survive the Monster Party???

Capel Coffa Labyrinth Drifter Standard Elw ruins are a rare discovery on Filgaia, and the ruins of Capel Coffa may represent a particular rarity: nearly-pristine and buried in a strata of rock, they are until-now unexplored by most of those who call themselves

Drifters. Located on a small island off the east coast of Meria Boule, closest to the province of Klein, Capel Coffa appears to represent some sort of memorial sanctuary for the long-gone Elw. But what did an ancient race memorialize?

Crimson Castle - The Clocktower Chase Labyrinth Drifter Standard You have found a path leading to the Crimson Castle's clocktower... A place full of winding paths and spinning gears... but the clocktower has a terrifying and unstoppable mechanical guardian... If you truly wish to investigate this section of the Castle...well, it certainly must have its mysteries and maybe even a bit of treasure, but you'll have to avoid or escape the guardian to find it.
Jarnvidr Ruin Gear Standard Until recently, the forest that has come to be dubbed 'Jarnvidr' didn't exist, near as anyone can determine. Located on a small island north of Meria Boule and just south enough of the Sielje Region to not be coated in near-eternal frost, the forest has grown and rapidly only in recent weeks.

But more than its speedy growth and prodigious size -- or the fact that it has come to dominate the island -- Jarnvidr has one trait that makes it stand out: every single part of the forest, from leaf to root, is made of metal. Given this fact and the current size of the forest, only Gears or similar machines can hope to explore the wood safely. But what is inside?

Avile's Tomb Ruin Drifter One Shot Avile's Tomb is a small cavern located high in the mountains of Kasutho Island, hidden away from much of the world. The cavern hides away Metal Demon construction, marking its former use as a weapons cache and outpost for the Metal Demons during the war. There is little of interes, but the Metal Beasts that remain still offer some protection for whatever has been secreted away inside of Avile's Tomb.
Mysteries in Baskar Village Ruin Drifter Plot Strange happenings have occurred in the remote Baskar Village on Kasutho Island. Rumors swirl of a newcomer in town, though only some of the village's youth have seen him. Other, stranger rumors also swirl, regarding strange beastmen and unheard of monsters. Those looking into matters will need to be careful; the Aquvy Baskar keep their fears, their worries, and their secrets to themselves. After dark, though, one might be able to learn the truth of things...

Because this Dig is an investigation, it has very few Combat challenges and is heavy on Wits challenges. Additionally, many Brute and Agility challenges assume that you are attempting these activities quietly. Please plan your Tool usage accordingly.

Finally, some cards will provide clues. These have no mechanical effect but may suggest what is occurring in the Baskar Village! However, if you are unsuccessful, you will not be able to gather that clue.

The Enigmatic Facility Ruin Hybrid Plot East Blackrock is the largest island in the Narrows--a chain of islands south of Meria. Narrow, shallow channels make navigation hazardous, and as a result, the area has been ignored by all but the most adventurous. Explorers have long reported the presence of some massive ruin there, but until now, no one has managed to explore it. Using stolen artifacts, Odessa has infiltrated the facility, and is looting it for its secrets. Can you stop Odessa before they make off with whatever they're here for?
Billion Blade Barrow Labyrinth Drifter Standard Many great heroes would be lost without their loyal and constant companions. But too often, we forget the friends who we carry at our backs or sheathed at our sides. The Billion Blade Barrow is a sacred place to Equites' most devout followers. Not a mere grave, the Barrow is a resting place for those weapons which have served their masters with utmost loyalty, and for those stillborn blades whose smiths either deemed them imperfect, or who wished to consign their works to the Guardians. The advent of the Granasian Cathedral of the Sword Magess in Meria nearly consigned the Barrow to the dustbin of history, but a handful of enterprising explorers have rediscovered its location hidden at the back of a dusty old tome. It's said that the secrets of warriors long dead are hidden within the Barrow... where they are still protected by the spirits of their ever-loyal weapons.
Untitled Goose Dig Ruin Drifter Plot It's a lovely morning in the village, and you have to deal with a horrible goose.

Note: This Dig favors Agility challenges!

Also Note: Contents of this Dig are at best dubiously canonical.

(Happy April Fool's Day!)

Item World - Doom Bringer Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot He found it in a heap of trash, abandoned and alone, but as pristine as the day it was forged. A killing tool filled with curses, hatred and sorrow, the young man carried all this and more upon his shoulders, oblivious and innocent to his burden. Malice subjugated, wrath shackled, curses were piled upon curses, hatred upon hatred, sorrow upon sorrow, until at last the chains were broken and the wounds laid bare.
Claiborne Under Attack Labyrinth Drifter Plot It came out of the blue, and no one could have predicted such an event. But for the last few weeks, Claiborne has been under attack by strange metallic creatures. Though they have taken significant steps to fortify and protect the town, Claiborne finds itself in a continual state of danger and has called out for assistance from Drifters.

You are among those who have heeded the call. But, even as you arrive, you can tell that it is too late to assist them with their preparations. Claiborne is under attack.

The Mysterious Laboratory Ruin Drifter One Shot Somewhere in the mountains of southeastern Kasutho there lies a certain facility, until-recently unknown to the world at large. Thanks to certain revelations following an encounter with misshapen metallic creatures in the attacks on Claiborne, both the presence of the wizard Timotheus Lovelace and

this very facility which he now manages have been made clear. But many questions yet remain, questions that will only be answered by finding the wizard -- and whatever dark secrets lie in this place.

Crimson Castle - The Underworld Abyss Drifter Plot A new area opens up within the Crimson Castle that had long since been sealed away. A voice calls out to you, reaching into the deepest recesses of your mind.

It's quiet. You can barely hear it, though those with empathic talent have an easier time... but one does not need to be an empath to hear the pain.

Aubefort Mountain Ruin Drifter Standard Standing in the mountain peaks to the southeast on Kasutho Island, the low slopes of Aubefort Mountain are known mostly to the local shepherds of the area who let their sheep graze there. The mountain is riddled with tunnels, however, which have largely gone unexplored: those who have ventured into the tunnels report crystal formations and strange sounds, perhaps from whatever monsters dwell within. Though, as it has been noted over the generations, that only accounts for those who have returned: some who go into the caves never come out again. What could there be in the winding depths?
Arastell Catacombs Labyrinth Drifter Plot This seemingly innocuous mound on the Merian plain had been reputed to hold some treasure, but it's recently been cracked open to reveal a buried Valmarian catacomb. Dark magic continues to fester here, infecting creatures and spirits that have been sealed up in here for hundreds of years - along with whatever treasures were left behind by the worshippers of the God of Evil. Beyond the wealth, though, there are undoubtedly secrets the cultists left behind...
Sacrificial Grounds ~ Desperation's Altar Ruin Drifter One-Shot Something wrong has afflicted the Sacrificial Grounds of Kasutho Island's Baskar. Something that seeps down to the very core of it. Something that has taken hold of the desperate necessity that has settled into the very bones of the shrine's history and turned it into something real. Something palpable. Something that reeks of an affliction.

Something growing. Swiftly.

Something wrong is gestating in the Baskar's Sacrificial Grounds. And with all else occurring within Kasutho, it is up to Drifters perhaps all too familiar with what is happening here to stop whatever is occurring before it can be realized.

