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IC Information
Full Name: Prima
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 25 (September 1)
Hometown: Locus Solus
Hair Colour: Pale Blue
Class: Ninja
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Veruni
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Sephilia

Prima grew up on Locus Solus, training her martial skills and thriving on a steady diet of ninja anime and similar stories. Now, as the secret inheritor of ninja techniques (or just a really nerdy assassin) she has gone out into Filgaia to strike at human targets that the Veruni deem need elimination. And to demonstrate the superiority of the ninja martial arts!


Prima grew up on Locus Solus, born after the Veruni invasion of Filgaia. As a girl she fell in love with the idea of becoming a ninja, just like in her animes, and her family encouraged this, seeing that the young woman obtained the best in martial arts and close quarters weapons training that she so desired. Prima’s parents doted on their children, and basically gave both her and her younger brother Brady everything they asked for, providing Prima with an endless parade of ninja cartoons, costumes, and toys as she was growing up.

Ninjas are cool! They’re the coolest thing Prima knows. They’re sneaky and flashy and deadly and they wear cool costumes and do cool stunts and take down evil oppressors and stuff. Ninjas are justice. Ninjas are righteousness. Prima wanted to be a ninja because they’re all of those things, also because she’s secretly a dorkimus maximus. Brady, her little brother, used to tag along after Prima and join in all her ninja games, but he was always a bit of a crybaby in Prima’s opinion and never did like pretending to do missions where they had to kill someone, even though everyone knows ninjas are the deadliest assassins.

Prima proved talented and dedicated, enough so that she was recruited into Veruni special forces as an infiltrator and assassin, an assignment that she accepted with pride, seeing in it an opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of the Veruni over the races of Filgaia and to ensure the survival of her people. To her shame, Prima’s younger brother Brady sided with the Moderates (the crybaby!), while her parents succumbed to the VR Factor—a further driving motivator for Prima to see Filgaia made hospitable at any cost.

Prima studied martial arts under the finest of Veruni teachers, first as a child obsessed with ninja, then as a young woman furthered her training as an assassin belonging to the Veruni military. Her kunai and short sword have been issued to her in service of her duty to the military, for whom she acts as an assassin, and further supplemented by her close work with the scientists of her people, who give her nice things in exchange for her returning with useful specimens. She’s only recently been sent out into Filgaia proper, a fairly new recruit ready to prove herself useful.

Prima is a couple of things. First, she’s a dork. Second, she’s proud of her Veruni heritage, and knows her people to be superior—and knows her fighting style to be superior. She’s trained long and hard to reach the level of mastery she’s attained, and her pride leads to her showing off a great deal, both to her Veruni superiors and to the humans of Filgaia (and other peoples, too, to be fair) in demonstrating that her people are the best. Prima is also driven by the desire to find a way to make Filgaia habitable to the Veruni on a long term basis, though as she is not a scientist herself this tends to manifest in her taking jobs for things like specimen acquisition—dead or alive. This drive and her pride are what have brought her into the world at large, and she’s very determined to see the world reshaped to suit the Veruni. Whatever that takes. That resolve is hardened by the loss of her parents to the VR Factor.

She doesn’t talk about Brady. He’s dead to her. To Prima, Moderates are cowards and crybabies who want to work with the clearly inferior species who have been scraping out a pathetic existence on this Filgaia, a shadow of the former beauty and glory of the homeland Prima always heard of, instead of reforging the world back to its original wonder—or, more likely, given the Veruni’s technology, making it even better than it had been when they were mere humans.

She hasn’t been out in Filgaia very long, but she knows that the VR Factor took her beloved parents from her, and for that alone she would hate everything about it. The humans and beastmen and other peoples of Filgaia, she firmly believes to be inferior in every meaningful metric to the Veruni, and if they haven’t been able to restore the world from its ruined state, they don’t deserve to be a part of the new world the Veruni will build for themselves. If they get out of the way, fine, but any who oppose the Veruni will taste her blades.

Prima likes saying things like that. It sounds so cool, doesn’t it? “Taste my blade, worm!” Heee.

Powers and Abilities

Prima fights like a ninja—lots of acrobatics and throwing shuriken and such. She has an apparently inexhaustible supply of Veruni-tech splitting kunai, or maybe they just return to her after they strike? When forced to close to melee range, she’s still quite capable, fighting with a ninja short-sword in one hand and using her other three limbs in skilled unarmed strikes. She’s also not afraid to fight dirty when the occasion calls for it, using poisons quite liberally.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Brady: What brother?

Ambrosius: Wiser than he appears. Somehow I can't quite stoooop doing that thing he does with his vowels.

Yarobeleedt: This is one of our allies? Ugh.

Riesenlied: Useful...for now.

Zed: I've heard rumors of another ninja working for the Metal Demons. Someday, we shall meet.