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"Beneath the armour of skin and bone and mind, most of our colours are exactly the same."


A variety of races exist across Filgaia and Lunar. While humans are the most common by far, there are a multitude of others. This document covers those races briefly. It focuses upon the races where thousands -- sometimes millions -- of members can be found, who can be applied for as original characters. This document doesn't discuss the rare, powerful, and immortal individuals, who extend past the notion of species.

Races Open to Application


Found On: Filgaia, Lunar, (sort of) Pangalactic Federation

Life Expectancy: 50-60 years

Beastmen are, technically, two groups of races. All of them typically have a combination of human and animal traits, but some tends towards the more monstrous. On Lunar, natural Beastmen arose early after Althena's rise to power. They typically live in tribes, with some living beyond Althena's Boundary, such as the Ronso Tribe. Others have integrated well into human cities, though they are quite rare on the Glenwood continent.

On Filgaia, natural Beastmen have existed since before the Day of Collapse. On occasion, however, a Beastman child can be born to two seemingly ordinary human parents; the reason why this happens is unknown, largely because few care to study it. These children are frequently abandoned by their parents and left to die. Those that survive typically live in their own settlements -- for example, the Thames -- and keep to themselves. Discrimination is not uncommon in some Filgaian settlements.

Additionally, Filgaia also has artificial Beastmen. These are often only whispered about, but monsters made by Solaris experiments sometimes used to be human. Outwardly, these individuals often look like natural Beastmen. In truth, they are often modified in the extreme. Some can use Ether. These individuals are often very dangerous and sometimes unstable, but their plight is unknown to most of the world -- and they may not be aware of the identities of those who transformed them.

Finally, many of the races of the Pangalactic Federation are distinctly and visibly not human. Those unlucky souls marooned on Filgaia and/or Lunar might well be mistaken for Beastmen, though they are something quite different. However, it could be a possible cover. These characters will receive their race as their +finger field, however. As per the Character Application, a player applying for such an alien must provide a description of the race to the admin prior to approval. The only form of magic available to these aliens is Symbology.


Found on: Lunar, Filgaia (Aquvy region)

Life Expectancy: Variable; many elves live for hundreds of years, but few survive past 500. Those that do, such as the venerable Impa, are truly ancient.

Appearing rarely on both Filgaia and Lunar, Elves are nearly indistinguishable from humans except for two factors: pointy ears and a long lifespan. Just how long is highly variable from individual to individual -- some may only gain an extra half-century, while others can count on seeing a second millennium.

Like Beastmen, Elves are typically born to otherwise normal human parents as a result of some unknown mechanism. Unlike Beastmen, however, elf children are treated like a minor blessing; as a result of this, elves are almost completely integrated into society on both Filgaia and Lunar, and see no need to rally together for mutual protection. A handful of small, predominantly elven communities do exist in the archipelagos of Filgaia, however, largely due to their long lives having outlasted their neighbours (and the difficulties ocean travel plays on migration).


Found On: Lunar

Life Expectancy: Typically that of their original race, but powerful Hellions become immortal.

Hellions are beings who become afflicted with Malevolence, a form of magical corruption that is common past Althena's Boundary. It is drawn to negative emotions and can transform a human, Beastman, or Seraphim into a monstrous form. Hellions must be purified by Seraphim who have taken an oath to give them such power (or a Shepherd who has a pact with such a Seraph). It is unknown whether other forms of divine intervention could save them.

Weaker Hellions are essentially single scene monsters, transformed briefly by dark power into a monstrous form. These are covered in the monsters file. Stronger Hellions are cognizant of what they are and capable of assuming their true, monstrous form or appearing (and fighting) as their original form. Being as much of a spiritual disease as a race, Hellionized creatures are often difficult to pick out from uncorrupted examples of their species. Weak Hellions are often undetectable until they exhibit strength fit to tear apart a veteran adventurer; stronger Hellions have much more control over both how perceptible they are, and how monstrous they appear. Consequently the deeds of Hellions are typically chalked up to unruly criminals or uncommonly savage wildlife. Characters who begin play as a Hellion, and remain as one in the long term, are the latter. Hellions are typically quite powerful, capable of commanding magic that is a dark reflection of Althena's power.

Seraphim can become Hellions. Those who become especially powerful Hellions transform into Fell Dragons, which are more mindless but intensely powerful creatures. They cannot be purified; death is the only way to save a Fell Dragon. Unlike normal Hellions, a Fell Dragon cannot be applied for.


Found On: Filgaia, Lunar, Pangalactic Federation

Life Expectancy: 40-70 years

Humans are the most numerous race by far on both worlds of the Filgaian system; the majority of cities and the countryside are made up of humans, and they dominate the world. There are three divisions of humans, based on their origin: those from Filgaia, those from Lunar, and those who arrived more recently from beyond this star system (specifically, from the Seeds Fleet). This restricts the sort of magic available to them, especially those from beyond the stars, who can only use Symbology. There is not enough crossover between Lunar and Filgaia -- at least, that is publicly known -- to prompt much academic theory on the differences between humans. Nonetheless, interbreeding between the Seeds Fleet and native Filgaians has shown that humans are rarely hybrids of their parentage when it comes to magic use: they tend to inherit the entirety of one parent's magical limitations.