Completing this Dig represents weakening ~whatever~ is going on at the center of the Grounds! After it has been completed a certain number of times, or a certain amount of time has passed, the next phase of the wacky festivities will begin!

Jairon - The Lost Island Ruin Drifter Standard A small cluster of low islands and shallow reefs found off the main routes of Aquvy, Jairon was ignored and uncharted for centuries until it was recently located by Diggers. Jairon used to be one larger island but has partially sunk beneath the waves, along with the ancient ruined village that was built upon it... a ruined village that is claimed to be of the Elw.

Unfortunately, the sunken town and sand-shifted island means that the currents can be dangerous. During the day, it's fine, but during tides there are a lot of riptides and cross-currents. Ships can only stay nearby for a few hours before the currents shift and they have to leave, and so Diggers hoping to explore the place can only visit safely for a few hours at a time.

OOC: Jairon isn't a linear dungeon but a location to be explored for the length of about a half day, before the tidal currents force you to pull your transport back and come back another day. Cards involving Jairon tend to involve trying to locate places of interest, enter ruined buildings, or deal with wild sea life... though there are a few surprises!

The Molten Scar Ruin Drifter One-Shot Lying halfway between Kattelox and Kasutho, the Sear is a desolate, rocky island with no resources to speak of. It sits at the center of a vast geomantic oddity--a region of Filgaia where the aspect of Fray all but drowns out the other facets of the Ley. The Sear's most distinctive feature is the Molten Scar, a wide, deep gorge that leads to a labyrinth of lava tubes. Their origin is shrouded in mystery, as there are few signs of volcanic activity elsewhere on the Sear.

The few explorers who have returned from the Molten Scar have reported even stranger phenomena inside: elaborate bas-reliefs wrought from volcanic glass, echoing voices, and warding structures that may be of Elw design. Is this an abandoned Ley-engineering project, or something far more ominous?

Cardon Forest Sub-Gate Labyrinth Drifter Plot In restricted access territories throughout Kattelox Island, few ruins have such a high level Digger License requirement as the Sub-Gates. Ruins lacking discovered connections to the main network of old tech-riddled tunnels. However, unlike their much more common counterparts, these tunnels are very much active and alive. Machinery runs and churns within the walls. Reaverbots are exponentially more common, and deadlier variations of these constructs are ready to strike at unwanted intruders as they safeguard whatever may lay below. The few who return mention of a giant refractor below, shielded by a powerful forcefield. It is mentioned there is a release for it, but requires a series of keys to operate. No one has ever successfully recovered them and survived, however...
Warwing Varukias Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Warwing Varukias is the flying fortress and mobile headquarters of Odessa. A Metal Demon Wars-era aircraft, once designed to provide command and control for the armies of human nations against the Hyadeans, it has been restored and taken flight again. Its stealth capabilities make it hard for even Solaris to find, but the Filgaia Summit has made its location unquestioned...

...and allowed Irving to strike. Using cannons that fire drill capsules, ARMS members and Drifters helping them can be sent to board and seize control of Warwing Varukias.

OOC: This Dig assumes you are hostile to Odessa. It would not be appropriate for a character who is not.

Flight Through the Main Gate Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The enigmatic Main Gate has been opened at last, thanks to the activation of the three sub-Gates, the machinations of a Solarian agent, and the brave sacrifice of a soldier of ARMS. But there's no time to explore this untouched facility--its caretaker, Megaman Juno, intends to enact a purge of

some sort, starting with the Drifters who have infiltrated his facility. This sterile, white-walled labyrinth is filled with deadly Reaverbots, but Juno's complete control over its systems may prove far more dangerous...

The Battle of Home Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Those fleeing through the Main Gate, and into an Elw ruin, are teleported onto the sands of an unfamiliar place: Bikanel Island. The evidence that they have returned to Spira is made clear when they find a combined force of Yevonite and Guado soldiers attacking the Al Bhed stronghold of Home. Fires rage, smoke billows, and shouts of combatants on both sides can be heard. The attackers, however, aren't discriminating -- and fleeing Drifters are soon pulled into the fight...

Introduced in Act 3

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Battlefront - Bevelle Labyrinth Drifter Plot Althena's Guard continues to besiege the Holy City of Bevelle. Fighting between the two sides is sporadic but intense, with each side preferring running fights between small units over mass formations. The resulting battlefield is chaotic and dangerous. There are opportunities for teams from each side - or even Drifters - to join the fray in the hopes of influencing the overall battle.
Thunder Plains - Drums of War Ruin Drifter Plot "Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are torn asunder."

So it is said of the Thunder Plains, sometimes called the Gandof Thunder Plains for High Summoner Gandof, an expanse that stretches between Guadosalam and the Macalania Forest... and now consumed with the conflict between the forces of Yevon and the forces of Althena.

Both sides seek control over this fractious land. Yevon seeks to use it to rescue besieged Guadosalam. The Guard seeks to use it to attempt to cinch their claim over Guadosalam. And here you are, caught up in the middle of it.

Macalania Woods - Disquiet Labyrinth Drifter Standard To the north of the Thunder Plains lies the Macalania Woods, a junction point for travelers seeking to reach Macalania Lake and its temple, the Calm Lands, or Bevelle.

Something has upset the balance in here: it has become an even less safe place for would-be pilgrims than they already were with the cold from nearby Lake Macalania intruding into the woods. Travelers should be wary: the forest has become a merciless place of late.

The Calm Lands - Plains Ruin Drifter Standard Once, it is said, a fierce battle against Sin was fought in the Calm Lands, creating the deep ravine to the north now called 'the Scar'. Crossed by summoners on their pilgrimage to Zanarkand, the area of the Calm Lands is an unsettled one, a wide plain stretching between Macalania and Mt. Gagazet. While one can walk the distance, it's generally agreed that the easier way to cross is to make use of a chocobo, and indeed, an entire local industry has cropped up about chocobo travel. Why not take advantage of it and take a ride on one yourself?

(OOC: You will be riding a chocobo for this dig! Take a load off, and enjoy the ride.)

The Calm Lands - The Scar Ruin Gear Standard Long ago, a great battle against Sin and a summoner took place. It is said that the Scar was formed as a result of their struggle, a permanent mark rent into the Calm Lands. Since then, most Spirans treat the wide canyon with a mixture of fear and respect, and few venture further than its edges. But, with a Gear or similarly-sized (or capable) option, exploring the canyon becomes that much easier. What secrets might rest within the Scar?
Via Purifico Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Via Purifico is an enormous underground network of tunnels, below Bevelle. Via Purifico is where heretics, apostates, and traitors to Yevon are sent: a trial by ordeal, to perish in Fiend-infested tunnels and show their unworthiness, or prove their innocence by escaping the maze. To date, none have proven innocence, and all have died in the half-flooded, forgotten tunnels of Via Purifico.

Some challenges of this Dig occur underwater.

Lake Macalania - Solaris Control Labyrinth Hybrid Standard Once, Macalania Lake was a neutral if nominally Yevon-controlled region of Spira. That was before the attack by Odessa on Macalania Temple -- or the destruction wrought in the lake area proper by Sin. Since that time, the damaged temple and the abandoned lake surroundings have been claimed by a group separate to the war between Althena's Guard and the Yevon faith: Solaris, the mysterious and powerful empire of Filgaia. Surely they're up to something in Macalania -- perhaps you can find out what it is, or otherwise stymie their movements here.

