Loren Voss

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Loren Voss
Tokens loren.png
IC Information
Full Name: Loren Voss
Nickname Loren, Ren (Family-only)
Pronouns: He/Him
Age (Birthdate): 23 (10/28, 480 PC)
Hometown: Etrenank
Hair Colour: Blond
Class: Gebler Medic
Role: Antagonist
Wanted: Alive (Althena's Guard)
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Solaris
Player: Shrimpy
Fun Information
Gear: Schiehallion
Favorite Food: Almost everything
Least Favorite Food: Anything alcoholic, Soylent nutribars, grubs
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Hobbies: Analog games, astromathematics, reading
Good With: Trauma medicine
Bad With: Cooking
Soundtrack: YouTube

"Oh good. Just what I always wanted, dying in some hellhole."

Scion of an elite family of the mysterious Holy Solaris Empire, Loren's life to date has been anything but charmed. Due to the ignominious death of his ace pilot older brother Engil during a routine Gear exercise years ago -- which killed not only his brother but most of the other pilots and destroyed expensive equipment -- the young Gebler medic gets quite often treated with derision or dismissed by his colleagues... and due to the drive to thus prove himself better than his dead brother, typically ends up doing much of the heavy lifting when it comes to Gebler duties. And being made a Captain hasn't made this particular wrinkle in his professional life any better. A bitter and dryly sarcastic young man, there just aren't very many people Loren is terribly fond of -- Lambs, Shepherds, or otherwise, he dislikes or outright hates most of them -- though there are exceptions for those who manage to break through his decidedly prickly outer shell. For those operations that require it, he has access to a Gear, a heavy armored model named Schiehallion.


Born second son to one of the families counted among Solaris' first class, Loren's now-very-deceased older brother Engil's training accident (and the other lives + property damage that ensued) several years ago have dimmed the fortunes of him and his family. His parents were quietly reassigned to lesser work, and his time in Jugend was uncomfortable due to various rumors being spread about him. Being a social pariah didn't exactly help matters either.

After graduating, he ended up volunteering for operations in Aveh in the hopes of atoning for his brother's sins.

He has a service record. But further details are below(ish):

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 1

  • Starting out on assignment in Aveh, hooray! Key discovery: deserts are awful.
  • Search for SLIDE-1. Key discovery: ruins, also awful.
  • Engagement in Adlehyde against the Metal Demons. Help Solaris steal a Golem. Manage not to die!
  • Investigation of someone who melted a Golem.
  • Fighting outside, inside, and outside again the Guardian temple. Key discovery: Guardians are real.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 2

  • Attempt to help 'convince' Cecilia Adlehyde to be Solaris puppet. Also capture Lily Keil. Key discovery: strong emotion makes Ether stronger too.
  • Fight against assorted forces as Cecilia and Lily break free.
    • Manage to not get court-martialed for Lily's escape. Key discovery: remember what you are.
  • Continue working against Metal Demons from updated directions from Command.
  • Encounter Rahab. Key discovery: Everything is fine. Honest.
  • Investigate odd circumstances in Krosse. Flee Krosse. This spirals out into a series of combat events in Wayside and the Pleasing Garden and elsewhere, which culminates with the Tzadkiel crashing into Lunar. As a result of all this, once the dust settles, Loren sleeps for like, two days.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 3

  • Get stuck on the moon. Forced to rely on Lan (who has better people sense). Several key discoveries:
    • Using a damaged sword as a weapon is a bad idea.
    • Always fix your mistakes.
    • Getting run through doesn't help much, though.
    • You can't let anyone use you -- especially not the Guardians.
      • Still tried to kill Luceid; this was not the best of plans.
  • Fought against Sin in Azado; Elly apparently dies in the process.
  • Lan gets discovered on the Tzadkiel and is summarily made an asset with the assumption that she will be a disposable one; later interference ensures this doesn't happen to her.

