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This file offers the various resources that staff and players have put together for the MUSH. If you would like to add something, please ask a staffer and we can do so!

Dream Chasers' MUSH Web Presence

  • Dream Chasers MUSH Tumblr is our blog for various advertisements, posting funny bits of conversation, and the like. If you're on that social network, feel free to follow us. #dream chasers mush is the tag du jour. If the MUSH has significant downtime, we will also post here.
  • Dev Diaries were used to advertise the game before we opened. We may post here if the MUSH has significant downtime.
  • Our ad. Feel free to post it on other games -- but please ask the admin first and follow any policies! If they want a reciprocal ad, please talk to us first.

LPs, Adaptations, and Soundtracks

Unfortunately, a lot of the themes at Dream Chasers MUSH can be hard to access. Not everyone has time to play a 60 hour JPRG these days. For that matter, for legal reasons, staff will not provide ways to pirate the games. If you want to do that, you're on your own. But, we can provide a few things that may help. This file gives a list of Let's Plays (LP's), soundtracks, and adaptations of our themes that one could find.

We won't vouch for the content -- we've never read/listened/watched all of these through, so there is a chance you may find rough language or worse. We think making them more accessible is worth the risk of that, though. If you find some terrible hate speech or other bad content, please let us know.

Let's Plays

These include video and written Let's Plays. We used some of these in our research to make the game; others are ones we stumbled across. We can't vouch for the quality. If you know of a good Let's Play, please send a +request or email to the appbox, and we can add it to this list!

You can also check GameFAQs. Many older games have their scripts there and a FAQ sometimes provides a good plot overview.


  • What Does God Need With a Starship, a dramatic and entirely serious (two of these statements are false) Let’s Play of Xenogears. It has tragically never been finished. You can read it online at
  • Tales of Zestiria the X, which is pronounced "the Cross" for reasons that you should ask Ayu Ohseki. This is a very good anime adaptation of Tales of Zestiria. It is available streaming from Funimation at

Other Material


If you want to listen to some music from these games, we're here to help! You can find ripped soundtracks of many by searching YouTube. We won't provide links to those, given the ease of doing so.

This provides links to a few particularly great remix soundtracks. If you know of a unique soundtrack, please send a +request or email to the appbox, and we can add it to this list!

  • Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous is a Wild Arms 1 remix album from OCRemix. It has very good remixes of all the music from WA1, and is better than the WA1 soundtracks released, which often were incomplete. You can listen to and download it at its website:
  • Humans + Gears Xenogears ReMixed is a Xenogears remix album from OCRemix. It has two discs. The first is more traditionally instrumental (with a very funny vocal track from Fei's point of view), while the second is more techno/industrial. You can listen to and download it at its website:

ANSI Resources

  • Other Color Resources: Our very own Lucia compiled these (and her original text is preserved)! DC has a ton of options for ansi, well beyond the simple codes like hm, hc, g and so forth. It can even take HTML colors directly, such as #ccccff.


A list of choice Picrews, compiled by our very own Lan Lilac. What's Picrew? It's a sort of avatar creator/digital paper doll. Anyone can make their own Picrew so there are lots to choose from out there. Use these to bring your character to life! Note that some of these are not in English.