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You can create a new log by searching for your log's name. Please title logs in the following way: YYYY-MM-DD: <Log Title>. Please title cutscenes in the following way: YYYY-MM-DD: <Cutscene Title>.

You can refer to our log template to see a format for logs and cutscenes. Rosaline Calice's player has also created an amazing Python script called Log Muncher, which will do most of the formatting for you! Be sure to set the MUSH value to "DC" in the .py file.

Chapter 1: To the End of the Wilderness

Act 1: Logs

Act 1: Cutscenes

Act 2: Logs

Act 2: Cutscenes

Act 3: Logs

Act 3: Cutscenes

Act 4: Logs

Act 4: Cutscenes