Developments - Chapter 1, Act 4

  • Discovery that the Metal Demons have been busy.
  • Reunited with Leah and made a deal with her. Key discovery: sometimes you must swallow your pride.
  • Preparing for move east to Elru for offensive against the Metal Demons.
  • Infiltrated Photosphere, things go well until they don't. Helps Leah kill Siegfried; nearly bleeds out atop the collapsing Photosphere for his troubles.

Developments - Chapter 1, Epilogue

  • Spends some time at home. Key discovery: he doesn't want to be at home.
  • Discovers -- after recovering from wounds and returning to the surface -- that Neriah has been /busy/.
    • Encounters both Neriah and 'Azazel' who have joined forces. Key discovery: unexpected and neglected things will come back to bite you.
  • Travels to Lan's home for a while to learn more about Guardians under Leah's orders. Key discovery: ...nowhere is home.
  • Investigates odd developments to the east in Elru. Key discovery: there's something wrong with him.
    • But unfortunately, it is too late to do anything about it and he is taken to Lunar -- to Spira.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 1

  • Ended up on the moon again, but in a worse situation from before -- immediately captured by the Guard. Eventually escapes and reunites with other Solarians similarly stranded.
    • This includes Krelian who has embedded himself within the Church of Yevon, which gives them all their current mission: play the part of the faithful while searching for a way home.
    • Does the above. Key discovery: Spira is really weird.
  • Eventually crosses paths with Elly and thus finds out why she's alive -- and why she didn't come back. Naturally, he tries to kill her then and there but events conspire to prevent him from doing this. For reasons currently ICly unclear, his memories are altered after this event: he now believes what his brother did is what he did. He collapses mentally and emotionally for a while after this before making a fragile 'recovery'.
  • At Krelian's behest, helps to stall various Drifters as Krelian initiates the last part of his plan on Lunar and reclaims his tool, Lydia. Transported back to Filgaia after. Key discovery: even Drive can't seem to help him keep up.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 2

  • Reassigned to Assyria Base in Damzen Desert. Leah meanwhile notices that all is not well with him mentally.
    • His memory continues to erode.
  • Lan speaks to Loren about her own issues and he clues in that this is more serious than either of them initially realized; the matter is raised to Leah who opts to take a watchful waiting approach, especially if it means they can thus best Azazel.
  • Loren runs into Anaitis and proper introductions are had; he agrees to help them out.
    • Attempts to ask Anaitis out are hindered by Anaitis' relative naivete and Loren's unfettered awkwardness.
      • But eventually there is an unexpected success.
  • Lan regains her sense of who she is as she slips the conditioning. Loren remains unaware (or is he??) of this turn of events.
  • Orders are handed down to 'neutralize' the various existential threats faced by Solaris. Loren initiates contact with one such group -- as it happens, the Black Wolves -- with the intent of needling them.
    • This is all prologue to his real gambit, which is to coax the Wolves into attacking Odessa, hopefully causing a situation where one or possibly both groups will annihilate themselves. But first he has to infiltrate Odessa.
      • He did this, seemingly successfully, and pulled off the gambit, again seemingly successfully. Only time will tell.
  • Into this, Leah reveals to him that his memories are in fact mostly incorrect where they haven't eroded outright. Aware of the true scope of his problem, Loren struggles with the facts but cannot deny them.
    • They have discussed it further since and now the plan is to observe and take notes on his experiences and memories; with her coaxing, he was able to pinpoint the cause as an exposure to the Ley under Wayside. A conversation with Lan turned up Sielje and the Crest users there as possible good people to ask about Ley exposure.
      • Research in Sielje suggests that it's a little more complicated than just Ley exposure. The symptoms don't add up. But for now they can proceed as if that's all it is. He refuses to let a Guardian purify him, though!
  • Attempted to murder Lily and Fei while in pursuit of Elly; they did fight him and escaped him. Leah was displeased and assigned him to watch over Minister Shakhan at the summit.
    • Which led to him being present during the assassination attempt on the Minister. He treated Medry's wounds after she was injured defending the Minster from attack.
  • Due to Medry's injuries, he was assigned to monitor and support OS during the attack on the Warwing Varukias (and more importantly the surviving Drifters et al on board).
  • Shortly after this, Lan experienced some sort of emergence of Azazel's corruption within her and violently fled the base. Her whereabouts after went unknown in spite of search teams.
    • He ended up encountering her again at the Cardon Forest battle, where she asked him to come with her. Instead, he ran away. Her current whereabouts are, again, unknown.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 3