OOC: This Dig assumes that you are not affiliated or allied with Solaris!

Treasure Coast Ruin Drifter Standard There's a particular coastline in Spira near a village called Kapalaran where, for generations, fortunate fishermen and anglers have been turning up curious artifacts. The things that end up in their nets are unlike anything seen in Spira - treasures that seem to have no known source, or that depict fanciful figures out of tales no one actually knows. Even those that seem utilitarian enough are beautiful and fantastic to behold, fit for the collection of many a treasure hunter or artifact fancier. With boats easily able to be rented from enterprising shrimpers and fishers at the Kapalaran pier, why not try your luck at diving for treasure? Perhaps a mystery or two will emerge.

(Keep track of some of the treasures you find during your dive! There may be story elements attached to them. Treasures with special significance will be noted in the cards in question.)

Remiem Temple - Catacombs Ruin Drifter Standard Remiem Temple is an ancient, but forgotten temple in the Calm Lands. After the battle between High Summoner Gandof and Sin, the temple was sealed away -- but recent geological activity has made it accessible. The Temple's grounds are relatively peaceful, but stairwells that lead underneath it provide access to its catacombs. Here, the Guardians of Lord Gandof were laid to rest. However, fiends and other dangers make exploring this place a rather dangerous endeavor.
Machina Carnival Ruin Drifter Plot In spite of -- or because of -- recent events, the Al Bhed have gathered to host a small carnival far from the field of war and Yevon's reach. They may not have long in which to host their carnival -- in which Machina delights feature most strongly -- but they intend to make the most of it.
Calm Lands - Monster Arena Ruin Drifter Standard Nestled in the Calm Lands, the Monster Arena is a place where fiends from across Spira are gathered and kept. The strong travel here to test their skills in this underground arena, against a litany of dangerous fiends. Summoners, Guardians, former Crusaders, and Al Bhed have tried their hand... and so, too, can Drifters. Those who win against enough monsters will win prizes, but it is dangerous.

This Dig has a greater number of Combat challenges than usual.

Training Grounds of Gusong Ruin Drifter Standard The Training Grounds of Gusong are a remote area in the western mountains adjoining the Calm Lands. A recent Sin attack dislodged the narrow mountain path leading up to the training grounds, which are a set of ruins where Warrior Monks once trained in the past. The ruins are infested with fiends and lingering Unsent now, and many of the trials here are still dangerous, but they may provide some insight into the events of the past.
The Shipboard Laboratory Ruin Drifter Standard The Shipboard Laboratory is to all accounts entirely abandoned. Drifting off Spira's coast, it shows signs of damage from Fiends but seems to have thus far escaped Sin's attention. In structure it resembles one of the ships Althena's Crusade took to Spira, but heavily damaged. Even the weather has been unkind to it, but most of all the damage comes from the strange, overgrown plant life that emerges from within to entangle almost the entire ship in thorny green. Exposed pipework and holes in the hull havent sunk it yet, but they afford entrances within for sunlight and explorers. What lies within its metallic corridors?
Hoel - Shrine of the Light Trial (First Visit) Ruin Drifter One-Shot Hoel, the Shrine of the Light Trial, is an ancient Althenan ruin that somehow was relocated to Spira. Like its cousin, Lefay, it is buried -- though deep within the sands of Bikanel Island. An excavation by the Al Bhed have uncovered it, though, and allowed its depths to be plumbed. It is said, at the lowest levels, it has elements of Elw technology -- much like the teleporter found within Lefay. However, the place is dangerous, with machina inside... and Hellions, buried deep within.
Elw Teleporters - Dreaming Ruin Drifter Standard The teleporter network used by the Elw allows for instantaneous travel across parts of Filgaia and Lunar. Although a Teleport Key is necessary to activate them -- and a venture into a dangerous ruin -- the process is instantaneous. When someone does, though, there is a faint moment where they feel someone is watching. Where they feel someone sees something... and perhaps they leave something behind. Those who use the teleporters, sometimes, dream of the past -- and see glimpses of other's pasts, who also traveled through them.

Characters who run this Dig are having a shared dream. We assume that any character can dream and contribute to the dreams, though you may opt out.

Characters can be in Gears or on-foot forms. Challenges can be written for either; characters without Gears for Gear-scale challenges are assumed to be in some manner of mass production Gear.

Successfully completing the Dig and getting a Discovery card allows one character to submit a challenge, as described in the card text. Staff will determine if this challenge is an Exploration or a Final. Characters can only have one memory submitted as a challenge at a time. Staff may elect to remove old cards. They may also stop adding new cards if the deck size gets unwieldy too quickly.
Mont Maléfique Ruin Gear Standard Mont Maléfique, until fairly recently, was written off as a semi-active volcano located in the southeast region of southern Aquvy. However, then a chance geological expedition had turned up the revelation that the volcano's crater used to be inhabited... and what's more, there were still ruins inside! Of course, given the heat and other elements, it's hardly safe to go in here on one's own. You'll need a Gear, ideally one with adequate shielding. What could be left in the ruins within the still smoldering crater?
Thunder Plains - Wild Road Ruin Drifter Standard "Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are torn asunder."

So it is said of the Thunder Plains, sometimes called the Gandof Thunder Plains for High Summoner Gandof, an expanse that stretches between Guadosalam and the Macalania Forest. Once the site of a protracted battle between the forces of Yevon and Althena, the Thunder Plains have returned to their natural state of chaos and are once again a wild road for Spiran travelers.

The Lost Woods Ruin Drifter Standard The Sylvara Great Woods are known, colloquially, as the 'Lost Woods.'

While some roads and railroads cut through these roads, the woods themselves are among the most ancient on Filgaia. Unlike many of its forests, the trees here grow strong and seem unaffected by the worsening climate of the planet. The forests are thick, difficult to navigate, and often filled with mists. Navigating them is difficult -- but reaching the Live Reflector attached to the Elw teleporter network requires navigating through it. There are also mysteries from the ancient past scattered throughout.

Hoel - Shrine of the Light Trial Ruin Drifter Standard Hoel, the Shrine of the Light Trial, is an ancient Althenan ruin that somehow was relocated to Spira. Like its cousin, Lefay, it is buried -- though deep within the sands of Bikanel Island. An excavation by the Al Bhed have uncovered it, though, and allowed its depths to be plumbed. It offers a source of spirital strength -- as well as a way to teleport between Filgaia and Lunar.
Lunatic Garden Labyrinth Drifter Standard The Lunatic Garden is a Metal Demon War-era ruin, which was once a temple to the Guardians. However, it fell into ruin at the end of those wars and the destruction of the neabry kingdom by the Metal Demons. The ruin itself has been pillaged several times in the last thousand years, though few have ever made it all the way to the core... at least, supposedly. Monsters have moved into the ruin, posing a danger to those who enter. The inside, however, is often well-lit white stone... and portions lead to stretches with plants, giving the ruin its name.
Gemstone Cavern Ruin Drifter Standard The Gemstone Cavern is a large cavern near Sylvaland City (at least, relatively speaking). Much of it, but not all of it, has been mined. An active mine can still be found there, but part of it has become a tourist attraction; the gemstones aren't valuable in that part, but they are beautiful. Deeper parts are untamed, though, and these promise fabulous riches... for those daring enough to try for them.
Emulator Zone Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot What is the Emulator Zone, one might rightly ask?

