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IC Information
Full Name: Noeline Carver
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Approx. 390 years (113 PC)
Hometown: Photosphere
Hair Colour: Dark
Class: Errant Blade
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: None
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Metal Demons
Player: User:Noeline

"Ohoo! Look at you, the talk of the town! But are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?"

Capricious and flighty, this 'Crimson Noble' moves through the world from one point of curiosity to the next, acting on her whims and following whatever course she deems sufficiently interesting. Fond of verbal jabs, she isn't shy when it comes to insults and teasing, especially if she thinks it'll provoke a reaction - but if that reaction is amusing enough, you might find yourself gaining an unexpectedly resourceful ally with a fondness for collecting and curating news and gossip. At least, for as long as it seems beneficial for her.



Fond of dancing into situations and dancing out of them just as quickly, concrete information on the Drifter known as Noeline is sparse. She openly claims to be a Crimson Noble - one of the mysterious and long-lived races that dot Filgaia's history - and while it's difficult to take that at face value, she does seem to carry herself with a matching confidence, an odd array of abilities, and an eclectic mind... not to mention a rather aloof view of humanity.

Metal Demons

Information on the Metal Demon known as Noeline is surprisingly sparse, even in the midst of Photosphere.


It's easy enough to check the official records, of course. She is listed as being built in the year 113 PC, her record tagged with a long mess of development notes and supplemental information that indicate she was intended to be a spy - a Metal Demon made to look as close to a human as possible. With the ability to camouflage herself and blend into human populations, she would be able to go out into the world at large and gather information on the political state of the world following Arctica's peace accord several decades ago. In turn, that information would help prepare Photosphere for the eventual attack on the nearby kingdom.

That was certainly the idea. However, an equally long mess of disciplinary notes indicate some tension between her and the rest of the neonates at the time. Her unique structure meant she was physically smaller than many of the other Metal Demons, and the metallic membrane that made up her human features was too fine to be subjected to any major transformations. Several incidents appear to have been caused under the assumption she was a member of the Tainted - others, simply because she looked human. Few of these altercations ever came to blows, but appear to have left Noeline sullen and withdrawn.

Leaving Photosphere

Whatever her feelings on the matter of Photosphere, her forays into the world appear to have brought significant results. The first decades of her excursion are dotted with lengthy reports, extensive and detailed - initially consisting of maps of early Arctica, comprehensive patrol records, analysis of local defensive encampments and natural features that would aid in an attack. Before long, Noeline had exhausted the tactical information available; when that happened she turned to behavioral studies instead, writing several long treatises on human society that ultimately came down to one simple fact - this race called 'humans' was very, very strange.

As her studies started to take her further afield and the idea of returning to Photosphere became less feasible, the frequency of her reports began to slow. Evidently, she was working her way west - first towards the nearby continent of Ignas, and then across its centre to Bledavik and beyond. The last submitted item of any significance involved a detailed map of common trade and commerce routes across the western half of Ignas, attached to a plan to forge further west into Aquvy, territory relatively unknown to Metal Demons. After that, she descended into near radio-silence.

Veruni Assault

This does not appear to mean she was AWOL. When the Veruni assaulted the Photosphere in 389 PC, Noeline received the call to join in defence of the Metal Demon's stronghold - bringing with her a rough layout of the alien forces and their loadouts, and pinpointing a number of weak spots that might respond well to pressure.

The decision to present this information to the Ebony Wings before any others did cause some friction amongst the higher-ups of the Photosphere... but Noeline no longer seemed to mind such things. Gone was the quiet spy - in her place, an upbeat and confident demon who seemed to have picked up the odd habit of calling herself a 'Crimson Noble', and who seemed to actively enjoy causing mischief. When the attack concluded, she left Photosphere again as quickly as she'd arrived, striking out once more into the wilderness. What reports she made now came addressed to the Ebony Wings directly, the spy apparently choosing to stand with the Tainted.

Arctica Assault

In 497 PC, she unexpectedly returned to Photosphere several days before the call went out to summon Mother's forces together for an assault on Arctica. Apparently, she had already picked up enough in the way of rumour - Metal Demon and human alike - to roughly guess at the Quarter Knight's plans, and had taken the liberty of returning to the human city in which she started her journey to collect a new set of tactical reports there. The detailed and above all up-to-date information on Arctica's defensive capabilities proved invaluable in allowing the Metal Demons to strike swiftly at the heart of the city.

Powers and Abilities

Immunity to Sunlight? - As Noeline will readily explain to anyone who asks, old fairy tales are exactly that. If you're a sufficiently powerful Crimson Noble, there's nothing to fear from a bit of sunbathing from time to time. In moderation, of course - she's quite pale, after all.

Immunity to Crosses?? - Oh, dear. Well, they do say that religion is a state of mind. Perhaps you're just lacking in faith - or perhaps tying a picture of a medium to a couple of bits of wood doesn't count as sufficiently devout. That's how it works, isn't it? Maybe try sanctified silver and gold, that sort of thing.

Immunity to Stakes??? - Admittedly, they do itch something fierce, and internal splinters are nothing to sneeze at. Noeline can't think of much worse things to get stabbed with than a spike of raggedy old wood, in fact, but it's not like it'd make a Crimson Noble vanish into dust.


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