  • His situation has continued to deteriorate. An encounter with the now-free Lan goes very badly.
    • Which eventually leads into a situation where he encounters Lan at a later date and then things go spectacularly badly and he loses all his memories. Lan takes him with her; he's officially MIA at this point.
  • Eventually Leah finds him and forces the matter of the ritual he had avoided before; the Primarch's presence is purged from him and he returns with her, if rather changed from the ordeal.
    • Things between him, Leah, and Lan are a little awkward afterwards. He starts trying to flex his muscles with regards to his newfound control over Ether fire, but it's still proving difficult for him to do with any reliability so he mostly keeps it under wraps.
  • Takes part in the Ethos Purge. Lan is not impressed.
    • Also takes part in the strike force in the Zeboim ruins. Has an awkward encounter with Lan here and entrusts her to Azoth's care while he reports back.
  • Returns to duty in Spira. Asks a very important question of Leah... halfway.
    • As a result, plays backup to Leah and others in the Zanarkand operation.
      • Navigates New Kasim City with Leah and Seraphita, emerging after an ordeal.

Developments - Chapter 2, Act 4

  • With Schiehallion undergoing repairs after the damage it suffered falling into New Kasim City, Loren is granted leave. While heading north to visit his mother on-base, he encounters Lan. She returns his sword in exchange for a promise (that he agrees to at least attempt, if on his own terms and conditions.
    • He gets some pointers on how to control fire Ether while there from Seraphita.

Powers and Abilities

Loren has the skillset and knowledge one would expect of an Solaris medical officer. Below are a few notable ones:

  • Combat Medic - One of the major areas of Loren's training in Jugend. As befits a medic, he's best at stabilizing injured allies mid- or post-combat, as needed, with the main goal of preserving life above all other considerations. As a result, he doesn't have much bedside manner and it's not going to be gentle care, but it gets the job done. He can also do some minor surgery.
  • Medical Science Knowledge - Loren's not a doctor (not even close) but he reads up on medical literature and developments and has some limited ability to diagnose problems (again, he's not a doctor). Basically, he's a nerd. He's also good at medical research and with the right resources and enough time can (assuming the issue is medical) probably figure out most medical mysteries.
  • Combat Training - Loren has had basic combat training and knows how to use standard ARMs and is proficient in the use of a shield. He also knows some basic hand-to-hand -- nothing fancy, just how to grapple, throw a punch and so on. He's also been schooled in how to take a hit and is just too stubborn to die easily.
    • L84 'Snow Lion' - Left-arm mount version of a collapsible tactical shield. Useful for defense, and due to its weight, could also be a potent bludgeon in close quarter combat. Looked like a gauntlet when collapsed, and could still be an effective weapon in that state. Destroyed by Siegfried; left on this list for historical purposes
    • ILR-764 Standard ARM - A standard Gebler officer sidearm. It's nothing fancy (...by Solaris standards) but it gets the job done.
    • Solomonov, the Razor of a Scholar - A blade born anew at Prissa's hands! Actually sized for his use (and he's been learning how to use it). Somewhat resistant to corrosion.
    • Orias the Unyielding - A shield-type weapon retrieved from the depths of Linaweyul. A Devil Arm. Distressingly organic when unfurled. Looks like a bracer when inert.
  • Ether Aptitude and Training - Loren's Ether aptitude, particularly in his areas of focus, is considerable, and it's the main reason he was encouraged to enter Jugend once he showed interest in attendance. His specialty is in healing and defensive Ether effects, but he can also draw upon his earth and water Ether offensively -- particularly under the effects of Drive. He has best affinity with earth Ether. With the proper setup (for example, ether amp systems when piloting a Gear) he can temporarily repair surface damage to machinery with Ether mid-combat (in other words, this is why he can 'heal' a Gear in this mode). He has of late demonstrated what may be a burgeoning atypical talent with fire Ether.
  • Resonance - Thanks to his encounter with Rahab, Loren can now see Malevolence and Seraphs. Whether this is a good thing is debatable, and worse, most of his colleagues can't see the people he's talking to, anyway. Score one for appearances of mental stability.
  • Mountain Medium - Medium of the Mountain Guardian, Dinoginos. Through happenstance, he's now able to summon Dinoginos with it, which is unfortunate because he's really come to hate the Guardians. And since Leah's found out about it, she's insisted he make use of this asset.
  • Gear Piloting - Gear piloting is a standard skill for officers, and Loren has proved himself to be a competent if a little bit over-cautious as a pilot. Ether aptitude is a useful talent to bring to Gear combat -- particularly when the pilot leans towards supportive modes.
    • Schiehallion - Not a new model as far as officer's Gears go, but hardly out of date either. Schiehallion is very slow and has some slightly awkward handling as a result even in flight, but is extremely sturdy and features extensive armoring and shielding systems. The Gear favors ranged modes of weaponry, specifically twin handheld (for a Gear) ARMs and ether amplification systems for the rest.
  • Analog Gaming - Old style card games and strategy board games are his hobby, particularly games like Patience and (Solarian) chess, especially since they can be played alone. But the real upshot is that he is pretty damn good at them and by corollary apply the basic analytic process from these to any situation where he can take his time and think.
  • No Sense of Taste - Well, he seems to be okay with eating just about anything despite his place of birth, so it seems probable he just doesn't have a good sense of taste.