In short, it is an alternate dimension, a rift summoned forth and shaped by the otherworldly powers over which Odessa has control.

And as Odessa snares the passenger train Dianbai Guang within this dimensional rift, you may also unfortunately become trapped here... unless you can find your way out again!

Reaper Ship Ruin Hybrid Standard Bad things happen sometimes at sea, and they can become spectacularly bad when the particularities of Aquvy are involved. ...Specifically, this means Wels. Rumors have circulated in certain circles of late about a large-size ship that has become infested with Wels. Adrift on the waves, an investigation is necessary to determine the full extent of the infestation... and deal with it accordingly.
Ethos Headquarters Attack Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Normally bustling with Etones as they come and go, the Ethos Headquarters has gone silent and still but for the sounds of violence echoing from the halls within. Something is going very, very wrong within the Holy City.

And as it happens, you're here just in time to investigate the matter.

(Note: This dig and its outcome assumes you are not running it as a member of Solaris.)

Zeboim Ruins Labyrinth Drifter Standard The site of a Zeboim-era ruin until recently under excavation by the Ethos, the apparent secret that the Ethos found in its depths was a major instigator in their attempted schism from Solaris... and their subsequent purge. Within its depths, Solaris found and claimed a relic of some importance to that nation, but the ruin still retains numerous secrets. But the crumbling halls of the ancient city are not about to give up what they have so long held easily...
Siddim Canyon Ruin Drifter One-Shot To those spiritually aware, the Northern Zoara region of Celesti has become a hotbed of Malevolence. An encounter with Hellionized wildlife has allowed for the source to be traced back to a canyon that once housed a small village destroyed in the final years of the Celesti Civil War. Located far from where civilization huddles together for survival, it is only notable now for receiving more rainfall than the rest of the region. (That, and being a budding Malevolent Domain.)

Malevolence tinged with guilt, shame, regret, and despair hangs heavy in the air. It weighs heaviest where the water collects and flows. Curiously, the Domain's pressure lessens when the natural rain comes - a welcome development for those who would brave it, if no less eerie.

(NOTE: Optionally, for newer Drifters who have not increased their spiritual strength much, they may feel an overwhelming sense of guilt that makes it difficult to use Combat Tools! This is not strictly enforced.)

(ALSO NOTE: This is a limited-time Dig intended to be run only once per alt and contains a Climax! It directly leads into a social scene - exact timing to be detailed in a post - where the Domain will be purified without further incident.)

CONTENT WARNING: The Final details war violence against innocent people.

Babel Tower Labyrinth Gear Standard A notorious landmark in the centre of South Aquvy's oceans, the Tower of Babel is a metallic tructure from a bygone era that rises well above the heavens to heights untold. Its name is christened from the myriad tales that have spawned from the hapless climbing attempts of Drifters throughout the ages; a reminder of one's limits and the punishment visited for hubris, and yet, a tantalising reminder to also push one past their own limits in turn. Whatever its truth may be, several things are clear: one needs Gears to advance anywhere in this place, and the verticality presents a significant challenge unlike many other Digs.

(NB: The Tower of Babel is an Agility-focused Dig)

Chibiki-Iwa Express Ruin Drifter Standard Tat-tat, tat-tat... do you hear it?

It is a story children share in Aquvy to spook each other. When you hear the ring of the iron wheels of the silver train that rushes through the stations of Filgaia past midnight, you will see it. A phantom train whose ghostly passengers seek a one-way passage to the afterlife. An ephemeral vessel with no schedule and no rest, for the eternal ferriage of souls exists with unending demand.

It is merely a hoax, of course. A children's story.

But one day, you find -it- in your possessions. An innocuous and ordinary train ticket departing at the Thirteenth Platform of any station. The 'Chibiki-Iwa' Express.

There is no Thirteenth Platform.

It is... just a story. ...Right?

Mount Gagazet Labyrinth Drifter Standard Mount Gagazet is the largest mountain in Spira. A colossal peak, reaching up to the heavens and towering above the rest, that houses the homeland of the Ronso on its southern slopes. A high pass leads on to Zanarkand, and it marks the beginning of the end of a Summoner's journey. The

high passes are windy, snowy, and treacherous; more than a few souls have perished on its switchbacks or been crushed underneath a falling serac. To make matters worse, fiends are common on the slopes.

Ruins of Zanarkand Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The ruins of Zanarkand are the final destination for the summoner's pilgrimage. They are a sight unseen by most Spirans, one of vast and crumbling ruins; one of spires ruined by age, sea, and Sin. The streets are far from safe, as powerful fiends roam... as do many Unsent, the dead Guardians and Summoners never given a proper sending. Pyreflies linger all about as one makes their way through the ruins.
New Kasim City Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot New Kasim City is a ruined Zeboim-era city underneath Zanarkand. This mysterious, high tech city is abandoned save for fiends and automatons. It carries great dangers -- and the people who found it crashed down into it from a huge hole.

Introduced in Act 4

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Secret Voyage to Pendrago Ruin Drifter One-Shot The departure of Althena's Guard from Spira means many ships are setting sail -- largely from Kilika -- to Pendrago. Many of these are merchant ships from Pendrago and Meribia; most are sailing to Pendrago, then headed elsewhere. While the Guard is doing their best to make sure only approved personnel find their way to Pendrago... so many people making their way to Glenwood means that many chances to sneak aboard are possible.

Please note that this Dig has fewer cards than others and does not have a full range of Discoveries; it represents stowing away in Glenwood, but other means of travel between Spira and Glenwood will be present after arriving. It also has a relatively high level of comedic content. It is assumed to last a nebulous number of days.

Galahad Ruins Ruin Gear Standard Few people are certain of what to make of the Galahad Ruins. Enormous in scale, still standing -- indeed in largely excellent repair despite their age -- they are a mystery to most of the humans who dwell in the region. While traversing them on foot is indeed possible, the time it takes to cross even one of the great caverns on foot dissuades most attempts (at least those not prepared for weeks of it). That, and the great volume of creepy-crawlies (Hellions, at that) that have made the place home also make exploration on foot decidedly unpleasant.

However, with the advent of strange and more importantly, large machines from the Blue Star on Glenwood's soil, perhaps exploration is no longer as difficult as it once was.

Biroclef Ridge Ruin Hybrid Standard Biroclef Ridge is well-known as a treacherous location even under the best of circumstances -- and the best of circumstances have become the worst of circumstances with the migration of many large Hellions into the region. A networked lattice of canyons and lattices, the Hellions that have taken roost in the area have proven elusive even for the knights stationed in the Gododdin region, and thus they have sought out help from other warriors.

They've taken particular interest, given the size of the enemy, in those who make use of 'enormous metal giants' (Gears), but anyone who seems like they can down an excessively large Hellion will meet their favor in the field at Biroclef.

OOC: This Dig heavily favors Combat!