Al Bhed are a subset of humans. Calling them a subspecies is only done by the Yevon Church and extremists in the Church of Althena. Nonetheless, the desert dwellers that live beyond Althena's Boundary show several important differences with the humans on Lunar. They are incapable of using magic derived from Althena (or the Fayth) as do the rest of Lunar's residents. While the very rare Al Bhed has learned Symbology, this is unheard-of to the point that many Al Bhed -- much less outsiders -- consider it to be myth. They also have a spiral pattern in their irises, and this is passed down genetically to half-Al Bhed children. Their limitations on magic can be passed down, too, when they interbreed with those native to Lunar. Al Bhed typically keep to themselves and have their own unique culture on Lunar.

Humans will be denoted as four different types of race in their +finger, depending on their origin: Human (Filgaia), Human (Lunar), Human (Al Bhed), and Human (Spacefaring). Al Bhed cannot be applied for until Chapter 2.

Metal Demons

Found On: Filgaia

Life Expectancy: Immortal

The Metal Demons are an alien race that came from the planet Hyades. They invaded Filgaia a thousand years ago, and have since passed into the realm of legend and myth. Metal Demons are made of Living Metal, a malleable, metallic substance unlike anything found naturally on Filgaia. Because of their nature, they are incapable of using magic in any form, but have a powerful resonance with technology and techniques (and prove that sufficiently advanced technology can be indistinguishable from magic).

All of Filgaia's Metal Demons currently are in Arctica, with most based out of the Photosphere. While they can be applied for, all Metal Demons begin as antagonists. While some may later side with the humans, they have not yet been afforded the chance. They are loyal to the Quarter Knights who command them, and they are built for war.

Metal Dragons are a rare form of Metal Demon, built on a scale to fight a Gear. Some powerful Metal Demons can learn to transform into a Metal Dragon, but do not start with that power. Most Metal Dragons were believed destroyed in the Metal Demon War; because of this, they are not currently open to application.


Found On: Lunar

Life Expectancy: Immortal

Seraphim are a race of elemental spirits created by the Goddess Althena to reinforce and expand her Boundary across the world of Lunar. They can use both black and white magic, drawn from Althena, but are limited to one element. They appear like humans, but typically have highlights in their hair and other colorations that indicate their element. Seraphim cannot typically be seen by human eyes; only those with strong spiritual power can identify them. On Dream Chasers, we assume most player characters have this power or can develop it in short order. Finally, Seraphim who do not take to wandering the world often choose an object or location to be a vessel. This protects them from Malevolence, which can corrupt them, and allows them to spread a Blessing: a reinforcement and expansion of Althena's Boundary.

Player character Seraphim should typically be a maximum of 1,000 years old, and preferably younger. Playing a Seraph is not a license to know undue amounts of theme secrets, and this will be watched carefully. Seraphim also have one given name; their full name (and @name, on the MUSH) will be prefixed by the title Seraph.


Found On: Filgaia

Life Expectancy: Immortal? (Lifespan Indeterminately Long)

One of the more recent arrivals to Filgaia, the Veruni are an extraterrestrial race that launched a brutal campaign of invasion against the planet over a century ago. Lasting a handful of violent years, the Veruni were eventually temporarily contained by the exceedingly rare combined efforts of Shevat and Solaris; in the end, Veruni seized control over the majority of the continent of Elru and several other territories besides.

While physically indistinguishable from humans, Veruni are far stronger, faster, and more durable, and are possessed of technological advancement that exceeds most human levels of development in the current era. They possess a sense of innate superiority that seems to make them view all other species as lesser; humans that have managed to escape their Control Zones have nothing but horror stories to tell of their masters’ cruelty.

Much of the Veruni’s nature and society is a complete unknown to anyone outside of Elru due to their tendency not to wander far beyond their Control Zones for reasons inscrutable. The Veruni themselves are considered a myth at best by the denizens of Ignas, and boogeymen at worst. Stories of the Veruni’s frightening capabilities are often considered just that: stories and legends.

Veruni are currently open for applications; however while there are many different Veruni, right now they may only begin as antagonists as their desires are, in large part, in direct opposition to human interests.

Races Not Open to Application

This portion of the file covers races that players may know exist but that are not open for OC application. This may be because they only have singular survivors or because they are unwholesomely powerful and nearly divine. Or, in rare cases, both.

General details have been included on each of these races to help players understand the integration of various settings; these details are generally not widely known (and even then, only in story and legend).

Crimson Nobles

Found On: Filgaia

Life Expectancy: Immortal

Crimson Nobles are a legend and a myth. They are the subjects of rumors, lurid novels, and half-considered whispers. They are said to be immortal and drink blood for sustenance. They are also said to be old -- older, even, than the Day of Collapse and the war against the Metal Demons. These beings have never been encountered directly. Original characters cannot be Crimson Nobles.


Found On: Filgaia

Life Expectancy: Immortal

The Elw are the original inhabitants of Filgaia, who have since largely departed this dimension. They were a pastoral race, of great sorcerous and technological might, that looked not unlike humans save for floppy, canine-like ears. The Elw departed after the Day of Collapse. While there are rumored sightings, none have been proven, and many believe them to be myths. Elw are not open for application for original characters.


Found On: Filgaia

Life Expectancy: Immortal

Holmcross are a thing whispered of in legends hidden in the deepest ruins: artificial creations by the Elw, who commanded terrible power and had little sense of justice. It is said that they were all destroyed over five hundred years ago, but even now, their power is greatly feared and greatly trembled at. The facts about Holmcross are confused, contradictory, and largely unknown to most characters. Original characters cannot be a Holmcross.

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