Name Type Rating Qualities Description
MediScan v7 Wits Major Rally Handheld medical data collection/analysis device. Not a tricorder. (Probably.)
Solarian Medical Kit Combat Minor Cleanse, Liability Standard issue Solarian combat medic's kit, stocked with the basics (and then some) someone might need to treat the injured in the middle of combat. But, medicine can only do so much, particularly if the fight is lost. Does not contain Drive.
Ether Tuner Combat Major Rally Solarian military-grade technology. Fine-tunes support-type ether effects, particularly under duress.
Soylent Nutribar Wits Minor Resilient Tastes like cardboard but full of essential nutrients for a soldier in the field, and in a pinch can be repurposed as sealant, crumbled to make a path, or burned to make a fire. Contains Soylent.
Worry Stone Brute Minor Stalwart By all appearances, it's a stone that's just simply comfortable to hold and fidget with. And... that's exactly what it is? Helps Loren focus appropriately when attempting feats of strength with Ether.


Name Type Rating Qualities Description
Tactical LiDAR Wits Minor Enlighten A very precise, military-grade analytical instrument.
Ether Resonator Brute Minor Cleanse, Shortsighted Ether enhancement instrument. Useful for improving overall Ether output over a group and helps to correct for sub-optimal conditions. A little harsh in how it works, though...
Boost Mode Combat Major Embolden, Sacrifice For when you need all power to systems, immediately. Uses up fuel like nothing else, though.
Veil Doubler Combat Major Fanfare Ether enhancement subsystem for improving defensive capacity.
PGM-786 'Ephemeris' Brute Minor Strengthen A model in a series of electronic precision-guided Gear-loaded missiles meant to hit targets precisely... but they work as well against obstacles as they do combat targets.