Yder Cave Ruin Hybrid Standard With an entrance located not terribly far from Biroclef Ridge, Yder Cave is well known among area explorers for its unusual geological formations. While some of its passages have been explored by various adventurers in the region, many of its tunnels have not been comprehensively investigated. Due to the size of its tunnel passages, Yder Cave is one of the places in the region where someone in a Gear could explore with about the same level of comfort (minus a few narrow points) as someone on foot.
Ruins of Azado Labyrinth Hybrid Standard Azado was destroyed by the first appearance of Sin. The once-vibrant port town was shattered by Sin's arrival -- as well as a tragic fire that erupted in the chaos, causing the collapse of most of its once-famous lighthouse. Now, there is little of Azado beyond ruins, including some very ancient ruins that have been exposed to the open area. The best approach is its lighthouse, as both Malevolent domains and areas thick with pyreflies make an approach from other directions dangerous.
The Screams of the Silenced Ruin Drifter Standard Located in the very center of Guara Bobelo, the Screams of the Silenced are a monument to a city's sins. The outlandishly-named arena is built into the remains of the Church of Saint Calucion, and her statue now watches over garish bloodsport. The arena's staff are always on the lookout for fresh new talent, especially since the matchups are as dangerous as they are spectacular. Lately, the management has started reaching out to Drifters, in hopes of treating the audience to greater heights of violent entertainment.

NOTE: This Dig represents a sequence of fights in the arena, taking place over the course of several hours. It has five different Final challenges, each with its own Combat encounter! Some may be more difficult than others, depending on the previous challenges you've encountered. Prepare accordingly.

Mount Zulan - Snowed In Ruin Drifter Standard Mount Zulan is a snowy peak. It has been famous as a destination for vacationers from Meribus and Glenwood. However, a starkly snowy period last winter led to an immense amount of ice and snow, and made the local wildlife all the more dangerous. The town on the foothills below is hiring adventurers to both clear out dangerous wildlife and clear many of the trails, hoping to reopen for tourism in the future. Unfortunately, rumors exist that something worse lay up on those slopes: the restless spirits of the dead.
Professor Raydon and the Meribia Sewers Mystery Ruin Drifter Standard The death of Blue Master Lunn shocked all of Meribia. While the port city has mourned him, some rumors circled, as a gang of criminals that called the sewers home dispersed quickly. Raydon, a professor from Hyland, has since taken up the case -- as part of his hobby of investigating exciting mysteries. He is spending a great deal of time in the sewers... and paying any Drifters who would help him very well, to boot.

This Dig has a disproportionate number of Wits challenges. It is also not perfectly balanced because of this.

Fright Night Ruin Drifter Plot It's that time again. Yes! That time... when one wears a costume, gets their biggest bag, and goes around pestering their neighbors for sweets until they can walk no more! It's the biggest fright night of the year, Halloween!

(Notes: This dig is written to be location agnostic and can be just about anywhere. It's also at best dubiously canonical! Happy Halloween!!)

Alcidamas Village - Oasis of Land, Water, and Sky Ruin Drifter Plot War-torn Celesti, survived by its many battlefields about Zoara, is only considered inhabitable by the loosest definition. To Alcidamas Village, it is as though the earth-salting war had never happened.

As of around two years ago, one settlement's fortunes have changed to a degree best described as otherworldly - as though their part of the Zoara continent had never suffered ruin to begin with. Their water is clearer than a pure spring, the air cleaner than that of the densest of forests, and the earths bounty never ceases to provide. The heavens themselves bless the people with perfect weather, with just as much rainfall as is needed to maintain their bustling agriculture. Populations of healthy fish have started to return to the coasts. Even the local monsters have become tamed by an emerging abundance of food, and the population of game has exploded in turn. This is an oasis of land, water, and sky that even the bountiful land of Lunar would envy.

This has only recently come to attention, and the villagers have embraced this. They have dreams of expanding their village, and in doing so, this idyllic oasis. Their ambition may exceed their current means, but their enthusiasm keeps pace as they rise from the ashes of Celesti. While some express worry about how much attention they've received, they are always happy for any helping hands that pass by. They're happy to share even if you're just stopping by to rest! There's plenty to go around.

It sounds too good to be true in this dying world... but with a place like this, maybe its a sign things can finally turn around. Could this village, Alcidamas, hold the key to reversing Filgaia's rapid desertification?

(NOTES: This Dig is intended to be run once, but can be repeated if strongly desired. It may require some creative adjustments on the part of players for the Final and possible Conclusion cards. It will remain available for running until a scheduled wrap-up scene happens.)

Dig BGM: Star Ocean Faithlessness and Integrity - The Village of Sthal -

Keqili Forest Temple Ruin Drifter One-Shot Amongst the varied Deku Isles is Keqili Island, named so for the Baskar tribe that protects the sanctity of the forest within. In the centre of the Forest is an expansive temple that they once called home. However, the temple fell into ruin centuries ago, and has slowly twisted and attracted the power of malice over the ages: the undead and ghosts alike.

In the present era, the Forest Temple is a dangerous place. However, ancient secrets have their way of burying themselves in the heart of danger, and there's little choice but to part past the veil of illusions and see what's truly within...

The Hidden Gate Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Deep within Guadosalam, guards loyal to Maester Seymour have created a cordoned off area. None are allowed in -- not even many of the wealthy and leaders of Guadosalam -- without Seymour's approval. There are disturbing rumors, though, of what lay behind that area. There is a large stone gateway there, and pyreflies flow from its doorframe, hinting at some danger. Gathering more information is necessary. The caverns beyond the stone doors are labyrinthine -- and dangerous in the extreme.
Igraine - Shrine of the Fire Trial Ruin Drifter Plot Not far from Biroclef Ridge, hidden away in a cavern in a village that has grown up around the site lies Igraine, the Shrine of the Fire Trial. Past the inns and shops of the village, past the holdings of a hidden Seraph who guards the entryway, there is a cavern with a sealed entrance: beyond, a stone structure deep under the earth. Magma courses through grooves in its chambers like a reservoir of water might, but altogether hotter and more dangerous still. Within, fire distorts and heat brings a haze, and ancient creatures wander among fiendish puzzles and tests of endurance. The heart of the Shrine of the Fire Trial awaits... and its test of worthiness.
Ostagovo Manor Labyrinth Drifter Standard Ostagovo Manor is an old manor in the Rolance countryside. Years ago, a fire gutted it, and its ruins were sealed off by its former owner: Duke Lubov Yemelin. Rumors in recent years, however, point to some problem in this burnt, gothic manor: strange creatures, possessing elemental powers, have caused trouble in the countryside. This has prompted people to come investigate -- but rumors also say that a few adventurers who wandered into it have not returned, speaking to its dangers.
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth Ruin Drifter One-Shot There is a rumor that has been handed down within certain circles concerning a 'Lost Fayth'. Such stories are not uncommon in Spira -- there are many such tales about lost Fayths, no longer a component of any pilgrimage. What makes this particular story unusual, however, is that the tale concerns a Fayth that did not become lost to knowledge as it had been /stolen/ from its shrine.

The reasons are varied. Some tellings speak of a distraught Guardian behind the deed. Others place the onus on the Al Bhed. Far more rarely, it is said, the Fayth had been stolen of its own will.

