Ohiru Amano

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Ohiru Amano
IC Information
Full Name: Ohiru Amano
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 20 (Unknown)
Hometown: Harmonde
Hair Colour: White
Class: Zen Archer
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 G
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Player: User:Skylr

"Good hounds don't bite... unless they're treated badly, that is."

A quiet type, but stalwart, dependable, and fierce, Ohiru Amano is a wolf beastman, possessing a pair of fluffy ears and a matching tail. A relatively new face amongst the drifters, digs, movers and shakers of the two worlds, Ohiru seems possessed of a singular goal: finding answers, wherever they may be, to whatever questions she has. A determined young woman, Ohiru doesn't like being told no, and she doesn't hold to the fact that there are no answers. She drifts to others like animals do; she requires companionship, but hers is silent, and solid in response to whatever is given. That all said, when she opens up, she is quite companionable, although she is awkward around large groups of people and oftentimes lacks sense of propriety. A skilled sword-user, Ohiru takes on people in combat with nothing more than a extremely short one-handed blade and the wolfhounds she has personally raised, who harass and worry her enemies. The wolfhounds themselves use teeth and their own weight to assist where possible. The dog days are coming; and Ohiru is determined to meet them.


  • Born near Harmonde, a coastal town on the continent of Aquvy on Filgaia.
  • Parents raised Aquvian wolfhounds for profit, along with mercenary work to supplement.
  • Parents disappear on a ship escort.
  • Ohiru leaves Aquvy with Omi (male), and Mami (female), landing on Ignas shortly before the Metal Demon blockade occurs.
  • Wuff.

Powers and Abilities

Sword Style (Two As One): Ohiru uses a small, one-handed sword commonly referred to as a 'hunting sword' in combat. This puts her in melee more often than ranged, and as a matter of fact lacks any good ranged combat techniques. Her style involves using her hounds in combat, and is able to fight with them as effortlessly as she would with a fellow human.

Crest Sorcery: Ohiru is capable of using Crest Sorcery. If only she knew that's what the Glyph she has was, and how to actually... use Crest Sorcery.

The Hounds

The wolfhounds are a Aquvy breed, and are raised and trained by Ohiru alone. They are trained to follow both certain whistles and certain hand gestures, of which she refuses to tell people until she is certain that they will be able to handle and take care of one of the hounds. Yes, she is picky about who she will sell - or even give - them too.

The hounds share the same general look. All of them are white with orangey-red paws, mane tips, and markings around their eyes. Fully grown males range up between sixty and sixty five inches, and fully grown females range between fifty-five and sixty inches. They are heavy dogs, averaging anywhere between one hundred and two hundred pounds fully grown. The litter size ranges between two and eight.

Ohiru's current breeding pair is Omi (the male), and Mami (the female). She currently has seven puppies about three months old.



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The Hounds (Canine Warriors - Okami OST)

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