Name Group Affinity Loren's comments
Elhaym van Houten Black Wolves Affinity-1-orange.png "Don't... think this settles things between us."
Kahran Ramses Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "I won't let you down."
Leah Sadalbari Solaris Affinity-6-heart.png "Thank you. I'm sorry."
Myyah Hawwa Solaris Affinity-2-yellow.png "You're helping him out, right? I hope I can live up to that, too."
Tolone Solaris Affinity-2-yellow.png "I feel like you're always evaluating me... and that I'm always coming up short."
Seraphita Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "I guess this is how it's going to be? It's familiar, honestly..."
Tabitha deVriese Solaris Affinity-2-yellow.png "Why me?"
Anaitis Sura Solaris Affinity-6-heart.png "Okay. Then I won't say goodbye."
Engil Voss Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "I'm sorry. I can't forgive you yet."
Lan Lilac Solaris Affinity-6-heart.png "'Save the world', huh... I don't know if I can do that. But at least I'll try and save my country."
Gwen Whitlock Vile Fiends Affinity-3-green.png "I don't understand. Why did you help me?"
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "Now here's a strange one. I can't tell if he's noticed we're watching him or not."
Fei Fong Wong Black Wolves Affinity-2-yellow.png "This changes nothing."
Lily Keil Black Wolves Affinity-1-orange.png "I only need to close the gap..."
Leon Albus Black Wolves Affinity-1-orange.png "You and that witch... you're both better off put down!"
Lunata Croze None Affinity-2-yellow.png "I hope you're able to die."
Katherine Weaver None Affinity-2-yellow.png "...To be honest, I'm not sure what to say. It was incredibly strange. The... clothes should be useful?"
Azazel None Affinity-1-orange.png "What did you do to her...?"
Kaguya Veruni Affinity-2-yellow.png "We're enemies. Don't forget that."
Margaret Althena's Guard Affinity-1-orange.png "...bitch."
Neriah Parringer Crucible Affinity-1-orange.png "You-- I won't let you toy with me!"
Seraph Ragnell Crucible Affinity-2-yellow.png "Aren't we friendly."
Cyre H. Lorentz Caravan Kinship Affinity-2-yellow.png "You're a personified migraine."
Seraph Lanval Fox Company Affinity-2-yellow.png "why"
Erzebet Lefanu Odessa Affinity-1-orange.png "What are you?"
Azoth Solaris Affinity-3-green.png "Which face of yours is real?"

NPCs of Note

  • Captain Aiah Petran - A captain in the medical division, Aveh operations. Loren's now thankfully former superior. She was known for usually being in a meeting but still managed to find time (accidentally or not) to make his assignments unpleasant.
  • Rainer Voss - Father. Works as a researcher but currently tends to be shunted off towards projects of lesser importance/prestige
  • Odila Voss - Mother. A lieutenant commander, as of late largely assigned to missions of lesser importance/prestige.
  • Engil Voss - Older brother, very very dead. Was 21 years old at time of death (494 PC).

Digger Discoveries

Does not include any outcomes where the winning result was 'a successful escape' or similar.

Chapter 1

What Where Status
Malevolence-Mutated Lambs (...surface-dwellers) Otherworldly Hollow you don't want to know
Chest of tomes and scrolls (in Baskar) Sult Ruins Turned over to Cultural
A mysterious gemstone Rujm el-Hiri Taken by a woman named Kourin
Metal Demon list of ARMs trade routes Old Petra Handed over to command
Inactive Fire Scutum (an automaton) Temple of Rejection Handed over to engineering
Mountain Medium Guardian Temple In Loren's possession
Assorted Gears The Battle Front Handed over to engineering
Ceremonial Mask Stone Forest Apparently handed back to the Baskar (not by him)
A waterwheel Wayside Wellspring Sure didn't mention this to Wayside
An optional battle Seven Sages Passed on this
An ancient recording Hadal Temple Handed to the labs for analysis
Jade sword Fortune Gear Did not take due to difficulty extracting weapon from location
A faded poster Burwich Village A faded poster of a missing young man
Tailoring voucher Claire de Lune Voucher for a free tailoring session at Festina Lente. Was used.
A mysterious note The Clockwork Observatory A note in Malevolent ink. Mysterious!
A delicious recipe Bream Chasers A recipe for a very delicious (and strange) dish
Ferroflora and echo seeds The Glint Mirage Metallic seeds and seeds that can replicate (metallic) versions of objects; handed over to labs.
Empty Memory Crystal Ruins of Altered Memory A crystal that apparently can store a memory; handed over to labs.
Section of a Metal Demon pauldron Leck Mines - Flooded An apparent piece of a Metal Demon pauldron; handed over to labs.
Threads of Life Lost Village Fereshte A strong light-weight thread; most of the sample handed over to labs. Combined with plume to make a charm.
Resplendent Plume Xibalba - Necropolis of the Nahual A lightweight feather imbued with the power of Wing. Combined with thread to make a charm.