What's more, the whereabouts of this one have become known. It's said that the place where it rests can be entered from an abandoned Crusaders' training ground in the Calm Lands, but that the cavern itself is riddled with danger and traps for the unwary.

Citrine Springs Ruin Drifter Standard In a remote corner of Sielje, where the snowfields meet the mountains, there have been rumors of strange activity in and around a small, volcanically active cave system. Well, 'rumors.' Travelers in the area have reported seeing advertisements and flyers for some kind of hot new resort

opening up in the middle of the wilderness, but the directions listed all seem to point to an old, abandoned gold mine.

Citrine Springs had once been a powerful engine of commerce in the region, but years ago, an earthquake flooded it with volcanic gasses and pools of scalding-hot, toxic water. Weirder still is that monster sightings in the area have spiked, yet monster attacks in the area have hit an all-time low! Perhaps something new has set up shop in the old mine, but is it for good, or for ill...? One thing's for sure, the locals are concerned... and intrigued...?

((Each card will have some yellow text, intended to be a relevant line from a handy pamphlet you might have found before arriving at the Springs. Please note that this dig's context will change somewhat once you reach a Discovery or Landmark. As such, please don't spoil the dig for others who may not have run it yet! This also means that if you run the dig again with the same character(s), you should feel free to re-interpret some of the cards to better reflect your PCs' understanding of the situation. Have fun!))

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Unrest Labyrinth Drifter Standard The rumor was confirmed to be true! The story of a long-lost Fayth that had been stolen and hidden away turned out to be an accurate tale, and access to the Fayth was eventually reestablished... for a few weeks, that is. Tales of ambushes, of disruptions and of other unfortunate things in the cavern adjacent to an abandoned Crusaders' training ground in the Calm Lands trickled in afterwards, and thus the Fayth remained again out of reach.

Eager to resolve the issue, some have gone forth to inspect the caverns themselves. They have not been heard of since.

Alexandros Lighthouse Labyrinth Drifter Standard A long, long time ago -- nearly a century or there abouts -- Alexandros Lighthouse was a lantern in the dark for ships nearing the northernmost reach

of the Deku Isles. That was before the light went out forever, and the lighthouse was lost, standing only as a memorial for these last several decades.

But recently, the light has begun to shine again. There are rumors circulating in the area: some say that pirates must be using the lighthouse as a stopover point, which makes it best avoided. Other stories whisper of darker, more sinister things afoot, which makes it best avoided.

Drifters, as usual, may seek their own counsel on such matters.

The Broken Seal Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Deep within Guadosalam, Seymour Guado seeks to break open a way to the Farplane -- permanently. With a ritual in place, and a constant stream of pyreflies, he cannot be struck down while in his Seymour Archaeo form. While some fight him, others must find a way to disrupt the ritual... or leave all of Lunar to a Seymour turned unimaginably stronger.
Kahedin - Shrine of the Ice Trial Ruin Drifter Plot Nestled deep within the snowy landscapes near Mt. Zulan lies Kahedin, Shrine of the Ice Trial. Those who do not have the ancient knowledge required to guess its location may have discovered it via rumors of a suspicious dark, masked figure persistently trying to brave the vicious blizzards -- and having left a conspicuous trail of destructive landmarks in their wake. But the eternal snowstorm protecting the shrine is only the first challenge to reaching it. To overcome the Trial, aspirants will need to confront their own nostalgia and longing, learning to let go of the past.
Shattered Cells of Tamasqus Abyss Drifter Standard There are no stories about Tamasqus. No ancient tales, no lore, no whispered rumors.

The only hints to its existence lie in text under lock and key in the archives of Bevelle. Only a handful of people in the world know that the word refers to a place.

Tamasqus has slept for a long time under the battered surface of the Thunder Plains, but now it has been rediscovered. A passage has been inadvertently opened to the broken cells of this place, and permitted entry below for the first time in a very long while.

The Block Puzzle Eternal Labyrinth Hybrid Standard Block puzzles. Love them, hate them, remain indifferent to them -- they are a fact of any would-be Drifter's life. Block puzzles... where do they come from?

And where do they go?

The Millennium Puzzle, of course. Fittingly, it has also seen fit to bestow upon those who come and go the ultimate expression of all things block puzzle: the Block Puzzle Eternal.

(Note: this dungeon favors Brute actions and is not balanced!)

Morgause - Shrine of the Earth Trial Ruin Drifter Plot Hidden deep underground is Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial. Deep in a Glenwood forest lies a cave that leads to a hidden underground world, a cavern as big as a mountain valley, rising hundreds of feet up and divided into chamber-like individual zones within craters and crevices. It's possible to follow a path by following paths from from one 'chamber' to another, either over the edges of the walls or through tunnels, to reach the true destination: a tiny shrine on an improbable pillar of stone, rising high above the rest of the cave. But it is more than just the tiny shrine that is the Trial; surrounded by a magical subterranean world, the central parts of the cavern form the Trial of Earth, made to test one's endurance and determination.
Xenobia's Library Labyrinth Drifter Standard In the ancient past, Lady Yunalesca was attended by a scholar known as Xenobia. This well-learned sage helped her complete the research tbat resulted in the process Summoners use to defeat Sin. Xenobia has been lost to the annals of history, a mysterious figure thought long dead. Some, now, know better. Others still know to be afraid. Xenobia's library lay in the eastern mountains on the border of the Calm Land, an ancient library with a number of long-lost tomes.
Macalania Woods - Becalmed Labyrinth Drifter Standard To the north of the Thunder Plains lies the Macalania Woods, a junction point for travelers seeking to reach Macalania Lake and its temple, the Calm Lands, or Bevelle. The way has become peaceful enough again for even pilgrims and merchants to cross, though the woods are never entirely without their hazards, particularly for those who might decide to venture off the beaten path. People like... you, perhaps?
Lake Macalania - Liberated Labyrinth Hybrid Standard Never once in recorded memory has a thaw come to the region surrounding Macalania Temple. Characterized by its frigid temperature and fields of snow and ice, Lake Macalania can be perilous for pilgrims and travelers alike. Even the lake that gives the region its name is capped in ice. Once, this land had been seized by Solaris and used as an outpost of sorts for their mysterious interests in Spira and Lunar at large, but they have since been forced out. However, even without their presence the land remains dangerous, indeed -- even for those who opt to cross the winter wonderland in a Gear.
Mount Liverfeast - The Sky Is Falling Apart Labyrinth Hybrid One-Shot An obscure island named for its dormant volcano, Mt. Liverfeast, lies west of Illsveil Prison. It would have remained obscure had it not been observed being subject to novel (but deadly) meteorological phenomena surrounding it. Phenomena that's rapidly spreading out into the surrounding waters, growing in both intensity and scale by the day... if not by the hour.

It speaks of a brewing cataclysm, of a problem that cannot be ignored. Braving the approach on a ship of one's choice, even the sturdiest vessel feels like a gamble - but it's one that must be taken, lest this be the crisis that finally seals Filgaia's fate. If a Gear can be secured and transported to support the on-foot Drifter teams, it can only off-set the odds presented.

All paths lead to the peak... and a worlds-shattering truth from an unlikely, uniquely untrustworthy source, in a race against time.

