Lorelei Calice

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Lorelei Calice
Lorelei and mignonette 001.jpg
Left: Mignonette. Right: Lorelei.
IC Information
Full Name: Lorelei Calice
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Beautiful and 21!! (466)
Hometown: Hope Springs
Hair Colour: Pink
Class: Elite Etone
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Solaris
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Hats

From her up-and-coming years as a lost girl at a church-run orphanage called Hope Springs, Lorelei Calice, the oldest orphan of the bunch, blossomed quickly into a big-sister figure, taking more than a few youngsters under her wing. Eventually her training in the faith took her away from Hope Springs and off to Aquvy, where she grew into what she is today, in her 30s (but trying to look 21) - an accomplished Etone and a powerful sorceress to boot. She's quite talented when it comes to ridding Filgaia of Wels, and of course at seeing to the spiritual needs of the flock - talented enough that she's tailed at almost all times by her long-suffering young Etone-in-training and assistant, Mignonette Stirling - but she's likely best known, both among her peers and among the congregation, as a vivacious, flirtatious, incredibly outgoing person who seems to live for the zestier parts of life. Dame Calice is the sort of person who will do her best to sweep anyone out of their lowest lows and whisk them along with her highest highs, all in the name of Granas. Or at least in the name of meeting handsome men, though of course she'd never admit such a thing to Mignonette, wholesome Etone that she is.


Lorelei does not know who her parents are, and she never has.

Evidently Lorelei grew up at the Calice Orphanage, alongside several other children. The Orphanage was eventually joined by a much younger girl named Rosaline, who wasn't related to Lorelei by blood but had similarly pink hair and feline features despite being more anthropomorphic. The two became very close, as close as sisters, with Lorelei taking the role of the elder (given that she was, after all, several years older).

When Lorelei was about 13, she was assessed by a group of high churchmen from the Ethos Society, who accepted her as a trainee. Lorelei hugged Rosaline and her "little brother" Tobit goodbye and whisked her way off to Aquvy to train in her faith.

Lorelei emerged from her training after much time spent both learning to fight and learning to understand her faith. The girl rounded into a talented Etone, wiser, older, more poised and in firm control of powerful sorcery. Her missions took her across Aquvy and other parts of Filgaia, and she soon found herself paired up with a shy young Etone trainee by the name of Mignonette, whom Lorelei would show the ropes.

Fate conspired to whisk Lorelei and Mignonette off to Spira, the two caught up in the magicks of Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus while on their way to Elru for a showdown with him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Holy Magic: Lorelei is an Elite Etone and has access to extremely strong magic, much of it offensive - she's less a healer than she is a defender of the faith from those monsters who might threaten it.
  • Able Archer Mark II: A high-end ARM Lorelei uses to supplement her casting. The weapon apparently has some sort of targeting mechanism in it that goes beyond what a usual gunsmoke ARM might use to aim. What happened to Able Archer Mark I is left to your imagination.
  • Mignonette's Hot Tips: "Please call them suggestions, Dame Calice." Lorelei being more the type to fly on instinct than on intellect, she has the advantage of her shy but incredibly organized and detail-oriented sidekick sometimes weighing in to provide her with exposition and hints. Basically Mignonette is the world's most boring and pedantic hint box.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Fellow Etones

  • Rosaline Calice: "I can't believe the kind of person Rosaline has blossomed into after all these years... she's made me so proud of the woman she's become! I missed her so much when we were apart, and now that she's back in my life, I feel like I'm remembering every little thing that we went through together. Oh, I want to know everything that I missed!"
  • Mignonette Stirling: "My dear, sweet trainee and assistant! Where would I be without her to keep me on task? Oh, but it's so hard to get her to loosen up a little and realize that Granas doesn't want life to be completely sterile and joyless.... Then again, maybe that's my next project...."
  • Tabitha deVriese: "My kind of Etone."


  • Amaterasu: "She's certainly an intimidating one. I'll have to keep an eye on her."
  • Cyre H. Lorentz: "He really does seem like a handsome one, doesn't he? Ah, I wonder if he always has such a breezy manner about him? How interesting--"
  • Elhaym van Houten: "What a sweet person! She and Mr. Fei make a good pairing."
  • Emeralda Kasim: "I WANT TO HUG HER"
  • Ethius Hesiod: "Granas, what a lump!"
  • Fei Fong Wong: "I'm glad he was so good to my little sister."
  • Layna Manydays: "My my, a real-live pirate? Can it be true? She seems to have her heart in a good place, though...."
  • Marivel Armitage: "Well, she's quite sassy and hands-offish, isn't she? But Mignonette seems to like her, so who am I to complain?"
  • Naelle Sylkirk: "Oh my gosh, she's so cute!"
  • Ratatoskr: "He's one of the Hyadeans, is he not? He's certainly lively, and most fiery in his temperament! I wonder what it is he seeks in life...."
  • Sephilia Lampbright: "CHAUNCEY IS SO CUTE"
  • Seraph Lanval: "I wonder how it is that Rosaline fell in with a rumpled spirit of the Guardians? Ah, well... he has been kind to her, and he is a friend of Granas, after all! If he has Rosaline's back, then I have his."
  • Xantia: "My, she's a feisty one, and so full of energy! I'm so glad she's had my little sister's back."