Chapter 2

What Where Status
A Blitzball Technique Kilika Restoration The technique goes unused... for now.
A pile of gil Sunken Monastery of Gusong No, not his brother. Some cash, used to defray costs while in Spira.
Odessa Uniforms Mi'ihen Caverns Used to infiltrate Odessa to make them and the Black Wolves fight.
Orias the Unyielding Linaweyul, the First Ordeal One of the Devil's Arms. In Loren's possession and in semi-active use.
An Eternal Ice Ring Macalania Woods Given to Lan.
Captain's Tablet Lapisera Mines Initially taken by Lydia but ultimately returned to Loren. He didn't like the contents very much even if they were what he expected. Turned over to Command.
Zeboim books Faraway Lands Zeboim books on engineering and particle physics. Turned over to the labs.
A witch's cookbook Altair's Farmstead Taken by Leah.
A mysterious location Mount Colshrie Currently investigating the location identified by the system as Capel Coffa.
A soldier figurine Meria Boule Festival Games Taken (?) by Seraphita.
Defaced art (imaged) Capel Coffa A hall of art within Capel Coffa's heart. One part was defaced. Due to the size of the pieces, images were taken and sent for analysis.
Understanding of an arte Billion Blade Barrow Comprehension of a sword technique, perhaps to be deployed, someday...?
Defaced war memorial Capel Coffa A defaced war memorial. Considered briefly before running away became necessary.
Remnants of a lost library Jairon - The Lost Island A room that appears to have been abandoned, perhaps once used as a library. Nothing taken since he was pretending to be an Odessa grunt at the time.
Joy Pendants Dragon Roost Island Taken by the Black Wolves as this was his gambit to see if he could get them to go after Odessa.
Carro Plushie Meria Boule Festival Games A big soft Carro plush with a light-up tail. Grudgingly accepted as a prize (because he won't admit that it's cute).
Ancient seeds Lifeweaver's Whorl A store of ancient seeds. With the right coaxing, they could bloom once more.
Some money Thunder Plains - Drums of War A pile of gil! ...That Loren didn't take at all.
Ancient clocks and elixirs Remiem Temple - Catacombs Loren has at least one elixir stashed somewhere safe.
Ancient amphorae Treasure Coast They were full of wine! Loren doesn't care. He has some coins he retrieved during the salvage though.
Machina Parts Calm Lands - The Scar Some Machina parts, turned over to the researchers.
High-Grade Ore Mont Maléfique Some high-grade non-magical ore, useful for making items! ...Which Loren turned over to the Labs because he doesn't do that.

Weapon Stories

L84 'Snow Lion'

Chapter Story Unlock
1 The universe is unknowable. Without a doubt, the earliest people stared up at the night sky and were stunned by what they saw there. Here too were shapes, lights -- pale imitations of the brilliance of the day. It's no wonder that the heavens became the place where gods were said to dwell above all that lived. Honesty
2 The universe is predictable. In time, people began to recognize patterns. The moon had a certain regularity to its movements, and certain stars -- which were not truly stars at all, but as they came to realize in time, planets -- cycled in fixed places in the sky. Even the stars themselves slowly change with the seasons. If You Ever Change Your Mind
3 The universe is wondrous. Everything fits together. Like clockwork in a machine, the universe is exquisitely assembled: stars, planets, and moons all spinning in balance, for eternity. Everything is assured -- we can predict anything in existence. Complications
4 The universe is horrific. It came out of nowhere, ripping across the sky. Just a piece of rock, but just large enough to set our world ablaze. We realized it too late: nothing is predictable. Nothing is wondrous. In the end there is nothing to understand and nothing to know. The Powers That Be