(NOTES: Though marked a Hybrid scale Dig, Gear usage is optional. The Dig is intended to be run once, and takes place on a specific day to be outlined on a relevant post. It leads directly into Infleunce of Truth Appearance, a Gunslinger scene!)

Dungeon BGM: Star Ocean Faithlessness and Integrity - Under Pressure -

The Rosary Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Near Meria Boule there rests a deep network of tunnels. Many, many years ago -- Collapse or perhaps even milenna prior -- the tunnels appear to have been a mine, though most ore of note appears to have been long-since extracted from the depths.

...Mostly. There is one subsection of the tunnels that has only been explored in relatively recent times, known to the School of Mineralogy of Guild Galad as 'the Great Works. It appears to possess startling mineral richness as well as geological beauty, two factors complicated by the depth and difficulty of reaching the location.

...Not to mention the other thing that rests down in the tunnels.

This would be the being that appears as a great fossil-bone, turquoise and lapis-lazuli-studded figure of a slumbering person that resonates strongly with the Crest Sorcery element of Geo. The School of Mineralogy believes this to be the Primarch of Geo, Odziozo.

And it is in the Great Works that the Rosary, a Malevolent Domain brought about by the Seraph Harmaus and his allies, has taken terrible root. If the tale is to be believed, Harmaus has dragged victims into the heart of the Domain, to suffer whatever might come of them there.

This cannot be permitted.

Strike Base Azure Ruin Drifter Standard Strike Base Azure is a former Zeboim Federation military base, which was instrumental in the development and deployment of robotic and automated forces. The ruins of the base are submerged in the Crater Sea and require a submarine to access. It was abandoned when the Federation fell, but has equipment and materials developed by the infamous Dr. Weisheit.
Yggdrasil - Spire of Rejuvenation Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Yggdrasil is a large tower built on a remote island in the middle of the northern seas of Aquvy. The island is striking: a heavily wooded isle, with ancient old growth forest and numerous streams, that is verdant to the point of absurdity. In the center of the island is a spire. The inside and outside have rooms filled with spiraling black circles and concentric patterns on white, making it disorienting to look at. It is also atop a nexus of many powerful ley lines.
Ciderblade Chronicles X: Fahrenheit - The Hungover Country Ruin Drifter One-Shot The Queen of Shevat is coming to the Fahrenheit, to negotiate a deal with the Al Bhed. Cid, Brother, and the others prepared a sumptuous feast... with a lot of alcohol. That they, er, drank yesterday. The Queen gets here in two hours.

The place is a total wreck.

Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Sit down in the trash and be free of responsibility or clean and fight your sense of disgust! Now is the time to pick up that unused toilet scrubber! Your fate is in your hands!

Artorius's Throne Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The lost village of Camlann was the site of a terrible tragedy. Twenty-four years ago, when war between Hyland and Rolance spilled out into a conflict here, the village was burnt and many of its inhabitants killed. Their attempt to live apart from the war ended in tragedy. Worse, though, is the Malevolent Domain that has gripped Camlann and left it a place of darkness. Beyond that is an ancient fortress: Artorius's Throne. The Throne is a citadel-made-temple to Maotelus, the leader of the Five Lords of the Seraphim. It is the heart of the Malevolent Domain.
The Final Resting Place of the Gerudo Ruin Drifter One-Shot Carved into the mountains at the end of the world, the Final Resting Place of the Gerudo is a tomb intended to defy the ravages of time. Outside is piles of snow and ancient homes, all coming to rest at the foot of a temple's entry steps. Once, the Gerudo tribe was driven here, cast out for their former king's ultimate treachery. Once, they tried to survive. Once, they failed. But it seems Ganondorf Dragmire still has a plan for his one-time people. Stop him, or two ages will pay a heavy price.
Heimdall Gazzo Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Heimdall Gazzo is a floating, spacefaring weapons platform commanded by Odessa. Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus has every intention of using it to lay the kingdoms of the planet low -- and the loss of Antenora has rendered him mad with grief. The interior is well-guarded, both by the surviving Odessa forces and the Zeboim-era automatons that protected Heimdall Gazzo.
Sin - Dream's End Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Sin has been paralyzed outside Bevelle, though none can say for how long. After making their way through the misty labyrinth in its upper levels and contending with Seymour Guado for one last time, Yuna and her allies have arrived at the heart of Sin: a massive ruined city that stretches on in an eternal night. Buildings of the most ancient stone and the newest steel designs are mixed together, with architecture that is a bewildering mishmash -- and angles and turns that can seem impossible. Ahead is a large, steel tower, cloaked in darkness.
The Myster(e)ious Escape! Ruin Drifter One-Shot After an encounter with Althena -- and, perhaps, not the true Althena -- the Vile Fiends and their comrades have been arrested. They are imprisoned within the Towers of the Four Heroes in Pentagulia, split up across many jail cells. Lucia is being held underneath the Tower of the Goddess. When a mysterious figure triggers their release, though, they have a chance to escape... and to rescue Lucia from this dire predicament!

Introduced in Chapter 2: Epilogue

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Memory Maze Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot The Memory Maze is a liminal space -- one that may not truly exist -- created during the fall of the Zeboim Era. It now exists as an eternal prison that some are pulled into, where memories and dreams of those captured here and those close to it become real. Fortunately, ARMS has found a way to break into the unbreakable and free most of those trapped inside. But some destinies are too great to be overcome...
Harmonde Restoration Ruin Drifter Standard Thanks to being caught in a three-way battle between Solaris special ops team, a Veruni Radical faction unit, and the runaway terraforming device Demetrioi, the sea-side town of Harmonde was just about leveled. However, the former residents are not about to give up on their home; with some struggles, they have begun to rebuild. But they could use -- and in fact need -- some help. A lot of help.

(OOC: This Dig will change over time, which will be announced and noted in this description. You, the players, will get to participate in the rebuilding of Harmonde and through your contributions (most of the Discoveries) determine the shape of the rebuilt town. A given phase will end when staff thinks enough votes for Harmonde's direction have been cast and this deck will be updated! Currently the Dig is in Phase 1; the number of phases will remain secret. Periodically, as time and ability permits, Staff may reflect the changes to Harmonde in the location's description. Any questions about this Dig should be sent via +request.)

Xenobia's Library - Secret Annex Labyrinth Hybrid Standard Deep underneath Xenobia's library is an annex where some of her rarest tomes and scrolls are stored. To protect it, a powerful spell was placed upon it... which shrinks it down considerably. In fact, someone entering the Annex must be shrunk down themselves.

Recently, Guba stumbled upon a gem that can shrink those down, inside of the library.

NOTE: This can be ran with Gears or Drifter forms. It doesn't matter: either way, you will magically be about the height of a fairy. (So fairy characters don't require shrinking.) This is a rare opportunity for Gears and Drifters to stand at the same height!

Omega Ruins Abyss Drifter One-Shot The Omega Ruins are located on an island in the very eastern reaches of Spira's archipelago. The ruins are inhabited by powerful Fiends, drawn there by the strongest Fiend on the island: Omega Weapon, the monstrous form of an ancient Yevonite monk executed for daring to consider another way to defeat Sin. The interior is a labyrinthine maze, half-cavern and half-constructed, and filled with countless dangers. The Ruins act as a seal on Omega, but someone seeks to break this seal.
Marduk - The Broken Seal Labyrinth Drifter One-Shot Marduk -- known as the New Moon on Filgaia, and the Black Star on Lunar -- is, in truth, a large space station. Built by the Elw in many ages past, it was a place where terrors of the past and future were sealed. Reaching it is no small feat, but help from Kattelox has made that possible. Now, Marduk can be reached, to give chase to the Ten Wise Men... but there is a danger that they have unleashed something even more dangerous by coming there.

