Rebecca Streisand

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Rebecca Streisand
IC Information
Full Name: Rebecca Streisand
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 16
Hometown: Capo Bronco
Hair Colour: Red
Role: Drifter
Class: Future Circus Star
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms 5
Groups: None
Player: Hiro
Other Information
ARM: Pizzicato Pistol

A small town girl from the village of Capo Bronco, Rebecca Streisand grew up with her cloest friend, Dean Stark, and has been putting up with his reckless antics since they were toddlers. The passionate girl has naturally positioned herself as his more level-headed counterpart, using her street smarts and practical knowledge of the outside world to try to keep him grounded in reality; albeit with limited success. While she's been practicing an acrobatic shooting routine ever since she received her ARM, she has no aspirations of becoming a drifter. Instead she dreamed of one day being scouted out by the circus to be a future big top sensation. Life however doesn't tend to go the way one expects, and what could be more unexpected than an amnesiac girl literally falling out of the sky on a golem's arm? Now recruited into an adventure by Dean to search of Johnny Appleseed and Avril's lost memories, she's finding her marksmanship has been more needed than ever protecting her friends rather than show business.


Oh come on. You don't really want to hear about that. Huh - really? Well... I was born in Capo Bronco, one of those cozy little towns in Filgaia that most people live their whole lives in - except for the crazy few that go off to become Drifters. Dean and me - well we've known each other as long as I can remember. He was an orphan that my folks took in and naturally we fell in together being the only kids in town our own age. That doesn't mean me and him have the same kind of interests though! Dean was naturally drawn to golems of all things. Maybe it was all those stories spun about Nightburn Acklund and the Golem Hunters - or maybe it was Old Man Tony's tall tales that made him find a man's romance in the idea of nuts and bolts - but either way he's got a one track mind for the things! Me on the other hand... I guess I was always drawn to the spectacle of the circus. You know? All that razzle dazzle and showmanship in the center ring. The moment I saw that lady acrobat doing her trick shooting routine I was hooked! And so the moment our village had that ceremony for me and Dean's coming of age - I wanted that ARM more than anything. I didn't think Dean would give it up!

But he surprised me. He remembered my love of that circus act and ceded his claim right away, said that I should have it. And I guess... the moment I got it, I knew I had to grow up. I wasn't a little girl anymore, I had an ARM of my own. One that he gave up for my sake. Well anyhow - I practiced that routine every day. Day in, day out until I perfected it. It's not an empty boast when I say I can shoot with the best of them now! I was hoping to get scouted by the Circus but... problem is... I just couldn't up and /leave/ home like that. Well one day Dean declared he was leaving Capo Bronco to become a Golem Hunter, with no ARM to call his own. And I just couldn't let that happen! If he left like that he was just going to get himself killed on the way to Lailah Belle! So I asked him to show me if he was strong enough to make it... as sort of a test to see if he could make it on his own...

... looking back it's more I was hoping he'd just... decide not to leave me behind.

Please don't tell him I said that.

A-Anyhow! Long story short - Avril came flying out of nowhere on a golem arm, Dean went crazy over it - we both met Avril and Dean decided to help her find her missing memories. And well... I decided to go with him - I mean them! I mean... these kind of adventures are just part of the road to becoming an adult aren't they?

Powers and Abilities

Acrobat - Able to jump with an exploding train going over a high bridge and land lightly on her feet.

Trick Shooting - Crackshot with her Revolver ARM the Pizzicato Pistol.

Common Sense - In Wild Arms 5 this is an extraordinary ability.

Mediums - Both the Sky medium and Lightning medium are at her disposal.


  • Dean Stark - Her best friend since she was a little kid, though she wishes it was more than that! For years she's taken it for granted that they'd eventually get married as he was the only boy her age in Capo Bronco, but he's shown no sign of having those kind of feelings for her. Dean is a source of endless frustration to her and she just wishes he'd calm down and ground himself in reality a little. But at the same time, that's only because she cares a lot about him and wants good things for him.
  • Avril Vent Fleur - While Rebecca was at first a little lukewarm about the idea of dropping everything to help the amnesiac woman, she's come around before long. Mostly because Avril has endeared herself to her so much, and because she has a natural desire to look out for her given her eccentricity. While she's frequently jealous of the attention that she seems to draw from Dean - she doesn't blame Avril for it and often takes it out on Dean instead. Instead she regards Avril as her other best friend, and appreciates having another girl that she can confide in - while at the same time admiring her for her ability to remain to keep a cool head in a fight.
  • Jacqueline Barber - The leader of Carakin and a friend to the party. Rebecca has a certain empathy for Jay after learning about how she was brought up within her own family - and admires how much she's done in light of it. Considering her a genius alchemist with a business sense she would envy, she thinks they'd be pretty lost where they are right now on Lunar without her very Filgaian stock - including her bonafide homegrown Heal Berries!
  • Lydia Seren - This poor girl gave Rebecca a fright in a flooded cavern when she almost drowned time and time again from having no idea how to swim. At the same time however, she became enamored with her portal guns - the idea of connecting two places like that feeling a little romantic to her. After teaching her how to swim and learning some Lydia facts that set her head to reeling she sees her as a kind girl who's trying to get through her own trauma and body horror with a really adult attitude. She likes her, even if she feels like she can't always understand what she's going through.


  • Riesenlied - Rebecca had hung out around Wayside with Avril and Dean before but she'd always been wary of Metal Demons as a rule. Until Riesenlied's romantic stories snagged her into realizing that maybe Metal Demons aren't too dissimilar from the rest of them. While Adlehyde still looms large in her mind, she's at least warming up to the idea that not all of them are bad eggs. And now they've apparently thrown in with their group challenging the status quo of... several world orders. Which makes Rebecca really - really nervous about their future once they get back to Filgaia.
  • Noeline - Definitely not the lover that Riesenlied courted in Artica! Definitely not! She can see that the two are just the best of friends.
  • Virginia Maxwell - Don't snatch people's diaries right out of their hands! Geez! Despite that she does like Virginia quite a bit, though she has no idea where she's getting all of the tricks she has up her sleeves!
  • Maya Schrodinger - A Sorceress of Vane... or at least that was the impression she got of her, only to find out later she was just funnin' with her!
  • Ethius Hesiod - There's just something so intense about the guy that it makes her wary of him. Like he's going to snap at any moment and just kill them all or something.


  • Kaguya - Well not exactly her enemy, because Rebecca knows better than to make one of the Veruni out to be her enemy! Kaguya scares her - and she worries that whatever her idea of friendship is, it won't match up with Dean's and it'll lead him to a world of hurt. She's also worried about what the Veruni will do to them if it gets out that he's befriended one of them. When in her presence she's careful because she understands that as a human, Kaguya won't hesitate to snap her neck if she makes her angry. However - she has realized something about Kaguya that may come in handy in the future...
  • Ida Everstead-Rey - After experiencing Ida's self-loathing domain the thing Rebecca wants most is to keep her friends /away/ from her. And yet it already isn't working this way because Dean really wants to be her friend - pursuing her to make her work out her mental health problems. After seeing her bereft of her Hellion form - Rebecca feels a little more for her but still hasn't quite changed her opinion enough to... think this is a healthy avenue for Dean to pursue.

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