ILR-764 Standard ARM

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Have you ever heard of something called the 'Universal Observer'? It's the idea of something that can know the position and momentum of everything in the universe. It's just a thought experiment, but bear with me. Nothing Logical
2 It stands to reason if you know where one thing is and how fast it’s going, you’ll know where it was and where it will be. Still with me so far? Good. In A Dark Sleep
3 If you took that to the logical extremes, then is it so much to speculate that you’d be able to work out the beginning and end of the universe from a single particle. That's what some people believe.
But then there are those who say it’s impossible to know everything, that there are too many factors to ever accommodate. That everything is in flux and anything is possible.
Nemesis Games, Part 1
4 [access denied] ????

Gebler Support Gear Schiehallion

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Red to white. I soar. Unstoppable. A Small Miracle
2 White to blue. I dive. Uncontrollable. Nothing Above But The Blue Sky
3 Blue to black. I sink. Unavoidable. A Return
4 Black to black. I drown. Unattainable. Cardboard People

Brother's Blade

Chapter Story Unlock
1 History, it's said, is written by the victors. Blood In The Water
2 It's one of the things that frustrates historians, as I understand. Every account favors one's own side and motives in battle and conquest. The conquered are branded as deserving it in some way, if they register as more than a footnote in the annals when it's all finished. The Nature Of A Sword
3 Sometimes, though, mere denigration isn't enough. So they raze the cities, they salt the fields, they destroy the monuments and burn the texts. Obliteration and absence from all accounts forever more is the only solution. So much for history. The Inevitable Nature Of All Things
4 Why can't every trace of you be also erased? Reap The Whirlwind

Solomonov, the Scholar’s Razor - First Stage

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Once upon a time there was a flourishing kingdom.

The king ruled wisely and well from within his fine palace. All the people were smiling and happy. And among the king’s many knights there was one in particular who shone as a star: a young knight in shining white armor, still young, with the promise of heroes in his blood.

Ours Is A White Lies Town
2 A great battle was planned. To see it through, they would need to bring the best and brightest of their knightly ranks along with them. Most important of all though was that young knight in the white armor. All the people's hopes rested upon him.

And then that knight...

What Changes, And How Does It Change You?
3 No one could take his place. They could not succeed without him. Should they retreat -- no! They had to destroy their foes on the battlefield. They had to act as if the brilliant knight were alive.

So they found a scholar who looked enough like the knight and set him up with armor and all manner of weapons. Their ‘knight’ now was no longer dead. The battle ensured as planned.

Someone To Have Faith In
4 Once upon a time there was a ravaged kingdom. A failed battle, a lost war, shattered hopes and a broken people. Becoming the Fire

Orias The Unyielding

Chapter Story Unlock
1 Once upon a time, I dreamed in blue. Asking You
2 I found myself chasing that color even while waking. That color that could not exist in the deepest oceans or the highest peaks. Somewhere, that color must exist, but I couldn't find it, however hard I looked. What Becomes of the Discarded?
3 [access denied] ????
4 [access denied] ????


Random Stuff Loren's Picked Up

  • Coin of Fate - Unclear use. A mysterious coin that manages to be incredibly predictable in its landing - it always has odd numbers of flips, and if it fails somehow, it lands on its edge. Won at the festival in Bledavik. Destined for ???
  • A Bandanna With A Textile Pattern That, When Tied On The Forehead Or Arm, Declares One To Be "Top Stud of the Sands" In Traditional Aveh Calligraphy - Won at the festival in Bledavik. Destined to show up at an inopportune time someday.
  • Shakhan Jr. Doll - An adorable and politically expeditious doll of Prime Minister Shakhan. Won at the festival in Bledavik. Incinerated... or did it escape??

Logs and Cutscenes

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