This is a plot Dig, meant to be run once.

Chapter 3: Burn

Introduced in Act 1

Name Type Scale Availability Description
Viridian Forest Ruin Drifter Standard Viridian Forest is a League-sponsored, nature-themed training ground within Viridian Park designed for youths to cut their training teeth on. The curated environment is designed as a minor labyrinth, and has a variety of insect and bird Pokemon within. As of late, however, perhaps due to Team Rocket or the Ten Wise Men, some concerned locals have expressed worries of dangers within. Whether you're a Trainer or a Drifter, perhaps it's worth checking into?
Cave of Crimson Crystals Ruin Drifter Standard The Cave of Crimson Crystals is located in northeastern Energy Nede, not so far from Lavender Town. It is one of the few places where wild Psynards, a rare Psychic-type Pokemon, lives. Psynards are large creatures, with naturally armored bodies and wings of psychic energy, which are sometimes used as a means of personal flight. The cave itself is filled with red crystals and inhabited by a number of Psychic-type Pokemon. Recently, though, the Pokemon inside have grown hostile... and there are rumors of completely unheard of breeds appearing inside.
Kanto Plains Route Ruin Drifter Standard The Kanto Plains are criss-crossed with routes meant to be taken by Pokemon Trainers. These provide an illusion of danger, rather than a real danger (usually, at least). There are quicker ways to get from city-to-city, but hoofing it lets you see the preserved natural environment of Energy Nede. It is also a prime place for capturing Pokemon, and the central Kanto Plains are where many Pokemon Trainers get their start!

This Dig represents traveling in northeastern Energy Nede, from Viridian City to Lavender Town.

Diglett's Cave Ruin Drifter Standard Diglett's Cave is a semi-natural cavern located in the northwestern Kanto Region, not far from Pewter City. While originally dug out by Digletts and Dugtrios that call it home, it has also been expanded and used by Nedian scientists to access the environmental machinery that keeps Energy Nede functioning. However, a few underground rivers have led to a proliferation of Wigletts and Wugtrios that have started moving in. Trainers are sometimes hired to check on the machinery, and sometimes venture here besides to capture these otherwise-rare Pokemon.
Mt. Moon Labyrinth Drifter Standard Mount Moon is a large mountain located between Pewter City to the west, and Cerulean City in the east. It is one of Energy Nede's most famous mountains, with many hiking trails to suit all levels of experience and fitness levels. Many Pokemon trainers also visit the mountain to obtain Rock-type Pokemon, and some brave the heights at night, chasing the rumours that Fairy-type Pokemon gather under a full moon. The mountain is rich in Fossils and mysterious minerals said to not originate in Nede. Is there truth to such rumours?
Hilton Sea Caves Ruin Drifter Standard Not far from the city of Hilton sits a large expanse of caves, the entrance to which is only exposed at low tide. Rumors circulate about the caves, with some claiming that the network of cave tunnels were once used by pirates or other brigands. Still others, when asked about the caves, think they may be a monster nest (and thus possibly worth purging, if only to spare Hilton's sea-faring trade). And others still wonder if the caves might have been used as a base of operations by... other groups of recent 'renown'.
Lahan Ruins - Kislevi Encampment Ruin Drifter Standard Border skirmishes between Kislev and Aveh are not unknown. Every so often, these break into far more intense fighting, though intensive, all-out war has so far mercifully been evaded. But Kislev's movements of late have some worried.

In particular, one recent establishment of a Kislevi camp in the ruins of the village of Lahan has several parties worried, Aveh and Nisan among them. Perhaps you have been hired to investigate. Or maybe you're looking for your own reasons.

Or maybe you just really, really want to steal things from a military camp.

Berry Cave (Savage) Labyrinth Gear Standard Reports have flooded in from the Berry Cave, warning of a strange and disturbing occurrence: the side of it has been broken open by something immense. Something that, indeed, is Gear-sized. A whole network of tunnels has been found underneath, and rumors of terrible and powerful monsters have spread. Clearly, this warrants investigation, before things get out of hand.
The Lightless Dark Labyrinth Drifter Standard The mines of Mirapulse were believed to be largely empty, and as near as could be determined by anyone, they were. Nothing of use or interest to anyone -- let alone the Veruni that had once held control over this place -- had been found in decades. And so they'd been abandoned.

It had started with a local tremor as near as anyone could fathom. When the abandoned mine tunnels were finally investigated, they found a great hole in the earth... and the signs of a complex far below. The locals kept the find secret for fear of drawing the Veruni back, but word has begun to escape from Mirapulse:

There's something big and mysterious buried under the old mining town.

Eluria Ruins Ruin Drifter Standard In 499 PC, the Sorcery Globe crashed down in the Kingdom of Ell, and brought ruin to the city of Eluria. Since then, some mysterious force has reshaped Eluria Tower, the former seat of Ell's monarchy. Now, that same force has spread out through the ruins of the city. While Eluria Tower remains sealed, the ruins of the city offer a rare opportunity to find resources and learn about what the now-missing Sorcery Globe did to this region. Nonetheless, it is a quite dangerous area.
Scraphaven Ruin Drifter Standard Once a hidden underground city within the wastelands of Ignas, Scraphaven's people now cautiously reach out to the Drifter community for what they hope will be a mutual relationship. They will grant Drifters permission to explore the junkyard ruins their city is built on if Drifters will help repel monsters and assist in other tasks. Collected wreckage can be brought to Scraphaven's Widgetmancers (huh? what's an 'ARMs meister'?) who promise to craft suitable rewards. But keep their home a secret from mean people, pretty pretty please! Thank you! <3
The Sunken Library Ruin Drifter Standard The copse of trees ahead doesn't immediately give away any feeling of being a long forgotten repository of knowledge, artifacts and magic. The crater doesn't either, as you round the hillside. Prior to the impact of something from the sky, the library had been hidden away like some ancient cairn. Buried by time and forgotten by all, but a select few. The rumors of horrible curses and wandering ghosts helped keep most of the locals away, though they were most certainly exaggerated right?

Like most myths, there was probably a hint of truth at one point and the sole remaining librarian would be the first to tell you how easy it is to scare someone off when they're already primed for it.

Regardless, the same librarian has put out a call to help to save the remnants of the myriad treasures left behind and now exposed to the world thanks to the wreckage from the sky.

Myrkyllinen Depths Labyrinth Drifter Standard Deep in the wilds of the Meribia continent there lies a particular cavern system that is widely avoided by many, even the most seasoned adventurers. The Myrkyllinen Depths are known by name by those who wander: it is said that every inch of the caves are filled with poison and toxic gas.

Yet, those sensitive to such things have noted that there appears to be no Malevolence filling these cavernous halls: the poison, for better or worse, is a natural thing, and what's more, has just about made the place an almost pristine place--

spiritually, that is.

Chapter 4