Marivel Armitage

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Marivel Armitage
IC Information
Full Name: Marivel Armitage
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Immortal (Probably Halloween)
Hometown: Crimson Castle
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Filgaia's Rightful Ruler
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms 2
Major Group: ARMS
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Fei

Marivel is the last of the Crimson Nobles after the entity known as Lord Blazer slew her family and the rest of her brethren. She assisted the Sword Magess and Luceid in defeating Lord Blazer but since then has been traveling the world in order to prepare and prevent ... something. Marivel is an incredible engineer who employs both lost knowledge and modern techniques into her work and works as an ARMS Meister who is both picky about whom she works for and strange about the payments she asks for. She is connected to the Valeria household as far back as anyone can remember. She often comes across as snooty and frankly more than a bit arrogant but behind it all is someone who deeply cares about Filgaia. ...Or so she says, anyway. Strangely as of late she has picked up her activities but if she's trying to prevent another worldwide might wonder why she is being so tight-lipped.


Powers and Abilities

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 1, Act 1


Chapter 1, Act 2


Chapter 1, Act 3


Chapter 1, Act 4


Chapter 1, Epilogue


Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2




Name Group Affinity Field Notes
Anastasia ???
"I won't let this be your fate."
Irving Valeria ARMS
"He would not ask sacrifices of others he is unwilling to offer up himself."
Ashley Winchester ARMS
"It's understandable that you don't remember. But frustrating."
Brad Evans ARMS
"Don't judge a book by its cover. Fond of him."
Kamui ARMS
"Mother, huh... Is that what they meant?"
Acacia ARMS
"Was she always so charming? She is quite good with the kids. Very impressive quality. Best treat her well, Yue."
Clarissa Arwin ARMS
"Do not let Rupert distract you from your goal. It is a noble one worthy of humanity."
Seraph Clarine ???
"To think I would become fond of a creature of the light like this. Well, it wouldn't be the first time."
Mariel Vile Fiends
"So that's what happened... Mariel is not merely a lost ally, but she is the best of them."
Hiro Vile Fiends
"A trusting man. Will he understand?"
Ruby Vile Fiends
"Finally! Proper respect! A grand dragon already as far as I'm concerned."
Isolde Vile Fiends
"Have you walked into the sun yourself, my friend?"
Gwen Whitlock Vile Fiends
Xantia Black Wolves
Auron ???
"He's so much like me. May your promises be fulfilled, and a glimpse of a better tommorow be your final sight. When you walk into the sun, I will be there to see you off."
Yuna ???
"No matter how it all goes...I am glad to have known you."
Rikku ???
"Oh my gosh so precious."
Lulu ???
"You believe in us, and you want us to believe in ourselves, but do you believe in people the same way Yuna does?"
Amelia Rose Althena Guard
"Behind the attitude and past the culture I find a kindred spirit."
White Knight Leo Althena Guard
"When you go have snacks with your sworn nemesis... Well, he is a good man. I'm sorry but I haven't been wholly honest."
Erzebet Lefanu Odessa
"As foolish humans are, I would not be so quick as to discard your humanity. At least be aware that is what you are doing."
Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus Odessa
"I'd much prefer ARMS to seize victory but this is not a good start."

Red Skills

Falling Into the Ambush With A Sexy Lure - Erzebet - High Damage Bullet Rain From Above

Rubyvention - Ruby - Low Damage Fire Breath

Shut Up And Jam Ball - Oblitzerator - Mid Level Jam Blitzball Attack

Aura Bolt - Gusong Monk Manual - Low Level Free Attack Technique

Push Back - Chocobo Eater - 0 Level Push Back

Hound of Hell - Jack, Hound of Hell - Stored soul belonging to a Hound of Hell. High Level Damage.

Thousand Detonations - Qactuar - A thousand detonating needles - OMG.

Major Discoveries

A Dark World Looming Behind

In the end, once the Golem twitches its last and lies still, you're able to   
pass through the once-sealed doors -- now that the alarm system has calmed    
-- and enter into a formerly closed-off chamber. What could have been so      
valuable to seal it so carefully?                                             
The answer stands before you in the shape of a projector-like machine. While  
the shape may be foreign -- with age to some, with purpose to others -- a     
still-shining screen at one side of the projector mechanism draws the eye     
and suggests investigation. At a touch, it speaks, at first unintelligible.   
And then:                                                                     
At a yes, a series of images project against the wall, still brilliant and    
luminous after so many years.                                                 
A beautiful land. A thriving land. A land crippled.                           
"Did we invite this upon ourselves?" the narration reads out, against the     
image of cities that reach for the sky as if to scrape the heavens. "I have   
often wondered. Perhaps it is pointless after the end. The TF System worked   
-- we sacrificed our land to stop the demon, but perhaps it was already       
dying. Perhaps I would be making this last record still."                     
A land in fear. A land burning. A dead land.                                  
"I leave this only as one record among many, in the hopes that somebody       
someday might hear it," the narration continues, against the backdrop of a    
civilization's graveyard. "I elected to stay on Filgaia. Others have left to  
seek a new home among the stars, but I could not leave. To restore Filgaia,   
much is required. This facility is but one step forward."                     
The image against the wall fades to nothing. "No matter what happens to me,   
I feel I owe even that glimmer of hope to the future. To whoever is able to   
listen, please, forgive us for what we have done.                             
"...We who have buried our past and forsaken our future."

A Sea of Stars

The door beyond the generator opens with a hiss, revealing the room beyond.   
Though the generator appears damaged, it still shows signs of life; given     
the nature of this place it may not remain inactive forever. So be it.        
Was this a storage area? At a glance, it looks the part: shelving units,      
locking safes, and all the rest of it, bundled into this tight place. But     
what catches your eye yet is the terminal in the back. It still retains       
power -- perhaps it has some way to cache energy in the event the generator   
goes offline. With some manipulation you bring up the following information:  
You learn... you learn a number of things.                                    
This -- the Philadelphia was a ship that sailed the stars. One of a number    
of star-faring ships of an organization named only as the Pangalactic         
Federation, this was a research vessel. In particular, the record notes that  
the ship carried a number of experimental nanoreactors alongside the          
standard-issue Federation models... whatever that means. But it never got to  
where it was going, a place noted in the records as Gliese 667.               
It ended up suffering a catastrophic engine failure around 6016 SD, whatever  
that means, and diverted to the forbidden territory Kepler-186 in             
desperation. But something happened.                                          
It crashed.                                                                   
And that's where the record ends.




Overall Tracks

In the darkness, Moments, Secrets, Regrets
Never Lie!

Chapter 2 Act 1 Tracks

Time now begins to away incessantly
Let's open the closed door while carrying our unchanging feelings.'
To all my children in whom Life flows abundant.
To all my children to whom Death hath passed his judgement.
Answer, Answer, Answer together.
Thou must live, die, and know.
Oh no!
I meant to confess my sins, but instead my confession was another sin!
Ah...! I'm sorry Professor!!'
I promise I won't teach her about the birds and the bees please calm down!