Lydia Seren

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Lydia Seren
IC Information
Full Name: Lydia Seren
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 16 (???)
Hometown: Baskar Colony
Hair Colour: Green
Class: Nanotech-Enhanced Shaman
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: OC
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Caravan Kinship
Player: User:Fei

"Being alive is pretty much a constant state of embarrassment."

Lydia Seren was a talented shaman from the Baskar Colony who dreamt of becoming a great engineer like Emma Hetfield. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped by Solarian agents and experimented and became a summoning weapon. At least, that was the idea. Instead, Lydia Seren met Virginia Maxwell and Carakin who encouraged her to never give up. It took some time, but she's taken those lessons to heart and strives to protect Filgaia to the best of her ability. Lydia is foul mouthed, wild, and violent but beneath that exterior is someone who is very foul mouthed, wildly unpredictable, and surprisingly violent. But beneath THAT is someone with a strong sense of justice, a big heart, and frightening determination.


Lydia Seren was born and raised in the Baskar Colony to two human parents. Unfortunately, rather than accept their child they encouraged her to hide her horns, a prospect that grew harder as they grew in. Though her gender identity was accepted, as time went on her parents grew to hate the presence of those horns more and more and tried encouraging Lydia to shave down the horns so nobody would see them. The pain was too unbearable for Lydia and ultimately this plan never came to fruition and her parents grew standoffish from their daughter.

She studied under shamanism under Granny Halle though her passions were split between this and engineering, a skill she cultivated first as a way to interact with visiting Drifters. She longed to escape her family and see the outside world, a desire that ultimately became rather more fanciful when she expanded that desire to wishing the travel the stars themselves. She grew to idolize people like Emma Hetfield who created new feats in engineering.

While she was essentially barred from leaving the Baskar village growing up, the night before she finished her training as a Baskar Shaman, she had a dream she believed was from the Guardians telling her to leave the village if she wished to visit the stars. She finished her training and then left the village to find her way in the world, inspired by fellow shaman Gallows Carradine.

Shortly after her departure, she was picked up by Solarian agents who took her to Solaris where she was experimented on ruthlessly in order to study their methods of summoning Guardians. The torture led her to summoning Rigdobrite many times to try and ease her pain. She was injected with nanomachines and used as a sleeper agent, providing information to Solaris unwittingly and the process led the machines to constructing a Rigdobrite-like head on her body.

She was thrown off of Solaris towards the surface which she barely survived, ultimately managing to work as a drifter. One of the ruins she found was the Seven Sages ruin where she found a pair of ARMs but ultimately what turned her life around was meeting Virginia Maxwell in Adelhyde. Touched by Virginia's kindness, she devoted herself to the Hellionized drifter and ultimately assisted in her purification.

Unfortunately, that was when Solarian agent Professor Alexander Castle decided would be the best time to recover her, concerned the technology inside her would be stolen by Lambs. Over the course of some alteractions, Lydia lost an arm and revealed her nature to her friends. Through their continued belief in Lydia and some well placed encouragement, she ultimately gained some control over the machines inside her, allowing her to return to something closer to her original form.

Powers and Abilities

Stay tuned!

Logs and Cutscenes

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  • Virginia Maxwell - Ginny is the best. She doesn't make fun of me and teaches me valuable life lessons and has skeleton friends. She stayed my friend too. She rocks!
  • Maya Schrodinger - Ginny's hot girlfriend. She's smart and sweet and really good at giving compliments! Must train harder!! ......I think she's into cosplay.
  • Skeleton - The greatest hero. This isn't just my opinion, it's also objective fact.
  • Kaguya - Sisters, huh? But it feels like we keep moving in the opposite direction.

3042061 1350196937994.61res 407 300.jpg

  • Matilda Whitehead - Sorry for, like, not being reasonable over my people being ethnically cleansed.
  • Ethius Hesiod - Don't you get I want to forgive you? But it isn't that easy?
  • Emma Hetfield - Man she really is brilliant! I want to be a renowned genius like her someday!
  • Jaqueline Barber - Leader of the Carakin. She's kind of everybody's mom. EVERYBODY'S.
  • Carina Wynne - A Carakin Armorer I see around sometimes. Anyway let me tell you about Metal Digger Locus... ... ... Like what the hell?
  • Shalune Amira - I'm glad she's finally accepting the path of 'smashing shit' into her heart ha ha ha that asshole was SO MAD.
  • Catenna - My oldest friend if you think about it!
  • Cyre H. Lorentz - Undercover brother from a different Baskar Village.
  • Kourin - Well she has a dog and can stab people so good start.
  • Avril Vent Fleur - She cut off Castle's arm so I definitely will lend her a hand when she needs one. I just wish she could help my people...but...
  • Lily Keil - Man her backstory has gotta be FUCKED UP.
  • Riesenlied - Mom is pretty great. Since meeting her, everything in life is just...easier to handle! The Guardians approve of her enough to lend her their power so as far as I'm concerned, she's honorary Baskar! <3 <3 <3
  • Seraph Ragnell - She's a great mentor and a good friend. I don't think she's doing what she's doing just out of spite.
  • Talia - No matter what Lubov made you do, I'll be your friend no matter what.

Vile Fiends

  • Lemina Ausa - Cheapskate... :*(
  • Jean - Guess we've got a lot in common!


  • Lan Lilac - Also a Star Shaman! But I bet she wouldn't recognize me now ha ha...ha.
  • Elena - Agrees on the principles of not cart shaming. The only cool member of the Church of Granas.
  • Dean Stark - Brilliant but also stupid!?!?!?! BUT ALSO KIND OF BRILLIANT!?!??!?! And a genuinely nice guy.
  • Sephilia Lampbright - I didn't know there was a Guardian of Adorability
  • Margaret - Really not half as bad as she acts. Aside from this talk about the mines, probably.


  • Rachiel Medry - She's not unreasonable. But...
  • Loren Voss - I wonder if his interest in astronomy was real. EMPATHY INDEX: 10 PERCENT
  • Tabitha deVriese - Get the feeling she's as trapped as I am. EMPATHY INDEX: 20 PERCENT
  • Leah Sadalbari - ... EMPATHY INDEX: 0 PERCENT
  • Krelian - If they don't make him pay, I will. EMPATHY INDEX: -50 PERCENT


I was told that I am just one of the countless specks of dust on this planet
I have no choice but to pretend that I am a warrior who knows no fear.
Every day's a sale! Every day's a win!
Every day is great when you're me!
I know the answer you've shown me the way
In the morning like this, such a beautiful day!
I've got the power, the power to live
Look up now, look up now, on this beautiful day!
  • Battle Against Asteroid the Kid - The One Star - TWEWY']
  • I don't sell myself to get such a reputation, and if my only light is the lonely star above...
  • I might be asking you for some consolation, but sure...I know this is the only star.
Don't...Don't look at me...
This is a song of hope for those who feel loneliness.
What can they do for the future, those who never knew this sorrow?
It won't do for a shining star like you to be alone.
Can you bridge the distance between stars?
I came to see a little of your true heart.
How should I give proof of what I am feeling?
Longing for a blue sky, even if my wings are not my own.
Longing for the sunshine, even if my wings may melt away.

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I know that you're hiding, I know there's a part of you that I just cannot reach, You don't have to let me in.
Just know that I'm still here. I'm ready for you whenever, whenever you need.
I'm not always like this, it's something I've become.
A terrible weakness, in my nature, in my blood.

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