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The plots that occurred during Chapter 1 are listed here. See Chapter 2 Plots for those that occurred during Chapter 2: One Who Bares Fangs at God. When you add a log that is part of a plot, please add the following to the end of your log:

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Chapter 1: To the End of the Wilderness

Act 1

The Skies Darken

The skies darken... a fowl power is at hand. (Note: this is an April Fool's plot.)

Seeds of Sin (Act 1)

The seeds of Malevolence have been planted near Port Timney. What fruit will they bear?

The Battle of Adlehyde

Without warning, the Metal Demons lay siege to Adlehyde. What can be done to save the town and the people within?

The Worth of Humans

The Guardian Temple is reached -- just as war breaks out along multiple fronts. To find what the Guardians wish and then to escape the battlefield is a tall order, indeed...

Act 2

Ancient Dangers and Sealed Hopes (Filgaia, Act 2)

The Guardians have made their request plain: save Filgaia from the Metal Demons' return. To do that, the Guardian Statues -- lost, scattered -- must be sealed. It's a tall task...

Bledavik Hospitality

Solaris' goal is to contain the wayward 'pawn' that is Princess Cecilia. Cecilia's goal is the statue in Bledavik. Deception and violence ensue.

Seeds of Sin (Act 2)

Another sowing. Another harvest. What will come of these fertile fields?

The Chains of Arius

Neriah grapples with the nature of her mysterious power - and comes to understand more about the ancient curse that binds her.)

Drowned Dreams

Beneath the Wayside Waterway, beyond the Guardian Statue of Water, something ancient stirs.

The Great White Bird

Catenna pursues a legendary monster - one with ties to the Guardian of the Moon.)

The Nightmare Kingdom (Act 2)

Something has gone wrong in the Kingdom of Krosse.

The Sealed Garden

Lost July has been found -- and this destroyed city holds passage to a lost Elw ruin, drawing Drifters of all stripes. Meanwhile, the residents Wayside, under attack, escapes via an ancient flying ship and immediately draws Solaris' wrath. All of this merely sets the stage for the battle to come.

Act 3

That Which Lurks in the Dark

A group of Hellions finds a Domain... and makes it their own. And in doing so, the way to a newer, greater power is discovered.

Green Legacy

A discovery in the depths of a ruin in Meribus sends Talise down a path of discovering how deep her ties to Lunar's past go.

The Dark God's Children

An awakened Neriah begins to explore the reaches of her powers, weaving herself into Lunar.

War in Glenwood

Tension between Rolance and Hyland unfolds, with grave consequences.

Saints and Sinners

A terror out of the past comes to Lastonbell, racked by war. Could this be a harbinger of things to come?

Ancient Dangers and Sealed Hopes (Lunar)

The saving and sealing of statues continues even on Lunar, as Sky, Star, and Moon are discovered and put into grave peril.

The Black Mirror

The Umbral Mirror gives the Hellions with it in their possession a great power. But there is a greater peril -- and eventually even they must reckon with it.

To Uzda il-Jam

After uncovering a few odd keystones, a group sets out to find out to what they are related.


It starts with a fire. And then, something of Obsession wrought enters Azado. A desperate flight into a mysterious ruin is had, followed by a return to Filgaia.

Act 4

Ancient Dangers and Sealed Hopes (Filgaia, Act 4)

The rush to seal the statues comes to a sudden and violent end. Mother awakens. Plans are made.

To Elru

Mother must be defeated before she regains her strength. To do that, the Drifters and their allies must reach Elru -- but the Metal Demons (and others) won't make that easy.

Twisted Metal

An odd sighting in a valley prompts investigation from multiple parties.

The Breath of the World

Cyre sees to his people, and in the process, encounters something Old and Powerful.

The Inheritor

Riesenlied returns to Fereshte and becomes the possessor of the Original Life Medium. But then, there is a tragedy. With their new weapon fully under their control, the Metal Demons strike against their growing opposition.

Moonlight Sonata

Catenna seeks a solution to the fate of the Owlet, weakened by the return of Mother.

The World Eater

In the end it all comes down to the Photosphere. Once the barrier is breached, some turn towards the Gutter to rescue the Tainted and attempt to save Riesenlied. Others push onwards to take the fight to Mother. But once the World Eater is defeated, a new crisis emerges...


The King's Rebirth

The race between Janus Cascade and others for the pendants comes to a head.

The Nightmare Kingdom (Epilogue)

The situation in Krosse comes to a head -- parties arrive to deal with the problem. But the horror only births another threat.

Why Love Carries a Sword

Chasing after K.K. and the Seraph Ragnell to the Love Guardian's temple, parties seek to put a stop to an event that could spell Filgaia's end.